Temptation, Resistance, Surrender

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This story contains incest, exhibitionism, and group sex.


My story begins my senior year in high school. I live in a small town, half an hour’s drive from the nearest big city, and even the big city is not that big. My high school is small, and everyone knows everyone else.

I had just turned 18. I’m not the best student in the world, but I’m definitely college bound. I have an older brother John, who is 20, and he is the smart one of the two of us, at least from a schoolwork-oriented perspective. In terms of common sense and coping with the problems life throws at us, I am clearly the smarter one. So we each have our strengths.

Our family is barely getting by, so John lives at home and commutes to college, in order to save money. He also has a part time job. He works hard, and our parents are proud of him. I am, too.

John and I had fun together growing up. We played together and became best friends. At times however, sexual curiosity seemed to get the better of us. I knew John sometimes spied on me when I was in the shower. I didn’t mind; I was flattered.

In return, occasionally I would get a glimpse of John doing things to his erect penis. This would embarrass me, but I had trouble looking away. Indeed, I often had to force myself to look away and sneak back to my own room.

I pretended not to know John spied on me in the shower, and he pretended not to know I watched him masturbate, but everything came to a head when our parents left for a weekend to celebrate their wedding anniversary (25 years!), leaving the two of us in charge of the house.

I guess I was the evil one: the seductress. With John and me home, I paraded around in the morning wearing just my nightgown but with no underwear. My nipples poked at the thin fabric, and the nightgown was just long enough to hide my privates. They always seemed at risk of being exposed but I carefully ensured that they never were. I enjoyed seeing John go crazy with lust, while I maintained an air of youthful innocent naiveté.

In spite of my air of innocence, I knew precisely what I was doing. We girls always know what we’re doing. Innocence is a male fantasy.

John got tremendously embarrassed when he got an erection simply by looking at me in my sexual teasing state. I rubbed it in and said, “It looks like you are enjoying the view, John.”

John turned bright red. “I can’t help it, Sis. I’m 20 years old and these things happen to us boys. I can’t control it. And besides, don’t you realize how hot you look?”

I blew him a kiss. “I’m getting in the shower now, John. No peeking, okay? I may take a long shower since I’m going to wash my hair, so if you need the bathroom, go now before I shower.” Our bedrooms are downstairs in the basement, and we share a bathroom.

“Go ahead, Sis. Close the door if you don’t want me to sneak a peek,” John said. The shower has a glass door, which keeps the water inside but hides nothing at all.

I actually did not care if he sneaked a peek. I felt a little exhibitionist, I guess, and I was enjoying teasing him. So I left the bathroom door ajar when I got in the shower. I always leave it ajar in any event, so that the bathroom does not get too steamy. Our Dad told us to do that, to keep the paint from peeling.

John apparently over reacted a bit. He had told me to close the door and I did not, so he interpreted it as an invitation. He came into the bathroom while I was washing my hair with my eyes closed, and he sat on the toilet and stroked his erection.

After I rinsed I opened my eyes for a minute. When I saw him sitting on the toilet seat staring at my naked body and in particular my breasts, and beating off, I freaked out. This was significantly different than “sneaking a peak.” I left the shower while his hand was pumping his cock with ferocity of purpose.

“I guess you really need some release, eh, John?” I queried while standing in front of him, naked and dripping wet. As I spoke I reached for a towel to cover my nudity.

John looked up, blushed, and said, “My God, Joan, how can you stand there so calmly. Jesus you are as gorgeous as you are sexy. Damn it to hell that you’re my sister.”

I am not sure what came over me, but I said, “Thank you, John. Would you like me to help you get off? I’ve never done this before, though, I warn you.”


Let me back up a bit at this point. I am considered to be one of the prettier girls in the high school, and even if I were not pretty, I would get a lot of attention just for my body. When I look at myself however I am hypercritical of my body. I think most of us girls are our own worst enemies. When I look in the mirror, I see breasts that are just a little too big, hips that are a little too big, my thighs are just a smidgen too big, but my tiny waist is just right.

