The Appeal

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I said you are very appealing, and you asked me to tell you more, here…

I’ve only seen that lousy picture on your profile, so your appeal isn’t based on looks, yet. Rather, the appeal is your mind, your wit, your personality, your flirtatiousness, your fun, your eagerness, your reserve. The honesty you exude…and the sense of raw sexuality that smolders barely below the surface, impatiently waiting for the right person, the right time, the right place, the right opportunity to erupt.

That moment will be explosive. When you finally find him, and meet him, and let yourself accept how much you want him, you will toss caution to the wind and surrender to the moment. This story is about that moment…and the moments that follow.

You look into his eyes and realize you are staring directly into the soul of who he is…and that you adore what you see. You reach out with your hand and brush your fingertips lightly down his cheek, feeling the smooth warmth of his skin overlaid with a light stubble of five o’clock shadow. You shudder, unable to control the immediate mental image and sensation of those tiny, scratchy hairs on your thighs, and the bright red tongue you see between his smile licking your aching, wet pussy.

lt is clear that the feelings are mutual, and even more clear that they can’t be denied. Still having spoken not a single work, you come together. Placing his hand beneath your hair on the back of your neck he pulls you into him, parting his lips as you near.

You lean to meet him, parting your lips in unison. His lips barely meet yours, and he pauses as sparks of electricity seem to race between you. You feel that funny little nerve tingle as your upper lip vibrates with the sensation. He reaches out with the tip of his tongue and traces the edges of your lips. The heat you feel there instantly flushes through your body. Your nipples stiffen. Your stomach feels warm. Your loins begin to ignite and you feel yourself become wet. Wetter than you can remember. Then you press together and your lips begin to dance, a pas de deux of sensuality.

Your mind is racing, jumbled with thoughts. You’ve flirted, emailed, phoned, but never before met. You’re not this kind of woman, but you can’t help yourself. You want him. Right here. Right now. Any way. Every way. Again and again. And you know he wants you as much. As you wrap your arms around him and hold him close, you feel his hardness straining against his jeans, reaching for you, throbbing.

The kiss…THE kiss you’ve imagined for so long…ends at last. You open your eyes as you separate, and look once again into the window on his heart. You nod your head ever so slightly, smiling. Putting his hand around your waist, he gently guides you toward the car. Opening the door for you, he takes your hand to steady you as you slip onto the leather seat and lift your shapely long legs into the footwell.

Circling around, he gets in the other side, starts the engine, engages first gear and drives away as the cd player fills the interior with an assortment of sexy love songs from BB to Secada to Rob Thomas. His hand explores your thigh the entire trip, and even this most innocent of touches is more than enough to keep your desire feverish.

Arriving at your destination, he parks the car. You reach for the door handle, but stop in response to the slight pressure of his hand squeezing your leg. You wait as he exits, walks around the car, and opens your door for you, wondering casually all the while how long it has been since any other man had treated you so thoughtfully.

Taking your hand once again, he helps you rise from the seat and ushers you inside. You look around openly, pretending to have interest in the style, the color, the aesthetic of the place, but you both know your only real interest is in locating the bed.

He turns you to him and, wrapping his arms around your waist, pulls you close. You kiss again. It is only your second, you suddenly realize, yet it has the comfort of a lifetime mingled with the excitement of newness, and the eroticism of a yearning so openly exposed it cannot be mistaken.

When the kiss finally breaks, you separate only slightly, eyes still locked together. You see him gazing intently at you and realize he is watching the subtle flaring of your nostrils as you breath, excited.

He lifts his hands to your blouse and begins to unfasten the buttons, starting at the top. You watch his eyes the entire time, your lack of intervention all the permission he needs. In moments you feel the cool breeze of the air conditioner on your now expose abdomen. His hand move to your wrists and he undoes the buttons on your cuffs.

His hands move up and he slides the blouse to your shoulders, pausing and inquiring at last with his eyes. All reservations long since pushed to the side, you consider playing coy and making him wait but know you cannot possibly do so. You pull your shoulders back and the silken blouse slides from your arms and drifts to the Persian rug below.

