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Note: This is the last chapter in the trilogy starting with Worth Every Yen and continued in A Few Yen More. It will not make sense without having read those first.


The alarm on my phone wakes me far too early to a room that’s still dark. I turn my head to the left, then the right, hearing the bones in my neck pop. The noise seems loud to me, but it is not enough to cause either of the other bodies, indistinct in the dark, to stir. As my eyes adjust, I can make out to one side of me, Hana’s almost angelic features, her sweet face against the pillow just as cute lost in a dream as awake. I turn again to see Jasmine, a slight smile on her lips even as she sleeps with the sheets gripped tightly in one hand.

I reach over Hana to a small nightstand and fumble in the dark for my phone. The light from the screen is an unpleasant shock to my eyes, and the time a more unpleasant one. Not enough time for much more than to say goodbye, I decide. I shut the phone off, relieving my eyes and begin trying to exit the bed without waking anyone.

“Not staying for breakfast?” Jasmine’s voice taunts me and I turn back to see her, propped up on one elbow now, the sheets just barely hiding her luscious chest.

“Trains to catch, unfortunately,” I say.

“I put my number in your phone while you were asleep,” she said. “The next time you’re in Tokyo, you can save the price of a hotel room and stay here.”

“Awfully generous of you,” I say. “How could I ever repay you?”

She smiles evilly. “Oh, we’ll think of something…”

I manage to finish getting off the bed without disturbing Hana. “Sounds like a great deal,” I add as I begin looking around for my discarded clothes. “I’ll have to take you up on that.”

“…if your wife’s alright with it, of course…?” Jasmine adds. I stop my search momentarily. “It’s hard not to notice these things looking through a married man’s phone,” she says casually, rolling onto her back.

I brush it off silently and pull on my pants. “I hope she doesn’t mind,” Jasmine continues, “because I’d hate for you to have to sneak around behind her back. She’s too cute to put up with that kind of naughty boy for long.”

“I’m not too worried about it,” I say. “Tell Hana thanks for the night.”

“Just Hana?” feigns indignation.

“Since you’re up, I thought I could thank you personally,” I respond snarkily.

“Not sure you have enough time for that…”

“Probably true,” I say as I finish getting dressed. “But thanks for the night.”

“Dou itashimashite,” she says, closing her eyes and inching closer to Hana. “See you soon, I hope.”

“Definitely, soon.”

I work out the timetable for my trip home with half my brain while the other half is already working on a plan to return as the train makes stops at station after station, picking up fewer passengers than I’ve seen lately on my work commutes. Even the most hard-working salarymen like to sleep in on Saturdays, I suppose. The voice announcing my stop is barely enough to knock me from my thoughts, though I’m glad it sufficed, as I make my way through the mostly empty streets back to my hotel.

I check my phone for the time as I enter the lobby. Shit, almost checkout time already. I’ll have to be quick if I want to shower, I think, and I’d really rather not spend the whole shinkansen trip smelling like last night, fun as it may have been. I look up as I pass the front desk, a little disappointed, but unsurprised not to see Akiko, but rather the emotionless face of an older lady. I give only a nod of a bow as I make my way to the elevator.

It seems they have already begun cleaning some of the rooms, as I pass a maid’s cart in the hallway leading to my room. I find the door open slightly. Odd, I think. They shouldn’t be cleaning here yet. I step inside, only to find Akiko looking around.

“Keridashite shimau no?” I startle her with my question.

She snaps around to face me. The room is still dark, the light from outside filtered through the closed curtains, but I can see clearly enough as her expression changes from one of shock to one of embarrassment.

” Iie, iie, sumimasen! ” she begins apologizing profusely for the intrusion; she’s not here to kick me out, just checking if I had planned on skipping out on the bill, evidently.

” Shinpai nai yo, ” I assure her there is no cause to worry, “Chanto harau yo. Douse mata Aki-chan to aitakattanda.” She blushes visibly, even in the dark, at the suggestion that I had wanted to see her.

” Dewa, ” she begins, evidently flustered, “ojama shimashita…”

” Iie, jama janai yo. Isogashii no? Konnani hayai jikan niwa check-in nai desho? ” I tease her that she has no one to check in so early as I step closer to her, casually closing the door with my foot behind me.

