The Blue Life Ch. 03: Foxxy Redd

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It’s all pretty twisted. It’s certainly incestuous. It can also get wildly kinky and very erotic. And I’m loving it! But I think it all came from some very innocent motives. But, of course, I think my motives are innocent. Because, well, they’re mine. So I’m hardly objective.

I had realized Mom had been unhappy with her marriage for a long time. She felt neglected and unfulfilled. She started hanging out in Online Chat Rooms, talking about her sexual fantasies. But Mom doesn’t know much about computers. It wasn’t hard for me to figure out which Chats she was hanging out in online. Mom didn’t even know about browser histories. So, I created some pseudonym personas, some sock puppets, fake names, and I followed my Mom into some of those chats.

You see, I had been afraid that Mom was looking for someone to cheat on Dad with. And maybe she was. But more, she was just lonely, frustrated and horny, and curious about exploring her sexual fantasies. I started anonymously corresponding with her. We chatted, first in the Public Rooms, then via Instant Messages and email, and then later VOIP, Internet Voice Chats. I thought that by keeping her occupied and out of the Public Chats, I could guide her back toward sharing more of her fantasies with Dad, and put a spark back into their marriage.

But a strange thing happened. Many of Mom’s fantasies involved giving in to her submissive nature. She wanted to be sexually wild, but she needed the guidance of a stronger dominant in her life to unlock her inner slut. I started fantasizing about being that Dominant Man. The fantasies we shared together online became my fantasies too. I realized that I wasn’t just keeping my mother away from other strange men online. I was keeping her for myself. We were fantasizing together, sometimes simultaneously masturbating. It was so erotic. I became obsessed with the idea of taking my mother for myself. Taking her. Fucking her. Having her service and worship my cock. Having her be my submissive!

It had gone on like that for weeks. I came to know my mother’s sexual fantasies better than she did. I don’t know if she confessed to being attracted to her Son or if I guided her to say that. But those fantasies came out during our correspondence and talks online. Sometimes it feels like we have this epic, psychic sexual connection. I really don’t believe in ESP. But some of the coincidences in our developing sexual relationship seem like more than just coincidence.

I love my mother very much. She has also blossomed into this smoking hot mama! She is the most freakin’ sexy woman I can imagine. And, yes, it gives me an incestuous thrill to know that I’m having sex with my Mom. And, I know that I have been put in a position of power, where I can and continue to mold my mother into my perfect fantasy lover. The weird thing is, more often than not, I feel like I’m the one being molded. I guess that’s not so strange, for a Mother to influence and mold her son. But is a sexual submissive really supposed to mold their Dominant?

Anyway, by the time I had gotten up the courage to finally “meet” my mother face to face, and exchange our online and phone sex games for real sex, I think she had mostly figured out (or maybe she was hoping) that her “Secret Santa Dom” was me. My mother might have been naive about computers and sex, but she’s a very smart woman. And there had been some subtle and maybe a few obvious clues that her online, virtual lover and Master was me. I guess I wasn’t as clever about hiding my identity as I thought.

But, what followed was a wild sexual awakening for both of us. We explored our fantasies together, and invented new ones! And it wasn’t difficult keeping it all hidden from my Dad. Over the years, he had become more and more oblivious to his family. He was letting his work consume him, and he was also having his own secret sexual relationship with my Uncle Nick.

Now, that’s another story. From my perspective my Dad’s sexual relationship with his older brother is twisted and abusive. Maybe I’m not in a position to judge, or maybe I’m the perfect judge. Nick had been sexually dominating my Dad for more than a quarter century. It was a relationship that had turned sexual before my Dad even met my Mom, when my father was eighteen.

So, as my mother’s Master, her Dom, I want to open my Mother up to be the most free and sexually fulfilled person she can possibly be. But what my Uncle Nick had been doing was the opposite of that. Nick had repressed my Dad and filled his head with homophobic garbage. Nick made my Dad feel weak, ashamed and unsure of himself. Nick took his pleasure from my Dad, and didn’t return anything! He convinced my Dad that sex was ugly, that my Dad is ugly and unlovable. In short, Uncle Nick really did a number on my Dad’s head. He messed him up, bad.

I’ve never been close Uncle Nick. And I’ve been scared to confront him about this. I’m afraid of physically hurting the man. My mother never liked çankaya escort him much, and she hates him now.

Now, I had never given up the notion that fucking my mom and using her as my personal slut and fuck-toy was somehow my attempt to make my Mom and Dad’s marriage stronger. I know. I was probably lying to myself. But I thought, it was better me than Mom finding sex from some stranger, someone who might try to convince Mom to leave Dad.

