Poconos: Friday

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We leave on Friday morning to drive up to the Pocono’s for a weekend getaway. It’s a pleasant day for the drive and we have nice conversations, just chitchat really, with a lot of teasing between us. You are winning at this because you keep flashing me while I’m driving. Peeks down your blouse where I can see how excited you are… your nipples are sticking out from your beautiful little titties. You keep shifting in your seat allowing your skirt to ride up, showing me your legs, and higher, till I can see your purple thong covering your mound. It feels like it will be a fun weekend, both of us relaxed and comfortable…

Some of the conversations begin to get racy, about how we can’t wait to be alone with each other, what we are going to do to the other one. Soon, it’s getting us excited and also laughing…

We arrive and check into the resort in the early afternoon and head for the suite. You think I’ve brought too much junk, but soon I have a fire going in the fireplace and candles lit all over the rooms. The heart shaped tub fills with bubbles while I slowly undress you, kissing your skin as it becomes exposed…

I start with your shoes and stockings, enjoying how you squirm as I reach under your skirt. Then I unbutton your blouse and ease it down off your shoulders, kissing your back as I toss it on the chair. “God, you are so sexy…” I reach for your skirt zipper so it can join your blouse… Your cheeks are exposed for me to kiss… I bite them just before I start sliding the waistband of your thong downward. I follow them down till I get to the back of your knees kissing and sucking; making little hickeys back there, marking you as my love.

I turn you around start kissing my way up your naked body; the tops of your feet, your calves, your thighs, your hips, your belly, between your breasts, rubbing your nipples softly with my hair, up to your throat, your jaw then your lips…. You are breathing heavily by the time I get to your lips. I love the feeling of you panting against me as our tongues mingle and explore each other. I hear you moan into my mouth as you press your body against mine, your pussy grinding into my cock through my pants.

“Time for your bath, my love” as I struggle to pull away, and push you toward the tub.

After I get you into the water, I undress, and then slide into the tub with you. Between the bubbles and the bath oil, we are slippery against each other, running our hands over each other. Both of us moaning… After a couple minutes, I say, “I can’t stand it any more. I’ve got to make love to you!” I pull you up and get behind you and then slide into you. “Oh, this is what I’ve thought about for weeks. Oh Shelley, You feel great.” You just moan as I thrust into you. With the teasing and everything around us, neither of us can hold out for very long.

You start saying, “oh god, yes, yes, oh I’m coming…” and I feel you tighten down on me, and it sends me over the top, too.

“Oh Shelley… Oh, here I cum…” as I bury myself as deep as I can… Both of us pushing against the other, enjoying the feeling of being together. The mad rush of the first orgasm of many for the weekend has been satiated.

Slowly we slide back into the tub and hold each other while we catch our breath. “I love you,” we whisper, almost at the same time, which makes us smile and hold each other even more.

We eventually get out of the tub and stretch out in front of the fireplace… we lay there kissing for a couple minutes then you start kissing your way down my body. You kiss the head of my dick then slowly start sucking it into your mouth. “Oh, that feels great, Shelley”…. You take the bursa escort whole thing into your mouth as if you are trying to swallow me whole. You pull back, then go back down, driving me crazy… You release me from your mouth and go to work on my balls…. I get you to turn around so I can play, too. Slowly fingering you, pulling you closer till I can get you to straddle my head. I can smell you and want to taste you…. I start to lick your pussy and I hear you moan around my dick. You are making me feel great and I love the taste of you, so peppery…. Using my chin for steady pressure on your clit, I softly lick between your lips… you are squirming because of what I’m doing to you and I’m squirming because of you… I push my tongue inside and start wiggling it around, touching and tasting you all around inside. I can feel the tension in your thighs, and I know I’m getting close, too… I use my thumb to put pressure on your anus while I push my tongue deeper into you… It is too much for you, as you scream out your pleasure, then attack me again sucking me hard, pulling me over the edge as you deep throat me…. We lay there attached, still wanting more, not wanting to be the first to stop…

You don’t let me get soft, so I roll you over, turn around and enter your pussy again. Enjoying the feeling of being joined together, looking into your eyes…

Lying in front of the fireplace, I hold you tight as I slowly thrust into you, enjoying the look of pleasure on your face. Warm from the fire, flush from exertion, you keep moaning my name wanting me to keep making love to you. I thrust into you powerfully but not too quickly, making sure you are moaning with each stroke. Soon, you are breathing real heavily, moaning “oh god… I’m coming oh god don’t stop…. Oh yeah… Oh David…” I thrust deep into you and hold you close, your legs squeeze me tight, holding me in to your body. I wait for you to calm back down, and for you to notice that that I am still hard inside you.

