Sweet Cousin Candi Cane and Me

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There is an old principle called “Murphy’s Law” which goes something like this; if a thing can go wrong, it will! Well, I have no idea who this ‘Murphy’ guy is, but if I could have gotten a hold of that son-of-a-bitch this morning, I would be kicking his fucking ass!

The first day back to college classes after the summer break is always a hectic time. Yet, today a better word might be ‘frantic’. Things started going wrong when Mom’s alarm clock went off late. After discovering she’d overslept, she had jumped out of her bed and ran to wake me up.

Living again in my mother’s house was surely a sore spot with me. I suppose I could sum up my predicament in a two-word, oft-quoted maxim: “IF ONLY!” If only the economy hadn’t of gone to Hell in a hand basket; if only I had a full ride scholarship instead of a partial academic one; if only I had a better paying part-time job; and if only shit didn’t happen, then maybe I could have a place of my own!

Mom was practically screaming in my ear. “Chris, get dressed quick as you can,” she wailed. “I’ll pour some cereal and milk. You don’t want to be late for your first day back! You are a ‘senior’ this year so you don’t want to make a bad impression on your professors.”

After jumping up, I bathed, shaved, and made myself presentable. As I walked into the kitchen, the back screen door slammed open and my energetic girl cousin rushed in. Candi Christmas Cane was her name. This girl and her parents, Aunt Carol and Uncle Jim Cane, lived nextdoor to our house. Supposedly, my aunt and uncle had given their daughter her unusual name because she had been conceived under the holiday mistletoe.

“Sorry I’m late, Aunt Jane,” Candi said breathlessly. “Mom overslept and just now woke me up. Sorry Chris, I know you had ‘plans’ for this morning, but you’ll have to change them, I guess. Can I get a quick bowl of cereal, too?”

We three, Mom, Candi, and I, sat at the kitchen table quickly wolfing down our breakfast. I know Mom blamed herself for our hurried rush. She shook her head and spoke apologetically, “Chris, I don’t know what your ‘plans’ were, but I’m so sorry you won’t have time do whatever it was.”

Well hell, Mom wasn’t anywhere near as sorry as I was! I had made plans to finally take my virginal cousin’s cherry before breakfast and she had eagerly agreed to give it to me. Mom and Aunt Carol were supposed to have left for work over an hour ago. Damnit, if they hadn’t of overslept, I could have had Candi’s cherry picked already!

Candi and I had been pussyfooting around with this plan most of the summer, but all we’d done so far was quite a bit of oral sex play and a whole lot of touchy-feely handwork.

Over the past weeks, I quickly found out that Candi was eager and willing to learn about sexual intercourse from her older cousin. At 21, I was an experienced, mature male who was enthusiastically agreeable to the notion of becoming the girl’s sex-ed tutor.

Living nextdoor to my cousin, I’d watched her grow from an awkward, gangly little girl into a quickly maturing young lady. Over the years, I’d had a front row seat as I watched her feminine body blossom into young womanhood. While we had never gone ‘all the way’, Candi and I had experienced more than our fair share of innocent ‘hands on’ sex play.

This month the both of us had a birthday. I had become old enough to publicly drink. Candi had her 18th birthday which finally took her off the ‘jailbait’ list and gave her the maturity of wisdom to enter college as a freshman.

Candi was ready for the next step in our sexual adventures and so was I, but now that goddamn Murphy’s Law fella had messed up my plans for fucking my barely-legal teenage cousin! I’d left the girl alone while she cramped and bled this past week. She’d told me just yesterday that her menstrual period was over and I could fuck her this morning before class.

Shit, now I was going to have to wait to dip my cunt-hungry meat into her hot-wet vaginal hole! My horny cock and I had reached our 21st birthday this week without getting to celebrate inside Candi’s pussy. I was horny as hell, disappointed, and pissed off mad!

The dress Candi had on this morning wasn’t helping my situation any. Most girls might be wearing shorts and tops today, but not my pretty cousin. Candi was a ‘girlie-girl’ who much preferred skirts and dresses to shorts or jeans. The summer dress she had on today was pale yellow, sleeveless, and sexy. The skimpy garment was pretty damn short, too!

With my cock thumping wildly, my imagination took hold. Hell, I knew how every square inch of this girl’s body looked, smelled, felt, and tasted! The only place I hadn’t touched was the magical cavity hidden inside her pussy’s virginal veil. The sexy dress covering Candi’s feminine form only served as a teaser to inspire horniness.

