Sophie’s Chronicals Pt. 01

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Big Tits


I was just leaving a clothes shop when from nowhere I was approached by a man with a business card. Made me slightly nervous if I’m honest.

He told me he was a keen amateur photographer and wondered if I’d like to model for him, apparently he would cover any expenditure. My initial thought was a cheesy chat up line and though he was nice, but not my type. I politely said no, but took the card and went home.

About a week later I stumbled across the business card in the bottom of a carrier bag, not sure why but I kept it. The same evening curiosity made me look up his website and sure enough there was lots of pictures ranging from still life, to men and women in various attire. So perhaps he is genuine then I thought?

Then a feeling of guilt rushed over me I could have been a bit nicer to him.

After further investigations I established that he was a genuine and respected photographer so one evening I called him. His studio wasn’t that far away and he said any travelling costs he would pay, but essentially turn up with a selection of clothes and he would create a portfolio for me with only a cost if I intended to use it.

Arrangements made for one Saturday afternoon and I immediately started to think what to take!

On the arranged Saturday I arrived in good time to a house and was met by Simon the photographer, he was a genuinely lovely person and immediately offered me money to cover my travelling costs.

After a discussion as to what would happen we moved to a room in his house and he took pictures of me in various “poses”, quite enjoyed it once the nerves had disappeared.

Two days later I received an email from Simon with a link to my portfolio. Blimey was that really me? I emailed him back to thank him and said I would consider buying it.

The next day my friend Sara popped over and she looked at the online portfolio. She isn’t one to mince her words, nor to massage my ego, she looked and said “stunning Sophie, simply stunning”, that was a positive then!

A day or so later I was about to send Simon an email when I saw I had one waiting from him. In a very apologetic manner he said that another photographer was very interested in me , would I model for him? I would be paid. I telephoned Simon (who I swear thought he was in trouble) to enquire more, once he realised it was a friendly call he explained that £350.00 was available which he would like to keep £100 and the rest for me.

I was astonished, not that he wanted to keep some money but someone would pay that much!

Having established the pictures wouldn’t be under my ownership adana escort and that they would be similar to the ones Simon took, I agreed.

So once again on a Saturday I found myself entering a stranger’s house, introductions were made, Peter was the photographer and his wife Anne was there to assist with make up. I soon realised they had more of a professional studio then Simons.

A few pictures were taken and then I changed into a nice dress I had brought with me and over the next hour many pictures were taken. As before I was told they would be available for view via Simon in a few days but reminded they owned the rights to them.

On my return home I found money had been placed in my PayPal account and an email from Simon saying call me please. I did so but waited until the Monday, “are you interested in doing another modelling session Sophie?” Blimey I’m sounding like a professional. It wouldn’t be for a week or so and would be on a weekday, the photographer would require in his words ” more alluring clothes” on explaining Simon simply said “he means short dress or skirt, low top or blouse” there is £400 plus travel in it for you. I assumed he had taken his “cut”.

Why not? Booked!!

I informed Sara what i was doing just In case, packed a bag and drove the 20 miles to the studio. On this occasion it was more of an industrial unit, but once inside could see with very little work they could simulate lots of places/scenarios. Again there was a lady for make up, the photographer Aaron and also his very dashy male friend who introduced himself to me as Mark.

My instructions was to change into one of my choices of outfits and to be photographed on a red sofa. Thankfully I had brought a black mini skirt and white blouse so no clashing with sofa, make up was complete and I presented myself to Aaron with flow of compliments from him and Mark.

I sat in many different ways on the sofa for 30 minutes, the camera clicking away, a break was called and Aaron brought over a well earned glass of water, “we will try more seductive this time” Aaron said. Hmm I don’t recall seductive being mentioned but neither do I object, after all I guess it’s similar to flirting when out.

Sat on sofa I posed with more leg on show and fluttering eyes trying to be flirty, I was asked if I could do slightly more, would I open a couple of buttons on blouse? I didn’t feel at all threatened and yes I could and I would, so with a few buttons being undone pictures were taken. I was really starting to enjoy and furthermore I quite liked Mark.

Session over I returned ankara escort home, Sara telephoned me and we discussed what had happened.

