New Secretary: Marie’s First Month

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I must admit that I had completely underestimated the effect on Marie of making her my personal assistant and sex slave. She had always been effective, efficient and professional beforehand, but our new relationship brought out three things I hadn’t anticipated: (1) the closer we worked together the more responsibility I could give her because her perspective was sound and her suggestions meaningful; (2) the more responsibility she took on the better she performed in her job because of her intense desire to please me; and (3) and by no means to be last, the more sex we had the more wanton, lewd and satisfying it became. I often wondered who had become whose sex slave.

Her entire demeanor had even changed. She was more confident in her work, more positive in her decisions, and absolutely stunning in the way she dressed and looked. As per my instructions, she had totally given up wearing any undergarments. When she felt a need to wear stockings they were thigh-highs. I would often ask her to raise her skirt to show me that she was complying with my wishes, sometimes in public. She never failed to obey and never failed to be without panties or bra. Her skirts were a demure two or so inches above her knee and always loose fitting – also as instructed. Her tops were either a jacket or a blouse. It was obvious to anyone that watched that she wasn’t wearing a bra, but you could never directly see her tits or her nipples. She was covered and alluring to anyone and everyone. The guys in the shop would stop and watch her as she would walk through on her way out. I think she liked taunting them – it was the exhibitionist in her.

During that first month we spent a great deal of time together after hours – at first for the sex. It was nothing for us to work until 9:00 or 10:00 and for her to be totally naked in the office after everyone else left. She was always a surprise at those times, making a comment or suggestion apparently from out of left field. I knew better, she was smart and a thinker. She came up with an idea to make all the executives more efficient by assigning them young, energetic and willing personal assistants– just as she had become for me. She had worked out a program even before she asked me about it.

We would start our evenings together with her doing a little striptease and then a blow job on her knees under my desk while I did paperwork. It was hard for me to concentrate but it was important for the roles. Sometimes we would just go at it like bunnies and I would “fuck her stupid” as she liked to say afterwards, pounding her pussy for all I was worth until I unloaded my cream deep in her welcoming cervix. Other times we would work naked, she fondling my dick and me fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit. In a word, the sex was amazing and she became more and more aroused with each passing day – so much so that she would often scream with her climax at the same time as she clamped down on my dick with her pussy walls and wrapped her legs around me to hold me in.

My first test of Marie came just a month later. I had been trying to recruit this kick-ass salesman from another company. He had finally agreed to come and discuss an offer so I arranged for an after hours meeting. All went well, and he accepted the offer. He was happy with the salary and basic benefits. That’s when I went for the close.

“You know, at your executive level, you are entitled to a personal assistant. My personal assistant and HR have been slowly replacing the existing group of admin support that was here when I purchased the company with highly trained and proficient younger ones. Each one is specifically recruited for a department and then goes through a rigorous training and indoctrination program that Marie has devised for them. I can honestly say that all of the executives have been thrilled with the outcome.”

I picked up the phone and said “Marie would you bring Tom’s file in here please?”

In walked Marie, dressed in a summer weight button up the front dress that did nothing to hide the fabulous body underneath. It clung to her almost as if it were caressing her. She placed the file on my desk. “Anything else sir?”

“Marie, I have been telling Tom about our new personal assistant program and how you have been indoctrinating the new hires into the company way. Would you show Tom how you dress for work?”

“Certainly.” Was all she said. She stepped in front of Tom and methodically unbuttoned her dress. Grasping the folds she spread her arms out wide displaying her perfect, and totally nude, body for Tom’s inspection. I thought his jaw would hit the floor. He stared at her perfect upturned tits with the nipples now distended in excitement and her shaved pussy and pouting labia already a little damp as well. His pants had a tent forming. She casually removed her dress, laid it on the chair and slowly turned for Tom’s inspection.

“It seems that Tom has a problem Marie. Would you bahis siteleri care to relieve it for him?”

