Sex Sells Ch. 04

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Hello Readers — I know you’ve heard this before, but I highly encourage you read the previous chapters of this series to understand what it’s all about. Thanks for reading and please comment!

Merci, Petitmort


In the days that followed, Fantasy Enterprises made more money than at any time in its history. All thanks to Denise’s idea.

Denise had had a brainstorm. Originally, she and Jerod were using sales of “sex furniture” as a pretense to set up consultations with rich Dallas women, and then seducing them for tips. They were making pretty good money — averaging between $10K and $14K a week — but Denise felt they could do better.

Now, with Denise’s innovation, whenever a client balked at the idea of “hands-on training”, they reverted to Plan B. Denise and Jerod would offer to personally demonstrate the product. What followed was essentially a sex show that was so hot — the clients ended up tipping them generously.

The increased revenue wasn’t because the per client return was higher — they still got their biggest tips from clients who got the hands-on treatment — it was that they could pack many more sales into a day.

Denise figured that having her and Jerod demo the product would allow them to control the schedule and therefore make the process more efficient. If they could fit in seven or eight clients instead of their usual three or four, they could come out ahead.

It turns out fucking all those rich Dallas matrons takes a lot time.

Denise had learned about system inefficiencies in school and was simply applying the same principles to sex work. If there were inefficiencies in the system, like wasted time, removing them could greatly increase revenue. It was a simple numbers game. If you’re making widgets, and you find a way to make each widget faster, you can make more money.

She had a hunch there were lots of women who might not be willing to do the hands-on training but they’d be more than happy to watch two other people going at it. Especially when those two people looked like Jerod and Denise.

She figured there were a lot of people in Dallas who’d like to watch.

Especially in conservative North Dallas, where there were a whole bunch of church-goin’, God-fearin’, sexually uptight folks for whom extra-marital sex was simply a bridge too far. But, Denise figured, these same folks might be more than happy to get their jollies vicariously. As the saying goes — if you can find a way to monetize hypocrisy, you can make a fortune.

Denise made other improvements too. She revamped their scheduling by clustering their appointments by location — all the addresses in Highland Park were on one day, University Park on another, Bluffview on another. Their travel time was cut considerably. And time was money.

Jerod and Denise worked hard to re-imagine their presentation too. Their intro to the product was the same. They still used the video and the smartwatch and cards showing images of different sex positions. They figured, why fix it if it ain’t broke? No, the “living room” part of the pitch was unchanged. The “bedroom” portion was all new.

Denise reworked the presentation to appeal to a woman’s point of view. The focus was more on storytelling and less on mechanics. More sex show than sex manual. She added a story arc to their demos that built dramatic tension and led to a satisfying climax.

She understood the power of the moment when, standing in a client’s bedroom, they first stripped off their clothes. She called it “the reveal”. She had the experience and the know-how, from her time working at the Gentlemen’s Club, to milk that moment for all it was worth. Even Jerod, who had a whole lot to reveal, was getting the hang of it.

It was that epiphany — that the “reveal” was a critical moment in their presentation — that gave Jerod an idea.

“Tomorrow morning I want to take you shopping,” he said over dinner.

“For what?” Denise asked.

“Bras, panties, stockings, the works,” he said simply. “High-end stuff. The best. You’ve done such a good job optimizing our operation, you’ve earned it. Besides, I think it’ll be good for business.”

Jerod insisted she not pay for any of the clothes herself. It’s a legitimate business expense, he explained. Not that he was going to be itemizing a sheer black teddy in next year’s tax return. He just meant these clothes were something the business should pay for.

Denise wasn’t complaining.

The next day, Jerod took her to one of the Dallas’s most exclusive lingerie shops — Bustier of Dallas. The shop was located in a luxury apartment building. Jerod had scheduled a private appointment for 9:00am and, when they arrived, a beautiful young saleswoman was there to greet them.

She was exotic looking, Middle Eastern perhaps, with beautiful cat-like eyes and a voluptuous figure.

“You must be Denise,” said the woman, smiling warmly.

“How do you do?” Denise said, shaking hands.

“I’m Jasmine,” she said, “welcome to Bustier.”

After introductions, the kartal escort bayan woman invited Jerod to sit in an ornate easy chair outside the fitting room. The woman took Denise by the arm.

“I understand you’re interested in refreshing your wardrobe,” she said. “Have you had a fitting before?”

