Stepdaughters Visit Ch. 03

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So Danni had gone home and life returned to normal. I wasn’t sure if what happened during her visit had been a good or bad thing on reflection. Yes of course I had enjoyed it, more than words can say, but I couldn’t help wonder if It would have been better if it hadn’t happened at all.

After more than two years without sex I had become used to it and although I couldn’t say I didn’t miss it I had accepted the situation. To be suddenly reminded of it and then knowing it wasn’t likely to happen again seemed almost cruel.

I consoled myself with the hope that one day Jane’s sex drive would return and we could once again enjoy an intimate relationship. At least I had the memory of Danni to keep me going, and what memories they were!

Time seemed to fly past these days and the weekend was here before I knew it. This was Jane’s weekend away. She had been looking forward to it for weeks and I knew she would enjoy a catch up with her old friend that she had known since school.

I dropped Jane off at the train station early Friday evening. She was away until Sunday evening so I had the weekend to myself. I had no plans as such, perhaps wash the car and there was always plenty to do in the garden but otherwise I was happy just to chill.

Saturday afternoon I was sat in front of the TV watching football when I heard a knock at the front door. I couldn’t think who it could be, I certainly wasn’t expecting anyone and besides, it was raining cats and dogs. Who would venture out in this weather!

Of course there was one sure way of finding out who was disturbing my solitude. Opening the door I was more than surprised to see young Danni standing in the lashing rain absolutely soaked to the skin.

“Danni!” is all I could say in my surprise.

“Can I come in?” she asked, with a little smile.

“Yeah of course come in girl, you’re drenched!” I said, stating the obvious.

“When I set out it was a sunny day and the forecast hadn’t mentioned rain,” Danni said, wiping water from her eyes.

“Yeah they got it very wrong today that’s for sure. God girl you’re dripping, stay right there, I’ll fetch a towel,” I said and ran upstairs to the airing cupboard.

Moments later I returned with a couple of towels and wrapped a large white bath towel around Danni’s shivering body. Although it wasn’t a particularly cold day the rain had obviously chilled her.

“Thank you, sorry, I’m making a puddle on the floor,” she said.

Looking down my eyes focussed more on her feet than the puddle they stood in. She had slipped her shoes off and I couldn’t help notice her red painted toe nails.

“Don’t worry about that, here, dry your hair,” I said, holding out another towel.

“Bet my hair looks a mess!” she said, taking the towel from me.

“Not used to seeing it curly,” I said. She always wore it straight.

“Oh God it is isn’t it!” Danni said, dipping her head to see the long blond curly strands cascading down in front of her.

“Go through and take a seat in the lounge and I’ll make you a cuppa to warm you up,” I said.

“Thank you, sorry to be a nuisance,” she said.

As I headed for the kitchen I heard Danni’s little feet squelch on the hard hall floor as she made her way to the lounge.

A few minutes later I joined Danni in the lounge and handed her a hot cup of tea. She had sat herself down in the armchair opposite the sofa where I sat down in my usual place.

“I didn’t expect to see you today!” I said as she took the cup from my hand.

“Well Sam’s not home till late, something to do with work, so I thought I’d come round and thank Mum properly for last week,” she explained.

“But your Mum’s away this weekend, surely she told you!” I said.

“Oh Yeah, I totally forgot,” Danni said unconvincingly. The fact that she hadn’t asked where her Mother was told me she was lying.

“So how are things now with you and Sam?” I asked, “did you have that talk?”

“Still much the same I’m afraid. We have had a talk but he wont really open up. It’s still a work in progress. I haven’t given up yet,” she explained.

“Ah that’s a shame. Give it time Danni, I’m sure you’ll work it out in the end,” I said.

“I do hope so. But in the mean time I’m left high and dry!” she said.

It was hardly surprising that Danni had been shivering. Wearing a thin short summer floral dress, it wasn’t likely to keep her warm when it was soaked through. The only other thing she had with her, apart from shoes, was a small shoulder bag which now sat on the floor beside her.

Danni wrapped her hair in the towel and bundled it up on top of her head. It looked like an oversized turban. It was pretty obvious what her visit was about so I didn’t beat about the bush.

“You didn’t really forget your Mum was away this weekend did you?” I asked.

“No,” she said, looking at me sheepishly.

“You’re a little liar aren’t you?” I said, teasing her.

“Yes,” she replied.

“Naughty girl!” I exclaimed.

