Secret Powers Ch. 11: Loving Lydia

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When I wake up in the morning, I go pee, and then come back and check my phone. I look at the picture Lydia sent last night and instantly get wet. I rub my pussy a little but then I decide not to cum. I want to make love with Lydia for real and wait to cum with her.

I check the weather forecast, and I see that it’s going to be very hot today. I select shorts and a tight tank top to wear, with no bra, of course. I know I’m going to get very wet today, so I choose regular undies.

I have my shower and then get dressed. Looking at myself, I decide that I don’t look too bad. I want Lydia to see me and become excited just by looking.

I go to the kitchen and make some toast and coffee. From Mum’s room I hear, “Damn you, Cheryl, make me cum!” I hear Mum chuckle. I guess Mum is playing tease-and-deny with Tara.

Tara moans for several minutes until she screams, “Oh, fuck, yes! Ahhhhh.” I play with my nipples a bit through my top to keep myself on the edge for Lydia.

I rinse my plate and then go to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Back in my bedroom, I put some sandals on, toss my phone in my handbag and walk out to the bus stop.

I catch my bus to the mall, wondering if I’ll see my bus girl again, but no. I notice the same driver, though, who eyes me up and down. I give her a quick read, and sense that she’s hot for me.

I smile at her and give her a quick projection onto her clit. She gasps and closes her eyes. I walk to the middle of the bus, sitting just behind the middle exit door. I know that she has a good view of me in her mirror.

As we go down the street, I pull out my phone and look at Lydia’s lovely face and boobs. My nipples get hard, and I rub them gently (for real, not with my mind). After the bus stops at a traffic light, I keep my head down but I furtively peek up at the driver, who is looking at me in the mirror. I keep looking down to let her keep perving while believing that I don’t notice.

I think about projecting again, but I don’t want her to crash the bus! When we get to the mall, I go to the front door, face her, smile and thank her for being such a smooth driver.

She gazes at my face, glances down at my hard nipples, then blushes and looks up again. “I’m glad to be of service, uh, sorry, I don’t know your name.”

“I’m Mary.”

“Thank you for allowing me to serve you, Miss Mary. It’s my pleasure. Any time you need more service, please let me know.”

Oh, I think she’s one of those submissives. I’ve heard of them on chat sites, using “Miss” as a title of obedience. I’ve never really considered that sort of thing, but I’m a bit intrigued. She seems nice enough.

Glancing down at her name tag for her name, and checking out her boobs while looking down there, I say, “I may just do that, Veronica.”

I look around and see that there is only one other person on the bus, way at the back. I stand facing her and shoot a quick pulse to her nipples, which hardens mine too. “Oh, Miss Mary,” she gasps. I put up my block to avoid a serious scene.

She puts the bus in park and sets the handbrake. She reaches into her handbag and hands me a sheet of paper. “It’s my schedule for next week. I do hope I’ll see you again, maybe at the end of a shift,” she says with a wink.

I smile and say, “Maybe you will,” and step off the bus.

She drives on, and I wait at the bus stop for the 107. I’m stirred up by Veronica and of course the anticipation of seeing Lydia again. The 107 comes after a couple of minutes, and I pull up the map app on my phone so I know where to get off.

I close my eyes and daydream of Lydia. She’s such a sweet, lovely, sexy young woman. I wonder what she’ll be wearing today. I get excited thinking about loving her today.

When I open my eyes, I notice that I’m almost at my stop. I hit the button in a panic, just in time. I get off through mersin escort the middle door and follow the app to her house.

With my heart pounding, I knock on the door. I hear steps approaching. The door opens and I see a middle-aged man. He’s reasonably attractive and has a great smile.

“Mary, I presume?” he says.

“Yes, that’s me.”

“I’m Gary, Lydia’s dad.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Mr., uh.”

“Please just call me Gary.”

“Okay, Gary.”

He’s trying not to stare at me, but I see him keep glancing at my boobs. No harm in that, I guess, although I’m not into guys. A quick read reveals a growing erection. This feels a bit odd to me; since I don’t have a penis, it manifests in me as a general flush in my pussy and clit.

I put up a block to avoid overexciting him. “Uh, well, do come in and make yourself comfortable. Lydia is in the shower. She should be out soon. Would you like a drink? I’ve just made a pitcher of iced tea.”

“I’d love that, thanks,” I reply.

I sit on the sofa. He brings a large tumbler of tea and I gratefully drink from it. He sits next to me but not too near. He seems a bit nervous at being turned on by me, so I keep my block up.

