Nextdoor Neighbors Kid

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“There I was Beth standing and watering my garden. All I was doing was looking around at traffic and the kids in the area playing baseball and that’s when I heard it. Kenny, Thomas’ friend was swearing. I saw a hood open next door and I heard some cussing. That’s it.”

“So what happened that you’re so ashamed of Kelly?”

“I suppose it had to do with what I was wearing first off.” Beth asked Kelly what she was wearing. Kelly responded and said, “I was going out shopping and then to the grocery store and everything felt like to me like it was going to be a great day so after I got out of the shower and did my make up and stuff, I went through my closet and drawers looking for something nice, something different. You know something that made me feel sexy. Chuck and I have been getting along so well lately and we had another great evening last night” giggled Kelly as she told the story to Beth, winking.

Beth understood clearly that Kelly and Chuck made love 2 nights before. Kelly went onto say although short lived, it was the third time that week the two of them had made love. Yesterday changed her whole week, her complete outlook.

“I happened to be wearing that new top I showed you last week that I wanted, do you remember? I wanted to buy it so I’d get Chuckie even a little more interested in our relationship. Of course it didn’t hurt at all Beth that I put on a new brand name brassiere that came out and I’d heard it was one of the top of the line pieces.”

“Do you mean the ‘Luscious Lavender’ is that the one you mean? I heard of that one and have an order in for it too.”

“Do you really, Kelly asked Beth excitedly. I’m so excited that I bought those.”

Beth was happy she put in an order for them and asked what happened next. “As I stood in the bathroom doing my hair after doing my makeup and brushing, I looked at myself and said “put on that bra dear and make yourself feel sexy. Today is a day for Kelly Conklin’. When I put it on everything came together. I felt as if I was 25 again. My breasts were alive again Beth. My cleavage stood out. I couldn’t wait for Chuck to come home so I could impress him. I don’t know that what I wore mattered because for some reason he’s been horny anyways all week”, and the two of them laughed and laughed. Despite all I’ve said, I looked fine after putting on my top and the skirt I decided to wear while watering the flowers.”

“Come on, come on, and get to the good part. What happened Kelly? Tell me what happened. I had my cell on me and Chuckie called and apologized and said he couldn’t be home last night. He was called out of town and would be home sometime later today. Me, I was so pumped up for another romantic and exciting evening that I was let down big time. I was horny Beth and I mean I would have done it with a dog if I could have found one willing.”

Kelly, Kelly you are crazy. I might have done that with you. You are so lucky Kelly. I mean think about it. Think about your situation. Here you are. You and Chuck have had sex how many times this week? Me, little old me, I haven’t made love to Bill in 3 months and that wasn’t too exciting but it served its purpose. I wanna know what you did that’s so bad.”

“Well I suppose I can let the cat out of the bag, but you have to promise me one big thing. You have to keep a huge secret.”

“What? What Kelly what is it?”

“Like I said there I was standing by the flower bed and the garden, spraying away. I hear Kenny next door cursing. He was using every expletive we know. What was funny was how he was mixing them all up. I don’t know for sure but he was doing an interesting job. I become curious, shut off the water, and walk over to the fence. Knowing something about cars that I know, I ask him what he’s working on. He tells me and I offer a couple of suggestions but Kenny blows me off bostancı escort like what does a woman know about engines type of response. So I walk over.”

“First off I ask him again and finally he tells me. I impress him and explain that he has to do this and that for what he wants to be successful. He’s dumbfounded that a 38 year old woman knows something like that. However the poor boy is distracted. Me and my outfit, along with what little perfume I’ve put on got his attention big time. His eyes were not on the engine hardly at all. His devilish eyes were affixed to these Beth.”

“Hehehe, laughed Beth. Are you starting to tell me what I think you are saying? That hawt looking kid is 18, isn’t he?” Kelly confirmed that he was actually 19. “No kidding, he’s actually 19 Kelly? You mean to tell me that you and Kenny did something?”

“Do you wanna know exactly or should I leave it at that? Should I keep what happened, a secret Beth?”

“Ohh no, no I hafta know Kelly. What happened, what happened?”

“It was just like a fantasy Beth. Not in your wildest dreams could we imagine something like this happening. There I was, standing over his clean car which had a clean engine but he had a problem that was obvious. He couldn’t figure it out. I knew because my daddy taught me all that when I was a little girl.” Beth laughed that Kelly showed up Kenny. “It isn’t a big deal, I was happy to help him. But he loved looking at my tits and cleavage. I saw his eyes wander over I don’t know how many ways.”

