Second Chance Ch. 13-16

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Here is the rest of the installments. I hope that you all have enjoyed Jared and Olivia story. Thanks to MaaddMaaxx for all your hard work ~ CinderLaw


The guys got home to discover that the girls were still all together at Jason and Laysea’s apartment. They had called Maxie up earlier so when Ty got home from the pier he had to locate his wife – which he did, and now was being subjected to a lot of female attention. He wasn’t very happy about it which he showed by calling Mac repeatedly and asking him if he needed any help programming anything.

Ty was willing to program alarm clocks if it meant he didn’t have to be trapped in an apartment with these women together. Laysea kept calling him ‘Satan’ which he never understood, Maxie kept telling him that they really loved him then giving him a kiss on the lips, Callie and Olivia avoided him – but Callie kept a wary eye on him. Then Laysea started the one conversation that was bound to make him uncomfortable – men and their high handed ways of getting a wife. “How in the world are we, as normal women, supposed to know the laws that this organization lives by? I mean if I had known that by Jason taking my virginity I was married to him I would probably have held out some! Especially after meeting Jared, sorry Olivia, but he was a jackass.”

“No offense – before my time so for all I know he might have been.”

“He was” came from three mouths none of which were Ty’s.

“Oh please, you three have each had your own wars with Jared that he was just responding to. Maxie you are the one that got most of his girlfriends to break up with him – remember? You use to tell them that he either had an incurable STD or that he was gay trying to be straight.”

Maxie just shrugged her shoulders and chuckled, “Ty, you know as well as I do that I had a really good reason for it.”

“Just because Jared kept catching you out on dates with other guys and would call me and let me know so I could go and have a heart to heart with the dumb ass of the week, that thought he could date my girlfriend because she was pissed at me, does not give you the right to start all that shit with those girls for him! And Laysea, let’s be honest first time he met you was when you were running away from his brother. This is after Jason had already explained the situation. He knew you were a virgin and he took it that means that Jason had taken you as a wife also. So he knew that if we did not get you back Jason was going to experience a big loss… there would be big consequences. Which brings me to you Callie, I am not attacking you in any way cause quite frankly I don’t want to fight with Jerry. You just have to understand that Jared and Jason took a lot on themselves when you left. Jerry began to drink heavy and didn’t want to live anymore. There was more than one time that we pulled his gun out of his hand before he ate it. They were pissed that you’d cause him that much pain – it would have been better if you had just broken it off with him face to face…”

“Ty you know that he would never have let me go!” Callie interrupted him.

“Especially not if he found out you were pregnant with his baby. He would have moved the moon and the sun for you. After you left and he got through the drinking and trying to kill himself, well then he began to womanize. Never the same girl for more than one night and he made well damn and sure that none of them was virgins. He told everyone that he had met the love of his life and she didn’t want to be with him so he wasn’t going to try and find another one – it was too much work.”

Callie looked down at her hands tears welling up in her eyes, “I never meant him to grow cold.”

“Why did you think that he couldn’t protect you?” asked Olivia.

“The day that I found out I was pregnant his best friend Fred, his wife Tina and their 7 year old daughter Mable were gunned down. So I came home from the doctors to find Jerry completely destroyed. He told me that he never wanted children for that very reason. In hindsight I’m sure that if he’d known that I was pregnant, he would have changed his mind…but I was barely 19 at the time. All I could think about was that I was pregnant with a child that could very well be gunned down and his father didn’t want him. I never wanted Jerry to be trapped with me. I didn’t want him to resent us later.”

“So you took it upon yourself to decide what he really wanted? You never considered that he was talking based on the emotions that he was feeling?” Ty asked her.

“You know what I don’t understand?” Maxie said. “Why my cousin would tell you that shit about using a toy to avoid the law?”

“When I heard that I almost beat the shit out of Jason! I kept thinking that jackass didn’t have to marry me he could’ve used something else to take care of my virginity but then I’m glad that I didn’t because… you know…it’s not true.” Laysea commented.

“Yeah I’m glad you didn’t try to beat the shit out of me also.” Jason said as he walked in.

“You bostancı escort bayan know that you would’ve liked it.”