Mom must have noticed the faraway fantasizing look in my eyes. Hopefully, she couldn’t guess as to what I was fantasizing about. My meandering musings were interrupted when canlı bahis she spoke sternly, “Chris, get your mind off of whatever it is you’re thinking about! Right now you and Candi need to leave for school.”

While Mom’s voice was stern, there was a mischievous gleam in her eyes and a teasing smile on her face. I couldn’t help but wonder if she knew more about her son’s plans than I was giving her credit for. As she opened the door to go out, she spoke over her shoulder. I wouldn’t swear to it, but her words seemed to give a hint to confirm my thoughts. “Candi, Honey,” she said. “When Chris brings you home from school, perhaps you can help him out with his ‘plans’.”

Not another word was said. Mom left to pick up Aunt Carol. Just as Candi and I headed for my car, that old bastard Murphy laid his law down again. Rain began falling. The skies opened and buckets of precipitation fell.

By the time we got to the car, Candi and I were both soaked. My cousin’s wet dress clung to her teen body like a second skin. Hot-damn, I wanted to strip the dress off and dry her sexy wetness with touches and kisses! How was I going to be able to wait until classes were over this afternoon to fuck her? Hell, my cock wanted out of my pants so bad it was about to bust my britches!

Without warning, that son-of-a-bitch Murphy struck again! My car wouldn’t start, it wouldn’t hit a lick! This was a shitty time for this to happen! Why, we couldn’t walk to the university in this pouring rain and Mom had already left in her car!

Only one alternative presented itself. As much as I disliked the notion, I would have to drive the ‘ARK’. Of course now, it wasn’t really an ark. No, it was a car Dad had left when he ran out on Mom. The Ark was an old station wagon made back when plenty of room was needed for families. This vehicular monstrosity was big, heavy, and long. Candi had nicknamed it the ‘Ark’ because it was big enough to hold Noah, his family, and two of every kind of animal in the world.

Well, rain or not, at least the Ark ran good. We lumbered along in it as we threaded our way across town on our way to the college. I pulled into the circular drive leading up to the parking entrance.

The line of traffic was pretty long. I guess lots of students were driving to class today. We sat and sat as the line slowly crept ahead. I didn’t notice Candi looking at my crotch until I heard her say, “Chris, I can see the outline of your cock through your wet pants! You’ve got a hardon, don’t you? Chris, I think you know how much I love your big guy!”

Candi swiveled her head around and began a furtive look at the slow-moving traffic. Heavy rain obscured vision. She came to a conclusion and spoke her mind, “I can probably give you a quick blowjob right now without anyone knowing. Do you want me to?”

Without awaiting an answer, Candi reached to unbuckle my belt. She unbuttoned, unzipped, and pulled down my pants. When my cock sprang into her hands, she bent and closed her mouth over it. The girl sucked my shaft in deep. She sucked and kissed with unrestrained wantonness.

Oh god, I adored my cousin Candi! The two of us had a special bond of familial lust and love. This young lady was the sweetest girl I’d ever known. Why, everyone loved Candi’s good-natured spirit and her enthusiastic zest for life!

Unlike others, I knew sweet Candi in a way no one else did. Our bond of forbidden lust and love had drawn us together in an inseparable union. Our relationship may be sinfully wicked, but neither of us would have changed a thing.

Oh shit, besides being sweet, Candi was also the best cocksucking cousin any guy could want! My meaty shaft was nearly buried to its hilt in the girl’s mouth. I entwined my fingers in her rain-wet, curly-brown hair and pulled her head away from my cock.

Seeing the look of surprise in the girl’s eyes, I explained my actions. “Shit Candi!” I exclaimed. “I’ve been waiting nearly a week for you to get over your period! I want more from you than just a blowjob! Girl, you promised that I could fuck you today!”

I made a quick decision and if that son-of-a-bitch Murphy and his Law wanted to do anything about it then let him take his best shot! I pulled the Ark out of the line of traffic. At the far side of a large parking lot marked Faculty Only, I saw a forested stand of woodland trees.

Stepping on the accelerator, I carefully maneuvered the unwieldy car across the parking lot and squeezed the behemoth in between several tall, thick-trunked trees. Bundles of dark foliage camouflaged the vehicle and offered a secluded sanctuary. Here, safe from inquiring eyes, I turned the engine off. Steady raindrops fell on the roof making a soothing, comforting sound.

Candi knew what I wanted. She slid across the long bench seat, came to me, and threw her arms around my neck. We kissed with the wicked longing of long lost lovers. We’d long ago learned to moisturize our mouths to make kissing more erotically stimulating. Our tongues dueled, teased, and bahis siteleri played slippery wet games of joy. With passions inflamed, we tongue-fucked each others mouths.