She giggles and says nothing. Why not? I think. I place a hand on her arm and draw her close to me. She looks down at it for a moment, pendik escort then up to my eyes. She does not resist, so I take the silent invitation, leaning down and kissing her.

To my only slight surprise, she returns the kiss, in that excited, awkward, slightly too aggressive way unpracticed girls do. Adorable. Finally she pulls away from the kiss. I do not let her pull too far away, silently slipping my other arm around her.

She tries and fails to begin a sentence.

” Ii yo, ,” I assure her. This seems to be enough for her, and she moves with eager speed as I lead her to the bed. Like that, I am on top of her. She kisses hungrily, as if she’s been out of practice for far too long. Her hands move frantically up and down my back. Maybe she actually does have to get back to work, I muse to myself.

I break the kiss and pull her top from where it is tucked into her skirt. She frantically tries to wiggle out of the uniform jacket over it, but another light kiss seems to calm her down and I slowly but surely undo the buttons on her top. I can almost feel her heart beat with excitement as I reach underneath her and unclasp her bra, freeing her small but pert tits.

She looks at me silently, a mixture of excitement and apprehension on her face, seemingly awaiting my judgement. As if to answer her, I begin kissing down her neck and then chest until I reach her left nipple, which I begin teasing with my tongue. She squeezes my torso with between her legs, apparently eager to speed up, but I take my time, teasing one nipple and then the other as she starts trying to grind upwards against me.

Suddenly I move back up, kissing her deeply and pressing against her in one motion. My cock strains in my pants against her panties, pushing the dark skirt of her uniform up and out of the way as if weren’t even there. She is hot against me, kissing wildly once again.

I break the kiss again, but continue pressing against her. She squirms against the pressure, working up her own excitement without me having to do anything but be a hard object. “Onegai…” she whispers. I giver he my best devilish smile, but just as quickly as I had pressed against her, I move away once again, this time even further down.

Her legs are splayed, her skirt pushed up, as she lies on the bed. She quickly tries to shut her legs to hide her white panties, but I know this move, and my hands are already on her knees, firmly but gently resisting her. “Ii yo,” I assure her once again. I feel the muscles of her thighs relax, and I reach down between them with one hand and feel the soft, moist fabric of her panties. With a gentle tug, they move towards her bent knees, and once again she instinctively tries to hide herself, but it does not even require words this time to stop her.

I slide the panties over her knees as I step back off the bed and she lets her shoes fall casually to the floor on either side of me. I toss the panties to the side of her head and lower myself to my knees.

She is trembling now, and I can feel her wanting to close her legs in embarrassment, but she’ll soon get over that. I lower my head to her pussy and let the sweet scent fill my nose. I want to dive right in, but I know better, and I approach her slowly, beginning with gentle kisses to her inner thighs as she simultaneously relaxes and grows more excited. After what feels like far too long, I let my hot breath play out over her pussy lips. She is trimmed but not shaven, perfectly beautiful.

She shivers with excitement when I finally reach out with my tongue and taste her. This will be easy, I surmise, her juices already flowing enough to coat my lips. I let my tongue move over her, exploring her slowly, only parting her lips and moving inside her when I am sure she is ready. She is delicious, almost sweet. She squirms, her legs moving involuntarily around me. I glance up at her and she looks away. ” Iya… ” her mouth protests, but her hips tell a different story, gyrating and luring my tongue up to her little clit.

I find the hard little bead with my tongue and begin gently flicking it, slowly, slowly increasing my pace, her moaning increasing in time. When she is close I stop for a second and take another look up. She is biting her lip, staring down at me. I torture her, holding onto the pause for just long enough and then rapidly tongue her clit once again. She squeals as an orgasm rocks her slender body, her ass bouncing off the sheets uncontrollably. As she comes down, I return to lazily toying with her pussy, her body still trembling around me.

I silently undo my pants and slide them off while she calms herself. My rock hard cock springs free and I push her legs up against her body. She gasps, at once ready and surprised. I take the time to let my tongue poke at her now exposed asshole for just a second, and she squirms in surprise, letting out a little “nnn.”

I climb on top of her again and kiss her deeply, letting her escort pendik enjoy her own taste on my tongue. She licks her lips shyly as I bring my cock to rest against her slit. I kiss her again as I begin moving, rubbing the hard shaft against her slick lower lips. Her hands, on my back again, hold me to her. “Onegai…” she moans again, barely audible.

