Seducing Jennifer Pt. 08

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The fire was dying down and it was getting cooler. “Let’s go upstairs and get in bed,” I suggested. “It will be more comfortable.” We walked up the stairs hand in hand, stopping to kiss a few times before we entered the master bedroom. We took turns in the bathroom, and I opened the glass doors to let the chilly breeze in and turned out the lights except for one dim bedside lamp.

We climbed into the bed on opposite sides but immediately met in the center. “It’s cold!” Anna giggled nervously as I took her slim body into my arms. We kissed and ran our hands all over each other’s naked bodies until we got warm again.

I cleared my throat. “You mentioned doing something for me…” I hinted.

“But now I’m sleepy,” Anna pouted.

“Please,” I begged. My cock was pressed against her smooth thighs, aching miserably. She reached down and grasped it, making me moan with desire. She tugged clumsily at my cock as I covered her neck, shoulders and breasts with hot kisses. After a time I had to admit to myself that this was never going to bring me off.

“My hand is cramping, Jacky,” she finally said, timidly. “Am I doing it right? Are you almost there?”

“Um, not really,” I admitted. “It would help if there were some lubrication. Like there would be if I was…inside you.”

“We can’t do that, Sweetie. It’s not safe, and besides, it would never fit. casino oyna It hurt when you just put your finger in me.”

“You could use your mouth,” I suggested. My cock twitched in anticipation.

“I’ll try but I can’t promise anything,” she said faintly. “But you don’t get to watch.” She slid down, pulling the quilts over her head.

“You watched when I was doing it to you.”

“Did NOT!” She grasped my cock at the base and I felt her small pointy tongue tentatively licking around the crown of my cock. “And even if I tried to peek, which I didn’t, I couldn’t see anything with your head in the way.” After more cautious licking, she opened her mouth and took the head of my cock in, moving her hand up and down, trying to jerk me off into her mouth. My cock slowly became slick with saliva and pre-come, and I held her breasts as she sucked me. I desperately needed to come, but it wasn’t going to happen soon. I pushed my hips toward her face, but she gagged and pulled back. I groaned with frustration.

“I’m sorry, Jacky. I guess I’m not good at this. Maybe tomorrow…”

“Let’s try something else,” I said hurriedly. I threw back the covers and pulled her up so that she was straddling my hips, her sopping slit hot against my cock. I held her pert ass in my hands, guiding her as she slid back and forth along my straining rod, feeling my cock head bump her canlı casino clit with each stroke.

“I like that,” she whispered into my neck. I liked it too. I lengthened the stroke so that I could feel the heat of her entrance when she was at the top of her slide. The tempo of our humping increased as did our breathing, becoming more and more reckless until the tip of my cock was penetrating her slightly each time. She was so tight, but I could tell that one well-timed thrust would seat the head of my cock within her. It was all I could do to resist the temptation. Our bodies became slick with perspiration as we ground our hips together. “Oh, Jacky,” she gasped. “I’m climbing the mountain really fast. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get to the top together?”

We didn’t quite manage that, but when she convulsed in my arms and froze at the top of her slide the head of my cock popped completely into her. I tried to press her hips down, but she resisted. When she finished shuddering, she lifted her hips and my cock slid out of her. She moved to kneel between my legs and took my cock into her mouth once again. This time she managed to take a little more, and in moments I felt an insistent tingle that meant an explosion was imminent. “That’s it, Anna! You’re going to make me come!”

“What?” She lifted her head and looked directly into my eyes, still holding my cock kaçak casino in her tiny hand. “What should I do?”

“Just don’t stop!” I groaned as the first shot surged through my overheated cock and hit her under the chin.

“Oh!” She pumped at my shaft while raptly holding my gaze. “I’m doing it, Jacky! I’m making you come!” Thick ropes of come looped across her breasts and she kept stroking until I was milked dry. She sat back, cupping her breasts and looking at the strings of come dribbling down her body. “I’m all sticky,” she said wonderingly. “Is that what you wanted to put inside me, Jacky?”

“Come here,” I said hoarsely, pulling her on top of me for a deep kiss. “I love you, Anna. That was the most exciting thing I have ever done.” I licked the come off her throat, continuing down to clean up her breasts and belly, finally pulling her hips up to my face for a thorough tongue bath. As my tongue parted her pussy lips she moaned and pulled away.

“I’m all sweaty down there, Jacky,” she moaned. “At least let me wash up before you – “

I plunged my tongue into her tight hole, lapping at the juices inside her. “You taste delicious,” I mumbled. She came again, moments later, grinding herself against my face and shrieking with pleasure before sliding down and collapsing against me, licking her emissions from my face.

“Thank you, Jacky,” she said drowsily. “I will never forget this night. Never.”

“My cock was inside you, for a few seconds,” I whispered.

“I know. It hurt, but I wanted more. Maybe someday…”

“Count on it,” I told her tenderly.

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