“Not really into sex in public baby. Now if we were alone and you began to… well that would be a different thing.” He said as he wiggled his eyebrows at her.

She gave him a light slap on the arm, “Down boy!”

Jerry walked in and looked at Callie, “I figured that you wouldn’t be here.” Then he got a sheepish look on his face while Callie got a pissed off look on hers. She walked right out of the room. “Damn it, I didn’t mean it like it sounded.” Jerry said as he turned to follow her. He found her in the nursery getting Bret.

“Callie…it came out wrong.”

“Did it Jerry? Or will I have to live with the stigma of what I’ve done for the rest of my life? I can’t make amends for something I did when I was 19, I can’t go back and change what I’ve done. No matter how much I might want to.” She said as tears flowed freely down her face.

“Momma why are you crying?” Bret asked her.

“It doesn’t matter honey. Let’s get you ready to go.”

“But…wait…I want to stay with dad…mom I don’t want to go back to grandmas. Scott is there and I – I hate him!” Bret yelled.

“Bret.” Jerry said with just that ‘dad’ tone, “you and mom live with me now. So you’re just going down stairs to our apartment.” He explained.

“Oh, okay.” With that Bret got his coat on and was ready to go.

Callie glared at Jerry, “What if I want to go to my mother’s house.”

“We will tomorrow.”

“No. Now. I don’t want to live with you.” She told him.

Jerry step up to her, “You’re my wife…”

“By your doing. I don’t remember anyone asking me if I wanted to…”

“You’re the one who had the big revelations today, not me.”

“Well maybe I should talk to an attorney about a divorce. Surely this isn’t legal to be forced into a marriage!” She yelled at him.

Something flashed in Jerry’s eyes and she knew that she’d gone too far. He grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder. “Bret stay here and be good!” He said as Callie started to hit his back. As he turned to walk away he smacked her ass hard enough that he knew it stung good. As he came through the living room Jared was walking towards the bathroom. “Tell Jas I’ll be back, Bret is in the nursery, but there is something that I need to take care of right now!” Jared nodded at him.

Jerry pushed the button, the doors slid open and he got on. Callie began to start hitting him again, “Don’t make me pull your pants down and spank you good and sound!”

When Jerry got off he was in his apartment. Callie glanced around – nothing had really changed. Everything was exactly where she had put it. She realized too late where he was heading; a scant second later he threw her down on the bed. Then he walked over to the dresser and pulled something out of the top drawer.

Callie, however, wasn’t going to wait around to find out what he was going to do. She made it just outside of the master bedroom when he grabbed her and dragged her back. He put her back on the bed and this time laid on top of her. He grabbed her hands and before she knew it he had snapped handcuffs on her. She looked up and realized that he had also wound the cuffs around the decorative iron bars on the headboard. She pulled hard but he had made sure that the cuffs would not allow her to escape. Then he stood up and walked out of the room.

“JERRY! You can’t leave me like this!” She cried out as she started to yank on the cuffs.

“Calm down, I did not leave you.” He said as he walked back into the room. “You know that you can’t break iron, right?”

“Fuck you! Let me out of here!”

“Nope we do this my way. First off, what I said upstairs came out wrong. I meant that I figured you would come down here and not stay up there the whole time. I knew you wouldn’t leave – you promised, remember?”

“Fine I understand, now…let me out of these.” Jerry gave her the smile that she could never resist and pulled out a pair of scissors. “Not yet, you know it is our wedding night for all intents and purpose.”

“So what are you going to do with those?”

“Cut your clothes off.”

“Jerry, don’t do that just uncuff me and I’ll let you do what you want to.”

“Oh no, first off I am going to make sure that you want me.” He lightly rubbed the back of his hand over one of her breast seeing the nipple poke up as if to beg for his touch. “Not too far away from that are we?” he told her with a chuckle.

The scissors were cold against her warm skin as he began to her shirt off. When the shirt was completely cut open he put the scissors down and slowly slid the sides open to expose her bra. He leaned down and flicked his tongue over her nipple that was still entrapped in the lace bra. Callie moaned and turned away from him. “You know that I’m not going to let you act as if you don’t want this, right?”

“Just do it, so that I can go get Bret.”

“Naked? I don’t think ümraniye escort so. What would my family say?”


