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January 8


As it’s time to lay down to sleep, we crawl into bed. It’s been a long day. We’re both so tired that we’ve been wanting nothing more than our heads to hit our pillows. We lay down. Me with my back to you. You scoot up behind me to spoon.

“Goodnight babe,” you whisper in my ear.

“Night,” I say as I close my eyes.

As I lay there with my sight turned off, the rest of my senses kick into hypersensitive mode. At first, I think I’ll be fine. I listen intently to your breath so near my ear. I smell the masculine soap from your shower. I feel your arm around my waist and your legs tucked into mine. Your chest rising and falling calmly against my back.

Then it happens. I notice your cock semi hard against my ass. I’m a goner. My mind makes me remember exactly how good your cock can make me feel. I scoot back to press harder against you.

“Be still,” you growl in my ear. Which makes it worse. I love how your voice gets all low and growly whenever we play. Fuck. I gotta keep from moving.

Where only moments ago I was so tired I could have bahis firmaları fallen asleep on my feet, now I’m full of butterflies and dirty thoughts. My brain whirling as I try intently not to move an inch. I know you’re tired. We both worked so hard today. Busy day all around.

I can’t stop my mind. It urges me to reach back and take you in my hand. To stroke my favorite cock until you thrust inside me. Damn it no! Stop thinking that shit! Go to sleep.

I try to slow my breathing. Try to relax my body. How the hell do you lay so still? Why is your breathing so calm? I’m gonna lose my mind!

Was that a twitch? Did your cock move? I catch myself wiggling my ass just a little. Shit, fuck, hell! I didn’t mean to move. I want to let you get your sleep. But I also want to flip you on your back and suck that wonderful cock until you have your hands in my hair thrusting into my mouth. Filling my mouth until you’re hard enough to seat myself on. To ride it until we’re both too tired to move ever again.

Damn woman! Pull it together! I can’t let on that I’m not sleepy. If I lay here long enough, surely I’ll doze off. Right?

You’re kaçak iddaa still perfectly still. Your breathing pattern doesn’t seem to have changed. Mine on the other hand has sped up quite a bit.

Your arm shifts and your hand rests on my breast. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! As I breath your fingertips graze my nipple. SHIT! I can feel them pebbling up. My breathing gets even faster. . I squeeze my legs together. Trying for some kind of relief. Nothing short of your cock is going to help.

Laundry. Think of tons of laundry needing to be washed, dried, folded and put away. Dirty clothes. Dirty sheets. Mmmmmm. How I’d love to dirty these sheets. I want you to rub me while gripping me tight. I want to cum for you and watch your cum shoot out of your amazing cock.

I squirm again. Your cock rubs against my ass. How wonderful that cock would feel in my ass comes to mind. Your fingers skim my nipple again. Tingles zing from my nipple to my pussy. I squirm again. Grinding lightly on that wonderful cock.

I try to lay still. Damn it! I’ve told you what laying like this does to me. That’s when I feel your fingers latch kaçak bahis onto my sensitive nipple and twist. I hear your low chuckle in my ear. “You lasted almost 15 minutes babe. I’m so proud of you. You know I’ve told you to ask for what you want. There’s no need for you to torture yourself when I’m here and ready to fuck that sweet body until you really are ready to sleep. You need only ask,” you remind me.

“Please take care of me. I’m losing my mind. I tried so hard to settle down. I just need you. Please?” I beg.

You sneak your other arm under me and pinch and twist both nipples while grinding your hardening cock against my ass. I reach back and grab your ass. I feel the muscles tense and relax. Fuck! I pump my hips back into yours wanting more.

One hand slides slowly down my stomach and parts my pussy lips. Fingers glide down. You chuckle again. “Babe, you’re so wet. Mmmm!” Your fingers leave me a second to find your mouth. You growl in my ear as you suck my juices off your fingers. I arch my back and grip your ass tight.

“Please. I’m ready.” I urge. You line your hard cock up and it slides right in my pussy. So warm and wet. My silly mind took care of foreplay tonight. Now I just hold on tight for the main event.

*Now I normally wouldn’t end on such a cliffhanger BUT my emphasis is on what a mindfuck simply spooning can cause.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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