Scott and Veronica First Meet

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After six months of talking and flirting online I find myself waiting at the terminal at the local airport waiting for you to come down the ramp. I could feel my breath shortening and my stomach clenching with the anticipation of meeting you face to face for the first time. Then I see you. My eyes bright up and my spirits lift as I see you walking towards me. We start running towards each other as I pick you up in my arms and start kissing you passionately.

“Hey sweety, hope you had a good flight here.” I say as I let you back on the ground looking you over. You look just as you described yourself 5’4 beautiful blonde hair and medium perky breasts that seem to form to your top.

“Well, lets go get my stuff so we can get out of here handsome. I only have a week that I can spend with you so lets get going.” you tell me taking my hand as we go down to the baggage area to collect your things.

While were waiting we don’t seem to be able to keep our hands off of each other, after wanting to be with each other for soo long. I keep wrapping my arm around you grabbing your ass as you keep putting small kisses on my neck. A few of the other couples around us look at us some with envy and some with disgust at our public display. We finally get your luggage and head out to my car putting your stuff in the trunk.

“Veronica, we’re not gonna be able to go to my house right away there’s someplace a bit farther away I have to go first.” I say to you as I open the door to the car for you

“That’s casino siteleri ok Scott,” you reply with a glint of lust in your eyes smiling at me.

We get in the car and in a few minutes we get on the highway so I can drop things off up north. You start running your hands across my chest as you start to unzip my fly. I smile at you knowing you’ve wanted to do this for months. You slowly release my cock from my jeans as you bend down and start to lick the head. You look up and smile at me as you start licking up and down the shaft before you cover the head of my cock with your warm, inviting mouth swirling your tongue around the tip before bobbing your head up and down. I let off a small moan as you suck hard on me as you start fucking me with your mouth. I place one of my hands on the back of your head as I try to focus on driving. You keep this up for a good 20 minutes before I grunt and nearly swerve off the road as I let loose a huge torrent of cum down your throat. You sit up licking your lips as you place my dick back in my jeans and lay your head on my chest.

Later that night after we arrive at my home I blindfold you and lead you to my bedroom. I slowly take off your blindfold so you see the candles lit all around the room and the bed lined with roses. You look at me with a bright smile on your face as you wrap your arms around me and kiss me forcefully on the lips.

“Oh Scott, all of this looks amazing.” you tell me as I pour you a glass of champagne. “Well canlı casino sweety you told me you wanted tonight to be special so I did as much as I could.” I tell her handing her the champagne and turning on some music.

We sit down on the bed as I start kissing your neck removing your shirt finding out you weren’t wearing a bra. I move down kissing from your neck down to your breasts, licking and sucking on your nipples as you start to moan. You reach down lifting my shirt off as I undo my jeans, kissing farther down your body. Undoing your pants sliding them down as I go finally seeing that beautiful shaved pussy of yours as I start to lick along the slit. I look up at you seeing the look of lust on your face as I work my tongue between the folds of your pussy. The taste of you is soo exhilarating that I cant help but start sucking on your clit as you start moaning loudly. I slowly slide 2 fingers into your tight pussy as you reach down grasping my rigid cock.

“Oh please Scott take me, take me now!” Veronica moans at me through clenched teeth.

Not one to like disappointing a woman especially her the one I’ve started to fall in love with over the last few months I move up and start kissing her deeply. I look lovingly into her eyes as I slowly push the head of my cock into your tight pussy. You let out a long gasp as I enter you. Holding you close letting you get used to my size I slowly start rocking myself in and out letting myself move in a little farther each time. I stop kaçak casino when I feel your hymen pressing at the tip of my cock.

“Veronica, are you sure you want this?” I ask her gently.

“Yes, please, Scott I’ve wanted you for soo long please take my virginity and make me your woman. I love you soo much please baby I want it, I want you in me I want to feel your cum inside me.” she moans as she moves up to kiss me.

I reach down holding her tight and I push my way through her virginity, causing you to let out a small scream of pain and pleasure as I hold you there letting your body settle before I start to slowly pump mu cock in and out of your pussy. I hold you close to me as we slowly fuck, you urging me to go faster with each thrust. Soon were in perfect sync with each other meeting the others thrusts. Kissing each other on the lips and neck moaning.

Suddenly you reach back grabbing my ass holding me inside you as I feel your pussy contract on my cock. You scream with pleasure as your orgasm hits you. Feeling your tight pussy clenching down on me so tightly I cant hold back anymore as I start to cum deep inside you. We lay there holding each other for a little while before I reach over and grab a cigarette for the both of us lighting them and handing you your glass of champagne.

“You happy now baby?” I ask as she takes a drink, then looks at her glass oddly.

“Scott? What is this?” reaching into her glass she pulls out a ruby ring.

I smile at her and ask,” Veronica, will you marry me?”

“Oh Scott…yes I will.” she says placing the ring on her finger and kissing me deeply.

Soon after we fall asleep in each others arms with my still hard cock berried inside of her…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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