Summer with My Stepsister Pt. 01

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Valarie, or Val as I called her, had been my stepsister since I was 10 and she was 13. We got along like most siblings, playing together when the mood dictated and staying out of each other’s way when need be.

Things started to change around the time she turned 18 though. Most the guys in my school had no problem telling me how hot my stepsister was, which I’d tried to avoid thinking about, despite the fact I had noticed the great changes to her body over the years.

Val always had bright hazel eyes and perfect brown skin, but after she became an adult, it was hard not to notice her toned body that came from years of gymnastics. She also had these B-cup sized breasts and an ass that jiggled with every step she took.

But again, she was my stepsister and I tried to never look at her sexually. This became especially when our parents installed a pool which I had a perfect view of from my bedroom.

I would often catch myself staring a little too long at her and friends sunbathing, but I’d always tell myself I was looking at her friends.

Val ended up going a few states away for college, leaving me with our two overbearing parents. In my remaining years of high school, I managed to date a total of two girls, neither of which would take my virginity.

It was beginning to look like I was going to enter college still a virgin. How lame…

My parents informed me that Val would be living at home again in the summer, which she usually did. I never saw much of Val during the summers, though. She was popular and still had a bunch of friends in town, so she would spend most her time with them.

When Val got home, she was wearing a tank top and tiny white shorts, which our mom complained about, saying she could “see her coochie.” While this was untrue to my knowledge, the shorts did offer a slight view off her ass cheeks.

“Here Danny,” she said, handing me a box a carboard box. “Put this stuff in my room, will you?”

“Hello to you too, Val,” I replied sarcastically. She cutely stuck out her tongue.

“Oh actually,” dad started saying to Val, “We are having to do illegal bahis some renovations to you room. Had a storm the other night and mom noticed your ceiling was leaking.”

“For real?” she cried.

“Yeah, sorry honey,” Mom said. “We have that spare cot in our room, so you can stay in there with us.”

“Uh, I’ll actually just sleep on the couch,” she said, grabbing another box from her car. She walked past me and said, “Or maybe I’ll just bunk with little Danny here.”

I laughed sarcastically.

I wasn’t sure what to do with the box Val gave me, so I just dropped the box in front of her room. It popped open, revealing an array of panties, all different colors and styles. I made sure no one was around before picking up the pair on top. It was a dark red thong that featured barely any fabric. Thoughts of Val posing in the underwear flooded into my head, causing me to make a quick retreat into my room.

“She’s your stepsister,” I said to myself as I laid on my bed. “Stop being a pervert!”

I did a few deep breaths and the boner that had been forming in my pants started to go down.

I took a breath of relief and turn to the side, noticing that Val was already in a two-piece bikini, sunbathing by the pool.

“This is going to be a long summer,” I thought.

After two weeks of seeing Val around the house, my carnal desires for her seemed to subside. It probably also had something to do with the fact I was masturbating at least three times a day.

Val was spending her nights on the couch downstairs but was out most of the day. As for me, I pretty much stayed by my computer, waiting for a response from any of the colleges I applied to.

One application required me to write a 2000-word “About Me” essay, which I decided to actually work on since I was pretty bored. It took longer than I thought to write, and I ended up not finishing until around midnight. My eyes were burning from staring at the computer so long and I just wanted to close them and drift to sleep. I turned off my lights and laid in bed.

After laying in bed for about an hour, I heard my door illegal bahis siteleri open and saw a figure slip in. And before I had time to react, the figure slipped into my bed.

“What the hell?” I said.

The figure turned towards me to reveal it was Val. “Hey Danny,” she said. “I’m a little stoned and my back is killing me from sleeping on that couch. Think I can share the bed with you? Just for tonight?”

“I don’t-“

“Pleaseeee,” she pleaded, looking at me with her Hazel eyes.

“Fine,” I said. “I’ll sleep on the couch.”

“I’m not going to kick you out of bed,” she said, then scooted as far as she could to the edge. “Look, I hardly take up any room. Now, just go to sleep.”

I didn’t want her sleeping next to me as I’d had such a hard time trying not to think about her, but I knew the couch downstairs wasn’t long enough for me to fit comfortably. I was also too tired to think about Val anyway, so I turned towards the wall and closed my eyes.

I started dreaming about a girl at school. It was the girl I always wanted to ask out but never did. In my dream, she walked over to me in the middle of class and started rubbing my cock. It felt amazing as rubbed the shaft up-and-down over my pants. I could feel myself close to cumming when I woke up.

I’d forgotten Val was there and freaked out for a moment, then noticed that I was now facing her back. I looked under the covers to see my dick pressed up against her ass. And apparently, she’d taken off her jeans and shirt sometime in the night and now only had on a black bra and white panties that clung tightly to her ass.

I started to flip back over, but Val pressed into me, pushing my cock even harder against her ass again. It felt amazing, but I knew I needed to get out of the situation before something really awkward happened. I began shifting as slowly as possible, trying my best not to wake Val. This didn’t go over well as Val instantly woke up and turned her head towards me.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“I think I flipped over in my sleep,” I replied, hoping she hadn’t noticed my extremely canlı bahis siteleri erect dick poking into her ass. “I was just trying flip back over.”

She stared at me for a moment, then lifted the covers.

“Holy shit,” she said.

“Fuck,” I thought.

“That thing is fucking huge!”

“Uh…” I said unsure of how to respond.

“What is that like 9-10 inches?” she asked.

“Well, yeah. I think.”

“Fuck dude. How’d I never notice that thing before?” she said, giving me a slight laugh. “The girls at school must love you.”

“It hasn’t really helped me much,” I said. “I haven’t even lost my virginity.”

She sat up and turned toward me. “You’re kidding right?”

“No,” I said. “Hasn’t happened.”

She looked me up-and-down, then lifted the sheets again. “Well, all you gotta do is whip that out in college and you won’t have any problem finding someone to suck it.”

“Yeah, thanks for the encouragement,” I said with an awkward laugh.

Val laid back down and turned away from me. I did the same.

“Listen,” she started, “If you need to take care of that to go to sleep, it’s cool. You won’t bother me.”

I wasn’t sure if she was joking or not, but truthfully, I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep with how hard my erection was and the thought of Val staring at my dick with awe just made me want to cum even more.

I began stroking my cock slightly, hoping that Val wouldn’t be able to tell what I was doing. I thought about the dream I was having and the hot girl at school touching my cock, but before I knew it, Val’s face popped into my head. The image of her in her panties laying next to me filled my brain and made me start stroking faster.

At one point, I stopped, feeling the bed shake a little. I turned my head slightly to see Val was shaking. She let out a slight moan and I instantly knew what she was doing. I stroked even harder, making it obvious that I was masturbating. Val did the same, not trying to hide her moaning anymore.

Knowing that I was going to cum soon, I grabbed an old shirt from under my bed and placed it over the tip of my cock. Val moaned again and with that, I exploded into the shirt, moaning louder than I meant to.

When everything was squeezed out, I slightly turned to Val, seeing that she’d stopped shaking as well and was now breathing hard.

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