Nevertheless the overall effect is a slightly exaggerated hourglass figure, and for boys in high school, that’s more than enough to get their attention. Plus, I’m a cheerleader, and we wear skimpy outfits. We kick our legs in tuzla escort the air, do splits, and wave pompoms in front of our breasts, giving the boys carte blanche to study our bodies. They take the carte blanche, I’m sure.

The upshot is that boys want to date me. I have gone out on a lot of dates, but lately they all end the same way. We kiss and make out a little, and then the boys attempt to undress me, little by little. Often it’s in their car, parked at a lonely spot somewhere, or even in front of my parents’ house after they drive me home.

The boys don’t get very far, but only because I stop them. The ones I like get me naked above the waist, but that is as far as I go in terms of clothing. I do on occasion let them get their hands under my skirt or my pants, and a few of them have fingered me a bit. But I don’t let it go farther than that, no matter how turned on I become. I never undress the boys; some of them undress themselves, but I never touch them down there.

There are two consequences to my behavior. One is that I have never touched nor tasted a boy’s erect cock. The other is that I have developed a reputation as a tease and an ‘ice queen.’ I know that most of my friends have slept with their boy friends, and a couple of my friends have slept with more than one guy. One friend, Mary Jane, is the school slut. She has slept with at least four different guys. Rumors go as high as eight, but I don’t believe the rumors.

So I was fairly inexperienced, and very curious, which is why I enjoyed sneaking peaks from time to time of my brother John’s cock. I figured it was okay, since I knew he liked to sneak peaks of me, and I passively let him do so, pretending not to notice. It was a kind of tit for tat, or more accurately, tit for cock.


So when I emerged from the shower naked and dripping wet, John just stared me. When I covered myself with a towel and offered to help him to get off, he was struck dumb but managed to nod yes.

I was fairly innocent and as I said, I had never before played with a boy’s cock, although boys had explored most of me already with their hands, fingers, and eyes. I was curious. And I knew John loved me as a brother and that he would not abuse the situation. I knelt down on the ground and my mouth was inches from the head of his cock.

I touched it gently with my hand, and his cock quivered. “Is this your first time, too? I mean with a girl helping you out?” I asked.

“No Joan,” he said. “It’s only the first time with my sister ‘helping me out.’ Are you sure you want to do this?”

I did not answer that question. I just gently stroked his cock up and down with my right hand, and he groaned and shook a little. Then I did what I needed to do to satisfy my curiosity. I had been wondering and fantasizing about doing this for a long time: I tasted my brother’s cock. It was not my brother’s cock per se that I wanted to taste: I just wanted to taste a man’s cock. I was hopelessly curious.

So I put his cock in my mouth, and I licked my tongue all around its purple head, licked the sides as if it were a lollipop, and then sucked on his balls, taking them into my mouth, too. The towel I had wrapped around me began to slip, and John pushed it off of me. He began to fondle my breasts while I did this.

It was funny: sucking his cock seemed to me at the time to be like a science experiment, and not at all personal; I was detached. But when John began caressing my boobs, it suddenly became sexual, and I realized this was incest.

Then the next thing was even stranger: I did not care! I trusted John, and I loved him. It wasn’t a sexual love, but it was love nevertheless. He was the only boy around my age that I truly cared for.

I continued sucking until suddenly I was surprised by his forceful ejaculation. He shot his load right into my mouth and down my throat. Without thinking I swallowed, and this impressed John. My innocence had made me the first girl he had been with who had swallowed.

John then pushed me down on the bathroom rug, spread my legs, and began to finger me. “You don’t have to reward me for my blowjob, John. I was happy to do it. I hope it was okay.”

John continued to finger me anyway, and he said, “Joan, it was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had. You’re the first girl to give me a blowjob and swallow, and I am glad it was you. It was wonderful.”

John fingered me until I had an orgasm, which was fairly obvious, and I moaned a lot while he fingered me and I even gave a little scream when I came. I had never had an orgasm before, since I did not masturbate.

The few boys I had allowed to finger me did so in cramped quarters in a car, or at the front door to my parents’ house, and while I always enjoyed it, I did not cum. This time however the orgasm sent me over the top into a state of delirium.

By the time I came, he was hard again, and he climbed on top of me and he was clearly going to try to enter me.

