Stacy’s Mom Ch. 02

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Stacy stood under the threshold like a nightclub bouncer who just happened to be a cute 18-year old girl. I knew this would be my last sight, for Stacy would surely kill us both in a mad rage at any moment. It wasn’t a bad sight either. Surely better than the front of a speeding train or jagged rocks one hundred feet below. I stared back at my longtime friend and I began to realize that if her mom, who’s ass my cock was still engorged inside of, had not been the object of my lust, well then, Stacy and I may just have worked.

Stacy merely stared back at me. She had smiled when I had first looked up, but the expression had merely swept across her face like a soft breeze, allowing her stoic gaze to return.

She’s flipped. I thought. That’s why she smiled.

For what seemed like an eternity, no one spoke. Then Stacy’s lips parted and broke the silence.

“Well, well.” She said, tilting her head to the side again, “I was wondering how long it would take you two.”

What did she say? I stammered, and began to try to free myself from her mom’s ass.

“Don’t you dare move.” Stacy said sharply, pointing a finger directly at me, and I froze, my cock halfway out. I could not see Kirston’s face, but it sounded almost as if she were grinning, if it is at all possible to hear a grin.

But why? Nervous laughter? She was just in as much trouble as I was. Stacy walked slowly into the room, and I wondered if she had picked up any moves from her mom. She seemed to saunter, her hips moving her in the direction she wanted to go. She reached the end of the bed and sat down in such a meticulous manner as if trying not to disturb the position of the two naked people before her.

What a stupid thought. She’s just getting closer for the kill. Surely she has some concealed weapon on her that…

“Well?” Stacy said impatiently.

I cleared my throat and tried to speak. “Um…what?”

“Aren’t you going to continue?”

At this point I did hear Stacy’s mom. She moaned a long pleasurable moan and wiggled her ass so that I could feel the sensations spiraling through my cock.

“Stacy?” I asked, utterly confused.


“Um, aren’t you mad?”

Stacy sat on the side of her bed, her hands in her lap and I could tell she was thinking of how to answer the question.

“Yes Jordan, I was upset. I know you’ve had a crush on my mom for a long time now, but I didn’t know for sure until this afternoon when you were so totally obvious about it.” She paused, bit her lower lip and looked down at her hands. “I have always wanted to be more than your friend Jordan, and you made it clear today that you only wanted my mom.”

I was still confused. If Stacy was so upset, why hadn’t she thrown me out of her room by now? And why calmly confess these things to me in front of her mom? Was she trying to tell both of us something? I had so many questions, but before I could start asking them, Stacy’s mom spoke. I could feel her velvety voice through her back and against my chest. Like her daughter’s voice, it was calm, without a mild trace of tension.

“So she let you Jordan.” She said. “My little girl wanted you so much that she let you have her own mother.”


Then Stacy spoke again. “When I left you in the pool and came inside the house I was really angry. I was sobbing…just a wreck. I decided to finally approach mom about everything. canlı bahis I told her how frustrated I was with the whole situation, how I felt about you, and that I finally knew without a doubt that you wanted to…well…I was shocked when mom suggested this plan.”

“P-plan?” I mumbled.

“Yes dear.” Stacy’s mom cooed. “I suggested to Stacy that she leave the house and I would seduce you while she was gone; so that all your desires for me could be fulfilled. And we would both be getting something out of it, as I had not had a good fuck in a long while.” Stacy gasped, but quickly smiled. “She was shocked by my suggestion at first, as you’ve just seen, but it soon made sense. Didn’t it honey?”

“Mhmm.” Stacy replied. Her mom continued.

“And now that you’ve fulfilled your fantasy of fucking your friend’s mom, I’ll leave you two alone. You must have a lot to discuss.” And with that, Stacy’s mom began to slide slowly off my cock.

“I said don’t move mother.” Stacy was now pointing her finger at her mom. I suddenly knew what was to come, and as my heart raced in my chest, I watched the scene unfurl before my eyes with the delight of a child on Christmas morning.

“What, honey?” Stacy’s mom asked, her question laced with hopeful anticipation.

“Please continue. I was hoping to come home and catch you two in the act.” Stacy pouted.

