The Day Hell Froze Over Ch. 04

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Hell’s Unexpected Chill

She walked down the street with a confidence that was inward-born. Her long black hair flowed. The streetlights caught the glint in her hair as it bounced with her sensual stroll down Main Street. The heads that turn were no surprise and stimulating beyond belief. People stopped. Men stared, women glared. And the light breeze that danced across her nipples caused her to pause, shudder, and cream.

He was sitting outside. They were meeting for a late dinner. It was sometime after 10 p.m. There were several late diners around him. They were the ones who saw her before he did. His eyes were glued to the menu. They alerted him to her arrival. He looked up and his eyes widen in surprise then changed to lust, as a smirk developed across his lips. He saw what they saw—her outfit.

Black was the color of choice; the short skirt came down to mid-thigh. The black lace merry widow corset was her newest import from Fredrick’s of Hollywood, with one slight adjustment; there were cut outs in the cloth over each of her nipples. The alteration made them visible to all who looked her way. With nipples erect and eager she took the seat opposite to him. The waiter came up to the table. With eyes on the pad in front of him he failed to see the exotic costume she donned.

“May I take your order?”

There was silence. Michael couldn’t take his eyes off her and she was lost in the heat of his stare, becoming more aroused by the minute. Looking up, the waiter finally noticed her nipples and did a double take. His mouth opened in shock and his dick hardened before her. He wanted her too. His eyes held captive by lust.

“Give me a small dish of melted chocolate, warm, not hot, and a bottle of your best white wine,” ordered Michael.

“I… uh… uh…”


The waiter scurried off like a mouse, finally freed from a trap.

“Well, well, well. Aren’t we a bad little bitch, today? Walking around like that with your nipples exposed to the world. Not even your breasts, just your nipples, hard and waiting to be sucked and pulled. Oh yea, someone is being very very bad.”

She shuddered. Her pussy was clenching.

“Raise your left leg and put it on the table.”

The high heel of her shoe snagged across the white linen.

“No panties? Good.”

Moist pussy lips gleamed and burned in the candlelight.

“Push that extremely short skirt higher and let everyone see how well you play with your pussy, my fuck toy. Massage your clit for me baby. Show me that naughty lil slut that hides inside.”

Long delicate fingers slid across lubricated skin. The swollen, brown, and pink flesh of her clit was sandwiched between them, the fore and middle fingers. They tightened around the nub, sending waves of pleasure coursing through her.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” she moaned. The need to close her eyes was strong.

“Don’t! Look at me while you do that.”

Blurry vision cleared as fingers swirled and slid. His white cotton pants were now unbuttoned and his hard cock stood up– motionless. The Irish cream-colored flesh of his cock against the startling white cloth was intoxicating to the eye. The bottom part of his jacket forearms collected dust across its surface as he rigidly clutched the arms of the wooden chair he occupied. Restraint was his goal.

The waiter appeared moments later with two wine glasses. His eyes, of course, immediately went to her. They traveled from those nipples to the raised leg and back again. Then realizing what she was doing he slowly leaned forward until he was hunched over the table, almost falling on top of it in an attempt to see further between her legs.

Amused, Michael called the waiter’s attention back to the task at hand.

“The wine?”

“Oh…. Yes. Sorry sir.”

The waiter poured a sample for his approval. Once obtained, he filled both glasses halfway. Leaning forward she took her glass in her right hand and sipped, never once removing her fingers from her moist center.

The waiter left and returned with the dish of melted chocolate and placed it between them. He was ordered to leave and he did so reluctantly.

Leaving his seat, Michael moved to the chair directly to her left. Dipping his finger into the chocolate he waited for the final dip before transferring the sticky liquid to the nipple closest to him. He smeared it on while he watched. Sipping her wine, she watched his fingers continued stroking, looking down she saw his cock, still naked, still hard, still wanting.

“You know I want to fuck you and now because of your little stunt, I ache even more than I did before. Waiting is going to be harder. Therefore, I am going to have to punish you. You know that don’t you?”

Gripping her breast in a steel-like grip. He squeezed the soft mount and lifted the nipple upward toward his awaiting mouth. His wet lips circled the nub and he, of course, preceded to suck and nibble and bite, just the way he knew she liked it. Sucking, and rubbing, and twisting the flesh, each new technique kept her withering in her chair. The smell canlı bahis of her became more potent. The sound of squishy flesh became louder with each passing of her self-fingered fuck. He moaned as he lost himself in her flesh, and began stroking his cock. I noise caused him to look up. Standing a few feet away, hiding, was their servant.