“No John,” I said. “I am a virgin, and I am not about to have my first time tuzla escort bayan be with my brother! A little oral sex with you is fine, but we are not going to go all the way,” I said, with a certain firmness to my voice. I clamped my legs tightly together. John still tried, but I was adamant, and so eventually he gave up and just kissed me and played with my boobs for a while more.

The rest of the weekend John was all over me, feeling me up at every opportunity, and wanting to repeat our little oral sex session. I let him feel me up, and my boobs were, often in his hands. But I was no longer in the mood for naked sex with him. That was off the table. I was relieved when our parents returned.

The next week my best friend Mary dropped a bomb on me. She told she had heard that the boys we hung out with had established a pool. They were all betting on who would be the first boy to take my cherry. I was horrified and furious. Not only that, but after the lucky guy had laid me, the others would need a picture of me naked for proof.

She wanted to know which boy I was going to give my cherry to. I was too grossed out to speak, but I managed to say, “None of them.”

Mary was upset, so I asked her if there had been a betting pool for her cherry? She said yes, all of our friends had been the object of a betting pool. I was the last remaining virgin in my circle of friends. I asked her who had won her cherry?

She replied that Steve had won. They dated for around 6 weeks before she caved and had sex with him, and then they quickly broke up. And yes, he had a picture of her naked, blowing a kiss to him, which he shared with all the boys. She did not seem to mind. She was happy, though, because now that Steve had laid her and left her, she had the pick of the other boys, and she was going through them, one at a time.

I should not have asked, but I could not stand it. “Do you do it with the other boys, too?” I asked.

“Oh yes, of course, especially if I like them. Mary, it’s lots of fun. You have to be on the pill, though,” she replied.

“How many boys have you, you know, done it with?” I stammered.

“Joan, what kind of a question is that? You never ask a girl such a thing, you know that! But since you are my friend, can I swear you to secrecy?” Mary replied.

I assured her my lips would be sealed. “After Steve, I have let four men have their way with me. I guess I am now a slut, but I don’t think everyone knows. At least not yet,” she replied.

I was aghast, but I think I managed to hide it. “Good for you, Mary. Way to go girl,” is what I actually said, not meaning it at all.

A month later I had acquired a boyfriend, Mike, and one weekend evening after we had shared a bottle of wine and I was good and drunk, we retired to my room to make out. One thing led to another and Mike managed to get me naked. He was the first boy (other than my brother John) to see me naked. Maybe I let him get me naked because I was drunk; maybe also it was because of my experiences with my brother, I don’t know.

But I did let Mike get me naked. He gave me cunnilingus, the first time anyone, not even my brother, had done that. I went crazy. I had a huge orgasm, the biggest by far of my short life.

I lay there in a haze after I came, stunned by the power of my first huge orgasm. My legs were still spread. He quickly mounted me and stuck his cock in, and even before I realized it he was fucking me. I wanted to scream, but we were in my bedroom and I did not want my parents to come rushing down and find me naked underneath this guy.

I did not know what to do. I squirmed a little to get away, but he was strong and kept me locked in position with his arms. His legs were between mine so I could not close my legs. I did say, “No, Mike. Please stop. I’m not ready for this,” but he ignored me. I repeatedly said no, but he just kept fucking me.

I gave up at one point and I let him fuck me. I was pretty passive, and just lay there underneath him, my legs spread, his body on top of me with his cock furiously pumping in and out of me. It felt nice, but it did not seem to be the magical ‘first time’ I had always imagined.

I could not relax, but I realized that if I were to relax, I would enjoy it more. Sex is actually quite pleasurable. While he was pumping away in me, and I was lying there beneath him in shock, I suddenly saw John standing in the doorway to my room watching us. Our eyes met, and mine began to tear up. He silently mouthed the words to me, ‘Enjoy yourself, Sis,’ gave me a thumbs up sign, and then he retired to his own room.

I found out later John had heard my protests to Mike, and he also saw me try to squirm away and fail, but he did not intervene and just smiled and enjoyed the show. He had also seen my mega orgasm when Mike ate me.

Now that I was no longer a virgin, I decided to go for broke, and I let Mike fuck me two more times, each time in a different position. After we had done it three times, he was spent. I, however, felt like a girl in a candy shop, and I was escort tuzla determined to enjoy my first time to the max.

