Santa’s Stand In

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Copyright Nikki Hall 2019

All sexually active characters in this work of fiction are over the age of eighteen

— +++ —

Edited by Tex Beethoven

— +++ —

“Hey Grant, you’ve got your police certificate that clears you to work with children don’t you?”

“Yeah, of course I have.”

“Excellent. Then you’re Santa.”

“What the fuck?”

“Phil broke his leg last night; so … he can’t play Santa, and we don’t have time to find anyone else. You’re it,” Barry explained.

“I’m a nineteen-year-old, six foot four dork and I don’t like kids. I don’t even like working in the toy section! I am not a credible Santa,” Grant protested.

“Doesn’t matter. We don’t have anyone else. The suit’s in the back. We’ll find something to stuff in it to pad out your scrawny frame, and you can tell all the mums and kids you’re just Santa’s helper. They won’t care, as long as they get to tell you about all the shit they want. Speak to Melanie, she’ll give you the rundown on what you can and can’t promise the little bastards.”

“Santa isn’t in my job description! Nothing was ever said about even possibly having to play Santa,” Grant complained.

“Too bad, you’re it.”


Grant accepted the fact that Barry was at least gracious enough not to chew him out for cursing and ended up slinking off to the back of the store to meet with Melanie; an older but attractive woman he’d previously only run into a couple times during his employment at the department store.

“You’re going to be Santa? You?!” she scoffed, disbelief in her voice.

“That’s what I was told by Barry. Repeatedly.”

“Well you’re not bringing much to the table for me to work with, but let’s see what we can do. Strip out of your clothes and put this suit on,” she instructed him, handing him a cheaply made Santa suit.

“What, right here in front of you?”

“You’re wearing underwear, aren’t you?”

“Well, yeah …”

“Get on with it then; Santa is expected to be out there in fifteen minutes, and we don’t have time for you to waste traipsing off to the change room.”

Grant sighed and turned his back to the woman as he started pulling off his shirt and trousers.

“Good lord, you’re a bag of bones,” Melanie noted, not looking away to give him any privacy and not being subtle about it. “I’ll have to find a lot of something to stuff out that suit.” Grant didn’t bother objecting. He knew he was scrawny. Hell, it wasn’t like he ever did anything physical. He pulled the top on, and then the pants. He stumbled clumsily as he went to put his second leg into the pants, but instead fell to the floor awkwardly. Melanie went to grab him to help, but she missed and ended up looming halfway over him as he sprawled on the concrete floor.

“Well I guess we don’t have to stuff your pants, at least,” she laughed, her gaze directed at his crotch.

Grant glanced down and noticed the head of his cock was hanging out the leg of his boxers, which had ridden up his right leg when he’d fallen. He blushed furiously and scrambled to restore what passed for his dignity.

“Don’t worry, I won’t be telling anyone,” Melanie laughed, helping him to his feet. He finished pulling the pants on, and then Melanie told him to take the top back off so she could pad him out. She wrapped some cloth around his middle, using it to strap a couple of small cushions to his front, before letting him put the top back on. She examined him critically.

“Beard and wig then,” she said, reasonably satisfied with what she saw. As she fitted a poorly made wig, beard and hat to his head, she gave him a quick rundown of the do’s and don’ts of playing Santa in the department store, finishing with, “If you get stuck with anything, have a quick chat with Lara, she’s working as the elf this season.”

“Lara Hunter?”

“That’s her. Cute little brunette.”

Grant swallowed, and suddenly cared a little more about how he looked. Lara was one of the cutest girls he’d ever met! They’d been at school together, but they hadn’t ever moved in the same circles. And here at the store she worked in the girl’s clothing section, so he never had cause to cross paths with her, given he usually worked in the toy section.

“Right, well you’re as good as you’re going to get, with the time we have,” Melanie announced. “Ho ho ho, and all that.”

Grant wandered out, in through the back of Santa’s grotto and into the space set aside for the children to come and see Santa. As he entered, Lara was busy tidying something up, Wwhile facing away from him and bending over. Her outfit consisted of a green top almost long enough to be considered a dress, but not quite long enough to hide her perfectly peachy little bum in the extremely snug green tights she wore beneath the top. Grant anxiously averted his gaze in case he was busted for looking, and then made his way to ‘his’ Santa’s chair.

“Oh, hi there!” Lara said, turning at the sound of someone taking the seat.

