The 4 hours in the “Drunk Tank,” that forever change my life

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There was a time that all I thought about Julie.
Then a few year back that relationship ended messy, with my then schoolyard sweetheart.
I drifted into self-pity, questioning myself for the first time.
You see I had been with my then love of my life Julie, since late high school.
By 22 were had drifted so far apart, that we hated each other.
It was later that year at a “New Year’s” party, when option B opened up.

I was out drinking with some friends, to see in the New Year.
Mickey a friend for a short time, started asking weird questions about my life that led to me being single.
Nothing was planned but other few more drinks, we were kissing and stroking each other’s cock.
By the time the New Year’s fireworks lit up the sky, I had sucked on his dick and had my ass breed with Mickey’s cum.
Next time we caught up with each other, he tried to avoid eye contact and when I bought it up he denied it.

Then there was Jason, Jason was a guy I had briefly chatted to my neighborhood.
For six months we become cock buddies, I would regularly go to his mom’s basement where he had a room.
We would look at cock books and cock videos, which led us into rubbing, stroking and sucking each other’s cocks.
Jason turned his nose up whenever, I mentioned to him to fuck my ass.
In time he changed his attitude about anal.
All good things come to an end, one day Jason out of character started licking my asshole.
He then fucked my ass and fucked me so good, I was left panting and moaning once he’d finished.
That’s when he told me, that bad news.
Jason and his family were leaving the area, soon.
So until his place was filled with boxed and junk, Jason would fuck my ass almost every day and leave in bliss each time.

In a year and a half since Jason left, I was at a loss.
I once like girls, then I like boys.
Am I gay or bisexual?
Right now I was no-sexual, I had tried picking up at clubs.
I was out of luck with both male and female, I was feeling frustrate and depressed.

So this Saturday I decided to go to my first gay club and hoped for the best.

It was a warmish evening so I decided to wear a large grey tank top (that cover the space near my balls), cotton board shorts (knee length no boxers or underwear), black sox and black Doc Marten boots.
Still a bit nervous I hit bursa escort a few bars on the way.
I think I had been to a three bars to which I downed (2) shots of tequila each.
By the time I hit the third, I had been given a joint by a stranger in the toilets.
It wasn’t straight up weed but I didn’t care, at this stage.

I don’t know how my I smoke or what it was mixed with it or the tequilas were catching up to me, but one of the last things I remember was being thrown out of a venue and dancing in the street.
By the time the police had arrive, I had thrown off my clothes (top and shorts) and continued dancing in the street.
I made an ass of myself, in other words.

When I woke up, I found myself in the local “Drunk Tank”.
I didn’t know how I got there, I had my clothes back on but wasn’t sure about anything else.
There was a fat black man next to me, looked harmless.
I was in one of those cells that held several prisoners, with wooden shattered bench seats around it.
It was the third cell like this before, a brick wall that led to the toilets.
I think we had 15 in our cell, the rest were pretty filled up.
The guard was 20 meters away and paying no attention to the cells.
Every now and then to kill his boredom he did a head count or release an inmate of two.

I sat next a big black man, I really men he was big and fat.
He just smiled at me, made my mind think.
I couldn’t help play with my balls and then realized why I had come out tonight.
Then I attempted to cuddle up next to him, he looked at me and started stroking my head.
I was beginning to feel horny again.
Well it beat a punch in the head (was what I thought he might do).

My hand started to touch and rub, where his cock lived.
Again I thought I might cop a punch to my head.
I looked up at him and he gave me a wink.
That wink gave me confidence to at least, play with fat boy.
He helped me pull his cock out.
When it was released from the confines of his pants and undies, it flopped out pleading to be touched.
I wrapped a hand around it and began to stroke it, up and down.

“Oh yeah, keep going,” he whispered to me.
He swung an arm and motioned me, to get on my knees and in front of him.
The concrete floor hurt my knees, so I took my tank top off and used it as a rug.
He now put his hands bursa escort bayan on my shoulders.
“Be a good girl now and make me cum properly,” I looked him in the eyes and knew what he meant.

