Taking Abby

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Mark really did not much care for his daughter in law. He never understood why his son had married Abby as she was loud and obnoxious. But, what he really did not like about her was she wasn’t very educated so it was hard to carry on an intelligent conversation with her.

He had come to the conclusion that the only reason Abby was in the family was her looks; she was damn hot. It seemed such a waste to put such a sexy body on this shit for brains woman. Abby had gorgeous long brown hair and blue eyes standing about five and a half feet tall weighing a modest 145 pounds. To some folks 145 pounds might be heavy for that height but the packaging was perfect as she had a slender waist but a large round plump ass and wonderful D cup titties.

To make matters worse his son, Matt, and Abby had to move back in with the family having fallen on rough times. Even with his own sexy wife, Sue, around Mark finds himself sneaking peeks at Abby. How could he help it seeing her in her swimsuit and nighties? Increasingly he found himself jacking off thinking about fucking her. It was driving him nuts to the point of plotting ways of getting into her pants or at least copping a feel of her boobs or ass.

Then, about three months after moving in Matt and Abby tell Mark and Sue that Abby is pregnant. Everyone is excited on one level but the soon to be grandparents know it means that Matt and Abby will be staying even longer. Mark resigns himself to this new reality. Mark was glad that he hadn’t tried anything with Abby as it was obvious she wasn’t using birth control and he might have gotten her pregnant himself.

It took a couple of days but he realized that since she was already pregnant he couldn’t get her that way. Over the next few days his lustful thoughts over Abby increased to a fever pitch; he had to have her whether she wanted him or not. It didn’t help that the best sex of his marriage had been when his wife was pregnant as he found pregnant woman twice as sexy during and right after their pregnancy.

Now as Abby walked around the house she had gained just enough weight that her clothes were fitting tighter showing off all of her sexiest parts even more than before. Her jeans divided the twin globes of her ass while holding them up tight and firmly and her boobs were nearly spilling out of most of her blouses.

Then one night both Sue and Matt were at work leaving Mark alone with his pregnant daughter in law. Joining her in the living room he sat on the couch and let her finish watching some silly show. When it was over he grabbed the remote and turned off the TV and said, “Abby, I think it is time we got to know each other better.”

“Dad, I think we know each other real good; we live in the same house,” she said innocently. Mark felt the bulge in his shorts grow to full erection. He knew this would be his best chance; it was now or never.

“What I mean Abby is that you are the sexiest girl I know. You have absolutely massive tits and sexy long legs. And as for your ass any guy would love to bury his head between those two pillows of yours.” He watched as she shifted uneasily in her chair.

“Dad, I don’t think you should talk to me like that.”

“Why not, it is all true. Abby you have a body that doesn’t stop. There isn’t a man I know who wouldn’t love to fuck you.”

She was now squirming in her chair trying to figure him out. Panicking she responding, “You are my father in law; you’re not supposed to tell me things like that I am sexy.”

“You mean I can’t tell a sexy bitch like you that she makes me get a hard on every time I see her and that I fantasize about fucking her?”

Abby’s face was now blushing as she replied, “No, ’cause I married your son. You really think about me that way, that is weird.”

Mark was tired of talking so fired his big shot, “Not any weirder than telling you to get over here and kiss me and let me take off all of your clothes.”

“Hell no, dad. I can’t do that!”

“The hell you can’t!” He walked the three steps to her chair and yanked her up by the wrist dragging the startled girl to the couch. He shoved her down on the cushion and quickly sat down beside her. He had several things on his side not the least of which is that he knew she was really into sex as she and his son had been fucking probably eight or nine times a week just from what he had over heard.

It seemed like there was always sexual teasing between them. But, since Matt had found out she was pregnant he had barely touched her. He was afraid he might hurt the baby. Mark knew that either Matt would realize how stupid he was being or lust would get the best of him. Mark needed to get in her panties while she was likely sexually frustrated at Matt’s inattention.

He also knew she was rather gullible and probably believe that he would black mail her. So, Mark roughly grabbed her face and tried to kiss the girl. She flung her head away crying out, “No, dad.”

“Abby, I know Matt hasn’t fucked you in a couple of weeks and you really need a good hard pendik escort fucking. Besides, if you don’t fuck me right here and right now I will tell Matt that you seduced your own father in law.” Of course, he would never hurt his son that way but hoped it would accomplish his mission.