“Sean?” he called out to the waiter.

“Come here.” The waiter was back, watching, instead of waiting.

“Her other nipple. Take it. Twist it and pull it, soft, then hard, alternate the strokes. She likes that. No sucking.”

The waiter fell to his knees beside her, reaching for the remaining nipple, stroking the flesh, squeezing the nub, watching as her hips humped the night air, losing his breath as her body danced to an uneven rhythm.

Her thighs hitched higher on the table, to give herself more access, exposing more of her pussy to the world.

“Ahhhhhh,” she cried. Losing her grip. The glass shattered onto the hard concrete beneath them.

“Take your fingers from your puss and give them to the waiter. Put them in his mouth.”

Sean hooked onto them instantly. His harsh breath was loud as he sucked the juices from her fingers, almost franticly. He looked like he wanted to cum even more so than she. Loving it, Michael laughed and began licking her earlobe. His hand replaced his lips on her breast and continued to squeeze the soft pillows, in and out of the cloth.

“Oh my sweet baby-slut. You are so much fun, but don’t think I won’t punish you. You need to be. However, it isn’t the way you think. I’m going to let you get fucked.

Ohhhhhh. Look at you. You like that don’t you? You like the idea of you getting fucked, right here, right now, before dinner, for everyone around you to witness? I knew you would. You are such a bad little girl. But here is the punishment, yes, you’ll get fucked, but… it won’t be by me.”

She moaned deeply in protest.

“Instead, I’m going to watch as he does it.”

He nodded his head to her right, indicating the young man stroking her so intensely.

“The waiter.”

Sean jerked so hard from his spot the whole chair she was sitting in jerked too as he pushed against it.

Her eyes clashed with Michael.

“I want you.”

“I know baby and I want you, but you’ll have him first and you’ll endure it, but you’ll also enjoy it because you can’t help yourself. But he won’t be me. You’ll have to wait for my cock. You’ll have to settle and it is allllll yourrrrrr fault.”

Learning back, he ordered, “Fuck her Sean.”

The boy could barely steady his shaking hands. He undid his belt buckle and revealed a pair of gray boxer shorts. Pulling out his cock caused her to moan in despair. He fell a little short of average.

Taking a deep breath, she mentally prepared herself. She could do this. She can do anything if she worked at it. She once made herself cum on a Bic standard black pen and luckily he, though not by much, was bigger than a pen. Lifting her other leg she rested it on the arm of the chair and let him climb on top of her.

His cock buried itself as deep as it was able, and was completely surrounded with soft, slick, skin. He didn’t wait for permission, nor did he wait for the word indicating that they had changed their minds. He started to fuck her, ramming his thin body hard against hers, again, again, and again. His hips slapped against her wet pussy. With her legs so far spread and her clit exposed and vulnerable, each slam into her body was instant stimulation. Within minutes she was calling out Michael’s name, while cumming on the waiters cock, as he slammed, slammed, slammed into her.

All the while, Michael watched and his need for control was sipping. He was supposed to wait, but watching her, watching the pleasure on her face, seeing how much she loved it, made it all almost unbearable.

Finally, bellowing his release Sean fell against her. His body engulfed hers almost crushing her under his weight. Taking pity, Michael pulled the boy off her and let him fall to the hard, gray ground. His ass would have a bruise in the morning. Leaning close, Michael lovingly kissed her lips and positioned himself where the boy once was.

“You’re mine, Sin.”

Thrusting deep, he came in an instant.

Michael jerked awake just as the steaming cum shot out from his dick in a powerful burst that had his hips launching forward, jerking him from his bed. He nearly fell. His heart felt as if it were going to explode. Grasping for air, he fell back on the bed. His body was covered in a river of sweat. His eyes stung from it. He wiped the moisture from his mouth and he inhaled once again. Looking quickly to his left he saw that Denise was still sleep. She was exhausted over the last case she tired. For over two months she was up to the early morning hours, with very little to no sleep, but he wasn’t concern with her right now and didn’t even care if he woke her up, there was only one thought resounding in his mind.