“Hi Lara,” Grant greeted her, bursa escort glad the badly made beard hid the flush of embarrassment he felt.

“Grant?” she asked, coming in close to check.

“Um yeah, got stuck with this fifteen minutes ago.”

“Oh my, you poor thing,” she said. “I hope you’re ready for this.”

“I very much doubt it. I can’t think of anyone worse to do this or anything worse I could be doing.”

“Try not to worry; I’ll do what I can to keep it interesting. and to save you when you need to be saved,” she reassured him with a kind smile. “But ready or not Santa, your assault is about to begin!”

Grant became aware of the noise of children swelling outside the grotto. As Lara turned away, he took another look at her outfit. Or rather at Lara in her outfit. She was short, only an inch or two over five feet, but very slim and almost disproportionately buxom. Her top was very fitted and highlighted the delight that was her figure.

Grant was soon lost in a tide of endless children sitting in his lap,invading his space, and pleading, begging, demanding or otherwise listing the endless number of gifts they wanted for Christmas. They ranged from the incredibly greedy to the heart-warmingly generous.

The parents similarly ranged from polite and accommodating, to demanding and rude. He lost count of the number of times he was either questioned about or derided for how poor a Santa he was visually.

It was late in the day when a trio of girls from the year behind Lara and him in school came into the grotto, giggling and carrying on. Grant died at the thought of being recognised by someone besides Lara.

“Oh my God, aren’t you like the worst looking Santa ever?” Geri laughed, taking stock of him.

“Look at those ankle-freezers, his pants don’t even fit him!” Mandy joined in, laughing tauntingly and pointing at the way his pants finished just below the middle of his calf.

“And yet our little elf here is sexy as all hell,” Hailey said, directing a smile at Lara.

“Aren’t you gals a little old for Santa’s knee?” Lara challenged them.

“Just because we’re eighteen doesn’t mean we don’t like throwing some Christmas wishes out there,” Mandy said. “Besides, it’s mostly for the photo, though I’m not sure Santa’s scrawny lap will even hold two of us at a time!”

“Well, me first,” Mandy exclaimed, and she set about plonking herself on Grant’s right thigh, her feet resting on the floor between his legs. She flicked her long blonde hair back, whipping his face in the process. She wrapped an arm around him, and he found a sizeable breast pressed firmly against him. Part of him regretted all the padding subtracting from how much of it he could feel, but just from the idea of it, his cock started swelling.

“And what would you like for Christmas, little girl?” he asked in his best attempt at a deep, manly Santa voice.

“Little girl?” Hailey giggled. “She’s not little, just look at the size of those tits!” Grant studiously avoided looking anywhere near what was on display. Mandy was even bigger than Lara up there, and she was wearing a pale blue scoop-necked t-shirt that placed an ample amount of cleavage on display.

“Let me onto that other leg,” Geri chimed in, and Grant promptly found himself with two beautiful girls sitting on his lap. Despite his legs quickly going numb, he wasn’t about to complain, even if Lara did look disgusted at the spectacle. Geri was a tall, slim girl who was wearing a short plaid skirt with a navy-blue t-shirt clinging to her athletic frame.

“Just don’t break him before it’s my turn,” Hailey demanded of her friends.

“He is kind of scrawny, isn’t he?” Geri asked, poking his padded belly. “There’s definitely no Dad-bod hiding in here.”

“Anyway, Santa,” Mandy said, breaking back in, “This will be my first Christmas as an adult, so what I’d really like is a …” she leaned in close to whisper into his ear. He became acutely aware of the scent she was wearing, the warmth of her body and its pressing against his. “… a nice big vibrator.”

“What?” Grant sputtered, caught completely by surprise.

“I know what she said, Santa. And I’d like a butt plug,” Geri whispered in his other ear. Grant’s cock swelled at the shocking visuals implanted in his mind of these implements being put to use, and he panicked.

“Well I’m not sure the elves in the workshop will be up to making that kind of toy, so how about a couple of Barbie dolls?”

“Oh no Santa, we want sex toys,” Mandy whispered. “I get so wet thinking about a nice big vibrator sliding in and out of my tight little pussy. It’s shaved, you know.”

“And I really like putting things in my bum, Santa,” Geri giggled quietly. “Imagine if you could put your Santa cock in there!” Grant wasn’t sure if Lara could hear what they were saying, but he caught her gaze and made a face that could only be interpreted as Help! Get me out of this!