“You fucking son of a bitch, how could you do that. Fuck, I don’t know what to do.” A couple of tears formed at the edges of her eyes. Her father in law was right she was hornier than she could ever remember and Mark wasn’t bad looking. She knew Matt would kill her if he thought Matt was doing it with her.

“What you can do fuck me you god damn slut.” He could her body slump in surrender as her looked back at him saying nothing. He grabbed her face once again and kissed her. She barely kissed him back.

“Ok dad, I’ll let you do it but just this one time.” She felt his powerful hand come to rest on her boob causing a tingle in her pussy.

“Abby you will not decide that. I will fuck you whenever the mood strikes me, understand.” She shook her head in the affirmative as she felt her body giving to him. He kissed her again and this time her tongue seemed to have a mind of it’s own as it danced merrily with his. His fingers feverishly unbuttoned her blouse revealing her black lace bra. He slung her blouse across the room.

Then standing up in front of her he threw off his own shirt before unfastening his belt and pushing down his trousers to his knees. Abby couldn’t help but admire his seven inch weapon but still wasn’t ready to cheat on her husband even though she absolutely loved sucking cock. She knew what he wanted but just sat there staring at his erection.

“Suck it now take it into that big mouth of yours,” he ordered then grabbing a hunk of her hair he forced her face to his crotch. When his dick hit her cheeks she kept resisting but she knew he wouldn’t let her go until she did what he wanted. Reluctantly but excited she gave in and turned and licked the head of his hardness. With his free hand Mark reached down and cupped one of her massive jug; squeezing it firmly.

IF she had to endure sucking his cock she might as well try and enjoy it so, she twirled her tongue all around the head. Then she popped its soft spongy head into her mouth thoroughly bathing it before slowly sucking the entire length into her mouth. Mark began moaning softly as Abby’s mouth began to move up and down his pecker. Soon, he knew she was into it as her hands were now cupping his ass so he let go of her hair and reached behind her back and unclasped her bra letting it fall from her shoulders.

Her bobbing head was in the way so he couldn’t really get a good look at her tits. But, now that the material was out of the way he could appreciate just how big her boobs were. It appeared to him that they had grown since she had become pregnant. Eagerly she was mouth fucking him while his zeal increased with her breasts.

Mark was in heaven and couldn’t understand why his son didn’t at least let Abby suck his cock as her technique was masterful. She created a wonderful vacuum as her cheeks collapsed inward while she worked her tongue all over his shaft. He had one hand on her shoulder holding himself upright while the other moved from tit to tit exploring them.

Tension was building in his loins and suddenly he let loose a gusher into her throat. Feverishly Abby swallowed all of his seed down as Mark pulled out not wanting to be sucked limp. Licking her lips and making no effort to cover her nude breasts Abby sat back on the couch asking, “So dad, does that satisfy you?”

Staring at her chest Mark was drooling as he had never seen a more perfect pair of tits in person. Even though she was leaning back her firm orbs were still standing straight out from her ribs with her tiny little nipples pointing right at his eyes. Pulling up his undies and pants, giving Abby a glimmer of hope that this would be all he demanded, he smiled lustfully and responded, “Fuck no, now get your big ass in my bed. I ain’t gonna fuck you here on the sofa like trash; we have only just begun.”

There was no point in fighting her father in law as he was bigger and stronger than her and besides he might tell her husband. There was the simple fact that her pussy was absolutely aching for cock meat, any cock meat. Slowly she stood up and walked past him whispering, “I don’t fucking believe you are doing this to me.”

“Believe it, you are going to have an evening of hot sex with me so get a move on,” he demanded as he gave her plump ass a swat with his hand. This caused the girl to jump but she kept on walking getting a bit more excited with each step. Following her Mark watched the soft sway of her butt with every step she took. Joining her at the side of the bed he put his arms around her belly before cupping both melons. As he kissed and nibbled on the back of her neck he noticed that her skin already seemed to have the special luster that only pregnant women have. He couldn’t explain it all he knew is that pregnant lady’s skin was extra escort pendik sexy.

