The Family Mansion Rewrite Pt. 03

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The Family Mansion Redux Part 3: Lexi

By Charlie Flemming

Copyright 2020 Charlie Flemming

Lexi was Nathan’s twin sister. They were both born on May 15, only a few minutes apart over 19 years ago.

Liz saw her youngest daughter, Erika, as being, more or less, just a younger version of her. This was mostly because Erika was the spitting image of Liz when she was her age. Erika had large breasts, soft features, black hair, and brown eyes, just as Liz did.

If Liz could see clearer, she’d see that Lexi was the daughter who had the most in common with her. They were both late bloomers, Lexi looking somewhat childish until she was about sixteen and then blossomed into a budding beauty. And now, three years later, she looked positively ravishing. Lexi had curly red hair, C-cup breasts, and a curvy and toned body that she seemed to have naturally as she didn’t really work out as the other women in her household. She had an absolutely angelic face and when she smiled she simply lit up the room.

But, also like her mother, Lexi had almost no experience when it came to the opposite sex. Partly because Lexi was shy around boys and would just shut down around them. She never knew what to say or how to act. Really the only man she’d ever been able to talk to one-on-one without feeling like a huge weirdo was her brother, Nathan.

Truthfully Lexi was closer with Nathan than anyone else in their family, but there was still conflict between them growing up. This came because of Brooke. When Nathan and Lexi were born, Brooke saw Nathan as some kind of enemy but Lexi was immediately her closest ally. When Brooke was around, which was nearly always, Lexi would be just as mean to him as Brooke was. It wasn’t until they were alone that Lexi would go back to being her brother’s best friend in the world just as he was to her. And that, in part, was why she, still, snuck into his room at the end of every day and they slept together in the same bed almost every night. During these times they shared thoughts and feelings as intimate as lovers. This was Lexi’s favorite part of any day. Something about it just felt somehow very romantic to her.

Which is the other reason Lexi had almost no sexual experience. For as long as she knew what love was, she had been in love with her twin brother Nathan. There was no man she felt closer to or felt that she had more in common with. She knew it was wrong, even from the first moment she felt this way, but she couldn’t help it. Though Lexi knew she could never admit it openly, she resided in loving him in secret and never giving in to her feelings. Instead, she suppressed these thoughts and wouldn’t so much as allow herself to fantasize about her brother in any way sexually.

Lexi’s policy on not thinking about her brother sexually changed one day shortly after their 18th birthday. In their house, the second floor was a long line of 21 bedrooms, including the master bedroom, connected via a very long hallway. But on the opposite side of the hall was four bathrooms, each one equalling the size of five bedrooms. Though Lexi lived in room 14 and Nathan 15, so Lexi’s bedroom lined up with the washroom next to Nathan’s, the bathroom door closest was on one of the ends of the hall. Because of this, Lexi and Nathan tended to share the same bathroom unless one of them was already in it. Lexi usually knew this because the door would be locked.

But on that fateful day, Nathan had forgotten to lock the door and Lexi walked in and could see her brother showering (because the bathrooms were so big and the showers were on the opposite side from the door, it was very hard to hear the shower before one went in the room). The showers in their house only had clear, glass doors, so when Lexi went in she could see very clearly the naked body of her brother. This was before he started working out all the time as they were still in high school for another month and Nathan didn’t start his obsessive exercising until the summer after he graduated. But Lexi was still awestruck by Nathan’s nude form. A bit scrawny at the time, but complemented by a tall, masculine frame, a tight firm ass, and a humongous cock even though it was soft at the time.

Everything about her brother’s body just screamed “sex machine” to Lexi’s young mind in that instant. She was practically rushing back to her room to masturbate to thoughts of using her brother to satisfy what she saw at the time as “her own selfish needs.”

Lexi felt guilty about these feelings for her brother but didn’t stop sleeping in his bed almost every night. Though, once she was sure he was asleep she liked to run her hand over his chest and fantasize about them being together in a more intimate fashion. Sometimes she even traced the outline of his cock in his pajamas when she was feeling particularly naughty, but never for more than a moment and always through his clothes. Then, shortly after Nathan started developing some serious demetevler escort muscles when he started his exercise regimen, he also started sleeping naked.