When we came up for a breath I said, “Babe, let’s climb in the back. We can put the middle seat down and make a perfectly good bed. Oh damn, I need to get my cock inside your pussy as soon as I can!”

Candi kicked off her sandals, got to her knees, and began to scoot over the top of the seat. I reached under the short, still-wet, yellow summer dress and grabbed the sexy girl’s damp underwear. With one tug, I pulled the pretty pink panties off and flung them aside.

With Candi still halfway over the seat, I grabbed a handful of pussy. This was my first touch of her vaginal flesh since she’d become ‘legal’. Several of my fingers sank into hot wetness. I decided, right then and there, that I was going to love getting my throbbing erection inside Candi’s pussy!

Not only did this girl have a fine pussy, but she had a nice ass, too! I lifted her dress and began kissing the silky, soft flesh. Candi’s ass had grown with pubic maturity’s blessings. Her pretty white ass cheeks begged my lips to glory in their matured firmness, so I kissed the tantalizing flesh again and again.

Finally, I gave the half-nude girl a shove over the seat. Working together, we had the seat folded down and then our playtime bed was ready. Candi had already begun pulling her wet dress up so I helped and snatched it over her head. Her bra had the same pretty pink patterns of the panties I’d tossed aside. I unhooked the clasp and removed the tit-concealing garment. Candi grabbed it and threw it up front with her panties.

Sitting back for a moment, I examined my naked cousin’s body. God, I loved Candi’s feminine form! Puberty’s magic had really done a fine job of filling out her female curves. Just in the past few summer months her tea-cup sized tits had had seemed to mature and nearly double in size! The babelicious boobs had become breasts a guy could glory in loving! And, love them, I did!

My eyes traveled down her belly and settled on the glory patch surrounding her pussy. The adolescent maidenhood I’d loved so well had finally grown a nice curly bush of thin pubic hair. Candi knew how much I loved the nudeness of the hairless pussy she used to have before puberty changed her body. This loving young lady had repeatedly offered to allow me to shave off the snatch, yet for now, I resisted the offer.

Candi’s pubic hair did not yet cover up too much of her feminine mound. In fact, she had the prettiest, light-brown, curly hairs growing on her pussy I’d ever seen on any female! Her puffy vaginal mound was covered with a thin patch of erotically arousing curls.

Impatiently, Candi unbuttoned my wet shirt and pulled it off. She pushed me to my back then pulled off my shoes and socks. Without hesitation, she jerked at my pants and briefs and removed them.

My sexy cousin attacked me with her naked body. Jumping astride me, she pinned me to carpeted car floor. Her glistening, rain-wet body was pressed to mine along its entire length. Sweet Candi began kissing my lips again.

I kissed the aggressively horny young lady right back. Encircled her feminine form with my arms, I hugged her so tightly she struggled for breath. Undeterred, she kept right on kissing me. My wandering hands began an odyssey of exploration up and down her back. My fingernails dug into her firm, young ass. God, Candi’s teen ass was a wonder!

Candi reached for my swollen erection and placed the rigid rod between her legs, yet she didn’t put it inside her pussy. She spoke forcibly, “Mister, don’t you damn dare put that cock inside me yet! Oh, I want to get fucked, but I want to play first!”

And play, she did! After a few more slobbery kisses, she moved down my body. Her wet lips licked my nipples then she kissed my belly repeatedly. She grabbed the shaft of my fully engorged cock and continued with wet kissing. The taunting cockteaser kissed up and down my erection’s entire elongated length.

The sinfully wicked female vixen then went in for the cock-kill. Candi opened her mouth and sucked in a huge chunk of my meat. Damn, for a teenaged lady, this girl had a mighty deep throat! As her head bobbed up and down frenziedly, my stiffened cockshaft went deeper and deeper into a hellishly hot, welcoming abyss.

Oh god, I didn’t want to stop the girl! She was having fun and I was, too. But shit, how long can a guy hold on to his man juices when his cock is in a hot, young teen girl’s mouth? Doggedly determined not to cum, I hung in for as long as possible. When Candi started milking my balls and getting my manhood too close to orgasm, I decided to stop her.

My words came out a little more sternly than I intended. “Shit, Candi!” I practically screamed. “Listen here you deep-throated little wench, if you’re planning on getting some fucking then you’d better stop sucking!”

Hearing these cautionary words, the cocksucking bahis şirketleri girl reluctantly stopped eating on the chewy cock-sickle she had in her mouth. With my erection now safe from immediate eruption, I pushed Candi off of me. “Now it’s my turn!” I mischievously teased.