I tease her with this friction a while longer, but her wetness along the bottom of my shaft is too enticing and I must enter her. Locking eyes with her, I reach down and adjust myself, forcing my shaft to align with her hole. She breathes deep in anticipation. I push in. “Nnn,” she moans as I penetrate her, rapidly forcing her tight passage to adjust. “Ookii..” she moans. Big, huh? I think. We’ve barely begun.

I keep pushing into her, kissing her neck softly as she shudders underneath me, stretched, I imagine, more than ever before. Her pussy envelops me in warm, wet softness. She is unbelievably tight, and I toy with the notion that I might be her first, but the way she begins moving against me tells me she at least knows what she likes.

We kiss deeply as I begin moving in and out of her. In the moments between kisses, I hear her moan, ” Kimochi ii…motto…motto… ” She is rapidly approaching another orgasm as I pump in and out of her. Ladyboy ass is wonderful, I think to myself, but there’s something special about a tight, wet cunt squeezing your cock for all it’s worth.

I bring my hand up to her mouth and she licks the fingers mindlessly, her eyes closed and her face pure ecstasy. She is so close. I bring my freshly wetted fingers down behind her and pull her ass cheek to the side just enough to find that cute asshole, already covered with her juices. I tease it and she opens her eyes, looking into mine with surprise. I smile and push my middle finger against the tight hole. “Aa…aa…aa…” There it is. She cums hard, the last little anal penetration exactly the thing she didn’t know she needed to get there.

She looks as if she is about to say something, but a kiss silences her, and I pull the finger out of her ass. Breaking the kiss, I bring it back to her lips as I continue pumping slowly in and out of her. She looks at my finger, glistening even in the dark, suspiciously, and then to my face. I only need raise an eyebrow before the digit is in her mouth once more. And like that, I know, she has found a new way to get off that she will never tire of.

Slowly I pull out of her, and she knows what to do, not for me at this point, but herself. She turns over and buries her face in the sheets, pushing her cute little ass, skirt still pushed up around her waist, up into the air. “Onegai,” she begs meekly.

I climb up onto the bed, finally stripping off my shirt as I do so, and position myself behind her beautiful, round ass. I can’t help giving it another quick lick, eliciting another shiver, as I move into position. I enter her pussy more easily this time. She welcomes me back into her with another moan and I quickly build up speed.

I reach a hand under her as my balls slap against her soft skin, and I quickly find her clit, hard against my fingers. It takes little effort to bring her to the brink of orgasm again, stimulating her clit and cunt at the same time. I smile to myself. “Onegai…” she begs again. Yes, definitely addicted already, I think.

This time I wet my thumb myself, sticking it in my mouth just long enough to get the proper lubrication before moving my hand back to her ass. Our flesh slaps together obscenely. I guess she’s not so worried about what her coworkers will think. I place my thumb on her asshole and feel her tense up under me.

I press my thumb firmly into her butthole and she almost immediately cums again. The fingers on her clit are no doubt largely responsible, but there is equally no doubt that the thumb got her there. They all love it, of course, I think to myself. I haven’t met a girl yet who doesn’t; we’ll just see if she will admit it later.

As much as I’d love to try more with her newfound favorite hole, I feel the cum already about to explode out of me. “I’m gonna cum,” I say, not bothering to translate.

“Naka de dashite…” she moans. Apparently she understands some English, anyway. I decide it’s best not to mess up her uniform any more than it already is and I cum inside her, shooting hot jizz inside her tight cunt for what feels like a solid minute. I am honestly surprised I have anything left after last night.

She cleans up more quickly than I would expect, no cuddling, just a quick kiss on the lips. “Mata Tokyo ni kite ne,” she says, exuding confidence in a wholly different way than when I first found her in the dark.

I nod my assent and she slips out of the room, leaving me standing naked and sweaty. I glance at the alarm clock on the nightstand. Fuck, my train leaves in less than an hour.


A few more train stops and I am rushing to get on pendik escort bayan the shinkansen home. I make it without to much trouble, the bustle only adding a small amount of sweat to the body I had only the shortest time to clean off. I am unaware of how tired I am until I sink into my chair and find myself falling asleep sitting up right. Though I am aware enough to hand the conductor my ticket as he passes, I imagine I will be out before the next station.