“Um,” Nathan had said to Lexi the day he decided to start going to bed in the buff, “I’m naked.” Lexi had just barged into his room without knocking, which was common every night so Nate wasn’t surprised, but he still looked worried as he told her that.

“What?” Lexi said, cocking an eyebrow, pretending this wasn’t secretly exciting her knowing her brother was nude under those blankets, “Why are you naked?”

“Well,” Nathan started, “because I’m an adult now and I’m too old for pajamas. Also, I kind of like being nude in bed at night. I mean, I know you like sleeping here but this is something I want to do for myself.” Nathan was being very honest right then, something he only ever was with Lexi when they were alone like this. It was a side that only Lexi ever got to see and she loved him for it. Knowing she was the only person who knew the real him.

“Well, I don’t mind.” Lexi said, “I still want to sleep with my favorite brother. Unless you don’t want me to…” She added with a pout, hoping that Nathan would see it her way.

“I want you to,” Nathan said, reaching across the bed to hold her hand and pull her into bed with him. “But I just wanted to warn you so you know my wang in hanging out and you don’t rub against anything you don’t want to.”

Oh, I want to, Lexi thought as she got under the covers that night, maybe I should suggest I sleep naked too? But she realized that suggestion would only lead to her doing something very naughty that she would only regret afterward and she vowed to always wear pajamas when sleeping with her brother from then on. However, that didn’t stop her in any way from taking the covers off them and ogling her brother’s body when she was sure he was asleep. She vowed to never touch his nude form though and she only stroked his chest over the blanket from then on.

And that might have been that if not for the other person that Lexi felt she was closer to than anyone else. That was Lexi’s BFF, Donna.

Donna and Lexi became friends on the first day of pre-school simply because they were the only two students with red hair. But that quickly blossomed into the two inseparable individuals. In actuality, though they shared the same hair color that was basically where the similarities stopped. Where Lexi was shy, Donna was extroverted. Where Lexi had no sexual experience, Donna had many boyfriends and even a few girlfriends, though she had yet to admit to her friend that she was bisexual.

This was because Donna had a secret. She and Lexi had been friends forever, so when Donna started to develop a crush on her friend she knew telling her about it was likely to destroy her friendship with her, and she just couldn’t have that. But that wasn’t the end to her secret. Donna also was very attracted to Nathan. Something she had already talked to Lexi about since the first day she said, “You know, your brother is actually very handsome.”

To which Lexi replied, “Shut up, he is not!” But she blushed so hard that Donna realized that Lexi also thought as she did: that Nathan was an attractive male. But Lexi had snapped at her so hard and quickly that Donna also realized that Lexi had a legitimate crush on her own twin brother! This realization was so hot to Donna that ever since that day she wanted one thing and one thing only (aside from all those other things she wanted…) and that was to have a “twincestuous” threesome with Lexi and Nathan.

Donna was sure that her fantasy would never happen, but that didn’t keep her from pushing her friend a little bit at a time almost every time they hung out together.

After Lexi masturbated to Nathan’s body for the first time, she called Donna on the phone, “Donna?” She said feeling weak. She needed some advice, even if she didn’t want Donna to know she was the one who needed it.

“Hey, Lexi, what’s up?” Donna had said when she answered, “How’s that hunk of a brother of yours?” Donna could feel her BFF blushing through the phone as she asked that.

Lexi was used to Donna’s playful hitting on Nathan, but that day it made her feel like crying, “Look, um, can I just talk to you for a bit? I need to talk to someone, um, for a friend of mine.” Lexi cringed after saying that, she was so shy in school, the only friend she had outside of her family was Donna, really.

Donna played along though, “Of course, what’s your ‘friend’s’ problem?” She asked cheerfully. She could tell just from Lexi’s tone of voice that something very serious had happened to her.

“Well, she…” Lexi started and then trailed off as she realized that she didn’t even know how to start. She knew Donna would probably guess that anything she said was just Lexi talking about herself. But Lexi really needed to talk to someone, and since she couldn’t talk to Nathan about it. There was dikmen escort no one else she could trust. Lexi decided to just blurt it all out in the end, “My friend walked in on her brother in the shower and since then she’s been having sexual thoughts about him and she doesn’t know what to do about it.”