“As you wish sir” she replied and she knelt down in front of Tom and proceeded to undo his belt, unzip his pants and pull out his now very hard dick. She spit on her palms and started to stroke him slowly and sensually playing with his balls as well. When I thought he might go, she stopped, bent lower and sucked his cock into her mouth all the way to his balls. With a few quick bobs and licks, he couldn’t hold on any longer and came down her throat. She swallowed it all without leaving so much as a drop anywhere, kissed the end of his dick, put it back in his pants and zipped him up. I was so proud of her.

She turned to me and said “will there be anything else sir?”

“Yes as a matter of fact Marie. Come over here and bend over my desk. I have a problem as well.” She did as instructed and I put a cushion under her head. I had been keeping a bottle of lube in my desk lately and used it to slick her pussy – even though it was pretty wet already. I stood up, dropped my pants and stuffed my dick in her pussy in one push. Marie groaned with pleasure and immediately started pushing back to get me deeper. I was pumping her hard and she was asking for more.

“Fuck me , fuck my pussy…. Give it to me deeper… harder….more.more.more.more” in a mantra of sexual arousal. I couldn’t wait any longer and unloaded a big stream of cum in her. She climaxed almost at the same time pounding on the desk and groaning in passion.

When I pulled out, she stood and smiled at me and Tom.

“Thank you sir, will there be anything else?”

“No, I think that has been enough for now but I need you to stay for a while longer this evening.”

“As you wish sir” and she left – her dress folded over her arm and her and my juices leaking down her leg. Tom followed her out devouring her with his eyes. She had a great ass and it moved wonderfully when she walked.

“So Tom, what do you think” I asked pulling up my pants, ” do you like the additional benefits of executive status here? There are two rules about our assistants. Once she has been assigned there is no poaching from or with another one. And second, no physical abuse, even if she says it’s OK. Breaking these rules is cause for dismissal for the executive and the assistant. Is that clear?

“Sure, but how do I pick mine?”

“Marie will do an in depth interview with you and profile your needs, likes and penchants. I know you’ll like that process. She will then recruit a suitable assistant for you from the candidates we already have here at the company or from outside. It will take about three weeks or so. So I guess you can start then – OK?”

And that was that. I walked Tom out the door and there was beautiful Marie, sitting at her desk working on her computer – totally naked. She looked up and smiled at Tom and waved goodbye. “I’ll call you over the weekend and set up a schedule for your profiling” she said with an alluring smile.

Later that evening, with Marie sitting on my lap with her head on my shoulder while I played with her nipples, I mentioned I wanted to talk out a strategy. A relatively new customer, Leveland was giving us a bad time regarding their shipping schedules. For a small customer they sure demanded a lot.

“I was thinking we need to make a road trip and not leave it to Cashman to fix it. He may be a good salesman, but he is not a good problem solver.”

Marie offered, “Let me do some deep research on Leveland’s company and him personally. Maybe we can find something he wants or needs – whether he knows it or not – and then supply it to him.”

“Cashman’s sales report last month said Leveland is doubling the size of his business every two years and he could be a large customer if we can get some kind of an exclusive with him. Perhaps you should pay him a quiet visit late one afternoon and just fuck him into submission. I understand he is a big guy and I think he’s black. Might be fun.”

She looked at me with a broad smile. “I like the way you think.”

“What if I say you have to take on Leveland’s whole company?” I asked.

“I’ll fuck the lamp post, the bedpost and the postman, if that’s what you want me to do. I am yours to use in any way you wish. You know that. We have an arrangement and I intend on keeping it.”

“Let’s plan the trip for next Thursday – together with Cashman. Can you get the research done by then? I know you were looking forward to our camping trip this weekend. It will give you a reason to do it sooner.” I always liked to challenge her work that way. Her body was always a fun challenge.

“I’ll have it done by this Friday afternoon – one way or the other. I don’t want work to get in the way of this weekend. You need a break from here and I have planned a very special two days of workouts for you. Part of my responsibility is to make sure you are always in fighting canlı bahis siteleri trim and fully satiated. The latter is a full time job in itself but I am always ready and willing to meet that challenge! Being your sex slave and having that beautiful dick in me all the time has been good for me too – and not just financially.”

