Sammie, the Early Years Ch. 04

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I had been ruing this day for some time, but it was inevitable. Mrs. Collins wanted to have a serious talk with me, which could only mean one thing: it was all over between us. At least that is what I felt was coming. No more erotic romps with a gorgeous MILF. No more sexual role playing. No more sex…at least with her.

But then, she had something up her sleeve. After she confessed to me that she would be moving to another state for work while I was off to a junior college miles away, she promised a surprise.

Leading me by the hand, we transitioned from the kitchen to the master bath of her house, a large tiled space we had used many times in the past as a prelude to sex in her bedroom. Her spacious walk-in shower became our favorite spot for foreplay, especially at the end of a hot summer workday.

Linda turned on the water and then returned to me and sat on a chair in front of her makeup counter. She had me face her as she unbuckled and unzipped my pants. She pulled them down and then repeated the motion with my boxers until they were both piled around my ankles. I stepped out of them after first slipping off my sandals. My cock hung at a 45 degree angle toward the floor, slowly rising to near horizontal as I envisioned what would follow. When I was naked, she stood and turned, unbuttoning her shorts and slipping them off in stages, working one side and then the other as they were too tight to just drop to the floor. As her bare ass came into view, she bent over and spread her legs so that the lips of her pussy were visible to me. Once the short shorts were on the floor, she faced me and pulled her tank top over her head so that she now had on only a skimpy bra that barely contained her large breasts. She reached around behind her, unhooked it, and slid the shoulder straps off one at a time. As she slowly lowered her bra, I couldn’t resist and kissed each rubbery nub.

“I’m glad you like big tits. And I love to have them sucked. Let’s get in the shower and you can soap them up and kiss them all you want.”

We climbed in and Linda adjusted the water temperature to where it was hot enough we that flinched from the heat, but we soon got used to it.

“Let me do you first.” She had wash cloths and soap ready and stood behind me lathering and scrubbing my back, buttocks, and legs before reaching between my legs and gently soaping my cock and balls. As the lather rinsed off of my backside, I felt her lips and tongue on my ass, kissing each cheek in turn. Then I felt her grab a buttock in each hand and spread my cheeks before running her tongue in the groove of my ass and over my anus. Linda had inserted a finger there a few times, but never her tongue. She had 100% of my attention at that point.

“I want to make sure you are good and clean after a hard day’s work, or is that good and hard after a clean day’s work? In either case, it’s all good.”

I turned and bent to kiss her as she stood. Our tongues danced with one another, and then she sucked on my tongue as if it were my cock while she encompassed my shaft with her hand and slowly stroked it. She looked down and smiled.

“I’m still amazed how big you are…so long and so fat. And then you grow to twice that size. I never imagined you were hung like a porn star until I finally saw this big snake. I love your big cock even though I’m just a little bit afraid of it.”

“And it loves you. Now, let me do you.” I held her close and reached around her to wash her ass and back before stepping back so I could scrub those beautiful globes. Her nipples fairly glistened with soapy water. Her breasts sagged slightly from their weight, but also jutted from her chest proudly. Then I turned her around and kneeling, had her bend over and spread her feet as I scrubbed her pussy and between her legs. Her downy maidenhair formed blonde spikey tufts as I ran the washcloth between her cheeks and pussy lips, lingering briefly to slightly insert a soapy finger in first her vagina, and then her ass. As she did to me, I spread her butt cheeks and speared my tongue in her anus, eliciting moans and groans.

“Yes, be sure to get me clean there. I prefer a smooth tongue over a rough washcloth, though.”

After about 15 minutes of shower foreplay, we were ready to dry off. Linda rubbed me down with a fluffy towel and I did the same for her.

“Get on the bed and get comfortable. I have to do something first.” She kissed me on the lips and squeezed my cock. “I’ll just be a sec.”

I walked into the bedroom and realized she’d added a huge mirror above the headboard as well as one on the wall opposite the right side of the bed and one overhead on the ceiling. As I lay on my back I smiled at the image of my hard cock obscenely trying to defy gravity. Without thinking, I reached down and stroked it to keep it hard. A few minutes later, Linda entered the room.

If my cock wasn’t hard before, it was now. Linda was still naked except for a pair of sheer self-supporting nylon stockings with a lacy design around the upper thighs and bonus veren siteler a thin cotton tank top that covered only the upper part of her chest. Her nipples protruded through the material that nearly covered the bottoms of her cantilevered breasts. Her thick blonde tresses were down again and cascaded over one shoulder after she had put them up during the shower to stay dry. Bright candy apple red lipstick covered her lips. As she approached the bed she threw her shoulders back accentuating her breasts.