I used my fellatio skills I had developed with my brother John and I sucked his cock back to life. I then did him Cowgirl style, a position I had learned by watching porn on the Internet. Mike snapped a cell phone photo and a cell phone mini video of me sitting on his cock, my boobs bouncing around above him as I moved up and down, a huge smile on my face.

I was so lost in the lust of the moment, I was staring off into space, or had my eyes closed, I am not sure. The point is that I did not even notice his camera work. He won the betting pool of course, with photographic proof that he took my cherry.

The group of boys in our circle of friends all got to enjoy a video of me enthusiastically fucking him Cowgirl style. They got to see my boobs bouncing around, my smiling face as we fucked, and explicit shots of his cock going in and out of me. The ice queen had melted.

Mike and I went out a few more times, and he fucked me each time we went out. Once we did it in his car where we were at risk of being discovered. It was too cramped, so he took me outside even though we were both naked. It was cold out, too.

He had me lean against the car, bent over the hood where the warmth of the engine made it feel nice, and then he took me from behind. Nobody stumbled across us doing it, thank God, but I was strangely turned on by the risky aspect of the sex.

The cold air and the public exposure made me more aware of the sensation of his cock inside me than ever before. It was electric. When I came during his fuck, I screamed much too loudly. I was ashamed to get so aroused by fucking in what could easily have been in public. I never let him try that again.

After around four dates when we made love every date, in every way we could think of, he dumped me. There was a new girl to conquer. She turned out to be easy, but in the meantime I was devastated. Other boys asked me out, now that they knew I had put out. They all wanted a piece of my ass, as boys like to say. I turned them all down, preferring to stay home and cry.

That was how my brother found me one day when he came home from college. He had aced his math final, and he was in a very good mood. He helped himself to a large glass of our father’s Scotch whiskey and came looking for me to share his joy with someone. He found me a sobbing mess.

I explained how Mike had used me for sex, told the world, sneaked a picture and a video that he shared with all of the boys and some of the girls at our small high school, and then he dumped me. I felt humiliated and every day when I went to school I went into a shame spiral. Plus my friends told me that everyone knew, and almost everyone had even seen a video of Mike and me doing it. On top of everything, the video was porn quality, according to my friend Mary, who had also seen it.

My brother John sat with me on my bed, his arm around me to comfort me, and he just let me blather on about how boys are creeps and why are they so mean? I was so embarrassed, how could I continue to be a cheerleader? As I led the cheers, all the boys would be imagining me naked and fucking. It was a horror. I wanted to crawl into a hole.

John did his best to comfort me. He told me it was no big deal, and I should ‘own the shame.’ He told me I was not only beautiful, but also sexy as hell, and on top of that I had a killer body. I should enjoy showing off my body that those creeps could not have. Tease them all to hell and back, he said.

He told me to act as though they each could have enjoyed fucking my brains out, if only they had been nice and respectful. Other men, good men, would enjoy my body; but all of those high school jerks had blown it. It was gross coming from my brother. But it worked, and John cheered me up.

I was so grateful I gave John a big kiss on the lips. He kissed me back and held me tight. He did not know it, but if he had wanted me just then, he could have had me. I was vulnerable at that moment. But he behaved perfectly, as a brother should. Good for him.

It probably would have ended there, had not our parents decided to take another weekend alone. They had reawakened their sex lives during their anniversary weekend jaunt. They seemed to be chomping at the bit to get away alone once again. I suspect my mother was too uptight to have wild sex while John and I were around. I knew she always moaned loudly, and she did not want us, her kids, to hear her.

So John and I were alone again in the house for the weekend. I had bought a new nightgown, and it was sexier than the last one. It had a boat neck off the shoulder effect, so that my boobs were always in danger of being exposed, and in addition it had a deep vee neck, revealing my cleavage.

More precisely I should say that it would have revealed my cleavage if I had worn a bra. But once again I was naked underneath it, so it simply revealed most of my boobs. In some positions, such as bending over, it revealed all of my boobs. And it was short. It was very short. In fact, it was too short, revealing just a little of the bottom of my ass. If John were behind me when I bent over, he would get an eyeful, that’s for certain.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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