Sweet Dreams

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The air was crisp and the leaves rustled about as Karen began the two mile walk home. She normally would be cozy and warm in her house at this time of day, but because she chose to back talk her English teacher, she was kept after school for detention. She clutched her books tightly to her chest, thinking about nothing but a hot bath and relaxing on the couch. As she made her way up her road, she noticed her father’s car parked in the driveway. This was odd because he normally didn’t get off work for another two hours.

Karen quickly made her way up the drive and into the house, happy to finally be home.

“Dad?!?!? Dad?!?!? Where are you?” she yelled, tossing her books onto the couch and slipping her shoes off.

“I’m in the den!!” her father responded, “Come in, if you like.”

Karen stopped off at the kitchen first for a drink before heading down the hall to see her father.

“What are you doing home, Daddy?” she asked, standing in the doorway.

“I wasn’t feeling very good, honey, so I took the rest of the day off,” he answered.

“Oh, sorry to hear that. Are you feeling better now?” she asked.

“Much better, thanks, baby,” he said, typing away on his computer.

“Okay then, I’m gonna head upstairs and take a bath,” she said, twirling around and hopping up the steps, one by one.

“Your mother’s working late on a case tonight, so I’m gonna order us some pizza, that okay?” yelled her father, Jim.

“That’s fine, Daddy, whatever you want,” said Karen, slipping out of her tight jeans and over sized sweatshirt.

Karen’s parents were both very career oriented, often spending long hours away from home. Her father was a certified accountant and her mother, Diane, was a corporate attorney. Both extremely busy and driven.

As Karen stood in the bathroom, running the hot water and thinking about the day’s events, she slowly slid her white lace panties down, kicking them across the bathroom floor. Next, came her white lace bra, one of her favorites. She stared in the mirror, looking at her taut nipples and perfectly round tits. She was well matured for her 18 years, and she was extremely proud of her body.

As she slid down into the hot, steaming water, Karen heard her father making his way up the stairs.

“Karen? Pepperoni okay on the pizza or you want something else?” he asked from the other side of the door.

“Pepperoni’s fine, Daddy,” she said, grabbing the washcloth and dipping it into the water.

Unbeknownst to Karen, Jim had not just simply walked back downstairs. He was standing just on the other side of the half closed door, listening and watching, feeling his cock harden with each passing second.

Karen didn’t look like any other normal 18 year old, she stood 5’6 with long, gorgeous red hair and piercing green eyes. Her skin was comparable only to freshly fallen snow and her legs seemed to go on forever. Jim had always known his daughter would grow up to be a stunning beauty, and she had.

Slowly and carefully, Jim slid the zipper down on his work pants, letting them fall to just below his ass cheeks, and as his daughter rubbed the bubbles and hot water over her tits, Jim began to stroke his 7 inch cock. He bit his bottom lip to mask his moans of lust for his tempting daughter. He began to rock his hips, silently mouthing her name as his hand jacked his warm shaft a bit faster.

Karen slid down in the bathtub, completely submerging her sexy naked body under the wave of bubbles, then sprang up like a dolphin in the ocean.

Jim admired his daughter’s beautiful face, adorned with bubbles and beads of water. He loved how innocent, yet so slutty she looked with her hair completely matted to her head and her nipples just poking up over the bubbles.

Karen leaned forward, clearing away the bubbles, so now Jim had a perfect view of his daughter’s sexy size C tits. He stroked his cock harder, squeezing it each time his ataşehir escort bayan palm came to his cock base. He dry humped the air, pretending it was his daughter he was fucking, his ultimate fantasy.

Jim knew his wife would be very late coming home from work tonight and he wanted to make his move on his vixen daughter, without fear of interruptions.

Karen raised her arms to shampoo her lovely locks of red hair, thus also lifting her perfect tits completely out of the water. Jim almost shot his load right then and there, but managed to hold off, for he knew the nastiest, and sexiest part was still yet to come.

He watched her lean her head to the side, gently massaging the shampoo into her hair, then dunking under the water again to rinse herself off. Lucky for Jim, tonight was also the night that Karen decided to shave not only her legs, but her sweet sexy pussy as well.

Karen again emerged from the water, looking hot as ever, then slowly climbed out of the tub, giving Jim a complete view of the woman he’d been fantasizing about for so long. He admired her long, tan legs and her perfectly round ass, thinking how sexy it was that she still had bubbles lingering on her naked body.

She put one foot on the tub and slowly spread her legs. She grabbed the razor and began shaving, long, deliberate strokes up and down her gorgeous legs, and up well past her knees.

When she had finished, Karen rinsed the razor off in the bathtub and took a seat on the closed toilet, again spreading her legs, this time giving Jim a complete view.