Donna’s jaw dropped when she heard that. Is my fantasy coming to be a reality? She thought before saying, “Um, you mean you- I mean, your friend, is having incestuous thoughts?” Donna was very excited but knew she had to play her cards right if she wanted anything to happen.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I mean.” Lexi said, “But all I can think to do is leave and stay away forever.” Lexi felt like crying again but held back, then realized she said something wrong, “I mean, that’s what my friend wants to do.”

“Right, your friend.” Donna confirmed, but really what this confirmed to Donna was that Lexi had a thing for her brother. She felt her pussy grow damp as she thought about the possibilities, “Well, maybe if she fucked her brother she would get it out of her system.” She said without even thinking about it.

Donna’s words made Lexi’s pussy pulse with pleasure but this really only angered her, “No! don’t even joke about that!” Lexi said, frustrated, “This is my broth- I mean, my friend’s brother and she can’t do something like that! It would ruin both their lives forever!” Lexi said this last part with absolute horror at the thought of it. What really scared her though, was just how much she really wanted to make love to her twin brother. After seeing him naked, Lexi was finding it harder and harder to keep those sexual thoughts away. In fact, they wouldn’t be held back anymore.

Donna bit her tongue and knew she shouldn’t be teasing her best friend for liking her brother more than she should, no matter how much the thought turned her on, “Okay, sorry,” she said, “Things like this happen. Maybe tell your friend to stay out of the house for a bit and work on finding a more attainable boyfriend.” Or girlfriend, Donna thought but didn’t add, “Maybe your friend has a BFF she could spend time with and help her go shoe shopping later today.”

Lexi thought about this, getting out and away from Nathan would probably be good for me, “So, you want to go shoe shopping?” Lexi asked after considering it for another moment.

“Yes,” Donna said, “Is that your way of admitting you have a crush on Nathan?” Donna said with a laugh and then laughed harder when she heard Lexi groan on the other end as she realized she’d let herself slip.

“Please don’t tell Nathan…” Lexi said, knowing Donna wouldn’t, and hung up. And later they went shopping and things felt about the same for a little while. Though Donna teased her a lot more about her brother from then on.

But then, a few months after Nathan started sleeping naked, and Lexi started ogling his new muscular body, and especially his giant cock, her fantasies started getting a lot more out of control than they had been before. She needed to talk to her friend again.

This time she was staying the night at Donna’s house and spending the night sleeping in her bed. She did this a lot lately, mostly to stay away from Nathan and her increasingly naughty sexual thoughts about her twin brother.

When she was lying next to her taller freckled friend, Lexi asked, “Is it normal for a man’s penis to be really big?”

Donna laughed, “Haha, what? How big are we talking?”

Lexi tried to show Donna the approximate size and shape of her brother’s cock but because she’d never touched it or seen it hard she gave up after a bit and said, “I don’t know, large, very large. Like a salami or a cucumber.”

Donna sat up in the bed, her blanket falling down and revealing her nightshirt that was cut off to just below her nipples so the underside of her large boobs could be clearly seen, “Your talking about Nathan, aren’t you?” Donna smiled naughtily, “So, you’re saying he’s got a gigantic dick?”

Lexi blushed and turned away on the bed, “Actually, I’m tired and need to sleep.” She said, and then made fake snoring noises.

Donna playfully slapped her friend’s arm, “Oh come on, you can tell me all your naughty fantasies about your brother. You know I want to hear them. I’ve always told you about the men I’ve fucked.”

Lexi turned back to Donna looking a little angry, “Yeah, but I never asked you to tell me those things.” Lexi took a breath, “Okay, I’ll tell you, but only because I feel I need to talk to someone about this, or I’ll do something I regret.”

Donna did her best to look as passive as possible and not give away that what she really wanted was for Lexi to do something she regretted, “Please, continue.” She said when she was sure she had calmed down enough.

“Well, as you know, I like to sleep with Nathan at night,” Lexi said.

“Sure.” Donna again had to calm herself down thinking about what fun Donna herself would have if she ankara escort was in Lexi’s position. Unfortunately for Donna, she was an only child and couldn’t have a Brother She’d Like to Fuck. Only a Best Friend’s Brother She’d Like to Fuck (along with that best friend herself…).

“Well,” Lexi took a moment, not really wanting to admit this but knew she had to, “He started sleeping naked and I still sleep with him every night. Well, every night I’m not over here.”