“Okay girls, we need all the little boys and little girls to have their chances bursa escort bayan with Santa,” Lara broke in with biting sarcasm that sounded heavenly to Grant, “so get your photos taken, please. Hailey held her phone up to take photos, and the two forward ‘little’ girls leaned in, each to kiss him on a cheek simultaneously. As they rose, Geri pushed herself off his lap, with her hand right on his hardening cock.

“My turn,” Hailey announced.

“Oooh, I think Santa’s got a candy cane waiting for you, Hailey,” Geri giggled.

“Oh goody!” Hailey exclaimed.

Lara rolled her eyes. Hailey was curvy and wore a pair of cut off denim shorts completely inappropriate for the North Pole, but which worked just fine in an Australian summer Christmas. She sat on his lap and wrapped herself around him while her friends took a couple of photos.

“And what would you like for Christmas?” Grant asked, desperately trying to stick to the role he was supposed to be playing.

“I think I’d like a date with your elf; she looks soooo tasty,” Hailey whispered in his year. “You don’t happen to have her phone number, do you?”

“Um, no, sorry, I definitely can’t help you with that,” Grant advised her.

“Too bad. Based on this candy cane though, I reckon you might want to find out for yourself, if you can.” Her hand grasped his erection firmly and rubbed it gently before she stood up. Lara hustled her along and managed to get the three friends out of the grotto.

“Okay, I need a quick break,” Grant declared. “I’m allowed that, aren’t I?”

“Of course,” Lara laughed. “No one’s bladder can last all day. “You get five minutes to use the restroom, just out the back there.”

“Out the back?” Grant asked in disbelief, after Melanie had made him change in the stockroom.

“Yeah,” Lara laughed. “I’ll show you. Grant stood up from the chair and quickly adjusted his hard cock, hoping he could get it to go down by the time his five minutes were up. Unfortunately, Hailey’s suggestion that he get Lara’s number was hard to shake from his mind. The sight of her pert buttocks leading the way to the restroom, did nothing to help the situation either!

“Here you go,” Lara said, indicating a door hidden away in the back corner of the storage area.

“Thanks, Lara,” he replied, squeezing past her, trying desperately not to allow his cock to rub against her. He thought it was strange that she stood where she did, but he didn’t think anything untoward. He was relieved that the only thing that actually brushed against her tight little body was his padded belly.

The rest of the day passed without another significant incident, but he was completely exhausted by the time he was done. He didn’t even bother to protest when Melanie waited around while he changed back out of the Santa suit. He figured she’d seen him in his boxers already, so what would he gain from protesting now?

“See you tomorrow; I hope you’re up for it,” Melanie said when he was ready to head home.

“Don’t really have a choice do I?” he replied.

“Not really. But for what it’s worth, you did really well today, Grant.”

“Thanks, Melanie.”

— +++ —

He returned to work the following day with mixed feelings. On the upside, he got to spend the day with Lara again; but on the downside, eight hours of kids wasn’t a great prospect. He might be lucky enough to have some more girls like Hailey, Mandy and Geri, but somehow he doubted it.

“So! All ready for another day in the suit?” Melanie asked him, holding it for him to get ready. He wasn’t sure why she was even here to give it to him again. He hadn’t thought to question her the night before, he was so fatigued. He accepted it from her and stripped down. Melanie produced the padding, and he realised that was probably why she was here. He didn’t think he’d do a very effective job of wrapping it around himself.

He stood in his boxers while she wrapped him, and his mind wandered back over the day before. He found himself remembering the sight of Lara’s ass in her tights, and of how close he’d come to brushing against her when he’d gone to the bathroom. Melanie noticed his physical reaction to that thought before he even knew it was happening.

“Well you’re not going to be able to be Santa like that,” she laughed. “You might need to think about something other than whatever you just thought.”

“Oh fuck,” he moaned, blushing furiously and trying to cover the evidence of his semi-erect cock. Melanie just laughed.

“I could of course help you with it, if you like,” she offered.

“What?” Grant gasped in shock.

“You know, if you’re worried about it having a mind of its own and all, I could drain it for you. A quick handy perhaps?”

“Um, no, that’s okay, I’ll um manage,” he stammered out. His cock didn’t subside at all, though. He quickly pulled the Santa suit on over his stuffing and hid himself away, praying he’d be able to restore things to rights before any kids sat in his lap.