“I added the mirrors so we could watch. I thought about a film crew but decided that might be over the top.” Linda swayed over to the bed, one foot in front of the other, and kneeled between my legs. “Let’s go nice and slow and make this last, Ok? Before we’re through, I want you begging me. Summer is ending soon and I want this to be memorable.”

And with that, Linda grabbed my rigid phallus and leisurely licked the underside from my balls to the tip. She swirled her tongue around it several times before she opened her mouth wide and wrapped those bright red lips around the engorged head of my member.

“Mmmmm. You taste good, Sweetie. Like scented soap. But…oh no! Look!” She had removed her mouth from my prick and looked at me horror stricken. “My lipstick is leaving a bright red ring around your nice, clean cock. Maybe I should stop. You don’t want to have a dick painted all over with my lipstick, do you? Hmmm? Do you want me to stop?” She kissed the glans and looked at me for direction. “What do you think?”

“Fuck! Please don’t stop. That is so sexy seeing those red lips sucking my dick. Please, suck my cock, Linda.” Her heavy breasts hung down from her chest, swaying with her body movements, her nipples grazing my thighs.

“How about if I just suck your big balls for a while?” She raised my cock to expose my testicles and began sucking on each one In turn. “I bet you’ve got a nice load built up in these babies. There so hot in my mouth.” She let a testicle drop from her lips and then ran her tongue along my taint. I raised my ass ever so slightly and felt her tongue searching for my anus. With her free hand she pushed my hips up and separated a butt cheek to gain better access.

“There it is. Your little butthole.”

And there was her tongue again, licking and pushing into my most sacred opening. This was unexplored territory, at least as far as I was concerned, but Linda seemed comfortable and therefore, so was I. If we were indeed heading toward a finale of some sorts, I wanted it to be a major league send off.

As much as I loved all this, I wanted to participate actively as well. “Wait a sec. You’re having all the fun. Why don’t you turn around so we can both play. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop!”

Linda smiled and worked her knees around until she was straddling my face with her cunt. The view between her thighs was a sight to behold–Linda’s hanging breasts capped by hard nubs now grazed my stomach, and her bright red lips obscenely slid up and down my cock. She made purring noises as she worked it in and out of her mouth, occasionally talking to it as if it were human. “Mmmm, you’re going to drip some nectar on my tongue, aren’t you, you fat boy. You know how much I love it when you ooze a taste just to keep my attention. But you won’t shoot off yet, will you? I want to coat you with lipstick so you’ll have something to remember me.”

I looked up to a patch of downy blonde pubic hair and a pussy already dripping wet. I slid my tongue between her lips and over the hard nub of her clitoris.

“Oh yeah, use the flat part of your tongue on my clit and lick me, Sammie. You eat pussy so well. The only thing better is when you shove this fat cock into me.” She closed her eyes and raised her head to moan her pleasure. “Don’t be afraid to lick my ass, Honey. You know how much I love it when you tease me there.”

I tenderly kissed each cheek and then deliberately worked my way between them, spreading them so her pink rose bud was visible. I let my tongue linger along the way, kissing and licking, returning to her pussy before making an actual assault on her anus. Her pussy was dripping by now.

“Oh, Honey. I’m going to go crazy if you don’t lick my ass, God, I’m so wet already,”

I dutifully obeyed, and licked her perineum to her wrinkled star where I lingered just a moment before inserting the tip of my tongue there. She tasted earthy, but with a hint of lavender from the soapy shower and just a hint of sweetness. Her opening expanded just enough to allow the tip of my tongue to enter her.

“Jesus, Sammie. You know how to make a woman happy. Honey, your tongue is amazing, Maybe later we can put something bigger in there. I bet you’d like to fuck my ass with your big fat cock, wouldn’t you?”

I was unsure if Linda was serious or teasing, but my brain was spinning thinking about it. I had never had anal sex before, and the thought of it seemed so taboo, especially with this gorgeous middle aged friend of my bedava bahis mother.

Linda continued tempting me between sucking my cock and teasing it with her tits. “I’m a virgin there, Sammie. Not even my husband could touch that territory. But I might make an exception for you. First, though, I think I’m ready to get under you and do some good old Christian fucking.”