Sunday afternoon an email arrived from Simon with a link, wow they were good pictures even though i say myself, sexy but nothing more. The email also went on to say Aaron has asked if i would consider “continental” pictures, i had no idea what he meant, but google provided the answer. Oh now this was a turn of events i didn’t think of.

I kept this to myself and considered all the aspects of pictures of me potentially being viewed by many people, the real scary bit was who do i know that may see them and how would that impact on our relationship? I decided rightly or wrongly to do it, i also decided not to tell Sara.

Arrangement made for a weekday and i returned to Aarons place, nervous didn’t describe my feelings. A bag full of clothes including the mini skirt and blouse previously worn, Aaron suggested wearing these again so i did. As before i sat on sofa and he started to click away,

I was aware of Mark looking at me, which wasn’t unpleasant, quite the opposite actually. He was offering words of encouragement.

I sat knowing my legs were on display as the skirt had ridden up and I saw Mark genuinely eyeing me, Aaron was encouraging me, so I undid buttons on my blouse, first one then another and another, sexy I hoped. Aaron was asking me to look up down and around. Mark was providing advice on positions and clothes or rather how to take them off, soon i was naked and presenting myself in what i hoped would be an erotic way.

I fancied Mark and his encouragement was helpful, i was comfy doing as he asked, spreading, holding my breasts and allowing close pictures of my moist pussy. We stopped for a break I popped a robe on and i was invited to see a selection of the pictures, bit of a shock but actually i thought i looked good. Aaron and especially Mark were fantastically complimentary which helped, it was erotic hearing him say nice things particularly as they had seen my most intimate of places.

“Ok” Aaron said “shall we do more?” Back to the sofa robe removed and more posing with legs open in some of the most imaginative ways possible, Mark started to stand around the sofa and started saying how nice I looked and his remarks got saucier and saucier, “look at me Sophie, I would want to take you home, would you come home with me? show me how you would look if we were at home together”.

I was completely immersed in the erotic situation Mark was painting in my mind and was thinking to myself antalya escort “oh if i had you at home Mark”.

Aaron then asked very politely was I prepared for more? Can he also run a video recorder as well as take pictures? without hesitating I said yes. With that Mark sat with me and said “just do what is natural, imagine we are alone” his eyes looking at me and his smile meant I didn’t need a second prompt. I kissed Mark I could feel his hands on my stomach then caressing my breasts, all the time we passionately kissed.

With no thought to the camera or video, I allowed myself to be completely drowned in the situation. He caressed each breast in turn kissing me as well as a nipple, again I heard Mark say “just think of us nothing else, think how much you want me, as I want you Sophie, I was hard the moment I saw you”, it was true he had a big bulge in his jeans, his fly was straining. I knew what I would do if at home, and turned towards him kissing him and undoing his fly buttons, from some point in the room I heard Aaron say “that’s good, great, good”.

I was fumbling but managing to undo Marks buttons I even got his belt undone, he was still massaging my breasts, I finally realised I could release what was behind his jeans.

“Go on” I heard him say, “we would do this at home,” still kissing him my fingers went into his jeans and I found his iron like cock and pulled it clear of his jeans. “Go on, it feels so good” he said between kisses. He had undone his shirt and my breasts were on his chest as we kissed, my hand was working on his erection, I felt his hand squeezing my breast, I moaned and moved my hand faster up and down his stiff cock. While kissing he said “people would like to see a stunning blonde like you wank a guy, go on finish the job Sophie”

God I was turned on, I turned my head so my right side rested on his chest, my breasts were on display for all to see, and I was looking at my hand moving up and down his rigid tool. He started to moan, “yea that’s it, yea that’s good” moving my hand slightly faster I could feel him tighten in my hand, hot fluid shot up his chest and onto my breast, I kissed him and continued working on his cock, still fluid came from it some finding his stomach while the rest ran down and over my fingers, as they continued to move up and down.

Lovely patches of his fluid where on his stomach and chest, what i did next was simply natural for me but i ran my hand over it and onto my breast and he and i massaged it into me.

Wow all this was unexpected to say the least. Aaron was acting like it was everyday occurrence (possibly was?) Mark was starting to unwind but kept saying “so sexy Sophie” as the proceedings all sort of calmed down in a matter of fact way. Oh so that’s it i thought and yes indeed it was, anticlimax in many ways, surely there would be more? Indeed there was but that will be told in my next Chronicle.

Sophie xx

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