The Alum

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Xavier Scarboro loved to travel and give talks. It was one of the many perks of being a college professor. He had given talks all over the US, Europe, the Middle East and New Zealand. His expertise was on race and sexuality. More specifically on the global and historical preoccupation with black bodies. However, in the last year his dean ruined what were enjoyable getaways into work as his success proved to be a fruitful funding opportunity for the university. His dean would conveniently invite affluent alumni to his talks who lived nearby. Xavier would offen find himself wrangled into boring dinners with old alums who would rather regale him with stories of the good old days on campus when it was all white and all male. As a black male scholar specializing in sexuality the irony that old white men would prefer to talk about themselves was not lost on him. But they were boring all the same.

When he had arrived in LA for this talk he thought he was free of his dean for once. But thr email he received right before heading to the lecture hall informed him that a very important “friend of the university” was scheduled to meet with him after his lecture for dinner. So much for a fun evening on the town later. Xavier tried not to let the email put him in a bad mood before his talk but he struggled to be positive. At least that is until his talk started. He was used to academic groupies filling the front row. Eager students who wanted him to take them on as graduate students. Nerds by all accounts. His people of course but Xavier was no typical fuddy duddy professor. He was a collegiate athlete in his day but also a good student. He prided himself on being a well rounded person. He continued to be athletic well after college and into his professional life. He ran still but also played a lot of soccer and trained at a boxing gym to stay in shape. So he was used to the slight flirtations from coeds even though he was 20+ years older than most of them. He would never risk his career over them but he did appreciate their attention. But typically they were nerdy young girls. cute but too awkward to do or say more than giggle nervously. Tonight was different. Down in the front row directly in front of him were three delicious sirens who made every attempt to distrsct him during his lecture.

A redhead with giant tits saueezed into a white tshirt about two sizes to small. A brunette with olive toned skin medium size tits in a low cut tank top. Her braless tits spilling out the side and her nipples at full atrention. And rounding out the trio was a blue eyed she devil with silver dyed hair like Storm from the comic books. It was a new trend amongst the undergrads. Her ample busom barely covered in the crop top she was wearing giving way to a lot of underboob. God he loved southern California. The display of tits and beauty was not what was most distracting. It was tge fact that all three wore micro mini skirts and none of them were wearing any underwear. It was such a good view that pendik escort he knew the redhead was a natural red and the silver haired one was a blonde by nature. The brunette was completely shaven so she could have dyed her hair as well but who the hell cared. The threesome never broke eye contact with him for the entire 45 minute talk and 15 minute Q and A. Xavier was glad he had a podium to hide his enormous erection.

After the talk was over many stayed to ask questions and get him to sign copies of his book. The threesome postioned themselves strategically on his left and right and directly in front. They never moved while others came and went. They never asked a question but the feeling of their nipples on his arms told Xavier all he needed to know. Just was the crowd thinned and three lingered as to follow him out Xavier thought he was in for a spectacular night. Unfortunately it was interrupted by his host who reminded him he had a guest waiting in the hall’s atrium. Damn alum Xavier thought to himself as he was led away from the three sirens. All of whom gave him the saddest pouty lip goodbye without saying a word.

“Dr. Scarboro please allow me to introduce you to Ms. Salome Iman of Iman Industries.”

York turned to shake the hand of what he thought would be another 70 year old but instead he looked upon what he could only describe as the epitome of beauty and perfection. Before him stood a woman, probably around 30, with long jet black straight hair, green eyes, golden brown flawless skin wrapped in a jet black skin tight ankle length dress. The neckline reaching her sternum and half of each breast exposed almost to the nipple and aerola. She was about 5 foot 10 and 125 lbs. Althletic build. B cup tits. Her ass the shape of and size of a soccer ball. The slit on the side of her dress went all the way to her hip revealing a nicely toned leg. Xavier knew a runner body when he saw one. She looked of Arab or Persian descent. She looked like she had stepped out of one of the tales of a thousand and one nights. She was beautiful enough to be thr only story to be told for a millenium.

“Dr. Scarboro it is a pleasure to see you again. It has been a long time.” Her smooth silky voice called out to him.

“We’ve met!?” Xavier said awkwardly not sure how he could have forgotten about this Persian goddess. “Please forgive me but I am not sure how that’s possible. I would have remembered.” He said a little too honestly. Her blushing let know that.

“I was actually a student in one of your classes when I was an undergrad. it was your large intro class. It was my first semester in college and I was way too intimidated to ever speak or come to your office hours even though i loved the class and learned a great deal.”

The youthfullness in her voice transported her back to the shy, nervous 18 year old he must have over looked.

“Well I am glad to have the opprtunity to meet you now. How long ago were you in school?”

“Well i graduated undergrad maltepe escort six years ago so its been about ten years since i was in your class. But we can talk about all of this over dinner. I have a car waiting and my driver will take us to dinner. So if you would like to follow me we can head out.”