“Well, we’ve just finished sweetheart.” But before her mom could pull off my cock, Stacy lunged forward, and with both hands, gripped my ass and pushed forward, causing all of my shaft to submerge itself into the warmth of her mother’s ass.

“Ohhhhhh.” Her mom and I both exhaled in unison.

“You’re not done with him yet mom.” Stacy said. “This was your idea, remember?” Then she moved her hands from my ass to my own hands, guiding them towards her mom’s beautiful round breasts. “There you go.” She said lovingly, and her mom moaned as I began to fondle them in my hands, my palms grazing gently over her hard nipples.

Soon, at Stacy’s request, I was fucking her mother’s ass again, pumping in and out of her tight little hole, my head spinning with excitement. As if being watched by Stacy didn’t turn me on enough, she had kicked off her shoes, sat up on the bed, and started talking dirty. Words and phrases I had never before heard my friend utter were now pouring from her cute little mouth as she began to squeeze her own tits through her t-shirt as she watched us.

“You like that mommy? You like it when my friend fucks you? You’re such a slut, aren’t you mommy?”

“Mmmmm, ohh YES!” Was her mother’s response, as I drove my cock up her ass to my balls, and she squealed with pleasure. Then Stacy did something that made me swoon. Lying on her tummy, she crawled up towards her mom’s ass, licking her lips and flicking her gaze up to me.

“Slide it out slowly, but not all the way.” She purred. And her mom moaned at her daughter’s request.

I did as I was told and slowly, inch after inch, slid my cock from mommy’s asshole, the wet slurping sounds bouncing off every wall of Stacy’s bedroom. Her mom reached up and grabbed the headboard and I could feel her muscles pushing, shitting my cock out.

“There. Stop.” Stacy said abruptly, the head of my cock almost visible. Then she bowed her head as if in prayer and I felt her soft, wet tongue slide down the length of my cock to her mom’s pink puckered star. I arched bahis siteleri my back at the feeling, trying desperately to hold back the load of cum that my balls had been producing over the past ten minutes. I looked down, hoping I could see what I felt, her tongue working its way up and down, but Stacy’s head was completely blocking my view. I grabbed a handful of her strawberry blond hair and simply closed my eyes.

“Now slide slowly back in.” She whispered. I did so, and her lips and tongue were there to greet every inch of my cock, like cups of water handed out to a marathon runner.

“I…I’m gonna cum soon!” I said.

“No! Not yet!” Stacy said sharply, and suddenly, my eyes were open as I felt my cock leave its warm home. Stacy’s mom had turned around and now gazed at Stacy and I with a devilish grin on her face.

“I really do want to see you to get…together.” She said with a wink, and Stacy leaned in and slipped her tongue into my mouth. I could taste both her mom and myself on her tongue, but it only added to my hunger. I held her close to me, kissing my friend for the first time like I had never kissed her before. It was such a passionate kiss, that I felt my cheeks go hot, Stacy’s tongue dancing over mine, and her nails on my back.

I lay her down on the bed and quickly began removing her clothes, pulling her t-shirt up and over her head, our breaths both getting harder. Stacy’s mom leaned in and began to jerk my cock in her hand as I undressed her daughter, and as she leaned over Stacy, I saw Stacy’s eyes go wide. Her mom’s puffy, shaved pussy hovered right over her daughters face, and as I was unzipping Stacy’s jean cutoffs, I saw a sight that made me stop: Stacy and her mother were practically in a 69 position, and it looked as if Stacy was about to do something she had never done. She slowly lifted her head off the bed and parting her lips, slid her tongue out and dragged it right down the length of her mommy’s slit.

Kirston stopped as suddenly as I had, and her eyelids began to flutter. She looked at me innocently, as if to ask, “How can you be kissing me there if you’re here?” and then let out a sound that would make any man’s shorts suddenly wet.

She reached up and grabbed my shoulders for support as Stacy began to eat out her mother’s delicious pussy, and I softly whispered to her mom: “She can’t help it. You are too irresistible, even for your own daughter.” My remark clearly made her even wetter, for now Stacy began to make erotic moaning sounds as she drank the flowing juices from her mommy’s wet pussy.