He lifted her boobs in the palm of his hands as if weighing them as he gently ground his cock in the crack of her ass. Sweeping his hands to her waist he quickly unfastened her pants and shoved them and her undies to the floor ordering her to step out of her remaining garments and shoes. Willingly Abby complied now wanting his cock but not yet ready to admit it to him. As Abby pushed her clothing aside Mark quickly ditched his clothes as well. He pointed at the bed and they both climbed in.

Surrendering Abby laid sprawled out on the bed with her hands behind her head and her legs slightly apart. Mark gave her luscious body a once over only stopping to gazed upon her bush. It was a fairly thin forest of brown hair with long pink lips protruding down the center. He could waist no more time and dove for her mountains of tit flesh; grabbing one boob in each hand while he attacked both of them with his mouth.

Relentlessly he nibbled and sucked on those huge orbs; bathing them in his saliva. Before she realized what she was doing she had begun grinding them in his face. His tit play was making her hotter and hotter. She hadn’t cum very often from tit play alone but knew she couldn’t hold off the impending orgasm as waves of pleasure ran through her body.

With her nipples erect and her breathing heavily Mark figured it was time to move on. Quickly, he kissed down her body. Knowing what he was about to do Abby instantly spread her legs wider and wider the farther down he kissed. She hadn’t had her pussy touched since the night before they found out she was pregnant.

Her clit was already throbbing when her father in law gave it the first lick it had in weeks. Pushing her knees as far to the side as he could he used both hands and his mouth to play in her steamy cunt. Gush after gush of honey poured out of her with Mark trying to catch it all. Abby lost count of her orgasms.

But, mark had no doubt that she was enjoying this as she was bucking and grinding his face very hard and very strong. He had never seen a cunt dance in bed like that before. He was right as she grabbed him by his hair and tugged on it, she need a cock inside of her no matter the cost and yelped, “Daddy, god damn it fuck me, fuck this little pregnant girl right fucking now!”

This was success beyond his wildest dreams. He yelled back, “So now you want my cock in this pussy of yours, huh, are you going to be my hot slut bitch and fuck me whenever and wherever I want?”

“Anything, god damn it, just fuck me, please, oh God I need to be fucked, daddy.” He couldn’t move up her body fast enough. As soon as his prick touched her pubic hair Abby gave it a yank and guided it into her waiting hole. This 22 year cold’s cunt was much tighter than his wife’s as it took him several strokes to bury it all of the way in.

“Little bitch is this what you wanted. I am going to fuck the hell out of you my little fuck toy!”

“Yes, yes daddy, fuck me, come on daddy fuck me harder. Make me cum; oh fuck yes you are so fucking big!” Mark pounded in and out of her again and again with her hips slamming up to meet his thrusts. As much as Mark wanted to make this fuck last he, just like Abby, lost all control and continued to relentlessly fuck harder and harder.

Mark’s balls were on fire as he shot a big load splattering against her cunt walls as his lover screamed out in ecstasy. Cumming twice in a couple of hours was too much for him so his cock shriveled up and he climbed off of his conquest. Their bodies totally spent the two of them just laid there for a couple of minutes.

Caressing her breasts as they laid there in the after glow he reminded her, “Abby, it is going to be fun to have you as my fuck toy. You will do whatever I say whenever I say to do it. Just think I haven’t even begun to explore that big ass of yours.”

“Dad, you aren’t going to hold me to that; I thought it was just foreplay or a way to get me in the sack for a one time thing.”

“You know me better than that, I mean what I say. Besides now I can tell Matt exactly what these monster tits and your hairy cunt look like. Face it, you are mine whether I want a quick grope in the kitchen or to fuck your ass over the picnic bench out back your ass is mine.” He knew he had won total victory as Abby didn’t say anything.

Abby resigned herself to having an affair with her father in law. There were, at least, two good things about fucking him; the biggest being that she was being fucked at all since her own husband was afraid of fucking her. But also, she had to admit, Mark was one hell of a lover. She smiled to herself and reached over and gave his cock a small squeeze showing him that she had given in to his demands completely.

Two or three nights a week Abby and Mark found themselves alone in the house due to their spouses work schedules. The next time Mark had an opportunity with Abby he wasted no time pulling her into his arms and giving her one hell of a pendik escort bayan passionate kiss as soon as their cars pulled away. Grinding her hips against him she let him know she was ready for anything he wanted of her.