“A fitting?” Denise said.

“A bra fitting.”

“No, I just buy whatever I need,” Denise said.

“Of course. Right this way. The store doesn’t open until ten so, for the next hour, I’m all yours.”

She led Denise into the fitting room. A small wooden platform faced three full-length mirrors.

“If you please,” she said, gesturing to the platform. “Would you mind if I took a look at the bra you’re wearing?”

“Sure,” Denise said, unbuttoning her blouse. Jasmine took it from her and laid it on a work table nearby.

The woman walked around Denise looking at her bra with a studious eye. She inspected the cup fit, the straps, and took notes in her notebook.

“Now, this bra is a bit too small for you and it isn’t the ideal design for your body type. If you wear a quality bra that fits you well, you’ll not only feel more comfortable and confident, it’ll last longer because the fibers aren’t being strained.”

“That makes sense,” Denise said.

“The first thing we need to do is to get some measurements,” she said. “Would you please take off your skirt?”

Denise unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it.

“You can leave your heels on,” the woman said. “Many women prefer it that way.”

“May I remove your bra?” she asked.

“Yes, of course,” Denise replied.

She gently unclasped Denise’s bra and removed it.

“Such beautiful breasts,” she said. “You have an exquisite figure. You could be a lingerie model.”

“Thank you,” Denise laughed.

She wrapped a flexible measuring tape around her body, just beneath her breasts.

“We’ll start with your underbust measurement,” she said.

She noted the measurement in her notebook.

“Most women go through life wearing undergarments that don’t fit,” she said. “Our goal is to find the perfect fit for you.”

She held the measuring tape so it crossed her boobs right over the areola.

“Now, we’ll get your fullest bust measurement.”

She carefully aligned the tape so it lay right on Denise’s nipples.

“Yes, very lovely breasts,” the woman muttered. “Beautiful size and shape.”

“Thanks,” Denise said, again.

The woman scribbled in her notebook and seemed to be doing some calculating.

“Now, a woman as beautiful as you should be wearing a top-quality bra that fits her perfectly. That means, it not only makes you look and feel sexy, it feels wonderful to wear.”

She moved to Denise’s back, standing close behind her, looking at her in the mirror.

“Now, for your reference, you’re a size 36D — but keep in mind every bra runs differently. You have lovely proportions. Your breasts are big enough so you don’t need a padded bra, and you certainly don’t want one that’s too constrictive, like the one you were wearing.”

She ever so gently ran her fingertips along the side of Denise’s breasts, and traced along their tender undersides. Denise felt a tingling throughout her body.

“No, no,” she whispered. “Your breasts deserve something delicate and sexy. I’ll bring you some things to try on.”

The woman stepped out, leaving Denise looking at herself in the mirror. She was trembling slightly, feeling a charge from being touched so intimately.

Jasmine is one exotic beauty, Denise thought. And sexy as hell.

When Jasmine returned, she had half a dozen bras and matching panties for Denise to try on. She laid them on the work table.

She took the first one and stood behind Denise, helping her put it on. It was a delicate black lace bra with exquisite embroidery — the prettiest bra Denise had ever seen in her life.

“This is the Lise Charmel Ecrin Glamour Bandeau,” the woman explained. “It comes in nude and black.”

She clasped the strap and Denise was amazed at how comfortable it was.

“Oh my god,” Denise exclaimed, “that feels great!”

The woman smiled.

“There’s no reason in the world to wear a bra that doesn’t fit you properly and feels wonderful,” she said, walking around Denise. “Why not feel and look your best?”

She handed Denise the matching black lace panties. Denise stepped out of her white undies to try them on. She could feel Jasmine eyeing her shaved pussy.

Denise looked at herself in the mirror, turning from side to side. The bra had a glamorous plunge with a fishnet-style mesh cup that made her breasts look fantastic. It was finished with a small gold jewel which drew the eye to the décolletage. The panties were rimmed with floral lace and fit her ass perfectly.

“I love it,” Denise exclaimed. “How much does this one run?”

“The bra is $250,” she replied, “but your friend said that money was no object.”

Denise raised her eyebrows.

“That’s five times what I would normally spend,” escort maltepe Denise said, studying it in the mirror.

“He must love you very much,” the woman replied.

Denise looked at Jasmine in the mirror and smiled. She decided not to comment on their relationship.

