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Christmas was approaching and I was going home for the 10 days covering Christmas and New Years. Catherine of course was not happy about it but she would be spending time with her extended family for Christmas and Boxing Day. For the most part it was a boring time for me as I missed Catherine terribly, and phoned her quite often.

I went to a local dance on the first weekend and met a man I’d known from before, so I had someone to take me out most nights while I was home. I let him fuck me, (knee tremblers in a doorway) and although I admit to enjoying the feeling of warm flesh stroking me, I didn’t have an orgasm. I was not even close as he came much too quick for me to enjoy one, and it made me realize how much I missed Catherine’s attention. The day after New Years day I took the train back to Glasgow and was happy to do so.

Catherine met me at the station the evening I arrived back in the city, and I was as excited to see her, as she was me. After a welcoming hug and a kiss we walked to her car with arms around each other, it felt so natural now. I didn’t care what other people who may have seen us thought, I was so happy she was there to greet me. She told me often enough how much I pleased her, and later was to admit to me how she worried about me ‘moving on’ and dumping her. So when I returned from the holidays she was like a little girl again, bubbling with enthusiasm and chatting away, even though I’d phoned her she still worried I might not return.

I was surprisingly calm as she drove us home, holding hands in the car knowing she was there for me seemed to alleviate some fears in me too I think. The house was nice and warm, she had left the fire burning in the living room as well as the gas fire on in the bedroom. The table was set with candles that she lit once inside as she had prepared some sandwiches for us to snack on. Opening a bottle of wine she poured a glass for both of us and we toasted wishing each other a Happy New Year, with wishes for many more to come.

We didn’t eat much of the sandwiches, and I moved to the easy chair by the fireplace to drink the wine, glad to be home. She came and sank onto the floor at my feet, wrapped her arms around my legs and placed her face on my knees, kissing them and again thanking me for returning to her. I stroked her hair, petting her like one would a pet as the ataşehir escort heat and light from the fire crackling away had an amazing affect on me.

She got up to fetch me some more wine but I held out my hand taking hold of hers inviting her to sit with me, she sat on the arm of the chair and leaned over and kissed me deeply. I could smell her hair as well as her perfume, she smelled so clean her tongue reaching into my mouth, her hands taking my face in her hands, my body starting to come alive as I responded to our passion. My hand undid the buttons of her dress and passed inside to feel her tits. So warm and soft to my touch, I felt her breathing change as my hands caressed her beautiful mounds, fingers pinching her nipples feeling their hardness. It had been ten days since I’d felt their beauty, she took a moment to slip her arms out of her dress then removed her bra and settled back into my arms.

She knew how much I loved the feel of them, she arched her back to present them to me for my pleasure as well as her own, holding my head in her hands as I suckled on her nipples. Soon I was rewarded by hearing that low moan she emitted, followed by louder moans then that internal shudder the announced her orgasm. I held her, letting her enjoy the moment then felt her crush her face into mine as her tongue buried itself deep into my mouth.

I was almost there myself, my own knickers now wet at the crotch and ready to receive her pleasure too. I got up and took her hand and led her to the bedroom, she muttered something about the fire but I ignored it and she now started to undress me, blouse, skirt, bra then knelt down to remove my knickers.

She kissed my feet first, then uttered a thank you as I opened my legs for her to taste my pussy. She buried her face into my crotch as I received the pleasure of her tongue, I lay back and closed my eyes to bask in the pleasure now surging through my body and moments later was rewarded with a delightful orgasm, followed by a couple more in quick succession. I closed my thighs on her head as I locked my ankles behind her back, holding her in that head lock till my passion subsided and I relaxed.

I was deliciously happy as I felt her remove my shoes, undo my garter straps and remove my stockings, I unsnapped the garter belt and passed it onto the floor, then slipping kadıköy escort bayan under the covers watched as she undressed herself, then I held my hand out for her to join me, and we fell asleep in each others arms.

Marlene had phoned to see if I’d arrived back yet and said she’d call again later. I liked that as I’d really enjoyed her company, she was so sophisticated yet down to earth making me feel as an equal, and to think she was calling for me. (I later learned she’d called Catherine a couple of times and quizzed her about me). She did call again and the fact she was pleased to hear from me was evident in her voice, and invited us to her home again for dinner the coming Saturday.

I dressed more conservatively for some reason and Catherine drove us there where Ruth met us at the door and showed us into the living room. Marley got up and came to greet us giving me a hug and kiss saying something like “it’s good seeing you again”. What did surprise me was she was wearing a satin blouse that left little to the imagination and obviously no bra, and a black pencil skirt with black nylons and rather high heels. She led me to her couch and Ruth brought us all drinks and she held my hand as we chatted.

During the evening she asked me funny questions, I don’t really recall now but it was to do with my attitude towards what was considered ‘social’ and what wasn’t. Of course you didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize we were all lesbians, and Ruth was her partner. We were well plied with wine before and during dinner, then back in the living room we switched to liquor. By this time I was quite mellow, there was a nice fire in the grate, low lighting and she asked me to dance.

We danced to a slow waltz and she held me close cheek to cheek and we chatted, or rather she did most of the chatting, her voice almost purring as she told me she found me very attractive, (something I was used too) and I returned the compliment. “Oh I’m just an old woman who likes young people, that’s why I enjoy teaching” she said, so for the lack of a suitable response said something like, “yes but a very attractive and not so old lady” at which I think I stopped her for just a moment then she gave me a big hug and kissed me on my cheek. I was very conscious of her tits, her blouse was so low cut and with no bra on her escort maltepe tits were surprisingly firm, and her skirt was of a length that left quite a bit of thigh exposed. There was music and singing from the radio, kissing and touching each other and in my own little world I entered oblivion.

I was aware of Catherine and Ruth also dancing and kissing together in a romantic way, holding each other close, in the dim lighting it was so lovely to see, there was no bad feelings just acceptance. With her light kisses and hands caressing me Marlene was making romantic overtures to me, I quite enjoyed them and responded accordingly. I was conscious of her pressing her body into mine, her hand stroking my hips and bum as she gently pressed her leg between mine.

When we broke off again Catherine joined Ruth on an easy chair, and Marlene and I had the sofa and hugged and kissed, I could smell her hair and perfume, her tongue probing into my mouth as her hand found it’s way under my skirt. My hand slipped inside her blouse to feel her tit, so soft with her nipple rock hard. She whispered to me, “I want to fuck you” “Yes yes” was all I could say in response then a few minutes later whispered, “come on” and led me to her bedroom.

There we undressed each other, my hands eager to touch her too falling on the bed in a tight embrace, kissing and fondling each other we began the climb other to the heights of our passion. “Fuck me with your hand” she whispered, eager to please her I slid my middle two fingers into her pussy and for a moment she stopped kissing me and closed her eyes concentrating on the pleasure surging through her lions. She was very vocal, her sounds exciting me to a fever pitch and clutching my back, dug her fingernails into me at the moment of greatest delight as she exploded with a cry, I felt the pain for a moment, it was exhilarating. Resting for a moment, she now got me onto my back and began to ride me clit to clit, she held my head in her hands kissing me on my mouth as with practised ease she rode my body till I cried out with the magnitude of the pleasure she brought on.

I woke in the morning in her bed bursting for a pee, she was lying mostly on her tummy her arms draped around a pillow with one knee cocked up almost touching her elbow as I crawled out of bed and headed for the bathroom. My head was splitting, I had a dozy of a hangover and wondered about Catherine. Looking into the other bedroom she and Ruth were fast asleep in each others arms. I couldn’t have cared less, I just wanted to crawl under a rock and die, but failing that I made my way back into Marlene’s bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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