You look at me with a surprised look and I grin and say, “I’ve waited for this chance to be alone with you for an entire weekend, I don’t want any of it to end.”

You looked at me and said, ” Oh baby, I love you and need you… Oh god, keep going… make love to me all weekend… Let me feel you deep in me… Cum in me…”

I started to move my hips around in a circle, getting my cock to touch all around inside you. “God you’re driving me crazy again…. Oh god… please don’t stop…”

I keep moving in and out… and around and around… pushing our pelvis together so I’m pushing against your clit. I am sliding in and out; you are so excited that your juices are making it so warm and slick. I can feel that we going to cum together again. I can feel your pussy contract around my dick as you cum and my dick starts jerking as I fill you again. “Oh god, this is great… take my cum… Oh god… Oh Shelley”

“Oh baby, give it to me… Oh yeah… oh god yes… oh David”

Finally, we come down from our orgasms and panting to slowly catch our breath. We lay there holding each other in our arms, feeling close to each other, hearing the other breath, our hearts slow down.

I glance at the clock and say, “Damn, we need to hurry or we’re going to miss our seating for dinner. I need some food to keep my strength up, if we going to do this all weekend.”

You look at me and grin, “I wonder if they have oysters for you to eat?”

We both laugh and get up to get ready for dinner. We shower together and it’s all we can do to control ourselves and get dressed. I put on a suit, and you wear this tight mini dress that looks wonderful bursa merkez escort on you. Dinner is wonderful as we chat with the other 3 couples at our table. I keep rubbing your leg, drawing little circles on you thigh, to tease you… and me…

After dinner we decide to go to the club to have a couple drinks and to dance for a little while. During the slow dances, I whisper in your ear that I want to give you a body massage. My description makes you decide it is time to go back to the room.

As we walk back to our room, there is a soft snow falling around us…

The snow has covered everything while we were at dinner and in the club. It is nice and quiet, like we are the only ones around. I stop near the wooden bridge and pull you to me. I lean over and kiss you, slowly, barely tasting you. I softly bite you lip, and lick between them. Then I wrestle past your tongue and search you mouth with mine. I feel you moan into my mouth. I push my hand inside your coat to get to your breast. Your legs capture my thigh between them, holding it tight to your mound. My other hand plays with your ear, your hand goes to my crotch, rubbing my cock. We are hot with our desire but cold from the snow falling on us. We are both thinking about nothing but each other.

You finally say, “You owe me a massage. We better go back to the room before we end up taking our clothes off right here.”

Laughing we head for the room. When we get there I turn to you and pull you to me. I say, “I’ve changed my mind about the massage.” I kiss you, hard and then grab your hair in the back of your head and pull it down. This tilts your face up and gives me your neck. I go for your throat and suck on the side of it, biting and pulling your skin. I move up to your ear and grip it between my teeth and sucking on your earring. I let go of your hair and reach for the bottom of your dress to pull it up and over your head. You are standing in front of me, totally under my control. I pull your slip off the same way and then unhook your bra and throw it to the floor. I grab the back of your head and pull it back to me, kissing you hard. I turn you around and bend you over the sofa and drop my pants. I just move your thong aside as I put my dick at the entrance to your pussy and bury it all the way in you. You grunt with the pressure as I hit bottom. I stay buried there as I struggle out of my coat and tie. Then I grab your hips and start to fuck you. I feel my balls swing forward and hit your clit every time my hips hit your ass. You are moaning and grunting as I thrust into you. I feel very powerful and am enjoying the feeling. Your pussy keeps clinching at me as you have orgasm after orgasm. You seem to be flying as I have you pinned to the sofa. As I get close I pull you off the sofa and make you kneel in front of me. I push my dick into your mouth and tell you to suck me. I pull out then push back in, like I was doing to your pussy. I last another 3 strokes before I lose control and cum in your mouth. You swallow it all and then collapse on the floor.