“I think I’ll show him how it looks,” she said.

Jasmine nodded.

Denise stepped out of the fitting room and walked over to where Jerod was sitting. She found herself walking with more confidence, in her black lace bra and panties and spiked heels. She was holding her body proudly, with her shoulders back and head held high.

“Hey mister,” she said playfully. “What do you think?”

Jerod looked at her and smiled.

“I think you look amazing,” he said. “But more to the point, what do you think?”

Denise did a graceful pirouette.

“I think this is the most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn. It feels incredible.”

“Then, you should get it,” Jerod answered.

“It’s not cheap,” she added. “$250. Just for the bra.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Jerod said. “You deserve it.”

Denise smiled at him over her shoulder as she walked back to the fitting room. She could feel Jerod’s eyes on her ass. Knowing that ass was adorned by the finest French lace made her feel great.

“He approves,” Denise announced as she re-entered the fitting room. “So do I. It feels so much better than the bras I usually wear. I feel like a new woman.”

“That’s exactly as it should be,” the woman said, unclasping the bra. “You should feel beautiful and sexy AND well supported and comfortable. Wearing high quality undergarments gives you confidence.”

Jasmine slid the black lace panties down Denise’s legs. Her face was right next to Denise’s bare pussy. It made them both feel all tingly inside.

“Did you know,” the woman continued, while fetching the second bra and panty set, “that in the 1920’s, Gabrielle Chanel insisted that her suits be shown on models wearing the finest French lingerie? It made them walk differently because they felt differently.”

Denise felt like she was in one of her lectures at school and being seduced at the same time.

The next items Denise tried on were equally stunning. Some fit slightly better than others, and Jasmine was extremely patient with her, making sure she found the absolute best fit.

She ended up choosing three bras from Lise Charmel and two from Simone Perele, matching panties, an Andora thong, and sheer black stockings with floral lace edge and garters. It turned out Denise had a taste for the French Style — she found it classy and extremely sexy.

“Is there anything else I can help you with today?” Jasmine asked seductively.

Denise thought for a moment. If they had another hour? You bet.

“These are all wonderful,” Denise said, “and I’m so happy with them, I can’t even tell you. I was just wondering, I mean, I wasn’t sure if you carried …”

“What is it?” Jasmine asked.

“I was just wondering if you had something even more … risqué?”

Jasmine smiled at her, sexily.

“Ah, you mean something specifically designed to be alluring? For the bedroom?”

“Exactly,” Denise said, “Something … stimulating.”

Jasmine seemed to stand up a little taller.

“I do have some items I think you’ll like very much. One moment.”

As she left the room, Denise stood on the platform, admiring the sheer black stockings she was wearing. Her heart was pounding.

Jasmine returned carrying several items. She lay them side-by-side on the table. She guided Denise by the arm, from one to the next, standing close to her.

“First,” she said in a sultry voice, “a woman with a body like yours would look amazing in this supremely sexy corset and thong set. It has stunning harness straps and attached garters, and will definitely get your lover’s attention. It certainly would get mine.”

She moved to the next one. It was a gorgeous midnight red. She whispered in Denise’s ear.

“This is a Moulin Rouge-style body-shaping bustier made from satin and floral lace. I’ve worn this one myself and it makes you look spectacular. The eyelash lace on the hem draws the eye right to the ass, showcasing your pert cheeks and the included g-string beautifully.”

Jasmine’s hand gently cupped Denise’s ass making her gasp. The next one was another black number.

“This crochet mini-dress is not only super short to show off your gorgeous legs, it’s form-fitting and has an open weave to give more than a peek at your bare skin. You could wear it with your new lingerie or, with your beautiful breasts and ass, wear it au naturelle.”

She brushed her fingers over Denise’s nipple, causing her to catch her breath. The next one was sheer as sheer could be.

“You know how makeup contours your face? This bodystocking contours your entire body. Sheer and stretchy, the fishnet and lace transform your body into a curvaceous playground. And did I mention, there’s an open crotch which allows complete intimate access.”

She gently pendik escort ran her fingernail along Denise’s slit. Denise let out a moan. The last one was outrageously hot.

“This one leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination,” she said, seductively. “It’s a studded, wet look, open cup, crotchless teddy. It wraps your curves in sleek bondage straps and studs for the ultimate in sex appeal. Your bare breasts are framed, and your crotch is totally exposed. And from behind, you look completely naked. If this doesn’t make your man stand at attention, then call me.”