His pendik escort eyes roam over your exposed, sexy bra and he spots the front clasp. Reaching up, he takes it in his fingers and unhooks it. Slowly, savoring the anticipation, he pulls your bra back revealing your beautiful breasts. Spreading his arms wider, he slips the bra straps off your shoulder and lets this, too, fall to the floor, landing on top of your blouse.

He steps back to take in your partial nakedness. You feel a momentary initial embarrassment, worried that he might not find you as perfect in the flesh as you had been in him imagination all these weeks. But the soft smile, really little more than the merest upturning of the corners of his mouth, tells you otherwise. His eyes glance up and into yours, and in them you see his excitement, joy, and wanted. You feel your nipples begin to harden and rise, then take your hands and cup one beneath each breast, lifting them ever so slightly in an offering. You take each nipple between the forefinger and thumb of each hand and massage them lightly. Your eyes close and your head tilts back slightly as your nipples harden even more in response to your touch, and ache in yearning for his.

As you let your hands fall back to your sides and open your eyes, you see his just as he finishes removing his own shirt, tossing it into the growing pile of clothing behind you, evening the status between you. He steps forward, taking you in his arms again, and you let slip a small squeal of delight when his naked skin touches yours, when your nipples graze across the wiry hair on his chest, and his fingers slide down your spine to the small of your back. As he reaches the waistband of your jeans, his fingernails glide down your spine and your back arches involuntarily, pressing your hips, your loins, tight into his, and the hard erectness behind his jeans.

Loosening his grasp on you, he bends down and again you feel the light stubble of beard you can otherwise barely see as his chin and cheek ride over the globe of your breast. He begins to kiss the soft, silky skin atop the perfectly formed globe, then plants tiny little kisses all around the darker, bumpy areola. Hearing the quiet moans that begin to escape your throat, he pulls your nipple between his lips and begins to suckle you. Alternating sucking, nibbling, and licking your nipple with his tongue, he drives you to yet higher levels of desire and yearning.

With a quick suck and nibble of the other nipple, he drops to one knee slowly, kissing his way down to your navel. As his tongue explores this last vestige of your first day in the world, his hands begin to unfasten the brass button at the top of your jeans, and slide the zipper down.

You wiggle your hips to help him slide the tightjeans off, then lift each leg in response to his touch to allow him to slip off your sandals and slide the jeans off your legs. With a soft “thwap” they all land on the pile of clothing. Kneeling on both knees now, his face is even with your Victoria’s Secret lacy panties and you can smell your own arousal, mixed in with the hot, male scent from his body.

You have a momentary flash of anxiety, worried that the juices that seem to have been pouring from within you since you arrived have soaked your panties in an unattractive manner, but quickly shake the feeling off as you feel him press his face into you and kiss your pussy through the silk fabric, knowing he revels in every aspect of you.

You expect him to pull your panties off, but he surprises you by rising back to his feet. He leans in to kiss you again, and you taste a light hint of yourself on his lips. Then he steps back and unfastens his own jeans, pushing them off his hips and lifting each leg out of them. Catching them on his foot, he flips them onto the pile and stands waiting as you look down his body to the hard mass pressing against his shorts.

He takes you by the hand and leads you to the bed. You notice it has already been turned down, and wonder whether to take exception with his arrogance or delight in his planning. He lays you down in the middle of the bed, your head on soft pillows. Standing beside you, he slips his fingers inside the waistband of his shorts and slips them down, over his erection and off onto the floor.

For the first time you see him completely naked. Your eyes go immediately to his cock, and you take in every element. You examine the length and girth and decide it will fit nicely everywhere you want to feel it. You notice the soft curve and wonder how it will feel in your mouth and in your pussy. You feel as if you could lay and just stare for hours were it not for the burning urgency in your loins.

He climbs on the bed, and kneels beside your legs. Having exposed himself to you in all his nakedness first, he now looks down to your panties and back to your eyes. Understanding his message, you reach down and slip them off, marveling yet again that his thoughtfulness would extend to waiting for you to take this final step maltepe escort of trust.