He wasn’t sure how much more of this he could take, how much bahis siteleri longer he could hold out. That was such a weird dream. He never had anything like it. The idea—the sex in public, that was unbelievable, it felt freeing too, to be able to do what they do without hiding. And the punishing, punishing her for making him want her, that too he understood, but he had no idea what her fucking the waiter was about. Maybe he had some repressed kinkiness he didn’t know was there, but he did know if he ever wanted to explore it, Cyn would be the perfect partner in crime.

But overall, he realized he learned one thing through that dream, and it wasn’t the fact that he wanted to fuck her, he already knew that, even if he pretended not to know the truth. No, he knew he wanted her, but for the first time ever, he also knew with unmistakable clarity, with no doubts or disillusions, that soon the wanting would be over.

She had won. There was no denying it any longer. He was going to fuck her, and once he crossed that line, he wasn’t going to stop.

*** He drove by her house, but she wasn’t there. It was around 2:30 in the morning and being the night owl she was she probably was at her favorite hangout. What was with her and strippers? He started the car and took the 20-minute drive there. He found her secret parking spot and parked beside her red BMW. He decided to wait in the alleyway for her. That way he could see when she came out without being too obvious. In the mean time he checked his messages. The day was too busy and he didn’t have a chance to earlier.

Then he thought back, to one particular night, not too long after they first became lovers. They were in bed, talking after an intense few hours of pleasuring one another. They talked, unlike any talk they had before. They laughed, and reminisced on childhood things and grown-up experiences. Secrets were reveled, embarrassments were shared, and fears were addressed. They were lying in bed separate from one another, staring into each other’s eyes, laughing.

“Did I tell you about the time I lost my virginity.”

“Yeah. You and that boy across the street, Scottie, was it? Yeah. I remember him. I suspected there was something going on, you both would come home from college and spend all your time with one another. If I knew for sure, I would have killed him.”

She laughed, “Yeah. Well, you weren’t offering to help a sister out, so you really didn’t have a say. I actually gave it up to him the same week as that night I came to your bed. I was like—fuck it. What’s the point of saving it?”

He was silent, not knowing what to say to that.

“You know, now thinking back and with the way things have been between us lately, I get the feeling that there may have been more to Scottie and his sister, Chris than it appeared to be.”

“You think they were lovers?” he asked in surprise.

“Maybe. There was a tension there, not unlike ours… I don’t know. Anyway, back to my point. Scott was my first lover, but that isn’t what I asked you. I asked you did I ever tell you how I lost my virginity?”

“Okay. I’m confused.”

She laughed and buried her face into her pillow. A muffled ‘never mind’ made its way to his ears.

“No. No never mind. You can’t ‘never mind’ it now. You bought it up.”

“I knowwwww. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have, I guess it is all this pouring out our souls and everything stuff. Never mind.”

“Nope.” He reached over and made her turn her head back toward him, but her eyes were tightly shut, denying him the chance to gloat in front of her.

“Come on. Tell me. I want to know now. I won’t tease you, promise.”

Sighing she opened one eye at looked at him. Once seeing his sincerity she opened the other and let the story unfold.

“I think it about two years before our ‘encounter’ in the garage apartment. Around this time I was already half way in love with you and curious about sex as any teenager, this was way before I even knew about vibrators.

“Hey, whatever happened to Michael, Jr.?”

She laughed, “Oh him. Yeah, well he didn’t last too long. After a year or so I had to upgrade. He died. Sorry.”

“Damn, which I could have met him.”

“It’s okay. You can buy me a new one.”

“Deal, but only if I get to watch you break him in.”

“Deal. Now back to my story. You know how mom likes to make those garden salads and would keep the bowl of vegetables on the kitchen counter?”


“Well. One night we were watching this comedy show on HBO. I don’t remember what it was, but I do remember a guy on it made a joke that took me two days to figure out. They were talking about a book that they predicted was going to be very popular and this guy said the book would probably sell faster than cucumbers in a women’s prison, and I remember mom and dad dying with laughter, but I had no idea what it meant, but that was because I kept picturing them all chopped up like mom had them in her salads.” Michael laughed.

“But that weekend I walked into the kitchen and I saw the bowl of vegetables bahis şirketleri and it all made sense.”

Michael lifted himself up from the bed and looked down at her. “No,” he declared in shock. “You didn’t!”

