Not The Usual Affair

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“So Rotham, how goes married life?”

Maxwell, the Duke of Rotham, slowly turned in his seat and gave the man an insolent grin.

“It goes well, thus far. But, the honeymoon is just over.”

“Never figured you’d ever take the plunge, to be blunt. Especially considering you’re a man that kept a harem at one point in time.” Steven Crowley cackled.

“It does seem strange, but I’ll adapt.”

A moment later, before the men could get into a deeper conversation, the new duchess appeared, devastatingly sexy in a low-cut gown of emerald green silk. Her dark hair was wound up, piled atop her head, and if Steven saw correctly, her eyes were darkened my kohl and rouge touched her cheeks and lips.

The woman was gorgeous, causing men’s tongues to fall from their mouths. The male half of the ton fairly panted after her, and Steven suspected that’s why Rotham married her. So he could say that she was his possession.

“Good evening, Crowley, how are you?”

“I’m well Duchess. You look divine.”

“I aim to please.” She sent him a smoldering smile, then turned her attention to her husband. “Darling, I’m going to head on home. I’ve had enough of this engagement.”

“I won’t be far behind. I’ve had almost enough myself.” Rotham took a step forward and kissed his wife.

Steven couldn’t help but watch- it was not a polite peck on the cheek, but a full mouth kiss, that included heavy tongue. It was almost pornographic. He finally glanced away, swallowing hard as the Duchess moaned in her throat. Apparently, Rotham had met his match.

“I see your wife has taken her leave.”

“Good evening, Countess.”

The Countess was as stunning as his wife, though on the other end of the spectrum. She was pale and light and blonde- the exact opposite of his exotic wife. They had carried on an affair for some time when they were young…they basically taught each other and learned the ways of lovemaking together. There would always be a bond between them.

“I’d love to spend some alone time with your wife, Roth. I think she and I should do some shopping.”

“Countess, you’ll not surprise her. She’s almost as experienced as you are.”

“Oh darling, I doubt it.” She waggled her fingers a him and whisked away in a swirl of ice blue.

Liza, the new duchess, dismissed her maid and undressed herself. She was angry. The duke barely paid attention to her at all tonight, and it was one of their first appearances together since the wedding. It was high unfashionable to dote on your spouse overmuch, but he only danced with her once. Once!

She walked to the sideboard and poured herself a glass of brandy. That would help her sleep, or so she hoped. Maxwell better not mess with her, because she would get him back.

Tongues were wagging not a month later that the Duchess of Rotham had taken a lover. Maxwell mostly ignored the idle gossip; he was home most nights and she was always more than willing for him to be in her bed. He dismissed the rumor with a derisive laugh and a shake of his head.

“My wife is not being unfaithful, gentlemen. I can assure you of that.”

Somewhere, deep inside his chest, he wasn’t too sure. She did seem to be acting different…but maybe she was just unsettled and trying to adapt to her new life. Liza had not been a virgin when he married her, and he didn’t care. She was like a mistress that didn’t have to be hidden, and if she ended up with child, that was fine.

“The Countess of Edmon is here to see you, your grace.”

“Show her in.” Liza looked up in surprise. The Countess was her husbands friend, not hers.

A few moments later, the woman entered the room. She really was stunning. Her fair hair and blue eyes lent her an innocence, but one look into those eyes made you realize she was more experienced than you. Today she wore a pink rose colored gown, and she looked lovely.

“To what do I owe this pleasure?”

“I thought perhaps you’d like to go shopping. I know a wonderful little store that I would love to show you.” The Countess sat down across from her.

“Do you think a friendship between us would be wise? Considering your history with my husband?” Liza set the book she had been reading aside.

“I think it would be very wise indeed. I can tell you all kinds of embarrassing stories from his childhood.”

After a moment of thought, Liza decided to take the plunge and go with her.

“May I call you by your first name?”

“Of course. I shall do the same to you.” The Countess, Rebecca, stated.

In the carriage, the women made idle small talk. It was unusual, because neither one typically did that. They were both strong, independent women that spoke their minds. Finally, Rebecca broke the chit chat.

“I will say…this store may surprise you.”

“In what way?”

“It’s a little…risqué.”

“Hmm.” Liza didn’t quite know what to make of that comment, so she waited in silence.

The coach stopped and the women got out, and Rebecca led the way to the door. It was a tiny shop, canlı bahis nestled in between larger specialty stores, and Liza was fairly certain she had never noticed it before. As they stepped through the doorway, the door jangled and announced their entrance.