So I concocted this plan. I would reveal to Dad just how sexy and slutty I had trained Mom to become. Months earlier, even when we were just corresponding, I had instructed Mom to tone up her body with a regimen of exercise, nutrition, and regular masturbation. She took to it all with a fervor bordering on zealotry. And as her body firmed, and became more fit and took on an even sexier shape, she also awoke more and more sexually! She lost about 25 pounds. Pilates and Dance Aerobics revealed my mom has a strength, suppleness and cat-like grace she claims she never had before. My mother has a sexy shape that my once demure mother enjoys flaunting now. Mom says she feels the fittest and healthiest she ever has. And I have to admit, she looks hot. No, she’s is on beyond hot. Oh, she’s always been a pretty woman. But she had been wearing frumpy clothes. And she didn’t know how to take charge of her own sex appeal. Her hairstyle had usually been just pulled back in a ponytail, or sometimes up in a bun. Before, Mom’s transformation, she was probably a 6 or 7.5 on a good day, when she dressed up. She was pretty, but not phenomenal. Now, her hairstyle is in a retro, Bettie Page cut. And with her new more flattering figure and figure flattering clothes, just a tiny bit of makeup to make her large green eyes pop, she’s a 10 plus now. Seriously, I’ve seen men bump into shit when she walks by at the Mall now. I’ve taken her out clubbing. She easily passes for a woman ten years younger than her 43 years. I can see the looks of envy and lust on the faces of both men and some women, when my Mom shakes it or grinds me on the dance floor.

So my plan was to show my father what a gorgeous and willing submissive he had for a wife. I was going to explain that all he needed to do was step up to the plate and be the dominant male presence that Mom desires, and I would have been willing to mostly step aside. I couldn’t imagine giving my Sub up completely. The sex was too mind-blowingly fantastic. But I was willing to share. I thought I might even be willing to let Dad call the shots. I would have been subordinate male. Maybe. After all, he is my Dad. I would’ve stepped aside and let Dad be the Top Dog, the Alpha Male, the Master of the House. I think I could have stepped aside. Maybe. I don’t know.

There was just one problem with my plan. Something I didn’t know. Dad was even more naturally submissive than my Mom! He couldn’t Dominate Mom. He didn’t know how. And he felt an even deeper, darker desire to submit.

And I discovered that I enjoyed Dominating my father almost as much as Mom. My father has a lithe, supple, dancer’s body (seriously, he had studied ballet as a kid, and was part of College Dance Company). Now, he kept in shape by running and studying Aikido at a local dojo on Saturday afternoons. He has a thin, androgynous face. His features are cool and European. In pictures, he sometimes looks like David Bowie, or Nico from the Velvet Underground. It’s a serious face with dark, sad eyes. He’s about the same height my mother, about 5’9″ tall, maybe slightly taller.

The one sexual area that Dad really excels at is fantasy role play. He really enjoys becoming a character, and taking on other personas. I think it frees him. Because he’s spent a lifetime thinking that he was sexually inadequate and worthless, it’s almost like he would rather be anyone except himself, when it comes to sex. First, there’s the “Baby Boy,” who is the most like my father, very naive sexually, and very submissive. But Baby Boy is also more juvenile, more eager to please and more playful than my Dad. Dad can slip in and out of being Baby Boy without much thought. Mom thought that “Mommy” and “Baby Boy” were just pet names they had for each other, things they cooed to each other in the dark. I think it was a sign that Dad needed to have a feeling of being nurtured, and loved, as well as dominated and controlled.

One of my father’s strangest characters is “Foxxy Redd.” Foxxy Redd is a werefox! That’s like a werewolf, only he’s a fox-man. He’s a character from a Fantasy Card Game that Dad and I collected about eight to ten years ago, when I was in Middle School called, “Dragons and Dreamons.” Dad and I both had a deck, and we would sometimes play each other. Or we would combine our decks to play in tournaments. We won a few of those. We are that kind of nerd.

Anyway, we had dressed as Foxxy Redd and his partner card, the Mad Scientist, “Dr. Foxenstein” for Halloween one year. Nobody knew escort çankaya what we were. Some people thought Dad was a dog, and that I was supposed to be that scientist guy from Back to the Future. I looked nothing like that! Dr. Foxenstein has a steel hand and round mirrored sunglasses! Only the white lab coat is the same.