Denise turned and was face to face with the luscious Jasmine.

“They’re all amazing,” Denise gasped. “I can’t decide.”

“Which one makes your heart go pitty-pat the most?” Jasmine smiled.

Denise looked at the five outfits laid out on the table.

“I don’t know,” Denise said. “I guess this one.”

“The body stocking?” Jasmine replied. “You’d look so incredible in that.”

“But this one is really hot too,” she said pointing to the studded, open-crotch teddy.

“I tell you what,” Jasmine said, picking up the body stocking. “Why don’t you try this one on, and I’ll try on the teddy.”

Denise looked at her with a glint in her eye. This sounded like fun.

Denise removed her stockings and garter belt while Jasmine slipped out of her dress. Jasmine was wearing a black lace bra and panties underneath. Her body was curvy, with big, full breasts.

Denise slipped her long legs into the stocking, shimmied her body, and pulled the strap up over her head.

The delicate floral lace fabric caressed her curves and the neckline plunged nearly to her navel. The front angled dramatically, barely covering her areolas, making her breasts look fulsome and inviting.

She looked at herself in the mirror — the irresistibly soft lace was clinging to every part of her body. The seductive sheer lace was bringing out her inner sex kitten.

She thrust out her hip and lay her forearms atop her head. Her breasts raised and looked fabulous.

She spun around to see her lace-covered ass and a daringly low back.

Remembering her days at the strip club, she spread her legs and bent over.

In the mirror, she saw the bodystocking’s hidden secret — an entirely open crotch.

Her glistening pussy was a flash of pink amidst the black lace fabric.

She stood up and flung her hair back. She felt like a sex goddess.

Jasmine, meanwhile, was putting the final adjustments on her wet look, studded teddy.

You could have knocked Denise over with a feather. She thought her outfit was that sexy.

Jasmine was wearing a kinky black bodysuit adorned with silver-colored studs, halterneck, and G-string style ties.

An O-ring sat right above her breasts. And what breasts!

They were totally exposed, framed by the black body and the leather ties. They were huge and luscious, with big areolas and nipples that stuck out a half inch.

“Wow,” Denise exclaimed. “You look awesome!”

Jasmine stepped up on the platform in front of the mirrors.

Her back and butt were totally exposed, with slender straps and a G-string rear.

And, of course, it was crotchless.

“I want to show my friend,” Denise said.

“We can’t go out on the floor like this,” Jasmine said.

“Then, I’ll ask him to come back here,” Denise said, matter of factly.

Jasmine simply nodded.

Denise walked to the fitting room door and opened it.

“Jerod, could you come in here for a minute?” she called out.

A moment later, Jerod was entering the fitting room. He saw the two women, hips cocked, standing on the platform.

“Goodness gracious,” he said under his breath.

The women smiled.

“We wanted to get your opinion on a couple of outfits,” Denise said.

He walked over to the platform for a closer look. As he passed behind them, Denise bent over, legs spread.

Her pink pussy lips were beckoning from the black floral lace.

“Oh my god,” he muttered.

Jasmine arched her back, sticking out her tits and butt at the same time.

“Mmmmmmmm,” Jerod moaned. “I’m going to dream about this tonight.”

Denise began to dance on the wooden platform, undulating her body. With the gorgeously seductive sheer lace and fishnet, everything seemed heightened.

Her breasts were stretching the skin-tight fabric, her hardening nipples clearly visible. You could see her ass crack through the sheet fabric as she rotated her hips.

Jasmine turned around, nothing hiding her luscious backside but thin leather straps. She, too, moved her body sensuously.

Denise stepped off the stage with Jasmine in tow. She moved to the work table and planted both hands on the tabletop, her butt out and legs spread. Jasmine followed suit. Denise looked back over her shoulder.

“See something you like?” she cooed to Jerod.

Jasmine reached back and ran a finger along her slit. And then licked it.

Jerod started to get undressed.

Denise turned to Jasmine and winked. Jasmine smiled back. They were having a good time.

Denise leaned in and softly kissed Jasmine’s fleshy lips. Jasmine responded by slipping her tongue in Denise’s mouth.

By the time their kiss ended, Jerod was standing naked behind them with an enormous hard-on.

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