He says, “Mary, Lydia won’t stop talking about you. She seems to be head over heels for you. I’m so glad she’s met a good friend. She never had many friends growing up. I don’t know why; she’s very nice and considerate.”

I suspect that the powers that she had never been aware of unconsciously made others feel uncomfortable around her, or even scared.

I think for a minute, then say, “I’ve only met Lydia recently, but I get the sense that she’s unusual. Not in a bad way, but I sense a strong aura that many people can find offputting.”

“Hmmm, I never quite thought of it that way, Mary, but I think you’re onto something. My mum was, well, rather strange and wonderful. So I guess Lydia takes after her.”

So Gary is the carrier of the powers from his mum, without having them himself. He probably knows a fair bit about them, but I won’t bring up the discussion yet.

“Well, I’m rather taken with Lydia myself. I feel a strong connection with her after only a few meetings at the mall.”

“She’s been deliriously happy the past couple of days. I’ve never known her to be that way, so you must be working magic on her.”

I smile, knowing how literally true that is.

Just then, Lydia comes bounding into the room. “Mary!” she screams.

I stand and she runs up and gives me a huge hug, which I return. “I’m so glad you could come over, Mary. We can spend some proper time together. Do you have to go at any particular time?”

I think, then say, “Well, I’m not working today, so I guess I have all day.”


Gary gets up. “Lydia, I have to go to work now. I’m sure you’ll be in good hands with Mary.”

“Yes, Daddy, I’m sure I will,” she replies, giving me a squeeze.

I read Gary. He’s very happy that Lydia and I have found each other. He suspects our connection is sexual, among other things, and he approves. He has a bit of envy too, being attracted to me, but he’s not going to do anything about that.

When Gary leaves, Lydia grabs my hand and says, “Let’s go to my bedroom. I’ve been waiting so long to be alone with you.” She pulls me vigorously. When we get there she kisses me madly and runs her hands all over me.

I kiss her back, then ease her away and say, “Easy, girl, we have all day. Let me please you first, then you can have your turn.”

She stands, still fidgeting. I kiss her softly again and run my hands up and down her sides. They find her exquisite tiny boobs and cup them. She kisses me deeper as she feels that.

I caress her hard nipples with my palms. I then slide my hands to the hem of her top, lift it up, and take it off over her head.

“Oh, Lydia, I love your mersin escort bayan boobs. They are perfect!”

“They’re so little, though, Mary.”

“I love them to bits. I’m going to worship them, but first I need you naked.”

I kneel and undo her shorts and quickly strip them off, along with her knickers. “Oh, Lydia, I love your thick, curly bush!” I rub my face on it and I love the silky feel.

I lead her to her bed and tell her to lie down and watch while I strip for her. I gaze at her cute face, her incredible boobs and nipples and luscious bush. I’m getting wet without touching.

She starts to project to my boobs, but I put up my block. “I want this to be natural, Lydia, no magic now.” She smiles.

I stand by the edge of the bed, cupping my boobs through my tight top. “Oh, you are so beautiful. I want you so much.” Pulling on my nipples, I continue, “I’m going to love you so much.”

I slowly take off my top, showing her my little boobs, not as little as hers but still small. She gazes at me and starts to touch herself. “No, Lydia, let me do all the touching.”

I whisk off my top and pull my nipples. Her nipples get so big and hard, just watching. I quickly strip off my shorts and knickers and lie by her side.

I turn her body to mine as I kiss her gently. I caress her face and then slide my hand to her lovely boobs, touching them for real for the first time. My fingers find her huge nipples and stroke them lovingly.

We kiss softly and sensuously for a long time, my fingers dancing around her boobs. I feel such love for this wonderful, precious woman.

I break my kiss and move down, rubbing my face all over the top of her fantastic body. Her nipple rubs against my cheek. My lips gently brush over her boob and then her nipple. She moans softly.

I open my mouth a little and place my lips around her nipple, gently squeezing it. Then I start sucking on it, softly at first, then harder, pulling it into my mouth.

My tongue touches the tip of her nipple, and she moans again. I lazily love it with my tongue, licking slowly all around it. It’s so big and hard now.

I start licking the edges of her nipple from the base to the tip, slowly working my way around all sides. Her moaning is soft and continuous. Then I suck hard on it and let loose with vigorous licking. She screams.

I pull off and gaze at her incredible nipple, wet from my licking, standing up for me so proudly. Then I move to her other nipple and love it for a few minutes in the same way.

As I’m licking her second nipple, I reach down with my hand and tease her legs with my fingers. Then they run down the top of her thighs, over her knees and down her calves as far as I can reach.