I licked his cock as I moved it towards my face.
He now positioned my head between his fat thighs, with my ass facing some other cell mates.
There he was holding my head now, but gently as I licked his shaft.
I then licked and swallowed in one motion, as my mouth opened up and accepted his cock inside.
His cock tasted of pre-cum on my tongue as I licked on it, he was letting out tiny moans.
That got the attention from the other inmates, in my cell.

I paused and looked back to see, what the whispers were about.
We had an audience.
So I cheekily squatted off my knees and slid down my shorts, down to my ankles.
I threaded one boot thru my shorts cover and leaving it around my other boot.
My bare bum was revealed to all to see, I gave them I last cheekily look.
“Hey Guys do you want join in, go for it,” I said, and returned to the fat black guy’s cock.
He moved forwards and pushed his cock back inside my mouth.

There was movement from one of the other cell, as inmates were freed.
Also in my cell as I felt someone licking my asshole, while I had my legs spaced apart.
By now there were fingers jamming inside my hole, while I sucked the fat guy’s cock.
He started fucking my ass with his fingers, which made me moan.
He fingered my asshole for about a minute, but it sure had its effect on me.
My cock was spewing pre-cum by now.

When I first felt cock entering my asshole, I paused with cock in my mouth.
The pain I felt as he stretched my ass was incredible, but the rush of pleasure and excitement that came with it was indescribable.
As two guys pumped cock into me in a prison cell, I knew I had to embrace my feminine side.
By doing so I was bowing down to my new Gods from African and their black cocks, their pleasure was my sacrifice.
The guard let two more people go, without even looking our way.

I was still toying with fat boys cock with my mouth and tongue, when someone else entered my asshole.
Fat boy had cum long ago, even before my ass felt anything close.
I just swallowed and licked his cock, enjoying getting ass fucked.
Maybe it was the alcohol still escort bursa in my system or the joint, or whatever I felt so alive.

By the time the guard came by next time, he shun the torch on me while getting my ass fucked.
Fat boy quickly moved away and zipped up.
“Everything ok over there!” he asked.
“All good,” I said.
The guy fucking me froze but went back to fucking me again.

More suitors enjoyed breeding my ass, my inner thighs had become greasy.
I was now sucking someone else’s cock, fat boy made room for them.
Other guy just filled my ass and added to the deposits, already residing inside my ass.
Another guy finish in my ass and then another one was eagerly, ready to jump on me.
They usually were politely and ask prior to fucking me, “Is it cool bro?”

“Roger, Johnson,” The Guard called out.
It was fat boy’s turn to be freed.

“Harder, fuck me harder,” I said, to whom ever was fucking my ass now.
So that is what they did from now on, they fucked me hard and fast.
I’ve had so many dicks rammed inside me, that my asshole felt so numb now.
The feeling of my ass being empty, turned me into an extremely winy bitch.
“More, more cock,” I kept whinnying.

After what felt like two hours, of getting my ass fucked non-stop it was over.
I literally crawled on the bench, with my shorts wrapped around an ankle and my shirt still on the ground.
There I stretched my neck, shoulders and looked around.
My cell was almost empty now, maybe six inmates left.
The cleaners were cleaning up the other cells.

I leant over to grab my shirt and I let out a wet fart, which was sloppy with loads of cum.
It tickled out my ass and between the slats of the bench, I looked at my cock and it was sloppy too.
I gave it a few tugs to clear cum and pre-cum away, until I couldn’t stop and before I knew it I was stroking my cock until orgasm.
The guard saw me, shook his head.
“You need to see someone,” He laughed.
I was still stroking out a dying orgasm, when he mentioned it was my turn to go.

So I got dressed and signed my name at the front and left the “Drink-Tank”.
My eyes were blinded by the morning sun, when I heard a honk.
I looked around shielding my eyes and saw Roger aka Fat Boy, in an old Bedford van.
He drove me home, not before requesting that I give him a blowjob while he drove.
That wasn’t the last I would see of Roger that year, nor the last I saw of his dick and his fat ass.

The Ends for now.

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