“There was this really small one in there and after some careful consideration, I figured, why not.”

“Oh…my…god.” Michael fell back onto the bed laughing almost uncontrollably.’

“Shut up, or I won’t tell you.”

“Hahahahahaha. Ok ok ok, I’m sorry. Continue.”

“Okay. Well I took the smallest one and washed it off. Then I went into the bathroom to get the cheap 99 cent lotion as lubrication just in case, but I really didn’t need it, because at the time I had this really effective fantasy that worked every time to get me incredibly wet.

“Really? Do you remember what it was?”

“Of course.”

“Care to share?”

She sighed. “It was about you, of course. I would imagine you would come in my room, hold me. Tell me how much you loved me. How much you needed me. You were my best inspiration.”

He just smiled, so she continued.

“Anyway. I laid down and I started thinking of you and began touching myself like I imagine you would if you were with me. My face, my lips, my neck and breasts, my hips and pussy. The usual and just when I was all achy, I picked up the cucumber and tried to insert it. Michael, when I say it hurt, that is an understatement.

I don’t know how so many girls in high school get away with telling such horrible lies about how perfect their first time was because I didn’t think it was possible for a pussy to ever be stretched that far and still feel good. And it was a really small cucumber, but way bigger than any of my fingers. I really had to take my time with inserting it, just so I could adjust, you know? One good thing about it though was I think it prepared me for Scottie. The cucumber felt way worse, or maybe I knew what to expect.”

Michael busted out laughing. She paused. Then getting it, she laughed too.

“No, Scottie wasn’t small. I just meant I was more opened. Stop laughing at me! (She sighed.) Anyway, I inserted it in my pussy and was sliding it back and forth, and after a while it got easier, you know. It wouldn’t go in but so far. I guess it was restricted by my hymen because I would reach a certain spot and the pain got extremely worse.”

Calming down he replied, “Why didn’t you just stop?”

“Because I was determined to learn what the big hype was about with a dick. I mean I knew I knew how to have an orgasm. I had one of those before, but I didn’t know how to have one with intercourse and wanted to see.

So I fucked the cucumber. After a while the pain became less and then I pulled it out for a few moments to readjust. After about 15 minutes I started again, I wanted to see if I could push it in deeper, pass the point of the pain, but I had trouble, so in the end I decided to let gravity help me out.

I got on my knees and put the cucumber right beneath me and started to sit on it. It went in as I pushed down and all of a sudden this agonizing pain shot through my body and I started to scream. Mom must have been passing by my door at that very moment because she stormed in, alarmed. I was so startled I paused in my movement of lifting up to pull it out of me, and fell back on top of it screaming as in sunk in deep inside me, breaking my hymen and braking off in half inside of me. Mom stood there at the end of the bed in shocked as she saw me fall over in pain. After a moment had passed I was able to regain control but it still hurt and I was afraid to touch it. I was a wreck. There were tears all over me and in between my legs was half of a cucumber lodged in my pussy. Mom stood there speechless.

If it didn’t hurt so much I would have been embarrassed, in fact I was mortified later. Mom must have realized what had happened because only part of it was in my hand. She came toward me and help me lay on my back and she slowly pulled it from my body and helped me clean up.

Michael it was the most embarrassing moment of my life.”

“What did mom do after that?”–

“Actually she was pretty cool about it. She sat me down and we a real talk about the birds and the bees, not just that technical BS they feed you in Sex Ed, but a real talk about men and relationships and what sex is really like, not what they tell you in those trashy romance novels mom had hidden in her dresser drawer.”

“Damn, Cyn. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry over that story.”

“Laugh. I survived it, but haven’t you ever noticed that mom no longer puts cucumbers in her garden salads? She couldn’t even look at them when we went to the grocery store. Usually it’s children who are traumatized by their parents, not the other way around.”

Michael eyes widen and the laughter he tried his best to contained burst forward with vigor.

Smiling, she soon joined him. He reached out, pulled her close and kissed her cheek.

“Only you Cyn, only you.”

A movement caught the corner of his eye and he lifted his head up, braking away from the memory. Cyn was leaving the establishment, thirty minutes after he arrived and she wasn’t alone. She had friend, a woman. He didn’t know if he was disappointed or relieved that she didn’t go alone.

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