Then my fingers go between her legs and slide up again over the insides of her thighs. She parts her legs a little, and I push with my fingers to suggest that she open wider, which she does.

My tongue is licking her nipple gently. My fingers slide slowly higher. I feel her bush brush against the base of my palm, and I move up and use my fingers like a comb, running through her curly bush. I love the sensation and briefly wonder if I should let mine grow out.

I press onto her bush and slide my fingers lower, feeling her wet lips poke through. I caress her lips and she spreads her legs wide apart, asking me for more. I slide one finger between her lips and rub inside them.

“Oh, Mary, I love you,” she cries.

I lift my head and gaze at her lovely face and reply, “I love you so much too, Lydia.”

I return my lips to her hard nipple as my finger spirals around inside her lips, searching for her opening. Finding it, I push gently on it. Her pussy opens to suck my fingertip in.

With soft steady pressure, my finger goes deeper as her pussy alternately grips it and releases. It’s now all the way in with escort mersin light pressure, so I push harder, touching her cervix.

I give her nipple stronger licking, and she moans loudly. I swirl my finger around inside her as my finger slowly withdraws. Her pussy is pulsing.

With my finger halfway in, I curl it up and press on her G spot as I lash her nipple hard and fast. She screams, “Oh fuck!”

I pull off of her nipple, smile at her and say, “Oh yes, I intend to fuck you, my wonderful love.” I kiss my way down her stomach with my finger still on her G spot.

My face rubs over her lovely bush. It’s now wet, so I can inhale her heavenly scent spread over my face.

I pull up and look at her lovely pussy – silky, curly bush above full wet lips, parted for my finger in her bright pink pussy.

I start sliding my finger in and out. I move my face back down and lick her lips, tasting her yummy juice. My lips find her clit and suck on it as my finger keeps fucking her slowly.

Her body shakes. I speed up the plunging action and lick her hard clit. “Oh yes, Mary, fuck me, fuck me,” she screams.

I pound her tight pussy with my finger as I thrash her clit hard and fast. “Ahhhh, Mary, I’m cumming. Ohhhhhhhh.”

I feel her pussy pulsing. I push my finger deep and hold, slowing my clit licking. She pants heavily. I hold and let her settle, then pull the finger most of the way out to gently rub her G spot again.

She grunts as I find it. Slowly rubbing it, she squeaks. She is cumming gently and continuously. I maintain the slow rubbing.

Every so often, I flick her clit with my tongue. She gasps when I do that, and her pussy clamps onto my finger.

I keep her cumming at a low level for several minutes until I feel her shaking again. I suck hard on her clit and lick it hard and fast. She screams and cums hard for half a minute, then pushes my head away.

She pants heavily and says, “Oh, Mary, no more. Wow.”

I crawl up and hold her close to me, our little boobs pressed together, my legs wrapped around hers.

We lie like that for a long time, feeling our love wash between us. I gaze at her face, and she turns her head and returns the look. We smile at each other.

“I never knew anyone could feel like this, Mary,” she whispers.

“I’m so glad. I’ve been with girls and women before, but I’ve never felt the way I do with you.”

“I love you, Mary.”

“I love you too, Lydia. So much.”

“I want to please you now.”

“I won’t complain,” I reply, grinning at her.

I lie back and Lydia lies on top of me, kissing me. I kiss her back, and then she moves down and sucks and licks my nipples.

She slides a hand down and slips a finger into my wet pussy. I’m so wet from pleasing her that I’m leaking around it.

She spreads my juice over my clit. She keeps repeating that, making my clit area very soggy.

“I’m going to try something,” she says.

“Go for it.”

She spreads my legs and lies on top of me, with her legs between mine. She presses her bush firmly against my pussy and starts sliding up and down.

“Oh, Lydia, that’s wonderful. Your bush is rubbing my clit and making me so hot.”

I put my hands on her hips, holding her in place and pulling her harder against me.

She arches up and plays with my nipples as she rocks onto my pussy. “Mmm, yes, that’s so nice,” I tell her.

“Oh, Mary, I want to make you feel so good.”

“You are,” I reply, before moaning.

She keeps sliding up and down, exciting my clit with her curly hairs. I start groaning louder and pulling her firmly against me. She responds by sliding harder and faster.

“Oh, yes, Lydia. Fuck me. Fuck me hard,” I yell.

She rubs her bush on me madly and I cum hard and scream. I buck up into her and shake. She keeps fucking until I press her against me and hold her. She lies on top of me, her wonderful nipples pressing into my boobs.

We relax and soak up our love. I have found someone very special in Lydia. After a few minutes, she rolls off. I cuddle her in my arms and we fall asleep.

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