The Baller

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Everyone kept telling me my sister Tamara was a dime. That is slang for ‘perfect 10’. Funnily, I didn’t see her that way at all. All my boys would tell me. If she weren’t your sister, I would kick it to her. That is slang for ‘try and talk to her’. Although no one dared. I was starting quarterback for the varsity football team and the starting shooting guard for the basketball team. I stood only 6’3” and weighed a buck ninety. That is slang for 190 pounds but every inch of me was sculpted muscle. Trust me the guys new better than to mess with my sister or me. The girls on the other hand loved me. It was my senior year and I had gone through half the girls in my high school. Not to mention all the girls on the cheerleading squad except one. But she didn’t count because I didn’t like her anyway, plus she was my sister. During some games I would catch the guys staring at her in her short skirt and sweater top. I imagined some of them would even go home and jerk their dicks thinking about her. One, I didn’t really care and two I was a guy too. So I could relate.

The night of the championship I left early to get to the gym. I liked to drive alone and think about what I was going to do during the game and about the player who would be guarding me. My sister had to be there early also, for some cheerleader stuff and my dad insisted that I take her.

“Are you nervous?” My sister asked as we drove to the high school.

“Nah, you know I don’t get nervous.”

“Tonight you look nervous.” She insisted.

“Well, I’m not. So quit bugging me.”

My sister turned towards her window away from me. Making her cheerleading skirt slide up to around her thighs. I stared at her smooth almond brown skin and wondered what guy had been lucky enough one to slide between her thighs. My eyes went further up her body. They stopped first at her stomach. It was flat and tight. Then I continued on up to her breasts. They were 34 C’s. She had made it a point at one time or another to let me know. They sat up high and proud on her chest. I looked away but it was too late. My dick had started to swell in my sweatpants. I thought nothing of it, a natural reaction to a female form. But it was your sister my mind shouted. So what, I said to myself. It happens.

During the game at every time out I found myself looking over at the cheerleading section so much that my coached even yelled at me to get my head in the game. We were down by 3 and he called timeout. Everyone ran over to the huddle and the cheerleaders took the floor. They went into the crowd’s favorite cheer. The cheer called for the girls to do a lot of leg lifts and splits, even some gyrating of body parts. Once they were done. Everyone jumped up in the stands and started chanting, “Let’s go Bears.”

The coached called my number on the inbounds play. I was to come off a double screen from the base line and catch the ball on the wing. If I had a shot I were to take it or look for the guy in bounding the ball to cut to the basket. I set up on the left side of the court. The ref blew the whistle and handed the ball to the player. He smacked the ball signaling the start of the play. I faked left then broke hard to the right. Running off the two screens that were set up for me. I caught the ball on the wing. My man was still trying to come off the screen. I stepped back behind the 3-point line and lined up the shot. I cocked back with the guy bearing down hard on me and released it just as he got there. The ball left my hands with 2 seconds showing on the clock. The next sequence of events seemed to canlı bahis happen in slow motion. I was watching the ball when I felt my defenders hand slap mine. I heard the whistle blow, while the ball was still in the air. The clocked ticked down to 1, then 0 as the ball fell through the net. Everyone went wild. People in the stands were jumping up and down. My teammates mobbed me. The ref came and told me I had a foul shot to take. The crowd fell deathly silent as I stepped to the line. The score was tied with no time on the clock. I calmly went to the line and sank the free throw. Fans from the stands ran onto the court in celebration. My sister ran over to me and jumped on me. Wrapping her legs around me. I held her up by her ass and found myself softly squeezing it.

“You’re the fucking man.” She said while planting kisses all over my face.

Then she jumped down and my parents were there to congratulate me. Followed by my coach, then just about everyone else. As were my ritual after every game. I stayed behind in the gym. Going over everything, that I did that night. What I did right. What I did wrong. There was a big party that was going to be held later on for us. But I had about two hours to kill. I sat on the bench as Mike the janitor swept the floor.

“Great game kid.” He told me.

