Sleeping Beauty

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Time stood still for the people of Winico as the grave news of Princess Rose broke. Not only had a witch attempt to end her life but now the princess was in a fatal coma.

For years I dreamed of confessing my undying affection for her but now that wish seems mortally unfeasible.

Healers from all across the land rushed to the princess, trying their best to cure her and break her from the spell. But alas, only the witch that cursed her could save her from impending death. Many Princes travelled far and wide to join the hunt for the escaped witch as the King had promised his daughters hand in marriage to the victor.


Over my dead fucking body would I let another man touch my beautiful Princess.

Without hesitation I rush to the palace to see the King.

“Your majesty, I am but a humble carpenter from our small town but, I would like to join the others in competing for your daughters’ hand,” I say, bowing my head in strict accordance.

The King spits his wine in shock and throws his head back in hysterical laughter. He turns to the Queen who mimics his amusement.

Her flawless beauty is undeniable. Creamy skin, dark hair, full red lips and a voluptuous chest with only a hint of a sag but, she doesn’t compare to her nubile, virginal daughter.

“You? Peasant? Want to compete for our daughters hand in marriage? Are you ill with the plague or simply out of your mind?” she presses, stifling a grin.

The servants join the King and Queen in ridiculing my plea with sneers and chuckles.

I swallow hard but fight to retain my confidence.

“Your highness… Yes, I have no money or land but I do have expert knowledge of the woods where the witch resides. The others aren’t familiar with our lands, surely I could be of great assistance at the very least,” I insist.

The room quiets as the King pendik escort holds his chin, contemplating my offer with a dim smile while the Queen glares violently, brusquely reminding me that I am beneath them.

She parts her lips to speak but the King stops her.

“The peasant has made a fair point. If he can find the witch and cure the Princess, he may marry my daughter.”

“Your Majesty!” the Queen objects, turning violently in her golden throne.

“But, since this outcome is highly improbable, he would in the meantime be of assistance to the more capable suitors,” he finishes.

I clench my fist behind my back and grit my teeth, never have I been this humiliated. I will prove to them that I am more than capable of saving the princess. Biting my tongue I nod and leave the palace to join the others.

The sun has now set and many suitors have given up the search and acrimoniously returned to their kingdoms.

I know the witch would be elusive but I’m confident in beginning my search. On my horse I enter the dark forest where only a few other suitors dared and locate the mystical waterfall I have been warned of.

She’s probably behind the stream. The water was said to be infested with venomous snakes, bringing instant death to anyone who entered. Staring at the bottom of the stream I contemplate my options and use my carpentry skills to build a raft.

Once my raft is complete, I yield my sword and paddle through the snake pit nearly falling as I climb the unstable rocks. I jump, pushing my body through the stream and land in the cave it masks.

I proceed with great caution – I have never faced a witch before.

I stop upon hearing a noise ahead that leads to a lit section of the cave. That must be the witch! I draw my sword and hold it at my side prepared to strike.

While the witch is focused maltepe escort on her bubbling brew I force my sword through her black heart. She shrieks in a deafening tone as she falls to the ground, writhing in agony.

“Tell me,” I demand. “Tell me how I can cure her!”

She spits at me and laughs. I press my sword further into her, turning the blade as I do.

“Enough,” she cries. “Enough.”

“Tell me witch!”

“The only thing that can wake Princess Rose and save her from her impending death – is an orgasm,” she chuckles, spitting blood in my face.

I raise my sword and drive it through her head, killing her instantly.

The sun is rising and the Princess only has hours to live. I rush to the palace as quickly as I can.

I force my way into the royal chambers and hold a bag above my head.

“What is this?” he yells.

“That’s the witches head. A deal is a deal your highness, I gave you the witch so I get your daughters hand,” I demand.

The King struggles to find his words with an equally flabbergasted Queen at his side.

“Impossible!” she hisses.

I retrieve the bag and let the witches head roll to the Queens feet.

“If that’s all, I’d like to go to the Princess now,” I insist.

The King reluctantly nods to the guard who takes me to Princess Rose’s living quarters.

The room is quiet, disturbingly so. The guard unwillingly leaves me and returns to his post at the Kings side.

I marvel at the sleeping beauty before me, clothed in layers of white silk, a dress that covered her from neck to toe. Her gorgeous full lips are making my cock twitch. Finally, I am going to have my way with her, a woman I have fantasized about for years.

I sit beside her, and brush her brown hair away from her gorgeous face. I pull her warm hand to my lips and gently kiss kartal escort it. Fuck she’s beautiful.

Unable to contain my excitement, I undo her white virginal corset revealing the most exquisite breasts I’ve seen. Her waist is small but fuck her breasts are at least a DD cup. My hand reaches for them, covering them and pinching her delicious nipples. Mmm, they’re so firm.

I squeeze each one of her gorgeous mounds, unleashing my straining erection as I do.

Slowly, I lick each nipple. Encircling it with my tongue then sucking hard – she tastes so fucking good. I move my hand down between her warm thighs, parting her creamy legs. I kiss her all the way down till I reach her dark bush.

I bury my tongue between her legs, slowly opening her lips and tugging on her clit when suddenly, I feel her move.

It must be working!

I continue to tongue fuck her, licking her sweet nectar is driving me craze. I need to fuck her.

I know the Princess is a virgin but I would love to take her ass, maybe next time.

Her pussy is so wet, ready, and waiting for me to enter her.

I take off the rest of my clothes and hers as well. The sight of her completely naked is enough to send any sane man over the edge but I have to concentrate – make her cum!

I position my throbbing cock between her milky thighs letting my tip open her lips.

Her scent is intoxicating; her juices are dripping on the sheets. I take a deep breath and force my cock inside her. I’m fucking her as slowly as I can but she’s so tight, making it impossible for me to stay focused.

Her firm breasts are bouncing as I’m pounding her delicious flesh and I bite on her neck, unable to resist.

Fucking her long and hard, her legs begin to quiver as I feel her coming to orgasm.

I pound her harder, losing myself in her glorious pussy.

She lets out a loud moan as he pussy tightens on my cock; she squirts her juices on me.

Unable to hold it any longer, I thrust harder and harder into her shooting my cum into her deliciousness. Still inside of her, she finally opens her eyes.

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