The weekend proved to be everything she said it would be except relaxing. We drove up to Port St Lucie and had a private cabin on a private pond. She had packed only one small suitcase for both of us – mostly my dopkit and hers. We didn’t wear any clothes the entire time.

On Saturday night, as we were munching down some Chinese take-out in the living room, she sat on the edge of the coffee table with her legs splayed out and showing her recently fucked pussy glistening and dripping with her juices and my cum. Her freshly shaved pussy was just beautiful and sitting as she was, her flat stomach and globe-like tits were an amazingly enticing picture. I couldn’t get over how magnificent a woman she was to look at, and how incredible she was to fuck.

She was staring back at me as seductive as I had ever seen any woman. “Finish your mushi and start eating your desert – me. Just sitting here like this is turning my heat up.” She and I had become relentless in our sexual appetite.

I put the paper package down and kneeled down between her legs. The smell of sex was intoxicating and her pussy was already enlarged from her previous encounter with my dick. I started licking her, slowly at first, with long strokes from her anus to her clit. Each time I would touch her clit she would moan and squirm a little. I loved the taste of her and the smell of her. It was like an aphrodisiac. I was immediately hard as a rock.

“Oh my that feels soooooooo good.. Don’t stop – please don’t stop now. I won’t be able to stand it.”

I stopped with my tongue at the entrance to her pussy and casually flicked her clit.

“Please…please…please – more. I want more. Make me cum for you. Just don’t let me hang here like this. You know it drives me crazy! Please take me!”

I backed away completely and stared at her pussy. Her labia were pulsing. It was an amazing sight. They would open and close the entrance in time with her heart beat as if they were inviting anything that came along to come in. She was breathing hard, almost laboring because of her position on the table. She brought her feet up onto the table, spread her legs even further apart, and arched her back. She was presenting herself to me. Her anus was open. It occurred to me I hadn’t been there yet.

“Please …. Please ….. I need it.” Was all she could manage to say between gulps of air. “I’ll do anything you ask – just please don’t stop ….. please Jack, don’t torture me this way. You know I will do anything at all – anything you want – with anyone and anywhere.” She was frantic for release. Her nipples were as hard as rocks and her pussy was already leaking her wetness. “Please do me now!”

She was almost crying. I knew it wouldn’t take much at this point to send her over but I wanted her to know who was in control of it. I wanted her totally dependent on me for her sexual satisfaction. I didn’t know at the time why it was so important to me, but I knew how important it was to her.

I took my finger and dunked it in the water glass. In one swift move I pushed the one finger into her ass. She squealed with pleasure and winced a little from the pain. I started licking her again, pushing and pulling my finger in and out of her ass. She was ramping up higher than I had ever seen her. I inserted a second finger in her ass, turning and twisting them to loosen her opening.

“Oh yeeeeeesssssssss. Yeeeeeeeeesssssssss. More …. More …. Moreeeeeeeee.”

I stuck two fingers in her pussy at the same time I was licking her clit and fingering her ass.

“Ohhhhhh mmmmmyyyyyyyyyy ggggggggooooooooddddddddddddddd. I’m cumming… I’m cumming Oh thank you I’m cumming.”

She started to shake. Her legs collapsed under her and she was moaning and thrashing on the table like she was having a convulsion. She had dumped an enormous amount of juice on my tongue and I just kept lapping it up, keeping her on the verge of another orgasm. Then she had one – and then another and another. She went from one to the other – peek to peek in quick succession. I couldn’t take it any longer. I pulled my fingers out, to which she protested loudly, stood up and shoved my dick into her waiting and gaping pussy. She moaned with delight and started pushing back against me, massaging me with the walls of her pussy. I was buried to the hilt and using long strokes to keep her stoked up. I made my decision – pulled my well-lubricated dick from her pussy and slid the head to her ass.

“Oh yes – I have been wanting you to do this! Take me – use me – fuck your sex bitch. Fuck me – fuck me hard – fuck me stupid … fuck my ass!”