I am about to drift off again when I feel a vibration in my pocket. Pulling out my phone, I see a text from Jasmine. I open it to reveal a picture of her engorged dick. Instinctively bringing my phone’s screen to my chest and out of view of the middle aged woman sitting across the aisle from me, I get up and find the restroom. Thanks I text back from the privacy of the toilet seat.

I debate with myself whether to wait for her next text, but my inner conversation is cut off by her immediate reply. show me urs it says. Eh, why not? I snap a quick picture of my flaccid dick, hoping no one outside noticed the shutter sound, and shoot it back to her. She sends back a kiss emoji and I leave it at that, just as happy to drift off to sleep for the remainder of the return trip, my mind wandering back over the events of the past few days.

I wonder if I will see Akiko again. She, unlike Jasmine, didn’t ask for my number. Ah, well, easy come…

An hour or so later and I am on another local train, and then making the short walk home, small luggage in one hand, train station sweets as omiyage in the other. I set the former down on the floor and the latter down on a small table in the entryway as I come in the unlocked door to my apartment. Tadaima, I call out before stepping out of my shoes and into the apartment proper.

Okaeri, comes the bubbly reply from my wife Natsuko, entering the genkan through a door to the kitchen. She is dressed in an apron, and I can smell her cooking as the warm air wafts through the open doorway. Her black hair is tied behind her head and she wraps me in her arms immediately. “How was your trip?” she asks.

“Maa maa,” I reply and release the hug to enter the kitchen. “You know work’s work. Good to be home, though.” I smile at her. “Miss me?”

“Maa maa,” she teases. “I enjoy my time without a husband hanging around the house getting in my way.”

“In the way, huh? I guess I should leave you to finish cooking my dinner, then?”

She smirks. “You think this is for you?” She stands in front of the gas range, where something that smells delicious is cooking in a pan. The rice cooker bubbles noisily behind me.

“Any other guests coming over tonight?” I tease.

“Not now that you’re here…” she sticks out her tongue and shuts off the flame, turning her back to me. Under the apron, I can see, she is wearing only a pair of very short shorts and a top that only comes halfway down her back. She is barefoot, and her skin glows.

“Too bad,” I say.

“And how were your whores?” she says, still not looking at me.

“Tight,” I say. “Filthy. Nasty little cum sluts.”

“Oh, yeah?” she says, snapping her head around to shoot me a look. “And how were their girl dicks? Did you like how their cum tasted?” She twists the rest of her body around to face me fully. “I bet you ate all their cum. Was it hot?” She walks over to me, stopping to stare up into my eyes.

“Or did they only want to get fucked once they saw this?” She grabs my dick roughly through my pants.

“A little of this, a little of that,” I reply. She has already undone my fly and now she pulls my pants and underwear down in one quick motion, letting my cock, already filling with blood, flop out.

“I couldn’t blame them, either way,” she says. She sinks to her knees, her eyes now locked onto my dick rather than my eyes. “Or you. I know how hard it is to keep your mouth off of one of these things.” She slurps me into her mouth hungrily. “Mmm, mmm,” she moans with her mouth around my rapidly hardening rod.

“That’s it, baby, suck my fucking cock,” I encourage her. I doubt she can even hear me, so lost is she in working my pole in and out of her mouth. She slobbers all over it, letting her spit drip carelessly everywhere as she sucks. I feel her soft, warm hand on my balls and she takes me out of her mouth.

“Tell me about them,” she says, looking up into my eyes again. “Tell me about fucking those whores.” The words are barely out of her mouth before I’m back in it.

“Two ladyboys, one night,” I struggle to keep my voice level as her tongue plays on the underside of my shaft. “Tight little assholes, both of them. They begged for my hot cum.” She stares up at me toying now with the head of my cock. “Pretty nice cock on the one. The other one just had a cute little clitty. Dripping cum all the time like a real cock hungry sissy bitch.”

“Mmm…” she says, enjoying my taste and fondling my heavy balls. She slurps loudly as if to say “continue.”

“We both,” I keep going, “fucked her up the ass. The smaller one. We rubbed our cocks together in her asshole. Little slut could probably take three or four up her ass at once.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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