Oddly enough, no one paid them any notice, and the customers kept their eyes away from the newcomers. Liza felt her brows furrow. How curious. Rebecca led the way to the back of the store, and pushed aside a curtain made of wooden beads. An entire different world lay behind them; glass trays holding an array of oils of all colors, undergarments that could only be described as indecent, and a glass case covered with a piece of fabric.

“Hello, Countess. Good day, your grace.”

Liza started as the man behind the counter greeted them. The fact he knew who she was concerned her…this didn’t seem to be a store with a normal reputation.

“Good afternoon, Cuthers. Might I see the collection?”

Rebecca moved forward and Liza followed behind uncomfortably. The man- Cuthers- whisked away the material and Liza gasped, hoping she wasn’t seeing what she thought she was seeing. The case held an array of items. Clamps, bells, clips, little metal balls, and things that looked very…phallic, of all shapes and sizes. Liza felt her face redden. Though she was no shrinking violet, she never dreamed this would be the result of their outing.

Gathering her skirts, she turned away and pushed back through the strands of beads. She tossed over her shoulder, “I’ll be in the carriage.” Liza’s face burned as she made her way outside, breathing only when she was settled into the luxurious squabs of the seat. How dare that…that…whore, take her to such a place! She was a duchess, not a common doxy! Liza seethed, waiting for Rebecca to reappear.

“Darling! Why did you run out like that? Whatever shall Cuthers think?”

“I don’t give a good godamn what he thinks. How dare you?” Liza’s eyes were narrowed to slits. She had worked herself into a fine temper.

Rebecca looked genuinely surprised as she climbed onto her seat.

“I apologize, Liza. I had heard how worldly you were…but apparently some has been exaggerated.”

“I doubt it. I have just never went to a store myself to pick from an array of…of…sex toys!”

“No, I don’t suppose you have. I’m sure Roth already has all he needs.”

“Leave my husband out of this. I did not appreciate this outing Rebecca, and it will not be repeated.”

“I understand. Again, I apologize.”

The women rode in silence back to Liza’s house. She was still fuming, but Rebecca was back to normal. If anything bothered her, it only lasted a moment. She was quick to put things out of her head. As the carriage rolled to a stop, Rebecca stood and sat beside Liza.

“I really am sorry. I didn’t think for one minute that you would be embarrassed. It was crass and unladylike of me, although we both know I’m no lady. You are though, even through your experience. I’m truly sorry, and I hope you forgive me.”

“Rebecca, I may have overreacted. I wasn’t prepared for that. Please, let’s forget it happened.”

“Thank you.”

Then the most curious thing happened. Rebecca’s gaze slid down to Liza’s lips, and Liza wet them, from sheer force of habit. Rebecca’s head moved forward, and her mouth settled against Liza’s. The touch was shocking; forbidden. Liza jolted and move back, but Rebecca’s lips stayed attached, and her tongue darted out. It teased and caressed until Liza forgot she should be offended, and she parted her lips farther. Their tongues met and mated, swirling against one another.

Rebecca was first to pull back. Liza swallowed hard, her eyes flying open.

“Hear me out. I’ve been with women. It’s lovely; sometimes even better than men. You get all the satisfaction without the hassle and the chance of pregnancy. I predict it will eventually catch on. I would like nothing more than for us to be lovers. Think about it.”

All Liza could do was stare in shocked silence.

That evening, Liza opted to stay home, pleading a headache. Maxwell went without her, and she sat in their room, replaying the events of the day. Rebecca’s idea had merit, but she hadn’t tired of Maxwell yet. However…tiring had nothing to do with this…it was forbidden, taboo, and highly appealing.

She glanced at the clock. Maxwell wouldn’t be home for hours…no. Absolutely not. Liza poured a glass of champagne and drank it quickly, then poured another. She went to her writing desk and sat down, quickly scribbling a message. Ringing for a servant, she thrust the note into the maid’s hand before she could change her mind.

Then she sat to wait.

The countess was talking with Roth when a footman handed her a note. She opened it absently, then her eyes widened.

“Something amiss, Countess?”

“Not at all, Roth. I just got a better offer.” She flashed him a grin and tucked the note quickly into her reticule.

“Anyone I know?”

“You might be surprised.”

Rebecca bahis siteleri had the hired hack drop her off a block from the Duke’s house. She made her way quickly on the darkened street, knowing it would still be hours before Roth would be home. Anticipation pounded through her veins, and each step she took sent a pleasurable throb between her legs. Going behind the house, she counted the windows and went through the one that she was instructed. She knew this house by heart, so she quietly made her way deftly up the stairs and down the hall.