“Are you going to punish me for canlı bahis lying?” she asked, now with a sparkle in her eye.

“Do you think I should?” I asked.

“Yes, naughty girls should be punished,” she replied.

“And how should naughty girls be punished?” I asked, intrigued to hear her answer.

“Naughty girls should be spanked!” Danni answered, now taking on the voice and demeanour that fitted perfectly.

I had to think for a few seconds of how to proceed now control had been passed over to me. Danni stared at me awaiting instruction.

“Very well, stand up and take that wet dress off,” I said.

Danni was keen to obey. Putting her tea down she stood up and quickly discarded the towel from around her shoulders, and a moment later her dress fell to the floor. Now wearing only matching black cotton bra and panties, she stood, arms down by her sides, waiting on my next instruction.

“Now come here and bend over,” I demanded, sliding forward in my seat and patting my thighs.

“Yes Daddy,” she said.

Bending over I felt her small boobs squash against my left leg. Her long blond hair tumbled free from the towel and hung down almost touching the floor. Placing my left hand on her back above her bra strap her skin felt cold and damp.

I rested my right hand on her bum cheeks which also felt cold and damp. Her black panties were saturated from the rain and I could see the slight bulge of her pussy lips pressed against the wet material.

“Now this is what you get for lying,” I said, slapping her left buttock.

Danni let out a little squeal. I knew I wasn’t hurting her, I wasn’t using that much force. Again her skin felt cold and damp.

“This is for your own good you understand, you must learn,” I said, slapping her right buttock.

“Oooo, yes Daddy,” she said.

Alternating between left and right little plump mounds I continued to slowly spank, but now I would keep my hand against her skin longer while I kneaded and stroked her beautiful white cheeks.

Gradually my hand felt further and further down and I stroked the back of each smooth thigh. My hand ventured further, the back of her knees, down her calf and right down to her feet which she lifted from the floor one by one.

Caressing each foot in turn, paying particular attention to her little toes I made the return journey up her legs and gave her bum a final few smacks before running a finger down between her legs, gently stroking her pussy.

“Oh Danni, look what you’ve done now. You’ve made Daddies jeans all wet!” I said, starting to get the hang of this role-play.

“Sorry Daddy,” she said, playing along.

“Stand up girl and get those wet clothes off,” I demanded.

“Yes Daddy, sorry Daddy,” Danni said.

She followed my instruction and in seconds she was standing naked in front of me, her bra and panties lay on the carpet. It was one of those sights that you could never forget.

Her hands behind her back, those pert little breasts with the little stiff nipples highlighted by the large dark disks of the areolae, the curve of her hips, her protruding pussy lips, perfect slender legs above her sexy little feet with red painted toenails and her head bowed forward showing total submission.

“Now I’ll have to take my jeans off,” I said.

Although Danni kept her head bowed I could see her eyes rolled up in their sockets to watch me. A lustful little grin appeared on her lips when I pushed my jeans and underpants down my legs.

My penis wasn’t hard yet due to its constraint but it had grown in length. It bobbled around as I released my feet from my clothing and when stilled, dangled down over my balls.

“So do you want to make it up to Daddy for making his jeans wet?” I asked.

“Yes Daddy, I’ll do anything,” she said, head still bowed.

“Good, well Daddies balls are dirty and need cleaning!” I said.

Danni couldn’t help herself and began to giggle.

“That sounds ridiculous doesn’t it!” I said and laughed along with her.

We both tried are utmost to compose ourselves but every time one of us fell silent the other would giggle which set us both off again.

“Not something you often hear is it!” I said, we were both soon crying with laughter.

“Stop it, I’m gonna wet myself in a minute!” Danni managed to say before another fit of giggling.

It was several minutes before we could continue…

Eventually Danni sunk to her knees and began licking at my balls. There was still an occasional giggle but lust eventually won out. Of course my cock had gone totally limp by this time but it soon began to respond to Danni’s efforts.

I was glad now that I had decided to keep myself shaved. It had only been the previous evening that I had shaved again and I could see Danni was enjoying the soft smooth feel.

As my cock grew it bobbled around more and more on Danni’s nose and face which encouraged it to grow harder. It soon lifted itself clear from her face and stood up firm and proud.

Danni took my bahis siteleri left ball in to her mouth and as I looked down I watched her eyes slowly look up the hard shaft above her and onwards until she looked me straight in the eye.