In minutes they were back in the bedroom naked with Abby laying face down on the bed. Mark spread her legs like a wishbone as he lowered his face to her pillowy ass. Abby loved having her rump kissed and began grinding it in his face as soon as he gave it the very first kiss. Eagerly he worked from cheek to cheek until the attraction of her crack was too much for him.

Soon his tongue was gliding up and down the long crevice eventually finding her little shit hole. The girl pushed her ass higher causing her cheeks to fall away from her puckering hole. He darted his tongue all around her hole before stabbing it inside. Moaning Abby exclaimed, “Dad, fuck yes, eat my shit!”

Wrapping his arms around the slut’s hips Mark pulled her cheeks apart even more. The more he licked and sucked the more her hole seemed to open up and the more of his tongue he could get inside. The sweet aroma of her bowels combined with the tangy taste was driving him wild and before long he pulled her all the way up on her knees and began fucking her crack with his erect poker saying, “Slut you want it up your ass.”

“Oh god yes daddy, fuck my ass; ram it up in me.” Mark was enjoying the crack fucking he was giving her so continued this for a couple minutes as his cock had never been in such a deep crack before. Then pulling away he found her hole with his fingers and jabbed first one and then two fingers up to his knuckles in her poop shoot.

The girl let out a groan and softly moaned softly. This was one of her favorite things with her husband and her rectum was well broken in. He poked the fingers in and out a few times before Abby scowled, “God damn it dad, no more messing around get that mother fucking big cock of yours up my ass right now!”

Yanking his fingers from her tight butt hole Mark aimed his cock directly at her bowels and began shoving it in. As soon as she felt the head go in Abby pushed against it trying to swallow it up. Grunting Mark pushed hard inch by inch holding onto her hips for support crying out, “Is this what you want bitch?”

“Yes, dad, fuck my shit; come on fuck me harder than that you pecker head.”

“You asked for it you god damn bitch slut; take this cunt!” Mark roared. Furiously he began pounding in and out of her chocolate tunnel; stroke after hard stroke. His daughter in law let her shoulders fall to the bed and reached back and feverishly frigged her clit and squeezing his balls whenever she was able to catch them. Her ass was taking a pummeling from his prick as he slammed it in and out of her.

“I’m cumming!” Abby screamed loud enough for the neighbors to hear.

“Oh yes, fuck, me too,” Mark responding out of breath as he shot a big wad deep into her cavern. With his cum and her ass juices covering his cock and her cunt honey all over his balls Mark pulled out of her and rolled her over presenting his cock and balls to her mouth. Not wasting any time she devoured his member quickly licking it clean.

For the next eight months they continued having sex at least twice a week. Mark in some ways was disappointed that Abby was such a willing participant. But, the undeniable fact was she was a great fuck and really loved everything that he did. His attitude about her personality changed to as he discovered a softer side of her and after really talking with her found out she was pretty darn smart after all.

As for their spouses Sue noticed a change in Mark in bed for the better. She wasn’t sure what caused him to want her more often and play games they hadn’t played in years but was sure enjoying it. As for Matt, after being told byte doctor twice that sex wouldn’t hurt the baby he began fucking Abby again, but this didn’t stop her from fucking Mark every chance she got.

In fact, Abby seemed only to get wilder in bed with her father in law and he loved it. Even when their spouses were home they would sneak in quick interludes. One night when Abby was browning burger for dinner Mark came up behind her and snaked his hand between her legs and frigged her cunt off as she turned the meat biting her lip as to not make any noise.

On another occasion he saw her go into the bathroom to piss and as she sat down he presented his cock to her to suck which she eagerly did. As her belly got bigger it seemed as though her breasts also got bigger. Mark grabbed and sucked her tits every chance he got almost getting caught on several occasions.

The highlight was still their fuck sessions. As she got bigger and bigger they had to find other positions; the missionary position was out. Mark’s favorite was fucking her doggie style as he watched her tits swing like pendulums. But, they tried it all with her on top and side by side

. They were determined to fuck whatever it took. The longer the pregnancy went on the sexier Abby seemed to Mark. It seemed he wasn’t alone in his feeling as he heard Abby and Matt getting together more and more as time went by. The pregnancy proceeded without a hitch except for the usual swollen feet but otherwise Abby did fine.

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