“You lead and I shall follow.” Her smile let him know she understood he meant more than he said.

Dinner wasnt just dinner but a dining experience at the most exclusive restaurant in LA. Salome had reserved a private room and had planned the menu with the chef who introduced each course. In between the world class meal Salome regaled him with her successes since graduating. As an undergrad she was an engineering major so Xaviers class was her only elective and the only time she took a class with him. Her parents were immigrants and demanded nothing but thr best from her. She graduated at the top of the class and tgen went on to get a masters degree in computer science. She then created an app and software program that almost every engineering firm in the world wanted. The patent beought her more money than she could have imagined. She started her own company and was listed as one of the richest people in North America under 30. Depsite all of her success she had developed a major philanthropic component to her portfolio hence the arranged meeting between them. She had specifically requested to meet with Dr. Scarboro to discuss what her contribution to thr university would be. Xavier sat enthralled through all of it.

“To be honest Salone its usually my role to impress an alum into giving to the university but I can hardly think of anything I could do to impress you.” Again this caused her to blush.

“You are too kind Dr. Scar..”

“Please call me Xavier.”

“Xavier”. He had never heard his name said so beautifully and perfectly. He was entranced. Her smile made all the blood in his body rush to his groin. He had never wanted a woman more at anytime in his life.

“Well Dr…Xavier I’ve kept you long enough. Let me take you back to your hotel”.

She stood and reached her hand out to him which he eagerly took. She hooked her arm through his and pressed slightly against him as they walked out of the restautant together. If there was anyone else in restaurant Xavier did not notice. He could not take his eyes from Salome. He held the door to the limo open for her and watched her perfect body climb into the plush leather seating.

“Please take us to the hotel Barak”.

She told her driver and then pressed a button and a black mirror slid up between the drivers area and them. Before he realized it she was in his lap straddling him and kissing him deeply while she pulled his shirt from his pants and pulled his suit jacket off his shoulders. Her scent was intoxicating. Xavier’s hands explored her body as he open his mouth to her for her tongue to explore.

“I’ve wanted you for so long Xavier. I am yours to have.” She whispered. kartal escort Her lips glistening. Her hands reaching into his unzippered pants wrapping her fingers around his cock. It took his breath away.

“Do you want to fuck me Dr. Scarboro!?” Xavier didnt correct her. He liked it when she called him that.

“More than anything I’ve ever wanted before!”

And with that she hiked up her dress and raised herself above his throbbing cock and lowered herself down onto his dick engulfing his whole cock in one motion. Her pussy felt as perfect as she was in every other way. She rode him passionately. Clearly putting her fit body to good use. She fucked him deep and hard. Xavier grabbed handfuls of her ass and assisted her rising and falling on his dick. As she came down with all her weight he would match it with a eagerly forceful upward thrust of his hips.

“Fuck yes! Give me all of that beautiful black cock Dr. Scarboro! Fuck me harder!! Harder!! Yessss!!”

Xavier obeyed. He fucked this beautiful young woman with everything he had. He also released one hand from her ass to explore her pusdy to gind her clit. When he found the little nub nestled underneath her pussy lips he rubbed it furiously to bring her to climax.

“Ooohhhh fuuuuuckkk yessssss!! Just like that don’t stop!! FUCK MEEEE!! I”m cumming!!

Salome’s whole body convulsed and tensed. Her pussy threatening to rip Xavier’s cock right off his body. Instead the pulsating squeezing pussy brought Xavier to his own climax.

“Fuck!! I’m gonna cum!

Salome buried her cunt to the hilt. Grinding her hips into his.

“Cum for me my dearest! Cum in me!” She commanded.

Xavier again obeyed and unloaded shot after shot of hot cum deep into her waiting pussy. It was onky them that Salome collapsed in a sweaty heap on top of them. They lay like tgat until Xavier felt the limo stop and a voice oer the intercom told them they were at the hotel.

“Xavier. I hope you are free for brunch tomorrow. Say 1030am? I’ve also taken the liberty to upgrade your room. You will now be in the penthouse on the top floor. I’ve also arranged for a special turn down service to help you get a good nights sleep.” She said all of this as they both pulled their clothes back on.

“I don’t know what to say? It is most generous”

“No need. I own the hotel so its not a big deal.”

She kissed his softly and bid him good night. Xavier was in a euphoric daze as he walked into the hotel lobby. Surely this was a dream and he was about to wake from it to go give his lecture. Thankfully it was all real. Xavier was escorted to a private elevator thst only serviced the penthouse. When the doors open he almost passed out from shock. Standing in the entry way to the room were the three sirens from his talk earlier. All completely naked!

“Good evening Dr. Scarboro we are your turn down service provided by Ms. Salome.”

The said in unison as they stepped towards him taking his hand and leading him to the bedroom. Xavier only felt certain of one thing in that moment. A good nights rest was not in store for him tonight. And he could not have been happier.

Little did Xavier know that this was only the beginning of a bold new adventure.

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