Donna gasped but wished she hadn’t because Lexi looked at her a little hurt. She supposed she looked shocked, but really the sexy thoughts she was trying to hold back just got a whole lot sexier. Before Lexi could shut down again Donna asked, “And that’s how you found out he had a ginormous cock?! Did you play with it!?” Donna could not hold back her excitement at that moment.

Donna’s acting weird, Lexi’s brain pointed out to her, but she decided to ignore it and go on, this discussion was turning her on as well, though she had a better time suppressing her thoughts at that moment than Donna was, “Yes, I saw his cock. Just soft though, I mean, I didn’t touch it though, and I won’t even touch his body under the blanket…”

Donna cut her off, “So you’ve touched his cock over the blanket?”

“No! Well, maybe a little while he was still wearing pajama’s but it wasn’t like I was grabbing hold of it or anything. I just, um, pet it a little…” Lexi blushed even redder, “Look, this isn’t helping, I was just wondering if a huge cock, um, I mean ‘penis’ is normal, that’s all.”

“Well, not really, some guys have big ones but most don’t.” Donna said, “but, if Nathan has a really big one, well, maybe you should play with it.”

“What?!” Lexi was shocked at her friend’s suggestion, “No!”

“Wait, just hear me out,” Donna said, too excited to be subtle, “If you played with his cock and got it hard, you could measure it!” This thought was exciting Donna so much one of her hands was inching its way down her belly to her throbbing pussy. She stopped herself seconds before she did. Even though she’d always been very open about sex with Lexi, she’d never masturbated in front of her, but she felt that she was seconds from doing so right then.

“Why would I want to measure Nathan’s dick?” Lexi asked, too confused to censor herself.

“You want to know how he measures up, right?” Donna said, “If you did that, I could tell you how big it is compared to other men.” Donna’s hand had a mind of its own as it plunged into her panties and slowly rubbed her labia in circular motions.

Lexi didn’t notice though, partly because it was so dark. But mostly because she was considering Donna’s explanation of why she should measure her brother’s hard cock. It didn’t really make sense but truthfully Lexi had been looking for some kind of rationalization to play with her brother’s penis. She pretended that she didn’t realize that she had found one, “Okay, I’ll do it.”

“Yes!” Donna said, horny as all hell as she plunged two fingers into her cunt, brushed against her g-spot, and started cumming. Her back arched and her whole body shook as she thought of her best friend touching her brother’s cock, hoping that once Lexi did so she wouldn’t hold back until she was fucking him.

Lexi watched her friend, struck by her beauty as she orgasmed right next to her, their legs rubbed against each other under the blanket and Lexi couldn’t deny what her best friend was doing or how hard she was cumming in the bed right next to her. Lexi thought for a brief moment about kissing her friend’s neck as she watched her shake and moan through her pleasurable orgasm. But Lexi suppressed the thought, not even sure where it had come from. She wasn’t a lesbian and hadn’t had a thought like that about a woman before that moment. Just looking at her friend in this blissful state was having a very strange effect on her.

She turned away in the bed as Donna came down from cumming on her hand, “Wow. That was intense!” Donna moaned as she turned over and put an arm around Lexi’s waist without thinking about it. But once it was there she noted that Lexi didn’t push her away, despite it being the same hand that was just in her vagina.

Lexi sighed, pretending to be upset, “Well, I’m glad you had a good time.”

“Feel free to finger fuck yourself as well,” Donna said with a chuckle, and maybe you’ll let me help you out. She thought as she fondled Lexi’s belly with her hand.

Lexi rolled her eyes, even though Donna couldn’t see her from this position, “No, let’s just go to sleep.”

Donna was a tad disappointed but there was still something on her mind, “Are you really going to play with your brother’s cock?” She asked.

Lexi shrugged, “I don’t know. Probably not. Sorry if that disappoints you.”

Donna had been expecting that. It was typical of Lexi to say she’ll do something and then immediately decide not to do it, “It’s alright. I was mostly just curious how hung Nathan is.” And with that, they both went to sleep.

It wasn’t until nearly a full year later, shortly after Erika left Junior year of high school for the summer before senior year, but long after her 18th birthday on February 27th. Lexi came back from Donna’s house fairly late at night.

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