Seduced by an Experienced Woman Ch. 10

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Alex Grey

When we entered Ann’s apartment she turned and hugged me. She looked up briefly, “Kiss me, Fred.” She took my hand and led me back towards her kitchen.

“Don’t you want me…”

“Sush! Not right now, we need to talk.” It was about ten o’clock in the morning. She got a bottle of wine and two glasses. “I’m going to have some wine, Fred, care to join me?”

“Isn’t it a little early?”

“Yes, but not for this conversation.”

“Well then, OK, pour one for me.”

Ann poured two glasses and put the bottle in the middle of the table.

“Fred, I was up front and honest about my addiction. I crave sex.”

“You told me that already.”

“I belong to a group of women who are, let’s say not bashful about sex. But we all agree on one thing.”

“Being promiscuous leads to disaster in most relationships, that’s why we all are in monogamous relationships.”

“What does that have to do with a dance?”

“It’s complicated.”

“Take your time, I’m listening.”

“Over the years this group, and it was started before I was born, has evolved from a group of women who started a support group for sex addicts to a group that funnels that need in ways that satisfy our cravings without breaking up our families.”

“Then what happened between you and your husband?”

“I wasn’t a member when I was married to him and he was unfaithful to me…, more than once.”

Ann sipped her wine. “I have known Carol a long time but I didn’t know about her relationship with Andy until about a year ago. Since then she has been my mentor, my coach.”

“You still haven’t explained about the dance. Are you going to tell me all these women take their husbands or boyfriends to a dance where they, the women, wear clothing and the men are naked.”

“That’s part of it. If that were all it was I’m sure you’d agree to go.”

“Why, because I let you show me off to Carol and I went to a cook out with Carol and Andy?”

“It took me just about two weeks to get you to do that much. Do you think I wouldn’t cajole you into being naked with eight to ten other couples.”

“I don’t think I’d do it!”

“You need to face the truth, Fred, you are a latent exhibitionist. You enjoy being naked as much as I like sucking your cock or fucking you or having you eat my pussy!”

It was my turn to take a sip. “Let’s say I did agree to go to this dance and that’s all it was, a dance, nothing more. How would you get me to go?”

“I’d just have one or two other couples over for a game night. There would be three or four naked guys. One of the women would mention the dance and after a brief period, maybe a day or two of feigning rejecting the idea you’d let me talk you into it!”

“So why didn’t you just do that?”

“Do you ever listen to Paul Harvey’s “The Rest of the Story?”

“There’s escort bostancı more?”

She took another sip. “We have all agreed that masturbation is not the same as making love.”

“I don’t understand.” I took another sip and refilled our glasses.

“Let me finish. When I am done I want you to go out the front door, walk around the lake and make a decision. Remember, you insisted I tell you. If this isn’t going to work out you will get into your car and go home. We will still have a business relationship but that will be all. If you decide you want to continue you will come in, strip, and present yourself to me in the kitchen, understood?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“At the end of the dance we have a cum shooting contest.”


“Don’t interrupt, Frederick! The winners get trophies that are a casting of their erect penis’. That’s it, that’s all there is to it!” No talking, no questions, now you know the rest of the story! Go take your walk and decide.”

I was speechless, I actually didn’t know what to say. I stood up and walked out. My head was spinning as I walked down the sidewalk and out to the lake. I didn’t even see Rosa. Being naked was one thing but masturbating before a group of people was quite another. I weighed losing Ann against jacking off in front of a group. It wasn’t until I opened her front door that I knew she was right. Deep inside I wanted to do this, not for Ann, for me.

“You’re back! I was right wasn’t I? I was ninety-nine percent sure you’d let me take you to the “Ball-busters Ball.”

“Is that what you women are, ball-busters?”

“It’s kind of a joke, but kinda true don’t you think?”

“I suppose.”

“Come over by the counter. I’m going to explain the rules.” Ann’s kitchen had a center island prep area. On it was a shot glass. “That glass represents the record for longest shot.” There was also a saucer about twenty inches from the edge. “That represents a target for most accurate.”

“The competition platform is a foot off the floor, sort of a stage. There is a table that is six feet long and four feet high that is what we call the ‘Cum Court.’ We have small podiums to adjust for height or leg length differences.

Each contestant’s crotch must be even with the level of the Cum Court. Each contestant gets a ten minute warm up period and then they must cum within a two minute period. Their coach, that would be me, chooses which contest to enter, distance or accuracy. Any questions?”

“How do you decide?”

“It’s based on experience. How well the shooter is doing in practice. Age has something to do with it. Younger guys like you are better suited for distance while the older guys who have lost a little muscle tone usually enter in the accuracy division. If someone hits the bulls eye early in the contest ümraniye escort it might affect the coaches decision but usually not. There can be ties if two or more entrants hit the bulls eye in the accuracy division but there has never been a tie in the distance division.

“What about a guy’s dick length?”