“Beth”, Kelly said in a serious tone, “I never intended for what happened to ever get started. I offered to show him but I told him not with this top on was I going to do it. I didn’t want it to get dirty. I told him I’d be back wearing a t-shirt, a dirty t-shirt. Somehow he casually objected because of course he wanted to get off looking at my cleavage. Heck, he’s only 19 Beth.”

Beth couldn’t believe her ears. She was astounded but was cracking up too. She knew what was going to be told but to what degree she didn’t know for sure. Beth imagined that Kelly would seduce Kenny, but she didn’t know for sure what happened next.

“Standing on opposite sides of the car, I tried leaning over, which he loved Beth because ever few seconds instead of his eyes looking at the direction of where I pointed to they looked dreamy eyed” as Kelly giggled and giggled, “into this” using her hands to focus on her cleavage. Then Beth giggled.

“Kelly, we are the masters of our own destiny aren’t we? Maybe I should knock on the poor boys door.” Kelly agreed with Beth. They laughed. Beth added, “Kelly, all this talk is making me horny.” They laughed and laughed.

“I can call him over, said Kelly, but he’s in school. Plus Thomas might come early too.”

“Alright, I’m too anxious. I wanna know” exclaimed Beth.

“Well, said Kelly, this is where it becomes pretty bizarre actually. I asked him where his parents were and both had gone on a three day excursion to some Island resort. He was by himself and it’s what 10 miles to the school, right?” Beth agreed. “I told him to go clean up and come over quickly and I’d take him to school and while he is there I’d fix his car for him. He didn’t like that idea, but at the time I felt he had to be in school.”

“I waited 15 minutes and he knocks on the door. He’s completely changed. He’s now wearing an Oxford button down shirt, khaki slacks and he’s no wearing his baseball cap. He’s combed his hair and even shaved. He’s looking hawt Beth. I mean he looked 5 to 7 years older. Maybe not but compared to what he wore earlier, ratty jeans and a t-shirt with a couple of holes in it, the boy looked, well oh my god Beth, he was hott. He was fine. I didn’t know what he was looking for, but he sure wanted to impress me and büyükçekmece escort he did.”

“He does have a great body Kelly, doesn’t he? We both know that.”

“He does and I never thought about it that much to be honest Beth. I’ve seen him without a shirt on I don’t know how many times, but when he walked in here yesterday morning and dressed like he was, something snapped. Something in me said, ‘Wow isn’t he scrumptious’. His eyes were all over me still. He kept looking at my chest and he smiled and he was suave and he actually forgot all about his car for the time being.”

“Kelly, you are a good looking woman. You do keep a great trim and fit body, we both can see why Chuck likes making love to you. I bet there are hundreds of guys like Chuck or Kenny or whoever that would have sex with you. Don’t you think so?”

“Awww thanks Beth and you are as hott as I am too. You have much better boobs then I ever had and your legs girl, well your legs are much sexier then mine too.”

The two of them laughed and laughed. They shared compliments back and forth for a few more minutes until Beth had enough and wanted to hear the juicy part.

“I asked him if he was ready but I asked him why he was dressed to kill and I giggled accidentally. He said ‘because, and then he hesitated, because I was so hott looking that he could make love to me as if I was his girlfriend’. Then the boy blushed but so did I Beth. He was hott and sure was delicious in that shirt and slacks. I could have eaten him up too, I thought at the time. His eyes still were locked in on my boobs Beth.”

“Did you want him badly, Beth asked Kelly. Did you breakdown then?”

“Yeah I did. I was weak as weak got. I think at that point my nipples hardened. I know my vaginal area became weak and I started becoming wet. I know I was horny because I was flushing and I wanted him. I tried to resist. But all I heard was ‘step up, undo his shirt, caress his chest, and seduce the boy’. That’s exactly what I did. And I grabbed his crotch too and he was hard and Beth, he was horny too!”

“Oh shit Kelly, I wish I could have seen it. That’s erogenous thinking you hit on him.”

“Oh heck Beth he was incredible. As soon as I unbuttoned his shirt, he was shoving his face into my cleavage and kissing it. Ohhh god Beth that was hott and it was so erotic. A 19 year old kid and I got it on and it was dangerous but I loved every second.”

Beth was hornier then ever and wanted sex badly. Beth could have undressed there and started fingering herself, Kelly or used something, anything to get off listening to Kelly’s adventure.

“Ohhh Beth, I slid my hand into his pants and went down inside his boxers and grabbed his cock. It was a good size one too. He slipped off my top and is eyes exploded when he saw my tits. Then he took off my bra. I closed my eyes as he cupped my boobs and he felt me up. I loved it when he did it. I enjoy it when Chuckie does that but for some reason, feeling Kenny’s hands doing that to me, I shouted in ecstasy. Then Kenny got bold and took off my skirt and I slipped both hands around his back and pulled the boy against my body. He took off his pants and we stood almost naked right in here Beth. Oh god was it orgasmic. Me and a 19 year old, getting it on. His chest, his body Beth, it was freaking hott. He was freaking hott!”