His eyes roam over your body, homing in on the triangle Where legs meet torso. His hand reaches over to nudge your legs apart slightly and you watch as he admires your smooth, neatly shaven pussy, bare but for the patch of closely trim hair just above your clit. You smile, knowing you had guessed correctly by the appreciation you see on his face.

He lies down beside you, taking you in his arms and you begin to make out. You love the feel of his lips on yours, and his tongue in your mouth. You explore his with yours, running it over his teeth and inside his cheeks. You feel his skin against yours, and the hardness of his cock on your thigh.

He ends the kiss longingly and starts to slide down, but you stop him. Having let him take the lead thus far, you want now to be the one setting the tone. Your hands against his shoulders, you push him onto this back, feeling only token resistance.

Propping yourself up above him on one elbow, you lean down and kiss his face. On his forehead, between his eyebrows, at the corner of each eye, the tip of his nose. You lean down and nibble on his earlobe, then trace the folds of his ear with your tongue, leaving behind little kisses as you go. You lean down further and kiss your way down his neck and to his chest.

Continuing down, you take his small nipple in your lips and play with it as he had earlier played with yours. His hardens just as yours did, and the rolling of his body and low moans from his voice tell you they are nearly as sensitive.

You keep moving down, kissing and licking your way across his stomach, your hand leading the way, scouting out the upcoming areas. As he had, you pause to tease his navel, but your hand moves on, exploring. You feel his erection as the back of your hand bumps it, then skirt over and around it, barely touching his cock. You move your fingers down and gently take his sack and balls in your hand, cupping them and softly juggling them back and forth.

Your hand is still holding him there as your lips finally reach the other end of his package. Reaching up with your thumb, you slip it underneath his cock and lift it slightly. Kissing the very tip, your tongue darts out to tease the slit there, then you lower your mouth over him.

At first, you contain your ministrations to the head of his cock. Your mouth, lips, and tongue explore the softness of the skin, the ridge at the base, the crease on the bottom side. You know this is the most sensitive part of his cock, and hear the confirmation in his low, guttural moaning. You know also that despite this he yearns to feel you take all – or all you can – of him into your mouth.

You continue your exploration, sucking, teasing, and licking, enjoying the response you elicit until you can’t restrain yourself any longer. Without warning, you quickly push your mouth down his shaft as far as you can, taking him deep into you. Moving your hand up to wrap around the base of his shaft, you begin stroking his cock with your mouth and hand in unison, ensuring that every inch was within your grasp and control one way or the other.

You’ve wondered about this moment many, many times and yet still have never decided what you want to do. Take him all the way now, feeling his first climax with you this way, confident that he would gladly return the favor, occupying the needed recovery time in a most enjoyable way for both?

Or stop, encourage him (although she doubted he would need much if any) to take her the same way while giving himself time to calm as much as possible in this situation, then feeling him enter her and that first climax shooting off inside her? Decisions, decisions! Think, girl, think!

Rarely indecisive, you are truly at a loss. You want him both ways – hell, every way! You continue to suck and stroke him as you try to figure out what to do, then realize that this time must be just about him. You focus on his feelings and sense that he is nearing the point of no return, your decision made for you by your own indecisiveness.

Doubling your efforts, you take him deep inside your mouth, stroking faster and faster until you hear him moan loudly and lift his hips high off the bed. You feel his hot cum shoot into your mouth in spurts and taste him for the first time. Your hand grips his cock tightly, and you stop moving as you feel the uncontrollable trembling of his body from the sheer pleasure of sensitivity. Careful at this delicate time, you hold him closely, gently sucking the last of his cream from him. You smile inside, proud to be able to please him so much, and pleasantly surprised at the taste of him. You wait until the feel of his heartbeat begins to slow, his breathing eases, and the cock you already love so much starts to soften, then slip him from your mouth and slide up next to him. You put your hand over his shoulder as he turns to look at you, smiling, and you kiss long and deep.

Eager to make you feel kartal escort as you did him, he pushes you gently onto your back and begins repeating every move you made. He kisses across your face, hitting each spot you did, then moving on to your ear. Tracing the curves, nibbling the lobe, kissing lightly. Every act a duplicate of what you had done, generating an erotic sense of deja vu, but with the view from without rather than within.