“Oddly enough longer usually doesn’t win. Increased length means increased

resistance in the urethra. It’s proven to be a handicap in the past. Five to seven inches usually wins in both categories.”

How do you know so much if you’ve never been to one of these “balls?”

“Carol described it to me and last year she invited me to be an assistant coach.”

“But if you were her assistant why didn’t you go to the “ball?”

“Because only committed couples are allowed.”

“So, what you are saying is I am your ticket.”

“I guess that’s true. But keep in mind that I didn’t want to take you this year anyway.”

“You were willing to wait a year so that you could condition me to want to perform for you?”

“Is that so bad, haven’t we had fun, hasn’t the sex been great?”

“Oh it’s been great alright! But, are you just using me?”

“Maybe that first night. I’m sorry, I was very horny and I knew you were separated and getting a divorce. I thought you’d be horny too. I was right wasn’t I?”

I admitted I was.

“She’s the one who suggested you might like our life style and I should continue the seduction.”

“So this relationship has been one long con job?”

“Not any more, Freddy, I really like you.”

“I like you too, Ann.”

She held my balls gently squeezing and rubbing. “Well then let’s see what you’ve got! It’s been five hours since I sucked you off. Stand close to the counter. It’s only about thirty inches high but this is just practice so it doesn’t matter.”

She put her right arm around my waist and stroked my cock with her left hand. “I thought you said I would be the one masturbating?”

“Not exactly, Freddy. It’s really a contest between the ladies. To see which one is the best at giving hand jobs! Are you disappointed?”

“No, not really…, maybe just a little.”

“You’re more of an exhibitionist than you realize, Freddy.” She continued stroking my cock as she started biting my left tit and her right hand squeezed my butt.”

“What are you doing?”

“Quiet, Freddy. Close your eyes and just enjoy the moment. You’re in training now and this is just the beginning. I’ve got to find out how get the most out of you on game day!” Ann’s hand was slow and methodical; she used long rhythmic strokes that gradually gained speed. At about the eight minute mark she reached maximum speed. “Hold it Freddy, don’t cum, not yet, not yet!

She was telling me not to cum but her hand was saying otherwise. I couldn’t kartal escort bayan wait no matter how hard I tried I just lost it. Cum arched over the saucer but well short of then distance target. “I’m sorry Ann, so sorry.”

“It’s OK Freddy! You made it almost the full ten minutes! And look how much you spurted; not bad for the second time this morning!”

Ann swatted my butt, “Get some paper towels and clean up the counter. Then get dressed, we’ve got to go back to Carol’s and get my chair.”

On the way back to Carol’s Ann was quiet. She concentrated on the notes she was making. “We’ll need it for your training.” It was the only thing she said on the way to Carol’s.

Andy was cleaning the smoker when we arrived. Carol was in the kitchen. “Don’t mind us, we need to get my rocker.”

“It’s still in the living room.”

Ann sent me to get it. “I’m taking Fred to the ball.” Ann explained to Carol.

“There’s no way you have a chance; it’s less that seven weeks.”

“Maybe, we’ll see, won’t we?” Ann mused cheerily.

“We need to stop at a grocery.” Ann said as I wedged the rocker upside down in the back seat.

“What for?” I asked as we got it.

“You are in training now; you’re going on a diet.”

As I drove she made a list of the things I could eat. “The foods on this list will encourage semen production.” She made another list. “This one is all the foods you need to avoid.”

“What’s on that list?”

“All foods with refined sugar, anything with lots of saturated fat, alcohol…”

“No wine! No way!” I objected. “and no beer? Isn’t that a bit extreme?”

“Not when you are in training. Especially the last two weeks.”

“I’ll compromise, a little beer or wine on Saturdays, OK?”

“What else?”

“You don’t smoke so that’s not a problem! I’ll give you the complete list when we get back to your place.”

We stopped at a Kroger’s and picked up a few of the things I needed. When we got to my apartment Ann took the groceries and told me to bring her rocker in. Ann held the door while I brought the chair in the hallway. Just then one of my neighbors was leaving. “Good morning!”

I returned her greeting. “Good morning.” I could feel myself turning red.

Ann greeted her too, “You’re Caitlyn aren’t you?”

“Yes I am! Good memory!”

“You know Fred don’t you Caitlyn?

“We’ve never been introduced.”

“Well, Caitlyn, this is Fred. Frederick, say hi to Caitlyn.”

“Ah…, hi.”

“Nice to meet you Frederick!” She was all smiles. “That’s an interesting rocker you have there. Why is the seat shaped like that?”

“Is your roommate home?”

“Branna? She is, why do you ask?”

“I’d like to explain about that and ask a favor of you both.”

Caitlyn looked at me and saw how embarrassed I looked. “Let me see if she’s decent.”


Post Script: If this is the first chapter you’ve read you should know that each chapter leads to the next and the story is better if read in sequence. I apologies for not making it one long story but the editing gets a bit tedious!

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