Linda rolled around next to me and spread her legs. Her tits looked even sexier in her tiny tank top. I turned and kneeled between her nylon covered thighs and kissed her tits, her thighs, her pussy, and then her lips.

“God, you are so sexy in that little tank top and nylons. You have the most beautiful pussy, Linda. I love to suck on those loose inner lips and your big clitoris.”

“It is big, isn’t it. I think I have a bigger clitoris than any I’ve ever seen, not that I’m an expert. But judging from pictures, mine is a doozie. And sensitive, too.” She bent her head and rubbed it with two fingers. “This guy loves to be licked. It’s wired directly to my brain. Now do me a favor and slowly work that big cock in me. I plan on sitting around tomorrow to recuperate so don’t be afraid to give me a good fucking once I get used to your big pussy pleaser.”

I pumped the shaft a few last times and slickened the head by running it up and down her vagina before pushing it in. Her loose pussy lips folded inward and I stopped briefly. “Better spread your labia for me. I don’t want to hurt you.”

Linda reached down with both hands and separated her labia exposing the pink interior of her pussy. “Try it now, Sweetie. Just go slowly until I get stretched out a bit. Besides, I like watching that monster worm its way inside me. It never gets old watching that thick shaft disappear in my tight little pussy. Look how big my clit is. You’ve got me so excited waiting for this big prick of yours.”

I gently pressed forward until just the head was buried.

“Oh sweet Jesus…hold it there for a minute. Let me catch my breath, Honey.” Linda reached down and rubbed first her pussy, stroking her engorged clitoris, and they my prick, spreading her fluids on the shaft. “Reach in that drawer there, Sammie. I’ve got some lube there that I think I’m going to need sooner or later. You seem even bigger than ever right now.”

I leaned over and found the lube easily. I squeezed out a generous amount onto my fingers and rubbed it all over my cock after first pulling out. “Make sure you get plenty on the head. That part of your battering ram needs the most grease. That’s it. Now try it.”

Again Linda parted her labia and I entered her, but this time I kept pushing and steadily progressed inch by inch until I was over half buried in her. “You are sooo tight, Linda. God, you feel good. Your pussy looks so hot with my big cock buried in you.”

“I love watching you fuck me, Sammie. Just go slowly at first. Once I get stretched out a bit, you can fuck me as hard as you want.”

I was never much of a fan of machine gun fucking. I preferred a slower, more deliberate approach. More of a waltz than a jitterbug. And I think Linda liked it better that way as well. Sharon was more of a jackhammer type, but it just seemed more appropriate with Linda to take our time.

I steadily pistoned my prick in her pussy as I kissed her tits, her face, and her lips. We fucked this way for probably 15 minutes when Linda’s demeanor changed. Her blue eyes hooded over and she grabbed my ass with both hands and began pulling me into her.

“Oh, Honey. Right there. I think I’m going to cum soon. I love the way you fuck me. Oh god, that feels so good.”

Linda loved to talk during sex, and I loved to hear her moaning compliments about how big my cock was, and what a wonderful lover I was. “I’ve never had anyone in me so deep. I love your big, fat prick. I love to watch it sliding in and out of my little pussy. Look how my lips cling to you when you withdraw. That is so hot! But let me turn over. You know how much I love it when you fuck me from behind. And now with my mirrors I can better watch you fuck me that way.”

I pulled out of her and Linda got on her hands and knees. “Ok big boy. Let me have it.”

Gripping my cock in my right hand, I guided it to her honey pot, now stretched and shining with our fluids. I inserted the head and once Linda knew I was seated in her, she pushed back until I was buried.

“Oh fuck. It feels like you are in my throat.”

I pulled out and rubbed my glans over her anus and along her lower spine before putting it back in her cunt. We fucked this way for several minutes when Linda looked back over her shoulder and smiled.

“Remember that I said I have a surprise. Well, it wasn’t the mirrors that I meant. I want you to fuck my ass–if you can fit it in there. I’ve been fantasizing about this for some time, and I’m not sure what to expect, but I get hot just thinking about it. Spread some more lube on my ass and on your cock, Sammie.

Even though Linda had been teasing me with deneme bonus her ass, I never believed she would go through with it. And looking at the size of my cock compared to her tiny rose bud, it didn’t look remotely possible. But if that’s what she wanted, who was I to argue.