“Your balls are so soft, I just love the feel,” she said, after my ball fell from her mouth.

Danni rubbed her right cheek against my sack and then slowly raised her head. Rubbing my hard shaft against her face, one cheek then the other, she began kissing and licking her way up.

“Awww poor thing, he’s crying again!” she said, now looking down on the tip.

Suddenly Danni sat back on her heels.

“Just a sec,” she said, and leant behind herself to grab her bag.

“I promised Talia that I’d take some more pics. She’d never forgive me if I forgot,” she said, pulling her bag open and grabbing her phone.

Crouching down she took a snap looking up from below my balls. After another couple of shots from different angles she grabbed the base of my shaft and gave it a few firm wanks.

“Ohh Yeah, she’ll like that one, I know I do,” she said, capturing a stream of pre cum rolling down my cock.

“Right, enough of that, I need a taste,” she said, sliding her phone across the carpet behind her.

Placing her left hand flat against my thigh I saw her other hand disappear from sight between her legs. My cock twitched continuously as in one long stroke Danni licked up from my balls to the knob and then rolled her tongue in to her mouth.

“Oh Yeah!” she exclaimed, tasting her harvest.

Pulling my cock down to a horizontal position Danni slipped her lips around the knob. She sucked hard and took hold of the shaft in her left hand and began to wank. Instinctively I began thrusting my hips backwards and forwards.

“Oh God that feels good,” I said.

Danni loosened her lips to allow my cock more movement. Turning her head slightly from one side then the other my knob pressed against the inside of her cheeks making them bulge out.

“Is Daddy going to come in my mouth?” Danni said, pulling her head back to speak.

She looked up at me, her tongue licked at my knob and she kept wanking my shaft while she awaited my response. I hadn’t intended coming yet but obviously Danni had other ideas.

“Yes, Daddies going to fill your mouth with his spunk!” I said.

“Oh Goody Goody I love the taste of Daddies spunk!” she said, and opened her mouth wide.

“That’s a good girl, now suck daddies big knob,” I said, playing my part.

She began wanking me harder and faster. Her right hand now caressed my balls. She sucked and licked my cock as I fucked her mouth. Again she turned her head so my knob made her cheek bulge.

“Are you ready for Daddies cum?” I asked, not that she had much choice, I was far to close to stop.

Of course she couldn’t speak but looking up at me she managed a slight nod of her head. Her little hand was almost a blur as she wanked my shaft as fast as she could.

“Here it comes, Ahh Fuck, OH God!” I called out.

Danni gagged a couple of times but kept her lips tightly shut. She patiently waited until she was sure I’d finished before she allowed my spent cock to slide from her mouth.

Despite her best efforts a little trickle of sperm ran down her chin. I was about to sit back on the sofa behind me when Danni’s flailing arms stopped me.

“ang on,” she struggled to say, and I realised her mouth was still full of my seed.

Reaching for her phone again she held my cock an inch from her mouth which she carefully opened to expose the large puddle of cum. Satisfied that she’d got a couple of good pictures she swallowed my load.

“Oh God I so love that taste. I’m a dirty cow aren’t I!” she said.

I sat back on the sofa and Danni quickly joined me. Putting my right arm around her shoulders, she cuddled up to me and rested her left hand on my thigh.

“That was a huge load! I didn’t think it would ever stop!” she exclaimed.

“Me neither. You will be careful with those pictures on your phone won’t you, I would hate for Sam to see them,” I said, seeing her phone in her right hand.

“Yeah, don’t worry, only Talia will see them,” Danni assured me.

“I don’t think I’ve met her, have I?” I asked.

“No I don’t think you have. I think she’d already moved away when you met Mum. When I moved in with Sam I was so happy when I found out she lived so close. Such an amazing coincidence,” Danni explained.

“You seem very firm friends,” I said.

“Yeah we’ve known each other for years. I’ve got some pics of her here, hang on,” she said, taking her hand off my thigh to navigate her phone.

“Oh yeah, here they are,” she said, holding her phone up.

Danni slowly scrolled through several pictures. From what I saw Talia was a little taller than Danni but not by much. Shoulder length dark brown hair, hazel eyes but the thing that stood out most, or should I say the two things, was the size of her chest. She was very well blessed in that department.

“You bahis şirketleri look Very close friends in that one,” I said, seeing the next picture of Talia and Danni kissing.

“Oh that was when we were out on the town. We were just posing for the camera,” Danni said.