I took Kirston’s hands in mine, and with a reassuring smile helped her to lie down on her back. Stacy and I quickly changed positions, so that both of our mouths were inches away from our mommy’s yummy pussy.

“Ohhhh yess, please! Please lick me!” She began to beg. “Lick mommy’s pussy!”

And we did. Kirston’s daughter, and for all practical purposes, her adopted son, were now slipping both their tongues into her dripping slit. Then Stacy and I took turns, she pushing her tongue deep inside, as I sucked on her swollen clit. Then, as Stacy sucked her mom’s clit into her mouth, I began to slide two fingers deep inside.

Mommy was in bliss. Her tousled hair was strewn about the pillow and over her face as she spread her legs wider, and lifted her hips off the bed to meet each tongue and finger. As we both sensed her getting bahis şirketleri closer and closer to cumming, we sucked and slurped and fingered harder and wetter and deeper.

“Ohh,Ohhh…I’m…gonna…I’m…Ohhh…I’m CUMMING!!!

Stacy’s mom gushed in her climax, sending juice into both my mouth and Stacy’s. We lapped up every drop then climbed up on either side of her, draping our arms and legs over her body, as she held us close. Stacy looked over her mom’s heaving breasts at me and smiled.

“Now I know why you wanted my mom so much.” And her mom giggled. “I’ve actually thought about doing that for a while mommy.” Stacy then said. “So I guess I have Jordan to thank for a lot of things.”

“Well then thank him honey!” Kirston said. “The boy wants to cum!”

Stacy flashed me a naughty grin, then climbed over her mom and straddled me. I bit my lower lip as I felt the lips of her pussy kiss the tip of my cock, glistening with pre-cum. Her mom sat up on her elbows to watch.

“Don’t be such a cocktease Stacy!” She scolded. I know how desperately you want to fuck him.” And as she finished the sentence, Stacy lowered herself completely over my cock, making the cutest wince and hunching her shoulders up.

“Mmmmmmmm” She moaned and began riding my cock, sliding up and down slowly then a little faster.

“That’s a good girl.” Her mom said. “Ride his cock.” Then she turned her back to us, reaching towards the nightstand.

Stacy leaned over me and pressed her tits against my chest. They were smaller than her mom’s but still a good size, and her skin was just as silky. I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around one of her rock hard nipples and began to suck softly as she fucked me.

“Yes! That feels so good!” She panted, and I sucked harder, pulling her into my mouth and nibbling like a thirsty baby.

Just then, Stacy’s eyes got wide again and her mouth dropped open. I figured she was about to cum, but then I noticed her mom was on her knees behind her. What was she up to?

“Lean over sweetie.” Kirston told her daughter, and Stacy pressed her body towards mine again, her skin covered in goose flesh, and I saw the reason why. Mommy had put on a strap on, and was proceeding to push the thick rubber cock against Stacy’s puckered ass. Clearly mommy wanted to be in on the action again.

“Mommy’s gonna help you cum baby.” She sang.

“Ohh please mommy.” Stacy begged.

“Do you want to be sandwiched between your best friend and your sexy mommy?”

“Mmmm…uh huh.” Stacy nodded, the overwhelming look of pleasure in her face as her mom pushed her cute cheeks apart and began to enter her daughter’s tight asshole. As she slid deeper and deeper inside, she reached under and played with Stacy’s clit as she rode my cock, and it drove Stacy completely over the edge.

“Cum with me!” she pleaded to me and she pulled at my hair as we both came, my cock unloading wave after wave inside her bouncing pussy. It felt so good and so right to be fucking Stacy, like it was the culmination of so many things, and as she collapsed on my body, I squeezed her tightly, as her mom leaned over her daughters shoulder and brushed the strands of wet hair off my forehead.

The three of us fell fast asleep in Stacy’s bed, and after waking and finding the sun had set, we all went skinny dipping under the stars. I felt like I was in ancient Greece, making love to two beautiful, naked, sirens in the dark water. Half way through our swim, Stacy had to run inside to pee. Her mom and I waited twenty seconds and then followed. But that, they say, is another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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