I lathered both of us with the lube and directed my cockhead to her tiny star. Linda had one hand on a butt cheek pulling it to the side as she watched the reflection in the mirror to the side of the bed. I pushed gently but only succeeded in flattening the head of my cock against her anus. Moving it up and down seemed to help a bit, and just when I was about to concede, her anus began to spread and my cockhead began to gain purchase.

“Holy shit, Sammie. I’m having second thoughts.”

“Just wait, we’re almost there.” I let her ass relax and then I pushed a bit more and the entire head of my cock disappeared in her ass.

Whimpering sounds and hard breathing came from Linda as she reached up and grabbed the headboard to steady herself.

“Fuck, Sammie. This is wild…it hurts a bit but I love it. Go ahead and see if you can get more of that schlong in my ass. Jesus, look at that…” she nodded toward the mirror. “That is so fucking sexy. Your big cock is in my ass but you still have about 8 inches to go. I don’t know if I even want to try all of it.”

I poured some more lube on her but cheeks and painstakingly pushed more cock into her until I was about halfway in.

“That’s enough. Go ahead, though. Fuck me this way. My ass is on fire.”

I began a slow, steady, rhythm. Her anus squeezed me to the point I thought I would have to cum, but I was able to get past the first wave and build up speed. Linda was shaking her head and babbling about how she could get to love this between moaning and groaning. Finally, she screamed, “I’m going to cum. Oh Lord, I need this…” and with that she reached down and fingered her clit while I grabbed her by the hips and buried all 10 inches in her ass. She screamed as cum shot out the end of my cock and into her waiting ass. For 10 or 15 seconds my cock pulsated in her as she encouraged every last drop.

“That’s it, Honey, give me all that sweet nectar. Shoot your cream into my ass. God, that is so hot. I’ve never been fucked like that, Sammie. You are such a wonderful lover.”

We both collapsed on the bed with my cock still buried in her ass. As I shrunk, I pulled out and lay there, drained, and watched as my sperm slowly trickled out of her anus.

“Oh my god, Sammie. That was wild! I’m glad I gave my ass to you, Honey. But I’m not sure I could make a habit of this. Did you like that?”

“Jesus, Linda. That was so hot. I loved it! But I also love your pussy. And I love to cum in your mouth. It’s all good, but thank you for letting me be the one to fuck your ass.”

We were both lying on our stomachs. Linda’s legs were slightly spread and cum was still draining out of her anus and down her pussy lips onto the bed. I caressed her ass gently, running my fingers between her vagina and her ass, coating them with my sperm. We stayed that way for some time, nuzzling and cuddling, and making small talk.

“When I’m gone, who will you be fucking? Your girlfriend Sharon? She’s a cutie. And nice figure, too!”

“I don’t want to think about it. You know how I feel about you. I hate to give this up, but I also know you need to take care of yourself. I just hope we can still see each other from time to time.”

“You’re evading the question. Will you be fucking Sharon like you do me? She’s much younger. I bet you love fucking her more than me…I’m an old lady, you know.”

“Oh, shut up! You know that is all bullshit. You are sexier than anyone I know. I actually prefer someone older and more mature. Sharon is great, but we’re more like friends.”

“Who are you trying to kid, Sammie. You are NOT a good liar.”

“Ok. I’ll tell you this much. Sharon admitted to me that she’d could have sex with another woman…someone like you. She said she’d love to suck on those big hooters of yours. She thinks you are pretty sexy.”

“Really? She said that? You know, I’ve never really been with another woman, but in college we used to horse around, my roommate and me. Just stupid stuff before going to sleep, but occasionally kissing and giggling as we felt each other up. It was kind of arousing…being with another girl. Wait a minute….You’re trying to put dirty thoughts in my head, aren’t you? You perv. But, now that you mention it, it might be fun to be with another woman, as long as everyone agreed to it. I’m not sure how something like that even begins.”

“Me either, but even better…a menage a trois. That, I could get into.”

“You really are a perv, aren’t you? Well, dream on, Buddy. I don’t see that happening.”

But the groundwork had been laid. Definitely, I saw that I had created a spark of interest.

We lay there for a while longer. Linda even got aroused enough to playfully suck on my cock some more before we both gave up for the night. When I left her, she was gently snoring on the bed, still naked except for her little tank top and nylons. I quietly let myself out and made my way home where I immediately went in the bathroom and admired the red lipstick covering my flaccid cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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