“Really! It looks rather more than that,” I said.

“Oh God no, it’s nothing like that, although… no really it was all quite innocent,” she said.

“Are you totally sure? You don’t sound convinced yourself!” I said, probing deeper.

“Well… No It’s just, well, I sometimes wonder.. You know, what it would be like with another woman,” she said.

“You mean sex with another woman?” I said.

For most men the thought of two women together was quite a turn-on and I was no exception.

“Just curious I guess, I mean if I actually tried it I might find it repulsive,” Danni said.

“I don’t think it’s that uncommon. From my experience, certainly as women get older, they lose their inhibitions,” I said.

“Anyway, enough of this talking, I’m as horny as hell!” she said and turned her head to face me.

Her right hand was soon playing with my flaccid member while my right hand found her breast.

“What are you going to do to me Daddy?” she asked in her little girl voice.

“What does Danni want me to do?” I asked, sure of what her answer would be.

“Eat my pussy!” she replied.

It was exactly the answer I had expected. She was already moving in to position as I knelt down on the floor. Her bum on the edge of her seat she laid back and spread her legs wide.

Looking up her naked body her little tits seemed to be calling for attention. Lightly teasing her left nipple with my tongue it stiffened, inviting me to suck it in to my mouth.

Once I had paid the same attention to Danni’s right breast I kissed my way down to her navel. I probed her little innie button with the tip of my tongue before continuing my journey downwards.

Her skin was now dry and warm. But now, with my head between Danni’s thighs, my eyes focussed on the darker skin of her protruding pussy lips which were most definitely wet.

Danni moaned with anticipation as I teased her inner thighs with soft kisses, moving ever closer to her soft wet delights. Giving her pussy lips a long firm kiss, I pulled away.

“Pull your legs up for me Danni,” I said.

Without hesitation Danni pulled her legs up and held them with her hands. With her legs bent at the knee her pretty little feet caught my eye and I couldn’t resist. With one continuous lick up from the heel of her right foot my lips found her toes and I sucked them in to my mouth.

My gaze rarely strayed from the sight of her pussy while I satisfied my fetish with both of Danni’s feet. To my great surprise, and delight, I felt my penis coming back to life.

Returning my attention back to between Danni’s open legs, placing a hand on the back of each of her thighs my tongue wriggled its way inside her sopping wet cunt. A slight sexy musty odour greeted my senses.

“Oh Daddy!” Danni exclaimed.

Pressing deeper, past her inner lips, my nose rubbed against her swollen clitoris.

“OH DADDY!” Danni repeated.

My hands stroked her thighs while my tongue continued its exploration. Her juices flowed with abundance, soaking my face.

“Oh God that’s so good,” she said, with a shaky voice.

I replaced my tongue with a finger and sunk it deep inside her up to the knuckle and after giving each inner thigh a kiss, gently sucked her clit between my lips.

“Oh Oh, Oh Fuck,” Danni said, her breathing now short and laboured.

I changed play again. Removing my finger I licked down her pussy lips and continued down to her anus. My finger, now wet and creamy replaced my tongue on her clit.

“Oh Fuck Yes Oh God Yeah Oh Fucking hell,” Danni said, her voice and body now trembling.

Alternating between her pussy and arse with my tongue while still playing with her clit with my finger I pushed Danni closer to orgasm. When I was sure she’d reached the final straight I sucked firmly on her clit and thrust two fingers deep up her cunt.

“OOOOOH FUUUUCK!” Danni screamed.

Her body went rigid and she fell silent as her orgasm possessed her.

“Oh God that was so,” she said, unable to find the words.

My cock was throbbing and when I looked down I saw pre cum dripping from the tip. I knew I had to be careful considering how tight Danni was and my thickness but I just had to fuck her.

Danni wasn’t aware of my intention. Her eyes where closed when I pressed my swollen knob against her cunt lips. Her eyes shot open when she felt my knob pushing slowly inside her.

“Oooh Yeah, that’s so good,” she said.

I’m not sure whether it revived Danni’s fading orgasm or a second was waiting in the wings but I knew she was already close. Although Danni’s cunt was tight she was so wet that my cock was soon buried deep inside.

With very slow deliberate strokes I began to fuck her knowing full well that I wouldn’t last long. Danni straightened her legs and rested them against my shoulders, her feet were now either side of my head. Turning my head to the left I took her sexy little red painted toes in to my mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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