Anyway, Dad got this idea to role play as Dr. Foxenstein and Foxxy. And we’d have Mom pretend to be Mademoiselle Mercury. She’s this Super Spy Femme Fatale character, also a Dragons and Dreamons card. Her get up is knee-high, black, high-heel boots, a trench coat and a wide brimmed fedora that comes down over one eye.

Dad’s idea was to play out a scene from something like a WWII era spy movie or horror movie. Mademoiselle Mercury would be on assignment. She’s been instructed to try to use her feminine wiles to infiltrate Castle Foxenstein and brings its secrets back to the Allies.

At some point Foxxy and the Doctor drug the beautiful spy, and tie her up. After that, the scene becomes a “Good-Girl in Peril,” bondage melodrama.

My mother wasn’t into the idea at first. But my father had made some serious alterations to his Foxxy Redd costume. He had pointed ears glued to his ears, like elf ears, only hairy. He messed up and spiked his hair with some sort of red foam or gel. He had me glue fake hair on his chest and back. Dad’s body is almost complete hairless. He doesn’t even have armpit hair, so we glued hair there as well. He even shaved his pubes, so he could glue a long, wild-haired merkin (like a pubic toupee) at his crotch. He made up his nose to be more foxlike. He wore fake hair that hung from just below his elbows and knees. He had a red leather vest without buttons or ties and a dark brown leather loincloth with a fox-tail coming out a slit in the back. He also got an expensive set of fangs. They are incredibly realistic. He even smelled like an animal. My dad later told me it was animal musk he had bought at a hunting supply store. Dad wasn’t going halfway with this outfit or character.

His fox-tail was the most amazing and life-like part of the costume. When he had worn the outfit as a Halloween costume, the tail had hung limp and lifeless, attached to the loincloth. Now, Dad is a pretty clever costume designer, and amateur engineer, but this tail is amazing. The tail is attached to a butt-plug. So even after he strips off his leather loincloth, his tail remains attached, like an extension of his body. And Dad can “wag” his tail up and down, by squeezing an air-bulb on the butt-plug, wedged in his ass. The tail is pneumatic! And it’s strangely, frighteningly realistic. I’m not ashamed to admit it, I think the tail is a little creepy. But, my mother thinks it’s very erotic and sexy for some reason.

Like I said, Mom is generally not as into the character role play stuff as I am, and nowhere near as much as Dad. She had never played Dragons and Dreamons, or done any of the CosPlay Nerd Conventions that Dad and I had gone to when I was a teen, so she wasn’t thrilled about pretending to be the Super Spy, Mademoiselle Mercury. What I didn’t know was, Mom did have some secret fantasies about being ravaged by a savage beast, a Monster-Man.

Dad had given Mom her costume in a box. And I had instructed her to put it on at the gym after workout and shower. I didn’t know what she would look like, and she hadn’t seen our costumes either. Dad had also given her a short dossier with background information on her character, as well as her mission. Dad was really into this. My mother was not. So, when my mother first knocked on our front door and entered the scene, I could tell she was skeptical. Dad had done some shifting of furniture and some “set decoration” so the first floor of our house would look more like a Bavarian Castle. The furniture was covered with sheets. And most of the lighting came from candles. I could see Mom looking around like, “Am I going to have clean all this up?”

But then Dad came into the scene, bounding and shuffling, almost on all fours. He was a canine Beast-Man! And he was talking with a sort of horse Peter Lorre accent, calling me, “Master.” I thought it was a funny joke. I thought it was all for laughs. But I could also tell that the creature intrigued Mademoiselle Mercury. Dad was more brutish, and more sexually aggressive than normal. He was playing up being a horny puppy, a hound dog, humping at mom’s legs, groping her any chance he got. And Mom really enjoyed the attention, especially from her normally sexually passive and submissive husband.

Later in the scene, Mademoiselle Mercury had a glass of wine. At the bottom of the glass was note that read, “You’ve been drugged! And you pass out!” Mom played along and pretended to pass out. At which point, Dad picked up Mom in a fireman’s carry, and brought her into the Doctor’s Lab (their bedroom). It was a show of strength and manliness that Dad wouldn’t normally make. But it çankaya escort bayan was natural thing for Foxxy to do. And I could tell it excited Mom.

He stripped off her trench coat, leaving her in just her tight, black boots, black silk stockings attached by garters to a black merry-widow corset that really cinched in her waist, emphasizing her hourglass figure. The corset did nothing to cover her generous, full, round breasts, which were encased in a simple, smooth, black, front-closing bra. She wore no panties. Her beautiful, perfectly smooth, shaved pussy was fully on display. And the scent of her excitement filled the room. I could smell it. And Foxxy was sniffing her like an animal.