The bedroom door was open, and as she neared she felt a thrill of desire shiver down her spine. The duchess was seated at her dressing table, gazing into the mirror. Rebecca shut the door behind her.

“I don’t know what this means, and I don’t know what I’m doing.” Liza didn’t turn, but looked at Rebecca through the mirror.

“Its fun and games, lovely. And you will figure out what you’re doing quickly.” Rebecca began to disrobe.

“Teach me.” Liza’s voice was little more than a whisper.

“Another headache, darling? You may need to see a doctor.” Maxwell leaned over the bed and placed a kiss on Liza’s forehead.

“I think its this nasty city air. Once we go to the country I bet they disappear.” Liza gave him a weak smile.

“Well, I’d feel better if you saw someone anyway. I’ll make arrangements. Get some rest.”

“Yes, darling.” She scooted deeper in the covers.

Maxwell took his leave, and minutes later she heard the carriage pulling away from the house.

The closet door opened slowly, and Rebecca appeared. She was nude, and her hand was between her legs.

“He’s very solicitous of you.”

“He loves me, I think, despite his intention not to.” Liza threw the blankets back and spread her legs. Her nightgown was hiked around her waist, and she wore no undergarments.

The women had been playing when Maxwell appeared home. He’d left some papers he wanted to give an associate. He wouldn’t have come up had a servant not mentioned Liza not feeling well. Luckily, Rebecca had hidden when they first heard the carriage.

“Sounds like Roth.” Rebecca climbed onto the bed, trailing her fingers along Liza’s thighs.

Liza purred in her throat, her hips lifting off the bed on their own accord. Their affair had been going on for a couple months, and the women found they couldn’t get enough of each other. Sometimes Rebecca would be sneaking out as Maxwell was coming home, and he would make love to Liza, while her pussy was still damp from Rebecca’s skilled mouth.

“What do you suppose he would do if he found out?” Liza wondered aloud, gasping as Rebecca’s lips seared a trail between her legs.

“He would be most curious I’m sure. He had a harem at one time, sweet. I’m sure his women touched each other.” Rebecca moaned as her tongue flickered out, lapping at the sweet folds.

“Oh, I never thought about that. Mmm, that feels divine.”

Rebecca climbed up and laid on her back. “It’s my turn. You had yours before your husband interrupted us.”

“I suppose that’s fair. But you owe me an extra one later.”

“Whatever for?”

“Because I love your mouth on me.” And Liza dipped her head, ready to please her lover.

“Something is going on with Liza. I just cant put my finger on it.” Maxwell was speaking to Steven Crowley as they played cards one evening.

“Do you suppose she is having an affair?”

“It’s occurred to me, but I really don’t think so. I am beginning to wonder if I need to do some snooping.”

“Hmm. That’s like eavesdropping, your grace. You’ll never hear or find anything good.”

“All the more reason to get to it then, good man. I think I’ve had enough for one night. I’m going to go home and bury myself in my wife and forget my troubles.” Maxwell stood with a grin. “Matrimony isn’t bad, Crowley. You should try it.”

“I’ll take your word for it.” Crowley tossed back his scotch.

Maxwell alighted from his carriage and jogged up the steps. The butler swung the door open and he flashed the man a grin. He was in a good mood in spite of his reservations. And the thought of his wife made his blood run hot. He hardened, his flesh pressing against his pants a bit uncomfortably. But only a few more moments until he would be in his bedchamber and able to take them off.

Taking the last few stairs, he made his way down the dark hall, and heard a giggle.


Maxwell didn’t realize he’d spoken aloud until he heard a faint voice, his wife’s voice, whisper. “Go!” He charged into the bedroom, finding Liza in bed, her eyes wide, naked but for the sheet clutched at her breast.

“Where is he? Dammit, tell me! I swear to God I’ll tear him to shreds!” Maxwell’s eyes fairly bulged from his sockets.

“There’s no one! Maxwell, calm down, I-“

“I heard you tell him to go, Liza. Don’t lie to me. Where. Is. He.”

“I-I didn’t, I-“

Maxwell tore through the house, shouting and yelling, bringing out every servant, questioning them and bullying bahis şirketleri them. The search proved futile. It only enraged him more. A short time later, he was back in his bedchamber. Liza had gotten out of bed and put on a dressing gown.

