The Challenge Ch. 02

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Steve, his cousin Kit and next-door neighbor Mindy grew up as inseparable friends: the Three Moosekateers, they started calling themselves when they were about eight. Then about a month before they were set to go their separate ways, to colleges in different parts of the country, Mindy surprised Steve by telling him she wanted to be more than “pals.”

Chapter 1 ended with Steve and Mindy making out on her bed, he naked, and she wearing just the bottom half of her bikini.

And talk about “surprised”? Kit just walked into the room, and Steve and Mindy didn’t know she was there until she screamed “Oh… my… fucking…God!”

Kit walked toward us, as Mindy and I scrambled to crawl under the topsheet of her bed. “Kit,” I said, “you’re supposed to leave now.”

“But I thought the Moosekateers shared everything.”

“Not this!” Mindy said.

Kit sat at the edge of the bed. “How long as this been going on? Have you two been fucking all this time?”

“We haven’t,” I said.

“Not yet,” Mindy said.

Hmmm, I thought.

Kit started to pull back the sheet, but Mindy grabbed it tightly. She looked over at me, smiled, then back to Kit. “Okay, you can join us,” she said. “But not until…” she said.

“Who said I wanted to –?”

“Clothing off, or leave.”

“But Steve’s my cousin,” Kit said.

“So?” Mindy asked her. “That didn’t seem to bother you a minute ago.”

Kit was wearing a pink, sleeveless blouse, and began to slowly unbutton it. When she was done, she took it off and dropped it on the floor.

Funny… I’d been messing around with Mindy when she was naked from the waist up, but I’d never seen a girl or a woman wearing just a bra. This one was pink like the blouse, and I could just make out the color of her nipples through the cups.

Next, Kit pushed her terry shorts down her legs and I saw that her panties were a lot briefer than Mindy’s bikini bottoms, and that some pubic hair etlik escort was escaping out of the sides.

“Is this enough?” Kit asked.

Mindy threw back the sheet, exposing us both, and looked at my dick, which had shrunk back to its normal size when Kit surprised us. “No,” she said. “Look at this. You broke it when you walked in on us. It’ll probably take at least your tits to fix it.”

Staring at my dick — probably the first adult dick she’d ever seen — Kit undid her bra and dropped it onto the floor along with the rest of her clothing. “That seems to be helping,” Mindy said, reaching over and taking my dick in her hand: the first time she’d touched me there. That got me hard quickly enough.

I took this as permission to stroke her right breast with my hand, starting at the top and settling on the hard nipple.

I couldn’t tell you who made the first move, but the next thing I knew our mouths were together and we were kissing as passionately as we had been before. I was sorry to lose Mindy’s hand from my dick, and my hand from her breast, but my dick was rubbing her pussy through her bikini bottoms for all it was worth, and we were both groaning loudly.

I didn’t even realize Kit was on the bed next to me until she pulled me away from Mindy, turning me onto my back, then leaned over me and saying only “My turn,” wrapped her lips around my dick. Holy shit. My half-naked cousin was giving me my first blow job, making up for her lack of experience with a lot of enthusiasm. Not that I’d have known the difference anyway.

I’d have expected Mindy to be pissed off, but her face was close to Kit’s, watching with fascination.

While my dick was being massaged by Kit’s warm, wet mouth, four bare breasts right above me, I reached up and took one of Kit’s in my left hand, and one of Mindy’s in my right.

That was all I could take, and started cumming like crazy into Kit’s mouth. I had neither etlik escort bayan the time nor the mental capacity at that point to warn her: all I knew was that I kept cumming and cumming, even after Kit started gagging and let my dick drop out of her mouth. Between my dick spurting it out, and Kit spitting it out and she coughed, there was cum everywhere.

By the time I caught my breath, Mindy was gently rubbing my limp dick, and she said “Now it’s my turn.”

“I don’t think that’s going to be possible,” I said.

Mindy lay on top of me, the cum on my chest coating her bare breasts, and kissed me. She rubbed her crotch against mine as she sucked my tongue into her mouth, and I realized that somewhere along the way she’d taken off her bottoms: she was as naked as I was, and my dick was grinding against her bare pussy.

That was enough to start getting me hard again.

She took my dick in her hand, and began to stroke it. It was still slick from my cum and from Kit’s saliva. It might take a few minutes, but I knew I could probably cum again just from her touch. But she had something else on her mind. “So do you think I’m sexy now?”

“Always,” I told her.

“We’re going to do this,” she said and before I could ask her what, she straddled me, then slowly lowered herself down onto my dick. I felt and watched the tip of my dick split her pussy lips, then disappear into her. Finally she pushed down hard, taking all of me inside of her, gave a sharp “Oh!” as I obviously broke her virginity, then began bouncing up and down on me, slowly at first, then faster and faster as she grew accustomed to the feel of my dick filling her up.

“You’re fucking,” Kit said softly. “You two are really fucking…”

“Yeah,” I said. “It’s good.”

Mindy was just groaning now. I don’t think she was even aware of me half the time: she was just fucking my dick as hard and as fast as she could, caught up in escort etlik the feeling. Kit couldn’t take her eyes off of us: she had one hand in her panties, obviously working on her own pussy, but I’m not sure she even realized it. “I’m going to cum,” I suddenly realized. “Mindy, stop, I’m going to cum.”

“It’s okay,” she gasped. “Pill.” I found out later that Kit and Mindy’s mothers had both decided to get them on the Pill before they went off to college.

I relaxed, and let myself cum. I thought Kit had emptied me out, but I was wrong. Mindy kept fucking at my dick as I came, and kept at it as my dick started to shrink up, cum dripping down my thighs onto the bed, and finally groaned loudly, stopped pumping, and rolled off of me onto the bed.


After Mindy caught her breath, still lying naked on her bed just to the right of me, she said “I can not believe I let you watch me the first time I got fucked.”

“I bet you can’t believe it was with Steve, either,” Kit said. “No offense, Steve,” she added.

“None taken,” I assured her, looking at her lying to the left of me, wearing only a pair of panties. “I never saw that coming either.”

“Because you’re dense, Steve,” Mindy said. “I’ve been trying for weeks to get you to see me as more than a pal. Last week when you came to get me in the morning and I came out of my bedroom wearing my short nightie? No? How about the other day when it was raining and I ran over to your house wearing a t-shirt and no bra? See what I was dealing with here?” she asked Kit.

“Well, all of this was the furthest thing from my mind until half an hour ago, until I saw you two going at it. Thanks for letting me join you.”

“Hey,” Mindy said. “We’re the Moosekateers.”

“Only one problem,” Kit said.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Nobody’s made me cum, and it’s driving me crazy. And you, cousin, owe me one.”

I crawled over between her legs, and pulled off her panties. She had a lot more hair down there than Mindy did, but her pussy was clearly visible, and it was covered with what looked like light cream. I had no idea how it would taste, or how to perform oral sex on a woman, but I intended to make up for in enthusiasm what I lacked in experience.

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