Foxxy bound the Secret Agent to my “examination table” (their bed and an angled sex pillow mom and I had found online). Mom’s legs were spread and cuffed to straps connected to the bottom corners of the bed. Her wrists were cuffed and clipped to D-rings at the top corners of the sex pillow.

Foxxy undid the front closure on Mademoiselle Mercury’s bra. Her perfect 34C cup breasts sprang free. Her nipples were already pointed and erect. Mom was excited. Foxxy pawed at her breasts and flicked at her extended nipples with his tongue, again like an animal.

“It’s time to wake our prisoner, Foxxy,” I commanded.

“Yes, Master,” said Foxxy. And he “revived” Mademoiselle Mercury with small vial of smelling salts. He and I then proceeded to interrogate, ravage and defile our captive.

“Mademoiselle Mercury, the drug that knocked you out is also an intense aphrodisiac and mind control drug. It will make you particularly susceptible to the natural pheromones of Foxxy Redd, my creation, my servant and my monster!” I cackled a villainous laugh.

“You’re the monster here, Dr. Foxenstein,” my mother snarled.

It’s amazing how just a small suggestion of an aphrodisiac can actually act as an intense aphrodisiac with some people! There was no drug in my mother’s wine. But just the suggestion that there might be allowed my mother the excuse, the opportunity, and the freedom to be more brazen, sexual and aggressive. My mother became wild with passion. My mother shook her head, as if fighting the effects. “Your drug must be affecting my mind,” she said. “Because I need to see that monstrous cock tenting your pants, Doctor!” I obliged her. Undoing the tie of my black, hospital scrub pants, letting them pool around my feet. My cock was fully erect at it’s six and a half inches. And I wasn’t wearing underwear. My mother gasped, as if she was seeing something massively, and monstrously huge. “You’re not going to force me to lick that beast, are you?”

“That is exactly what you will do, Miss Mercury. You will lick my ‘beast,’ while my beast licks you. Foxxy?”

In a long nasal growl, my father replied, “Yes…Master?”

“Lick our guest. Get your tongue deep inside her pretty, bare, spy pussy. I need her good and wet for all that is to cum.”

“Yes, Master.” And my father started eating my mother’s cunt like a ravenous dog. My mother gasped, clearly stunned and excited by the ferocity of his sensual, animalistic attack.

I took Miss Mercury’s hat and threw it on the floor. I grabbed a fistful of hair at the back of her head and turned her face to my cock. I used my hand in the gauntlet, a glove with shiny metal armor riveted to the back of the fingers, thumb and the back of my hand. The Super Spy made a show of resistance. But the pleasure from my beast-man’s attentions made her gasp, and when that happened, I slipped my cock between her lips. She closed her eyes and concentrated on giving me as much pleasure as she was getting. I felt my cock swell and leak pre-cum onto her swirling tongue.

I then got an idea. I took my cock out of her mouth, and I climbed up on the bed, behind the angled cushion, up and behind my mother’s head. It gave me a beautiful angle to see my monster savaging the beautiful Super Spy’s pussy with his lips, teeth and tongue.

“Put a finger in her pussy, Foxxy! Is or prisoner wet?”

“Yes, Doctor! Very wet.”

“Good. Add another finger. Jam two fingers in this slippery Spy Slut’s cunt! Is she tight?”

“Yes, Master. She’s hot and tight. I can feel her muscles, squeezing and pulling at my fingers. I think she is aching to fuck. Please, may I fuck her, Master?”

“Perhaps.” I reach down, grabbed and pinched my mother’s nipples, twisting and pulling them up. My mother arched her body, bracing with her feet on the bed and her head on the pillow, trying to relieve the stress on her strained, tortured nipples. At that moment, I pushed the angled cushion with my knee. It slid down the bed, sliding the sexy spy up until her head popped over the edge of the pillow and her body flopped back down. Her nipples snapped from my grip, and my mother gasped as waves of pain and pleasure shot up and down her body.

“Jam three fingers into our captive, Foxxy! Stretch her pussy! And pinch and lick her clitoris! I will test our patient’s level of compliance to our drug.” I looked down at my mother face. It hung down off of the angled cushion, upside-down. She tried to lift her head, but the intensity of the beast-man’s attentions were driving her rapidly towards orgasm.

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