Throwing Candi to her back, I jumped astride her and kissed her mouth with slippery lips inflamed with ardent obsession. I kissed my girl so wantonly I tasted her toothpaste and mouthwash. I loved the sweet, sexy passion of my cousin’s wet, warm, luscious lips.

One of my hands cradled Candi’s rain-wet head while the other gently massaged a firm breast. Affectionate gentleness was suddenly pushed out of my mind. With my passions in a state of invigorated arousal, maybe I should have given a warning. Maybe I should have announced, “Look out tits, here I come!”

But hell, I didn’t give any warning at all! I wanted my cousin’s breasts in my tit-hungry mouth and I wanted them right now! Heading straight for Candi’s beautiful boobs, I began to savagely ravage them! I kissed and sucked, I bit and chewed, and I pulled and tugged. After my first hurried ravishment, I settled down to enjoy these mammary delights.

In the past, I had been totally infatuated with Candi’s growing tits. Their budding small size was never a turn-off for me. Over the last few years, I’d had a lot of fun playing with them. This infatuation with this girl’s tits had mushroomed into full-blown impassioned mammary love when the boobs had blossomed into mature, tantalizing, womanly breasts!

Settling down my runaway lust, I proceeded to make tender love to these womanly breasts I adored. I found a nubile nipple and gently rolled it in my fingers. My mouth took over the mammary massage. The other nipple received the same amorous ardor. Candi softly moaned.

When my nipple hunger had been temporarily satisfied, I moved to the glorious mounds themselves. If ever I was told that there was a more beautiful pair of breasts in this world, then I wouldn’t have believed it!

My mouth hungered for Candi’s soft, teen flesh. My lips and tongue explored the girl’s magnificent mounds. My cousin actually had an abundance of cleavage now! I kissed the sheltered valleys tucked between the protecting breasts. My lips slowly climbed the two hilly mounds and circled around and around each mountainous knoll. My mouth, my lips, and my tongue claimed ownership of every square inch of each babelicious boob.

At the summit of each hill I again found a seductively tantalizing nipple. Each nubile nub grew to erection inside my warm mouth. Candi’s teen nipples were dime sized, pretty-pink protrusions surrounded by silver dollar sized, pale-pink areolas.

I sucked Candi’s nipples so hard I was nearly sucking the pink color from them! I wouldn’t have been one bit surprised to find out they were now a color resembling ghostly white!

If Candi was displeased with my rough treatment of her tits and nipples, she wasn’t saying so. In fact, she was moaning and sighing with enthusiastic delight.

Instead of objecting to my rough manhandling of her body, the impish minx wickedly begged for more, “Oh damn, Chris,” she implored. “When are you going to leave my tits alone and get to my pussy? You haven’t given me a good pussysucking since my period stopped. Mister, you are the best pussysucker in this whole damn world!”

Well hell, I didn’t need an engraved invitation to an 18-year-old lady’s pussysucking party! I had on my finest 21-year-old birthday suit just for the occasion. I didn’t to go stag to the party. My hands, my mouth, my lips, and my tongue came along with me. But, it was my eyes that arrived there first.

The interior lighting inside the Ark was dismal. Cloudy skies and rain showers muted the light. My sex-starved mind cleared enough for me to remember something important. Reaching up, I switched on an overhead dome light.

Hot damn and thank the stars in the heavens! My cousin’s nude body was bathed in a wondrous golden glow! Good god, I’d never seen anything so beautiful in all of my years of life!

Candi’s legs were spread open as if they were preparing her body for an intense visual inspection. Visual inspection is exactly what my mesmerized eyes gave her. Right there between her outstretched legs was the magnificent vaginal glory I sought. The love I had for this girl’s tits was nothing compared to that I had for her pussy! Why, I was cock-eyed cunt-crazy about the feminine delights housed between my cousin’s legs!

There was nothing in this world I’d rather play with than Candi’s pussy! Here it was now fully exposed and displayed for my enjoyment. I bent closer but I was careful not to block the light. I was transfixed by the sight of her pretty pubic curls. My fingers tenderly tugged at one hair and then another. I knew Candi like for her hairs to be pulled. I tickled and teased the exotic curly locks.

I knew that one of these days these hairs might grow into a thick snatch which could obscure my view of Candi’s pussy flesh. Hell, I wouldn’t let them grow that much! I had a steady hand and a good, sharp razor. I’ll shave her pussy bald before I’d let pubic hairs deter my eyes’ visual examinations!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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