“Hey Santa, all ready escort bursa for another day of fun?” Lara greeted him moments later, entering the storage area already in her tights and top, though not yet having donned her felt cap.

“Something like that,” he replied. They went through to the Grotto together, making small talk. They had some ten minutes before the first children were to be let in.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe how ridiculous those sluts were yesterday,” Lara said conversationally.

“Mandy and her friends?” Grant asked.

“Well duh, I don’t recall anyone else basically trying to hump Santa,” Lara laughed.

“Well, you should have heard what Melanie just offered me,” Grant said before he even realised what he was giving away.

“What did she offer?” Lara asked.

“Oh um, God, I don’t think I could even say. I’d die of embarrassment.”

“You have to tell me now!” Lara insisted.

“Maybe over our morning tea,” Grant replied.

The procession of mothers and children began, and Grant once again suffered through it, enduring the criticisms of his costuming and explaining to the children how he wasn’t the real Santa, but just one of the jolly fat man’s agent-in-training. When the time for morning tea rolled around, he hoped Lara had forgotten about their conversation earlier that morning.

“So… what did Melanie offer you?” she asked the moment they were sitting in the break room.

“Damn, I hoped you’d forget,” he replied. “Okay, but like you can’t tell anyone, right, because like I’d die of embarrassment.”

“I swear,” Lara replied crossing her heart and drawing Grant’s attention to the swell of her ample breasts. He falteringly explained the situation he’d found himself in (although not why) and what Melanie had offered to do about it.

“Wow, that’s um … pretty out there. You could probably get her for sexual harassment, you know. Unless you said yes, of course …”

“No way!” Grant replied in shock.

“Well, she’s not ugly, and I know plenty of guys who’d be happy for her to do that for them,” Lara suggested. “Who knows, it might even work; might protect you from the charms of any sluts who come to see you.” She burst out laughing at her own wit, clearly enjoying his discomfort.

Over the next two hours, Grant kept noticing Lara in positions that showed off her body to him. He didn’t think it was deliberate, but the more he saw, the harder it became not to look and not to become… hard.

Just before their lunch break, Grant looked across at the entry of the Grotto and swallowed hard when he saw Mandy entering. This time she was scandalously dressed, wearing a too-short denim skirt and an almost transparent white top. It was thin enough and stretched tightly enough against her figure that once she’d approached, it was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. The outline of her obviously hard nipples was clearly visible through the material, and the way they bounced up and down with her movement was almost hypnotic. Grant could only imagine the outraged mothers she must have left in her wake.

“What a slut,” Lara whispered to him before greeting her almost politely with the standard greeting.

“Hi Santa,” Mandy chirped happily, moving to sit on his lap, draping herself all over him even worse than the day before.

“I believe I already listened to your Christmas request,” Grant suggested, acutely aware of his burgeoning erection. Mandy’s leg brushed against it, and then she slid her hand along her thigh and between them, so that it too was rubbing against him.

“No, I don’t think you heard me properly yesterday Santa, so I thought I’d come back and make sure you knew exactly what I wanted.” She whispered into his ear again. “I want a vibrator Santa, but I think that might not be enough to satisfy me. I like the idea Geri had too; a nice butt plug to push into my tight little butt hole. It’s a virgin hole you know, I haven’t put anything up there yet, but if you gave me a plug, I’d definitely do it.”

As she spoke to him, she squirmed around on his lap until she had a leg on either side of his right thigh. She was facing him, and Lara was exhibiting looks of disgust from behind her, but Grant was struggling to see past on the display right in front of him. He nearly gasped out loud when he felt her grind her crotch on his leg, especially while she pinned his erection against his thigh with her hand.

“Coming to see you makes me really horny, Santa,” she hissed, leaning close.

“Times up, sorry,” Lara announced from close behind Mandy, disgust bleeding through her overly loud voice.

“I might have to come back tomorrow then,” Mandy said with a sigh. She slid back along his leg with a slight whimper, and stood up. She glanced down at his thigh at said, “Oops,” with a giggle. She turned away from him and Grant glanced down to see what she’d been looking at. Clear evidence of her arousal glistened on his pants! While Lara was distracted, Mandy flipped the back of her short skirt up, and flashed her lack of underwear at him.

“I think we’d better call this lunchtime,” Lara suggested, glancing at his crotch as Mandy sauntered out of the grotto. He found himself blushing again. “Did you have plans for lunch?”

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