I canlı bahis pushed in slowly, deeper and deeper letting her adjust her virgin ass until I was all the way in. I was playing with her clit again and she was hotter than ever. I pushed and pulled in and out of her ass, slowly fucking this amazing tunnel. I knew I wouldn’t last long – it was hot and tight and I was already feeling my precum oozing into her which made the going easier. She started to push back harder and harder punishing her ass with my dick, moaning “more” and “deeper” and “harder” over and over. Finally I couldn’t hold on any longer.

“I’m cumming…” I yelled.

“In my ass – cum in my ass!” And I let go a huge stream inside her. She screamed and came at the same time dumping another load of her juices from her pussy onto the table and me.

We stayed in that position for a while as we caught our breadth. It took her almost five minutes to calm down. I was still in her ass and semi-hard.

“Again?” she asked with a slight plea to her voice and started rocking her ass.

I slowly started to pump in and out of her ass again. Amazingly I was getting hard quickly. She reached back and massaged my balls. When fully ready I drove my dick into her in one push. The cum from the last time lubricated her and it was like fucking her pussy only tighter and warmer. It was amazing for me and she was going berserk with the pleasure of it – screaming out her passion. I pushed three fingers into her pussy and thumbed her clit and that was all it took. She came two times in quick succession and I finally came again in a mind numbing burst of sperm. We finally took a breather -exhausted from the ordeal.

She was totally mine to use as I wished and she loved every minute of it.

Sunday morning, she was looking at me over the breakfast table and said quietly “Thank you Jack!”

“You are very welcome, I am sure, but for what in particular?” I replied.

“You have freed me to be the wanton and sensual woman I always wanted to be. When I surrendered my sex life to your control, I found I no longer had the guilt about my desires, no – make that cravings, for bigger and more sexual satisfaction. There were times I would masturbate three or four times a day and I would always feel guilty afterwards. When I was a kid, my mother used to tell me that sex was dirty and should only be used to have children – not pleasure. I didn’t believe it for a minute, especially after my first experiences with an older and more experienced boyfriend. I liked the feelings I had when I was being fucked so I wanted it a lot. The guys were always willing to help. It wasn’t great for my reputation, but I had no intentions of sticking around after high school anyway.”

“When you were working the clubs” I answered a little naively. “didn’t you get some sort of sexual release? You certainly had plenty of opportunity.”

“Not really – for a couple of reasons. First, I didn’t choose the guy. There was no dance beforehand, in the courting sense, so it was work not play. I felt forced into doing it because of my ex boyfriend who I hated because of it. It made me feel humiliated, not sexy. And second, I was always afraid that the guy would end up hurting me. Some of the time they did, especially when they squeezed my tits or nipples too hard or rubbed me hard with rough hands, especially my pussy. I have to say I never got off with any of those guys. It only made the cravings worse.”

“And now?” I though I knew where she was going but I wasn’t sure.

“You took the fear and the guilt away. And then, the most amazing part, I find irresistible how hot you can make me feel – whether I am doing you or someone else like I did Tom. You don’t just fuck me or eat me, you own me, engulf me, use me, and demand more of me sexually than I ever thought there was to give. You seem to know how to bring me to heights of pleasure one only fanaticizes about. And each time is higher than the last. I have found that I not only like the idea and the act of having sex, I like surrendering myself fully to the passion and the pleasure – especially with you and your beautiful dick. I know this all sounds a little soapy, but I wanted you to know how much I appreciate more than the loans. I can’t wait for the next time or the next adventure. I am really curious about how far I am willing to go and how wanton I can become.”

“You may get a chance to find out next week at Leveland’s. I expect he’ll be a tough sell.”

“I’ll be ready and willing to do whatever it takes. You know I will – you need only command me. I am yours to use.”

What a secretary!

By the way, Tom proved to be worth the effort. He hit the ground running and doubled his quota the first quarter and never looked back. He told me the private interview with Marie was the most stimulating and in depth review of his personality he had ever undergone – and all without sex. Some of his success, I am sure, is because of Rachel, the incredible assistant Marie had recruited for him. I often heard them having fun after hours. Rachel, like Marie, was a moaner and a screamer when she got off.

To be continued…

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