His mouth watered and his cock jumped at the very sight of his daughter’s sexy, succulent pussy. He began to jack off faster, careful not to make a sound as he watched Karen slowly shave her pussy. And with each passing minute, Jim found it more and more difficult not to squirt his load all over the hallway wall.

After Karen had finished, she dropped the razor into the bathtub water and leaned back on the toilet, placing one foot on the tub and the other on the sink right beside her, completely spreading her pussy wide as possible. She threw her head back and slowly began rubbing her clit in small, tight circles, occasionally letting her fingertips dip inside her freshly shaven cunt.

Jim knew this was his chance. It was now or never and his cock wasn’t gonna hold out forever. So while Karen had her eyes closed and her attention completely on satisfying herself, Jim slipped into the bathroom, unnoticed.

He dropped to his knees and slowly moved Karen’s fingers out of the way, quickly putting his tongue deep inside his daughter. He reached up and cupped her tits, driving his tongue inside her further, getting no objections from his horny daughter. She reached down and cupped his head with her long, slender fingers, pushing his mouth further inside her. She began to chant, “Daddy!! Daddy!!”, over and over, as if she knew this was going to happen.

Karen moved her hips and pushed her daddy’s tongue all the way inside her until his nose was jammed into her pubic bone. Jim reached up and slid two fingers into her asshole, finger fucking her with the same rhythm as his tongue.

“Daddyyyyy!!!! Daddyyyyyy!!!!” she groaned, grinding her hips faster, feeling her orgasm creeping up on her at a rapid pace.

She panted and groaned, thrashing about wildly, trying desperately to put her father’s entire mouth inside her, only to grow frustrated when she realized this was impossible. Her eyes teared up and the room began to spin. Her stomach muscles clenched and she, again, threw her head back, screaming like a wild animal as her pussy released the sweetest cum Jim had ever tasted.

He contined finger fucking her asshole straight thru her sexy orgasm, causing her to cum twice in a row and almost pass out. As he slowed his pace, Jim looked up and saw Karen was spent. She sat there, completely slumped down on the toilet, panting escort kadıköy and heaving, trying with everything she had to catch her breath. He slowly slid his fingers from her asshole and leaned down, one last time, and gently kissed and licked his daughter’s sloppy wet pussy.

Jim stood up and picked up Karen, immediately heading for her bedroom. He placed her on her bed and took a moment to take in her sexy, hot body, which, by now, was covered in sweat, instead of bubbles.

“You want Daddy to fuck you, baby?” he asked, pulling his pants down completely and kicking them across his daughter’s bedroom floor.

“Yes, yes, Daddy,” she murmured, still mostly out of it from having experienced dual orgasms, back to back in less then five minutes.

Jim licked his lips and smiled as he slipped his work shirt off, tossing it over by his pants. He climbed up onto the bed and on top of his half asleep daughter, gently pushing her legs open with his knees. Supporting himself on his knuckles, Jim leaned down and gently flicked Karen’s pink nipples, sucking them into his mouth, then releasing. He kissed her neck and then her soft, pouty lips as he slowly slid his cock into his daughter’s cunt.

Karen moaned a bit, but again, offered no resistance. And Jim slowly pushed forward, pushing past his daughter’s tight pussy walls, until he was balls deep in her. He kissed her again and slowly began thrusting, gently opening her up to his cock size.

“Oh, God, your mother hasn’t felt like this in years,” he moaned, pumping further, then pulling out and pushing his cock back in, balls deep.

He reached down and grabbed one of Karen’s legs, tossing it over his shoulder and began fucking her again.

“Wake up, baby,” he said, fucking into her slowly, “Wake up for Daddy.”

“Daddyyyyy,” she groaned, starting to come to now.

“Yes, baby, it’s Daddy. Daddy’s dick is in you, babygirl,” he grunted, picking up the pace, just a bit.

Just then, Karen sprang to life, suddenly realizing this was no dream, it was real. Her eyes popped open and her mouth fell open, “Daddy? What are you doing?”

“Hush, baby, don’t make me stop,” he begged, watching his daughter’s tits bounce with each thrust.

Karen tried to struggle a bit, but the longer Jim fucked her, the more her pussy opened and the more relaxed she became.

“This feel good, baby?” he grunted, “Huh? Daddy’s dick feel good?”

“Yessss, Daddy, yesss!!!” she groaned, opening her legs completely and reaching up above her to the headboard, quickly lacing her fingers thru the wood slats.

“Mmmmm, that’s it, Karen, be Daddy’s slut, just enjoy my big fat dick in you, baby,” he groaned, now fucking into her like a slut on Hollywood Boulevard.