“Yeah you will be screaming just like that in a bit.” He told her as he began to kiss the spot between her neck and her shoulder. He knew that she could not resist the sensations that happened when he touched that spot. He continued to kiss, lick and gently nip her right there then slowly kissed up to the spot right behind her ear.

Callie moaned when he reached his destination. He gently began to knead her breasts as if they were balls of dough. She did not know how she could fight the one person who knew all the spots that made her wild.

He picked the scissors up again and cut each of the straps of her bra. he uncovered one breast as if it might be damaged should he do it too fast. When the breast was fully exposed on that side he leaned in and lapped at the nipple with the rougher part of his tongue. He had known that her nipple would extend even more than it was. He began to twirl his tongue around her nipple sucking it gently into his mouth. Then he pulled back just a bit and blew on it. He felt her hip twist from side to side. He sucked her nipple back into his mouth and this time he bit her nipple. Not enough to break the skin, but he knew that her nipples were extremely sensitive to the pain sensation and that she loved to have her nipples bit as she had an orgasm. What he had not planned on was her having the orgasm right then.

“Ohh, Jerry!” she cried out.

He sat back and looked at her glazed eyes, “Been a while?”

“Let’s just say that the last time I had an orgasm was at your mercy also.”

“The last time you had a dick inside of you should’ve been with me.”

“Well the last one that I let one in me willingly was you.”

He looked up at her and then turned his attention to the other breast. This time he just tongued it a bit, he knew that her nipples were extremely sensitive after an orgasm.

He then stood up, unbuttoned her pants then walked to the end of the bed, another good thing about her orgasms, she did not have the strength to fight after one. He pulled off both of her shoes then pulled on the legs of her pants until they began to slide down her legs. She had worn a black lacy pair of underwear he smiled up at her and cocked an eyebrow.

“Thinking of me today? You know black, lacy underwear always turned me on.” He reminded her.

She continued to lay there not saying anything. He crawled onto the bed, between her legs. Pulling them apart enough for him to settle between them he put his face down in her pussy taking a deep breath, savoring the musky smell of her previous orgasm juices. Without removing her underwear he lightly licked along her pussy lips. He could taste her, not a strong taste, just a teaser. By the fourth time he licked her through the lacy underwear he felt her push her hips up toward him. He grinned, then leaned back on his legs and pulled her underwear off, exposing her trimmed pubic hair.

“You still do the landing strip? Wonder if it had anything to do with it being my favorite?” Again she refused to say anything to him. He went back down to her pussy this time spreading her lips apart looking at the glistening pink flesh hidden between her legs. He began licking around her clit knowing that she was getting more turned on; he could see her little pea coming out of its hood. He slid a finger smoothly into her depths.

“Ohhh!” she yelled out.

He stopped and looked up at her, “I’m sorry, did you say something?”

“Alright! Fine! You know all of my weaknesses and whether I want to or not you can and will make me cum as much as you want. I get it.”

He climbed up so that he was directly over her face to face, “Tell me what I want to hear.” He whispered to her.

“I won’t leave you Jerry.”

“I know that – not what I want to hear.”

“Then you are going to have to tell me what you want…” He shoved two fingers back into her steaming hot pussy and began to rub circles around her clit. She began to fuck his hand back, he could feel her beginning to get close to another orgasm and pulled his hand away from her core.

“Damn it, Jerry!” She yelled at him.

“Tell me.”

“I want you, inside of me, deep, deep inside of me.”

“Deep, deep?”

“Jerry…” she whispered.

He stood up and got undressed in record time.

“Are you on birth control?” he asked her.

“You know that I can’t take it, the medicine makes me really sick.”

“Then how did you and dumb ass not get pregnant?”

“You mean besides the fact that he can hardly get it up? He is impotent and had to wear a condom so that I would feel him.” Jerry started laughing until she said, “keep laughing but when he was born there was a mess up with the circumcision and too much was taken off. He never got that far in, hell your finger went farther then he did.”

Jerry shook his head, “Then you should have come back a lot sooner – I could have given escort kartal you what you needed…” Just then he slid into her, “…what you wanted.”