“Thanks Mike.” I answered him. Tonight was different because it was my last game as a high school student. A few of my teammates came out the locker room freshly showered.

“We’ll see you at the party later ok superstar.”

I nodded in response. I got up and went to the locker room to take a shower. As I walking in I heard my sister call me.

“What are you still doing here?” I asked.

“I need a ride home, duh.”

“I thought you went home with mom and dad.”

“No the girls were planning something for the guys later on. I think you will like it.”

“Really, like what?”

“You’ll see?” my sister answered with a mischievous smile.

“Ok wait right here. I’ll be out in like ten minutes.”

Mike the janitor shut off the lights. Leaving only the emergency lights on.

“Can I wait in there?” she asked.

“Yeah let me check if anyone is in there.”

I went in and checked. As usual I was the first one there and again the last one to leave.

“Ok it’s all clear.” I told her. I had taken off my jersey and had a towel wrapped around me.

Whoo, whoo! My sister teased as I walked towards the shower. She ran up behind me and pinched my butt through the towel.

I turned around with my hands on my hips. My sister’s eyes went down to the outline of my cock as it pressed against the towel.

“Cut it out.” I admonished her.

“Ok.” She said. Her eyes never left my groin region.

As I turned around I felt the towel slipping away from me. I thought it had come loose, but when I turned back I could see my sister holding it in her hand laughing.

I instinctively covered up. “Gimme’ back my towel.” I demanded.

My sister took off running. “You’ll have to catch me.” She said with the towel held high in the air.

I took off after her. She ran up and down the locker aisles. I chased her to the weight room in the back.

“I got you now.” I said as she tried to duck behind some equipment.

She was giggling uncontrollably and so was I. I had her trapped behind some equipment and she gave up.

“Ok, Ok, Here’s your towel.” She said handing it to me.

“You’re not getting off that easy.” I grabbed her hand and pulled her to me. She spun and bahis siteleri her back was towards me. Her ass rested perfectly against my dick. My dick was nestled perfectly between her crack. I started to march her down the aisle. When she realized where I was taking her. She started struggling against me. My sister began squirming and pressing her ass into me. Since I had her in a bear hug my hands kept brushing up against her breast as I fought against her to keep her from getting loose. I pulled her into the shower room and turned on the faucet. Cold water streamed out soaking us. It was cold but I was holding her in front of me like a shield. So the brunt of the water hit her. Finally, after about 30 seconds Tammy was so slippery that she writhed free of me. Tammy was soaking wet. She held her arms out to her side and the water ran in rivulets off of her.

“You fucking asshole?” she screamed. “Look at what you did.” She stamped her feet causing the water at her feet to fly into the air.

“Well that’s what you get?” I told her. “You started it and I finished it.”

“You’re right I did didn’t I?” Then she too started to laugh. As she stood dripping wet in her cheerleading outfit. I began to see what the guys had said to me earlier. Her nipples were hard and poked out from her top. I could see the dark circle that her areola made against the fabric. Her hair was pasted in little wisps against her forehead.

“I can’t go home like this.” She bent down and took off her shoes keeping her ankle socks with the ball on the back on. Then she stood up and removed her skirt. She unfastened the back and let the short skirt slide slowly down over her hips, down her thighs to her ankles. Then she stepped out of them. Now she stood only in her panties, top and socks.

“So that is what all the girls have been talking about all these years?”

“What?” I said swallowing hard.

“That thing there.” She said pointing to my dick that was standing in its full glory. “I’ve heard so many good things about it.”

I was so mesmerized with watching my sister. I had not realized that my cock had gotten completely hard.

“Can I see it?” she asked coming closer.

I didn’t move. She walked over and looked at it. “They were right you do curve to the left. But it looks so much thicker than I imagined. Do you mind if I touch it.”

Before I could respond she reached out and grabbed like you would if you were shaking someone’s hand. Then she slowly began pulling the skin back and forth. I closed my eyes as my sister slowly jerked my cock off. She would pull the skin forward so it covered my head then slide it back to the balls. Some pre-cum oozed out as she played with me.