The bed rocked and the headboard slammed into the wall with each of Jim’s thrusts. His groans and grunts became louder with each passing minute. He had wanted this for so long. So many nights he lay beside Diane, silently jacking off to images of Karen in her cheerleading outfit and her school uniform. Her tight fitting shirts and ass baring shorts that she loved to prance around the house in. All this crashing down around Jim, making his lust for his gorgeous 18 year old daughter come to a boiling point.

“Daddyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!” screamed Karen, feeling another orgasm approaching.

“Don’t cum yet, baby,” he panted, “Not yet.”

“Daddy, please!! please!! Please let me cum!!!” she begged, thrashing about beneath him, and gripping the headboard with a death grip.

“Just a little bit longer, baby,” he said, now pounding into her sloppy wet cunt like a jackhammer.

“Ahhhhh, fuck!!!!” he yelled, feeling his balls tighten and his heart racing, “Daddy’s gonna fucking cum in you!!!”

“Cum, Daddy, cum!!!!” she urged, feeling her stomach muscles begin to tighten again, but no longer able to hold her third orgasm off.

Karen arched her back and screamed bostancı escort as, once again, the room began to spin and, once again, her pussy released its thick, creamy sweet cum, only this time decorating her father’s cock, instead of his hungry mouth.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, GOD!!!!!!!!!!” she screamed, convulsing beneath her father’s naked body, “DADDY!!!! OHHH, GOD, DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Oh, fuck!!!!!” he screamed, thrusting one more time, balls deep into his daughter’s creamy wet fuckhole, and quickly pulling out and climbing up to her pretty face.

Jim jacked his cock off for a minute or so then sprayed his daughter’s sexy, pouty lips and chin with his seed, groaning as the thick ropes slid down her chin and onto her bare tits.

“Oh, God,” he groaned, squeezing the last of his cum onto his daughter’s naked body, “Oh fuck, I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long, baby,” he said.

Karen couldn’t speak, only lay there speechless, covered in her father’s cum and feeling, not only slutty, but also very relaxed and satisfied.

“Come on, baby, let’s get you back in the bathtub,” said Jim, slowly pulling his daughter’s limp body up from the crumpled sheets.

Step by step, he walked her back into the bathroom, slowly placing her back into the water, thankfully it was still pretty warm.

He gently sponged her off with the wet wash cloth, careful to get each splatter of cum off her creamy white skin, kissing each spot as he went.

“Daddy loves you, babygirl, you know that?” he asked, gently kissing her earlobe.

“Yes, Daddy,” she whispered, laying her head back on the cold bathroom wall.

Jim knew his daughter was exhausted, but he could not help his hunger for her. Seeing her back in the water only made his cock rise again and he stood up and slowly slid into the bathtub with her, gently pulling her limp body to his and picking her up, just enough to place her pussy back around his starving cock.

“Oh, God,” he groaned, pulling her naked body to his, hugging her as he humped upwards, fucking into her well used cunt.

She leaned forward and placed her head on her father’s shoulder, cupping his ass and hips with her legs and feet, and wrapping her arms around him.

He kissed her ear softly as he fucked up inside her, causing small waves in the bathtub.

As Karen began to come around, again, she leaned up, looking into her father’s eyes. She kissed his warm lips and slowly began rocking her hips, pushing her pussy around his cock. Their moans and words of lust filled the small, foggy bathroom

The water began crashing up around their naked bodies, spilling over onto the floor. Karen’s cries of passion rang out thru their large suburban home as Jim’s cock swelled in the grips of his daughter’s pussy.

“Oh, God, Karennnnn,” he groaned, placing his hands under the water, on her hips, and pushing her body down, preparing to unload his seed, only this time, there would be no pulling out.

“Daddy!!! I love you so much!!!” chanted Karen, bouncing up and down on her father’s thick, swollen cock.

“Daddy’s gonna cum in you, baby,” he panted, gripping her hips tighter, pulling her down.

One final thrust and Jim claimed his daughter’s pussy, after months and months of fantasizing, he was now achieving the fantasy.

Rope after thick, creamy rope flooded Karen’s raw cunt, some even spilling into the bath water. The father and daughter clung to each other, both panting and moaning, riding out the sheer passion they had created that afternoon.

When all was said and done, and the two finally calmed down, Karen slowly slid up and off her father’s cock.

Jim watched as she stepped out of the bathtub, thinking to himself as she left the steamy bathroom, how good it felt to finally be inside the daughter he helped to create so many years ago.

Darkness had fallen upon the sleepy neighborhood, and Jim knew his wife would be home shortly, and he too, would need to leave and get dressed.

As he walked past Karen’s room, Jim knew in his heart and mind that this would not be the last time that he fucked her and that he would definitely have some sweet dreams tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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