I pick you up off the floor and carry you to the bed. I pull the blankets back, toss you on the bed and roll you onto your stomach with your hands over your head. I get the bag of goodies and retrieve the vibrator from it. I turn it on low and slide it in between your thong and your pussy so it is working on your clit. It doesn’t take long for you to come to and start moaning, but you don’t come out of your stupor. You start pushing your hips into the bed to get more pleasure to your clit from the vibrator. I whisper to you that you can’t move your arms down to help your pussy bursa sınırsız escort get what it wants, because I have what it needs…

I leave you when I notice that the fire had gone out, and I want to light another one and set the lights down low. You are still laying on the bed moaning, calling to me, but I’m just walking around the room. Slowly, I find the oil and put it in a bucket of ice by the bed and lay a towel down on the side of the bed. I light a couple candles and place them on the headboard. I turn to you and listen to your moans. I lean over you and ask if I should take care of your pussy. Then I slowly pull the vibrator back and forth across the mouth of your pussy a couple times before I remove it from your thong. Your hips don’t stop their motion, but it is now more of a search for the pleasure again. I pull your hips up off the bed, so you are in a head down, kneeling position and I take your thong off of you. Reaching into the ice bucket for a piece of ice, I take a piece and slide it along the lips of your pussy. You give a jump, then moan as the contrast between the ice and the heat of your needs battle under my hand. I cup the ice cube in the palm of my hand then hold it to your pussy till you start squirming, then I replace the ice with my mouth. I tongue your clit to get it warm again, and then I go to your hole and push my tongue in as far as I can. Then I bring the ice up to touch your clit again. You moan and shiver at the same time between the cold of the ice and the heat of my mouth. I get rid of the ice as I move my tongue to warm your clit back up. I take the vibrator from the ice and slide it into the mouth of your pussy. You moan into the bed and try to get away from the cold, but I don’t let you as I slide it all the way in your pussy. I take the oil and drizzle it over your ass, causing it to get cold too. I rub it around and get your ass warm again before I drizzle some right down your crack. I rub that in and push my finger into your asshole. Just a little tease, then further when you get used to it. I can feel the vibrator inside you moving against my finger, and hear you panting and moaning. Pulling the vibrator out of you and sliding it down to your clit, I turn it up a notch. Then I slide my cock into the mouth of your pussy and ask you, “Is what you want?”

You moan and try to push back to get me the whole way inside you. I hold back for a minute, teasing moving away, sliding past the opening to feel the vibrator working on your clit. Letting go of the vibrator I put my cock at your pussy’s entrance and slide all the way inside you. You moan as I start to fuck you. You are so wound up that it doesn’t take you long to have another climax.

I pull out and roll you over onto your back and push your legs up to your chest. I slide my dick back into your pussy and pick the vibrator back up and run it around your mound. I put it back on your clit as I pull back out of your pussy. I pick the oil back up and rub some of it on my cock as I use the vibrator on you. Then I lower the head of my cock and put it to your asshole and push the head inside you. From this position I can still play with you as I fuck your ass. As I slide deeper into you, I hear you moaning my name.

I put my hand down on your pussy so that my thumb slide inside you and my fingers can rub across your clit. You are so tight back in your asshole that I’m not moving very much. I’m afraid I won’t last very long, even after all we’ve done. I notice that my thumb feels like it is being sucked into you and you are breathing real heavy so I know you are close too.

“Oh god… Oh Shelley… I’m there…”

“Oh David… now … go deeper oh yyeessss… Oh god yes…”

You are so worn out that you collapse right where we are. And all I can do is to pull the covers over us and whisper, “Good night love,” as I snuggle next to you. Grinning with thoughts of tomorrow, I fall asleep.



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