“Let me see if you taste as good as they say?” With that she dropped to her knees and licked the head of my cock with her tongue. As she pulled away a string of spit from her mouth clung to the head of my dick. She smacked her lips together and smiled sweetly up at me. Then she attacked my cock with her mouth. She sucked just the head at first then moved down the rest of the shaft. Her head bobbed back and forth on my cock expertly. I grabbed the back of her head and began to fuck her face. She would suck fast then take long slow licks on either side. Her fingers were wrapped around the base of my cock still jerking me at the same time. She paused to take off her top letting her breast tumble free. I started to play with a nipple.

“Pinch it. Ooh like that. I like it like that.”

I pinched her nipples hard. My sister just smiled then went back bahis şirketleri down to my dick. She took it in her hands and pushed some spit between her lips. She used the head of my dick to spread the spit over her lips and mouth as if putting on lipstick. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen anyone do in my life. Then she continued to rub it over her cheek and under her neck. Watching her do this turned me on so much as soon as she placed me near her mouth, I started to cum. Some of my cum shot on her mouth before she could get me back inside her mouth. But she swallowed every drop of whatever didn’t go on her face.

I fell to my knees and guided my sister to the floor. I pulled off her panties and began to lick her cunt. She spread her legs and pulled them back towards her head. Exposing her pretty pussy to me. I drove my tongue into her pussy. Lapping at the sides and then her clit. Tammy squirmed on the tile floor.

“Yes, like that. Eat my fucking pussy just like that. What a good big brother you are.”

I inserted two fingers into her and started to finger fucking her while I ate her pussy. She was humped my face and my fingers. Squeezing the back of my head. I finger fucked her faster while she started to play with her nipples.

“Oh shit, bro your gonna’ make me cum. Your gonna’ make your baby sis cum all over your fucking face.” With that her hips came up off the tile in quick succession. I continued to do the alphabet trick on her clit. You know the one where you make all the letters of the alphabet with your tongue.

“I’m cumming. I’m ohhhhh’ shhitt!”

She started to cum. Actually pulling away from me as she did so. I held her thighs and kept my head buried there. As we lay there regaining our composure. I felt something cold against my dick. I looked down to see I was hard again and my dick was pressed up against the tile floor. It wanted a piece of this hot ass. I pulled her up and walked her back to the weight room. I kept her in front of me to watch her ass as we made our way back there.

“Are you gonna put that thing in me” she asked innocently.

I lay down on the weight bench and had her straddle me. She stood over me for a moment teasing me. Then she lowered herself down onto my cock. Taking all of it into her in one motion. I slipped into her wet pussy with ease. Slowly Tammy began rocking her hips back and forth on my dick. Grinding her pussy into my hips. I reached up to play with her tits. Squeezing the entire breast in my hand.

“God you feel so good inside of me.” She rocked faster. Every now and then switching from rocking to bouncing on my cock. I kept watching as I disappeared then reappeared from her. I felt my load building up again. My sister began to play with her nipples again.

“You’re gonna’ make me cum again.” She arched her back and threw her head back and came. As she was coming I lifted her up and spun her around. Bending her over the bench. I started hammering away at her pussy from behind. I grabbed a handful of her ass and kneaded it. With each stroke her ass rippled. Exciting me even more and speeding up my orgasm.

“I love your pretty brown ass.” I told her.

“I want you to cum for me. My pussy is so wet for you. Give it to me?”

She didn’t have to tell me twice. I exploded inside her. My sister reached back between her legs and cupped my balls. Milking my cock inside her. I pulled out and watched as some of my cum ran down her legs. My dick still had the mixture of both her and I on it when she turned around and sat on the bench. My flaccid dick dangled in her face. My sister reached up and started to lick me clean.

“What time are you girls starting the party?” I asked as she tenderly cleaned me off.

“I think yours has already started.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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