“Who is he?”

“There is no man.” Liza swallowed hard.

“I don’t believe you. And I never knew you to be a lying bitch. Now tell me!”

Liza remained silent, flinching from his angry eyes. She didn’t figure he would be as mad if he knew it was the Countess, but still, in face of his anger, Liza was loathe to tell him anything.

Maxwell heaved a sigh and stomped towards her. Liza yelped and flinched away from him, but he grabbed her arm and held her in place. His hand whipped out and he gathered her skirts, hiking them up her legs, while Liza tried to shove them back down.

“If there was no one, you wouldn’t be trying to keep my hand away from you!” He practically roared in her face.

“I don’t like feeling like I’m about to be raped, your grace! Now unhand me!” Liza was angry now, and did her best to sound haughty. The truth was, she was scared to death as well.

“Don’t play games with me, miss.” The lack of respecting her with her title was not lost on Liza.

She yelped again as Maxwell’s hand shifted between her legs, even though she was clamping her thighs together. He shoved his fingers between her folds, and there was no hiding it. She was wet, and the delicate skin was swollen and sensitive. They both froze at the same moment, and she watched as his eye widened.

“Tell me, darling. Do I come home and fuck you, after someone else already has?”

Liza’s eyes closed. She couldn’t bear to face him, and couldn’t stand the rage and hurt in his eyes.

“How many times? How many times do I come home and fuck you, and you’ve got another man’s seed inside you? How do you know you’re not with child?”

“I’m not with child. It’s impossible.”

Maxwell jerked his hand from between her legs, wiping the moisture on his pants.

“Let’s have a look-see, shall we? Do you use protection?”

“No. Maxwell, it’s not what you think-“

He moved so fast she didn’t see it coming. He grasped her throat and pushed her against the wall.

“So help me god, if you bear another man’s child, I’ll send you to America without a shilling, and hope they never find you. I am a Duke. You are a Duchess. But you won’t be if there is a child inside you, do you understand me?” Maxwell’s voice was low, his hand was loose, but Liza had no doubt he could snap her neck.

All she could do was nod. He released her abruptly and turned, digging through her drawers, tossing things to the side. He dumped entire drawers upside down, spilling it’s contents. A velvet pouch made a thump, and she watched his eyes narrow as he bent to pick it up. Liza closed her eyes again and sank on the edge of the bed.

He loosened the drawstring and dumped the contents. It was a glass dildo. He turned slowly, his eyes on the toy. Liza swallowed. It was significantly smaller than he was, but Liza and Rebecca both found enjoyment from it.

“What is this, my dear?”

“You know what it is. Listen, Maxwell-“

He came towards her, and shoved her roughly onto her back. Liza’s feet were still on the floor, and he grabbed one of her legs and lifted it, opening her to him.

“Do you use this?”

“Sometimes, but Maxwe-“

“Isn’t he man enough for you?” He pressed the cool glass against her engorged flesh.

Liza couldn’t help it. She moaned. Maxwell spread her leg father to the side, sliding the tip of the dildo along her slit. Liza bit her lip, but there was something erotic in his anger; in the focus of his face. They had never used anything to…enhance their love life. They didn’t need to. But this…this was making Liza want to writhe on the bed.

Maxwell slipped the tip to her opening, letting the first inch or so penetrate her, and Liza gasped, trying to keep her hips from rocking. The intensity on his face was fascinating, and she rocked her hips upward without realizing it was happening.

He moved his hand deftly, working the glass in and out of her slowly. Liza was dripping wet, accepting the violation easily. That fact wasn’t lost on her husband.

“One more time, lovely. Who is he?”

Liza’s head tossed back and forth on the bed. “There isn’t-” She screamed as Maxwell plunged the dildo inside of her until he barely had enough space to hold onto it with his fingertips.

“Look at me, and tell me the truth. Who is he? The one who isn’t man enough for you.” Maxwell jiggled the glass and Liza whimpered, shuddering as she climaxed.

Liza wasn’t sure who was more surprised that she came. Maxwell’s face wore a look of disbelief, and Liza scooted away from him and the toy, gasping as it slipped free of her body.

He looked up at her, his expression fierce. Liza took a deep breath.

“The Countess.”

“What of her? Does she know him?”

“No. There is no him. It’s the Countess.” Liza scooted until her back hit the headboard. She leaned against it, suddenly ashamed of herself and the affair, and ashamed that her husband had been punishing her. What made it worse was that she’d enjoyed the punishment to completion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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