Swimming with Aunt Terri

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So, my aunt, 38, told me, 18, that I could go swimming over at her house whenever I wanted. She’s usually gone on the weekends so that’s usually when I went over. Well this weekend I was over n decided to go skinny dipping. About half way through my swim my aunt comes out of the house, drunk, carrying a half bottle of wine. She walks over to the table, wrapped in her beach towel. Sits the bottle down for a second, drops the towel on the ground. Doing so reveals that she is completely naked.

After revealing herself to me, I can’t stop myself from admiring her gorgeous body. At a short little 5′, 110lbs, with 32DD implants, she is to die for. I find myself in a trance, as she still hasn’t noticed that I’m in the pool. Her body turns me on so much, that I feel myself starting to get hard at the sight of her.

After dropping her towel, she picks up the bottle of wine and proceeds for the stairs to the entrance of the pool. As she walks down the stair, her bare-naked body glinting in the sun light. She takes a sip of the wine from the bottle as she walks down the stairs. By the time she reaches the bottom step, I’m about 5 feet from her.

“Hey Aunt Terri.” I say to her.

“What are you doing here nephew?” said Terri, in a drunken startle.

“Oh, just came here for a swim. How about you?” canlı bahis I said, staring at her tits.

She offers me the bottle of wine as she asks if I wanted any. I grab the bottle and take a drink, for never having wine before it wasn’t too bad.

I ask her, “So what are you doing home? I thought you were going to be gone for the weekend.”

Her reply was, “Plan fell through. Decided to come home, day drink, and go for a swim.”

As she reaches for the wine bottle for another drink, she notices something in the water, and reaches down and grabs it. In doing so she grabs my rock hard, 10″ cock. After realizing what it is, she starts to stroke it some. It feels good that I almost drop the bottle of wine.

“Oh, what do we have here, now? Wow! You’re big. Follow me.” Said Terri. As she tightens her grip on my cock, it makes me follow her to the edge of the pool to the stairs.

I walk up two of the steps of the pool, just enough so my cock is above the water. Just as my cock pops out of the water, she drops down and takes my cock in her mouth.

“Oh my god, this is so good. I haven’t had a cock like this in a while, and I’m so damn horny right now.” Said Terri.

“Wow! You’re so good at that, please don’t stop.” I told her, trying to not fall back into the pool.

After bahis siteleri I’ve had enough of her sucking my cock, I pick her up and set her down on the edge of the pool. The moment I sat her down she spread her legs as wide as they’d go and gave me a beautiful view of her smooth bald pussy. I dove my face down into her crotch, the aroma of her pussy was divine. I sat there for a second and admired the look of this pussy before I finally got a taste of it. I stuck out my tongue and dove it deep into her hole, and then upward till I met her clit. Her clit was protruding, so I sucked on it a bit. She was in love with it, grabbing the back of my head, pulling me in closer.

“Oh my god, I’m about to cum.” As Terri squirts all over my face.

As I lick it all up, I’m in love with the taste of her. Then I see her tight little asshole just begging for me, so I lick my tongue on her little rose bud. The taste of her ass mixed with the juices for her pussy are breath-taking.

She jumps up out of the pool, and instructs me to follow her, as she heads for the house. She goes through a door that leads to her bedroom. As I enter her bedroom, shes already on top of her bed, down on all fours, waiting to be mounted. I walk in and climb on top of the bed, crawl over to her. Grab then kiss her sweet ass.

As bahis şirketleri I line up my cock with her pussy, she says, “Oh give it to me baby, and don’t you go easy on me. This pussy, this ass, this body is yours tonight. Now give me that fucking cock of yours.”

I push my cock inside her, shes so tight I almost lose it right there, but I hold my ground. I grab her ass and pound her pussy like none before hers.

After fucking her for a few minutes, I lean forward, reach around and grab tit with one hand and rub her clit with my other. She’s loving it, squirts again on my cock and on her bed. I pull out and flip her over. Just as I put the tip in, she grabs my head and pulls me in close. As soon as I reach her face she shoves her tongue into my mouth. I proceed to bury my cock all the way into her soaking wet pussy.

I feel like I’m about to cum, so I ask her where she wants it. She replies, “Where ever you want it, big boy.” So, I pull out and lay my cock between her tits. She proceeds to squeeze her boobs together and allow me to titty fuck her.

“Aww, I’m going to cum!” I say out loud. I point my cock at her tits and spray me cum that covers a good area of them.

After I get up, she sits up, looks at the cum on her tits and then starts to rub the cum around like lotion. It was so hot. She then gets up and walks to the bathroom.

She turns and looks at me, “Wanna join me in the shower, now? And I hope you’re ready for round 2 cause my ass just can’t wait to have you inside her.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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