Sunny Afternoon

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Try as I might and as fleeting as it is, I draw the curtains to try and drown out the bright light streaming in from the gorgeous, sunny afternoon through the windows in my bedroom. So as it is not entirely dark, I leave the curtains lazily open, so that just the right amount of warmth shimmers in.

I lay on the bed on my stomach. It is his favorite position to find me. My firm and round cappuccino colored bottom is on display for him this way. It is my way of pointing the target for his aim. It is there I want his attention, and that is where he is going to give it to me.

The tanline from my bikini bottom gives him further directions, and the contrast of the slightly lighter hue of warm brown playing against the golden sweetness of the rest of me is irresistible to him. I know this and use it to just push the lustful goad further.

The small of my back, slim and tight, gives way to small and perfectly proportioned hips, giving a rounded outer edge to my bubble bottom laying here in wait for him.

I part my legs just a little and ever so, so that when he walks in he will see teasingly where my warmth is, waiting for him to dive deep into. I feel the heat of the swath of light that is splayed across my buttocks, a spotlight on the stage of waiting delights tickle my skin and send me to momentary joy.

The front door sounds open. I hear his footsteps walk in to my apartment. I listen to him slowly undress, the click of his belt buckle and the slow rip of his zipper. I envision his manliness growing thick with hot blood and building lust. I follow the sound escort bostancı of his shirt buttons ticking open and watch with my ears as his shirt falls hurriedly to the floor.

I lay my head down into my arms stretched and turn my head to the right, looking into the mirror next to the bed. It is my view screen of the scene approaching, the only way I will look directly at him this afternoon. I close my eyes swiftly upon spying the pleasure in his eyes as he takes the sight of my body displayed willingly in. I quickly devour the sight of his powerful masculinity, his golden sun-kissed skin, and his virility raised in full attention.

His hands begin to softly caress my calves, moving up the leg to my thighs. He massages them for a second but moves with an intense pace to his target, pawing my buttocks and gripping them with his eager hands, squeezing deeply as much as his hands can cup. He urges me to lift my hips slightly. He sees my wetness, and guided by it, placing first one then two fingers there. He flicks and teases the wetness and tests the growing heat that is beginning to kindle and stir inside.

He next places a kiss there. His kisses endure and increase, and I sway to the movements of his lips and tongue dancing in my slit. His grip tightens and loosens as he moves in and out of me with his mouth. I feel him tasting all of me, taking me all in. I revel in his devouring of me, made ever so delicious because he is dining on me from behind.

I lift my hips to move him deeper, and spread my legs so he can relish more of my sensual ümraniye escort consommé. I delight in the tickling nibbles he gives me on my inner thighs and at the nape of my buttocks. These urge me to open my garden to him further. I close my eyes and take in the happiness he is giving me with his mouth yet I’m longing for him to explore my darling place further, anticipating the moments of our growing-closer.

He moves up with kisses and bites up the small of my back, moving with his mouth at what seems like a snail’s pace to my neck. He finds my devilish spot on the right side of my neck and dives in with deep kisses and loving bites. He suckles me there and I am driven to fervor. I sigh and moan with excitement. He runs his hands into my hair, gripping the mane at the nape of my neck, just pulling in that commanding way that he knows I like. He kisses the back of my neck, placing a lingered kiss there.

He lays his body on mine. I feel his massive heat enter my valley of dripping ecstasy. He sighs that sigh of ultimate joy I so love to hear him make, heavily with a spirited rapture that only the two of us create together. He dives into me with an ardent plummet, reaching deep into the center of my bliss. My ocean ebbs and flows with a nectar sweet, as he churns my inner seas into a souse of delectation. Our thrusting moves in tandem and in concert as we ride the waves of lust. He is relentless in his pursuit of me, and yet I am here, his willing vessel. We undulate and sway to a rhythm of our own design.

I turn my head to the right and look at him kartal escort bayan in the mirror, his face full of enjoyment, his body full of masculine strength. I watch the dance of his hips as they direct his penetration deeper and deeper still into me. I smile pleasingly at his buttocks as they pump and squeeze with each stab into my frothing hollow, closing my eyes at the sight and sensation. Our dance moves to a rhythm beyond measure, undulating and swerving to the symphony of our bodies.

I feel him grow stronger still and I feel myself opening to a rising chorus of encouragement. I reel in the feel of his hands reaching down to open my valley wider so he can sink into it deeper and wider until I am consumed with his entirety. He keeps me open and brings me to the convex of pure bliss of which I am sure to burst from. He submerges even further still and departs to the edge of escape, only to return to my inner world in unmeasured increments. In this way he consumes all of me and I willingly give in.

I moan and speak in the tongues of sensation to coax him to meet me at the place he has delivered me. He replies with the movements of his hips and the driving of his vessel, conversing back to me in grunts and groans of deep pleasure.

He holds me open and turns my hips up slightly so I can I feel him deep within grow solid, and with a quickening and thoughtful speed, he pushes into me until there is no turning back. At the cusp of glory, he speaks my name into my ear as I feel him throb and release his fire within my molten core. I turn my face to look at him in the mirror in that instant, our eyes meeting, ablaze with a lover’s passion for each other.

We drink in the heat of our lovemaking and allow ourselves to feel the sun’s tickling rays on our conjoined bodies as we savor the delights of our sunny afternoon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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