She couldn’t deny that she definitely wanted and needed what he was able to do. She felt him thrust further into her and she thrust her hips upward to help get him in as far as he could reach. She had forgotten how good Jerry was at this! She wrapped her legs around his hips and brought him even deeper.

He could feel his own orgasm coming fast but wanted to feel her orgasm around his cock. It used to be one of his favorite feelings when they had been together. He slid one of his hands between them and began to rub her clit while sliding in and out of her at increasing speeds. When he knew she was getting ready to crest her leaned down and bit her nipple again. With that her pussy muscles clamped down tight on his cock doing a series of squeezes and releases. After the third series he released his own orgasm into her. The force of his orgasm set her off again, her muscles milking his cock of all his cum.

After the last tremor was felt, they laid there trying to get their breath back. He reached over to the nightstand and picked up a key then undid her cuffs. She brought her arms down and wrapped them around his neck keeping him close. He grinned; it was her way of telling him exactly what he wanted. They were in it together, forever.

Jared and Olivia stayed until after dinner, visiting with the two other couples as the children played for a bit longer. Maxie and Ty went home just before Laysea went to start getting the children ready for bed. That was when Jason looked at Jared and Olivia and said, “If you want we can let Chloe sleep here with the others. Why don’t you two just go home – enjoy a night of just each other’s company.”

“You sure?” asked Jared.

“Yeah, after all I think that they have all decided where to sleep and what they are going to do in the morning.” Jason told them as he headed off to help his wife get everyone ready for bed. Without further argument Jared grabbed Olivia’s hand and walks swiftly to the elevator doors, climbed on and took them right to their apartment. As soon as they were inside he twirled Olivia into his arms and began to kiss her. Olivia wrapped her arms around him keeping him from pulling back. It was that moment that his phone started to vibrate in-between them, “Please tell me that you are just really excited.” Olivia told him.

He sighed and pulled back from her growling.


She laughed, “Its okay just get it done so that we can get back to matters at hand.”

He pulled his phone out and flipped it, “Jared and this so better be fuckin’ good…who is he…Yeah I’ll be down” He hung his phone up then. “I gotta go downstairs. Some guy is down there that I need to talk to.”

“Wait. Are you sure it’s not someone who works for Tom?”

“Doubt it, he’s asking for you.”

“Well who would know that I’m here?”

“Don’t know, that is what I am going down to find out.”

“Well I’m going with you.” She told him.

“Like hell! Get your ass in that bedroom and start getting undressed! I will be back in a couple of minutes.”

“Jared I am not going to get undressed and wait in bed for you. What fun would it be if I had to undress myself? Besides I would rather undress you. Plus I would know if I know the guy or not.”

“Fine but you stay on the elevator.” As they got on the elevator he told her, “You know the only reason that you are coming is because of the comment about undressing me.”

“I know.” She smiled at him.

When they got to the lobby the doors slid open and Jared got off and walked around the partitioned wall. “Who the hell are you and what the hell do you want with my wife?” Jared asked.

“Who the hell are you? I said I wanted to talk with Olivia not you – hell I don’t even know who you are.”

Olivia’s blood ran cold at the sound of the new voice. She ran off of the elevator and around the wall to Jared’s side, “What the hell are you doing here?” she demanded.

Jared turned to look at her and probably would have said something to her about staying on the elevator but she stay mostly behind Jared and was holding on to his arm.

“Well now, it seems that you have been a very busy little girl. Anyways, I came to tell you I am taking you to court.” He said in a snide tone.

“For what Rich?” she yelled back.

“For my daughter – can’t have her living with a mobster and all.” He said with an ugly grin that showed off his yellowing teeth.

Chapter 14 Jared moved towards Rich with his fist clinched, “I’ll show you mobster…” he said through gritted teeth.

Olivia jumped in front of Jared and yelled at the security desk, “Call Jason!” Then looked up at Jared, she could tell by the feel of his body that he was beyond pissed. “Jared, he wants you to hit him! It’ll give him reason to justify why she isn’t safe around you.” She told him hoping that she could break through to him before he did hit Rich.

Jared looked at her, his eyes completely hard steel, “I’d never hurt that little girl! You know that, right?”

“I know that Jared but he’s pushing your buttons and going to use anything he can to prove his point. Don’t let him win.”

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