“Oh fuck Kelly, I am freakin horny. I gotta, ohhh god Kelly, I’m so horny. Tell me more, come on tell me the rest, but I’m gonna masturbate while ya do it too. I can’t believe I said that but I’m gonna finger fuck myself, unless ya have a cucumber or something.”

As Kelly went on to tell her story, they walked into the kitchen, and Kelly gave Beth a clean cucumber. They sat down at the kitchen table. Beth pulled her shorts down and her çağlayan escort panties and wet the cucumber and finally to her delight, slid it inside her cunt. Her eyes closed and a smile appeared. “Please tell me the rest Kelly. This is too awesome.”

“Standing there in the living room he was pretty confidant and he slid his hands inside my panties. Tell you what Beth, I wish I had shaved. I had such a bush but he didn’t care.”

“Can we go back out there Kelly? Let’s go back out there where it’s more comfortable” asked Beth.

Lying on the couch Beth continued doing herself while Kelly told her what happened.

“I told him I wanted his big bad cock and I told him I wanted to lick it. I don’t know what came over me, but for whatever reason, I quickly laid down there and he positioned himself so that I had complete access to it balls and cock. I started out by licking his sack Beth and he had one helluva sack. You had to see it.”

“Are you okay Beth? Feeling comfortable?” She smiled and said yes calmly as she stroked her pussy with the cucumber.

“He had taken off his boxers and I had my panties off. He wanted to lick my tits, so I let him lick as long as he wanted. I asked him if he loved my tits. I told him I loved his body and I probably could fuck him a lot if given an opportunity. That only made us hornier. He ran his rod over my breasts and played with my nipples Beth. Guess what, my nipples have never been so sensitive in my life. He had them tingling and I came back for more. Chuckie never could have them feeling like that even though he loved licking them.”

Kelly slipped next to Beth and took hold of the cucumber while Beth lay against the side of the couch’s back. Beth relaxed while Kelly simply stroked her pussy using the cucumber. Beth’s eyes closed and Kelly proceeded with the story.

“I asked him Beth, ‘Kenny honey are you man enough do you think to actually fuck me? I really wanna be fucked Kenny and I think you’re cock is awesome enough to fuck me like a real man’. The boy looked at me as if he and I had been doing this for a while Beth. He was smooth.”

“Without hesitating, he lay on top of me, spread my legs apart, looked at them, looked at me, and said, ‘fuck Mrs. Conklin, your body well your body is a fine, fine body that I like. It is one good, fine fuck mam. Oh and your tits, well shit they are just as incredible too. You should know that mam. I wish I could stop by more often or be invited over that is’. So I told him Beth, ‘I’ll arrange that for us but right now, I’m horny boyfriend’. Yeah I called him boyfriend and I think that motivated him big time.”

“Oh god, keep doing me like that Kelly and keep telling me what happened yesterday. This is all so cool. Oh I feel so horny Kelly. Oh yeah honey.”

“He slid his cock in me. It was so unusual having a boy of 19 inside me Beth but it was so erotic, so erogenous that I wanted 20 of his kind in me. I wanted to be fucked over and over.”

“He did me as well as any 19 year old knew how to fuck, raw and wild. He pounded me and slammed me and I screamed and shouted for more. I ripped at him, clawed him, grasped him, and pounded away back at him. This kid was full of juice Beth. No kidding. He slammed me harder then Chuckie ever fucked me and he was so upbeat while doing me. It was so fun and so exciting and I screamed louder then I think I ever screamed. I orgasmed hard and I pulled at Kenny harder then I’ve ever pulled at someone. Oh dear god honey, I could actually orgasm right now taking about it. I am horny thinking about it.”

“Me too Kelly, I wish I had a man to fuck me or suck me off. Oh god Kelly I’m horny and ready to orgasm. Oh I wish I wish someone was here to get me off. Oh fuck Kelly, I am so horny; ohhhhhh god.”

“I’ll lick you out Beth. Could I lick your pussy for you? I’d love to help you. I’d love to do that for you. Can I do it?”

“Oh hell yes you can. Let’s get completely naked and let’s make love Kelly. Would you do that?”

“Oh sure, for my best friend, my oldest and dear friend, yeah I’d eat you out. I’d make love with you.” Kelly and Beth began undressing as they went back to Kelly’s bedroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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