He eases down your body, kissing along the way. His lips, mouth, and teeth play with your nipple as you did with his. His hand begins to reach out, searching the terrain in advance of his oral movements. As his lips reach your navel for the second time in just, what? Minutes? Hours? With a smile you recognize that you have no idea how long this has been going on, and no care whatever to know.

Your only ache is that it not stop, that it continue for hours, or days, or weeks, or forever…

His hand brushes across the small decorative patch of hair on your mound, then his fingers trace the crease between thigh and abdomen. Fingertips running down the inside of your thigh are driving you crazy as he sucks and kisses your soft underbelly. Finally, just as you are about to grab his wrist and force his hand where you want it to be, he lays his fingers on your hot, wet, swollen pussy and begins to stroke your lips gently.

You raise your hips to his hand, trying to force him inside, or press him harder to you, but he dances away from your attempts. As he kisses down lower, his fingertip slide up and just barely part your lips. His mouth reaches your patch of hair and he kisses it and twirls the short fibers with his tongue before continuing down lower.

You gasp as his tongue reaches out and the tip finds and then Outlines your clit. He licks up one side, then down the other, then reaching directly for the most sensitive tip, circling the firm point now poking out from her little hood. Taking it completely within his lips, he begins to suck in and out, while flicking his tongue across the end. Your moans begin to increase in both volume and intensity, and the bucking of your hips lets him know how much you ache.

You gasp as he thrusts two fingers deep inside you as quickly as he can, then stops dead. After a moment, his fingers begin to stroke slowly in and out, while his lips continue to suck and lick your clit and labia. He twists his hand, and reaches up to that special area behind your pelvic bone, seeking the firm, spongy mound that marks your g-spot. Finding it quickly, he lets the balls of his fingers scribe circles across it, and is rewarded with even louder, more strident moans.

Combining the movements on your clit and g-spot with a rhythmic stroking in and out, his two fingers held stiff and close together to mimic a slender, small cock, he feels you heating up hotter and hotter, and knows that your sweet release is imminent. Quickening the pace in response to the bucking of your hips, he thrusts his fingers hard and fast into and out of your pussy, now soaking wet and burning hot.

A loud cry coupled with your raising your hips as high off the bed as ever lets him know your orgasm is beginning. He keeps stroking hard, then stops as the muscles of your pussy throb, squeezing his hand rapidly. He waits until the waves of climax begin to weaken, then reaches up and again strokes your g-spot, setting you off on another paroxysm of quaking. He stops only when you can stand no more and reach down to grab and squeeze his wrist, pleading for relief.

When you ease your grip on his wrist, he slowly withdraws his fingers from your pussy. You open your eyelids just barely, but enough to see him place his wet fingers into his mouth, one at a time, and lick you from them. Then he drops down between your legs and uses his tongue to gently clean your cum from your pussy lips. You are still sensitive enough for this to trigger tiny little “aftershock” climaxes, and he knows to be gentle as you wind down.

Finally finished, he rises up and returns to your side, pulling you to him, and kissing you long and deep.

Once again you roll him onto his back, this time rising to your knees and straddling his waist. As you knew it would, the time he spent pleasing you, and the excitement he felt doing it, had brought his cock back to full erection. You can feel his hardness beneath you, as you sit on his hips and move back and forth.

Raising up, you reach between your legs and grasp his hardness. Lifting it upright, you place the head of his cock between your labia and move it back and forth, lubricating him with your juices. You lower yourself over him slightly, then pull back up, moistening him more. A quarter inch at a time, you press down, then back up, until half then two-thirds of his cock is inside you. Then you rise up one last time and press down on him quickly, impaling yourself on his hard cock.

For several moments you sit quietly, feeling him fill you completely. Your eyes closed, you concentrate solely on your pussy and his cock, feeling every aspect. You can feel his pulse as the large vein running up the side of his shaft throbs with each heartbeat. You squeeze your muscles, gripping him even tighter, and delighting in the sense of him deep inside you.

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