Sexual Surprises

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(This is a sequel to ‘Is sex so beautiful I and II that appeared under “First Time” category)


I could visit my cousin’s place only after a month, as I was busy in seminars in or college. When I reached their house I found it locked. Whenever I visited in the past and could not meet them, I used to leave a message in the small pad hung next to the door. As I picked it up I found a note attached to it on top asking me to visit an address where my sister-in-law had gone. It also asked me to come there and pick her up. Her younger sister with whom I had a pleasurable encounter in the previous month had returned to her parent’s home. So she must have gone to visit a friend, I presumed.

On reaching the house indicated in the note, I pressed the call bell. It took some while before the door was opened. The lady who answered the call was wearing a white working coat, more like a housecoat. She was slightly plump with the promise of a firm figure as the extra fat looked to be in proper places like her bum and possibly her breasts. She enquired whether I was Kumi’s brother-in-law. As I confirmed, she gave a very inviting smile and asked me to come in. I followed her and looked around the hall as she continued to walk towards a room in the back. I heard Kumi calling my name and asked me to come in the room.

What escort kartal I saw as I entered the room was a delightful surprise. She was lying on her stomach on a massage table, fully naked and the other woman, who later I came to know was Ms George, was giving her a massage. I hesitated but Ms George encouraged me to come near the table. She then added that she knows about my relationship with Kumi. Kumi said that her massage is almost over and told me to feel free in the presence of Ms George. These encouragements were enough to remove my hesitation and I ventured to pass my hand over her shining bums. Ms George invited me to apply oil on her bums. I took some massage oil from her and applied to her bums. This made her squirm and sigh with pleasure. I put some oil in her asshole and turned my finger inside the hole. She told me to enter a bit more and I continued my thrust until three-fourth of the finger was in. I also started to pull out and push in my finger to stimulate the finger fuck.

Ms George asked Kumi to turn around. I saw how beautiful she looked. Her breasts were shining and so was her stomach. I bent down and kissed her nipples one by one. She was fully aroused as I kissed her on the lips. As I looked up I saw that Ms George had removed her working coat and was standing naked and rubbing her pussy. maltepe escort Obviously she was affected by our show. I bent again to suck her breasts while Kumi extended her hand to unzip my pant and take out my hard and extended cock. She started to play with it. Ms George had moved near me so I extended my hand to place on her hand that was rubbing her pussy. She moved her hand and also caught hold of my cock as I stated to finger fuck her pussy. I moved my face down to kiss and suck Kumi’s cunt. I took her already swollen clit in mouth and started to squeeze it wit my lips. This process gathered speed until there were loud sighs from both of them. I increased the suck and rub on the two cunts while the two women were competing with each other in moving their fingers up and down over my hugely extended cock. We all came almost together with simultaneous cries of Ahhhhhs…. and Ohhhhs…. My cum had made a mess of the two hands while Kumi’s juices had been lapped up by my mouth. They wiped their hands on a towel. Kumi sat up on the table and kissed me deeply. It was soon followed by a similar show of gratefulness by Ms George.

The orgy continued as I asked Kumi to lie down again and I got rid of my clothes. I mounted the table and kneeled between the legs of Kumi. I spread her legs and opened the lips of her pendik escort bayan cunt to see the shining vagina from near and kiss it briefly. I then placed the tip of my cock, which had regained its hardness, at the entrance of her cunt. With it being wet from her juices as a result of my mouth fuck, my cock went in with one push and filled her. A cry escaped her mouth. Ms George had moved to put her lips around Kumi’s nipples. Her hand was also rubbing Kumi’s clit. My movements in and out gathered momentum as also the cries of Kumi. She reached her orgasm immediately because of our joint assault. I had managed to restrain myself and controlled my self. I asked Kumi to let Ms George take her place. This being done, I extended her legs wide and rubbed the tip of my cock, that had become wet wit Kumi’s juices, at the entrance of her cunt a couple of times before I entered her slightly. She shouted “Fuck me dear as hard as you can.” I pushed in my cock fully to her hilt in one motion with mock anger. She cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. I started to pound her with vigor, as it was a new cunt for my cock. I held her big bums with both hands and pulled her pussy to my cock. Kumi, in the mean while was attacking her nipples and even kissed her on her mouth to increase her excitement. Soon she cried out and pressed her legs to indicate her orgasm while I exploded inside her and filled her vagina with my cum.

We refreshed ourselves with sumptuous snacks and tea before I accompanied Kumi to home hoping to continue our love making before the arrival of my cousin from office.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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