Scorch Your Soul Ch. 01

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A First Encounter

I wasn’t sure what to expect.

We had messaged back and forth for several days, and we both felt we were suited. It felt we had been messaging for months.

She was nervous, and it showed in her messages. I was less so, more confident in what I wanted, but careful not to be too forceful. Not yet anyway.

I offered her a lifeline. A one-time offer; she was able to choose the time and place for our first meeting. I let her know that this was her only chance to have any control. We agreed it would be a Vanilla Meeting, in a public place; allow her some sense of safety.

I arrived early. She was not going to have the luxury of settling in to the restaurant before I arrived. I wanted to see her walk over to me. I saw her arrive. I watched her scan the restaurant, until our eyes met.

She was exquisite.

I stood. I smiled. I smiled at her, but in reality, to myself. I was much taller than her. I hoped my presence looking down at her was a little daunting for her. I gently embraced her, feeling the smooth, silkiness to her skin. A gentle kiss on the cheek; an inhale, smelling her skin, told me she had prepared herself for a long time before coming to meet me. Her scent was intoxicating. I could feel the blood draining from my head, gushing into tuzla escort my cock, swelling it faster than ever before.

We sat, facing each other. I stared into her eyes, devouring her in my mind. I made sure my stare was intense. I looked down her flawless face, down her graceful, inviting neck, to her cleavage. Two perfect milky-white globes forced up and almost out of her dress, showing just enough lace from her underwear to again, cause my throbbing cock to twitch once more.

I was very pleased with her choice of underwear. In fact, I had chosen it days earlier from photographs. She was turning out to be quite satisfactory.

We ate. Ever so slowly; small bites; long stares; long conversations. The topics were wide-ranging, Vanilla to start, but soon, we began to openly discuss why we were there.

I teased her that my car was nearby. Leather seats, with a backseat yet to be used. Tight space, restrictive, held down, pleasured, teased.

We openly discussed each other’s desires, not quite believing how intense the conversation was becoming. Mildly surprised at the Vanilla Couples on each side of us, all of whom were heads-down, caressing their phones, I reached out and took her hand in mine.

Fragile to the touch. Feminine in block capitals.

It probably looked tuzla escort bayan to the Vanillas, had they even known we were there, that it was an innocent touch of two friends, maybe of lovers.

It was no such thing.

It was as though electricity had passed through our bodies. No jolt, but a surge of energy coursed through my veins, and into my already-engorged cock. I sensed it in her too. Her eyes betrayed her.

Gently at first, I caressed her arm, as we spoke. Occasionally grasping her wrist, tightly, and holding it down on the table. Hard. I could see the excitement in her eyes.

Our Vanilla topics receded into the back of our minds, replaced with yearnings, needs, desires, requests and demands. It was as though we were on fast-forward.


A light dinner and a drink took over an hour. I asked, and she accepted, that we take a stroll down by the river. I stood, buttoned my jacket over my obvious erection, paid, and we left.

Holding hands as though we had done this a hundred times before. Occasionally I squeezed her hand more.

Exerting control.

A sigh, and complete submission was all I got back.

The walk was an ends-to-a-means. A stroll. Too well lit, by the lights. I paused, and pointed out the side street where escort tuzla my car was parked. Before she could answer, I tightened my grip, and led her to a secluded pier – a little less lit.

She leaned out looking over the rail. I tightened my grip on her hair. Twisting it softly in my hand, pulling gently. She submitted immediately, her slender neck arched back, exposed. She sighed. I lightly kissed and licked her neck. Biting ever so gently, feeling her push against my hard cock.

I kissed her mouth. Gently. Teasing her. Exploring slowly inside this warm moist oasis, with my tongue. She was not allowed to use hers. “Remain still. Do not move.” I licked her lips, probling deep. “This is how I will lick your pussy”, I whispered. She sighed, and pressed against me more.

This seduction continued with me pressing her against the railing. Holding her hands tight at her side; behind her back; pulling her hair; squeezing the breath from her slender throat.

I ached to let het kneel. I knew she would take me into her mouth. Looking up at me, begging with those beautiful eyes to release myself into her grateful mouth.

We left the pier. We were both ready. We knew there was a connection.

Tonight was promised as a Vanilla Night. I knew I could have done anything to her. But, I could not. I made a promise to my … my … As yet I do not know what she will be.

I walked her to her car. To make sure my … she was safe. She left. I left.

I yearn for The Next Encounter.

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