The Good Daughter Ch. 01

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Hot As

I had met and surpassed my sales quotas on one of my recent business trips out of town so I decided to fly home a few days early and enjoy the home that I had worked so hard to buy and keep up. If I had known what was in store for me when I got back then I would have gotten home even sooner.

I need to back up and tell you a bit about me and my situation before I give you all the glorious details about my great new sex life. I’m a widower. My wife died in a car accident less than a year ago and now it’s just me and my daughter. I’m 45 and in good shape. My daughter, whose name is Ann, is a slender woman with a sunny disposition, a sexy tanned body, and she is 20. She’s got shortish blonde hair and she the cutest pair of 34B breasts. Her little butt is round and it juts back just a bit, just enough to make you want to reach out and caress it. She looks in fact like Kate Bosworth crossed with Keira Knightly.

Ann was still adjusting to life without her mother and had decided to take some time off from college. I of course was glad to have her around for the company and so she could look after things while I was on the road with my sales job.

It was hot and sunny that day when I came home early and my life changed forever. I noticed a strange car parked in our driveway as I drove up. I wrote it off to being one of Ann’s friends and I parked and went inside.

The house was nice and cool and I tossed my keys into the bowl we keep on the table by the door. I undid my tie and took it off, then I took off my suit coat and I began walking up the stairs. It was then I heard someone moaning and I knew right off the moans were ones of pleasure. I knew Ann was sexually active and I had told her if she was discreet she could bring boyfriends home.

I had began to look at Ann as a sexy grown up woman around the time of my wife’s fatal accident. I admit that I leered at her nubile young ripe sexy body but I had resigned myself to never doing anything about it because she was my daughter. But just because I was never going to touch her sexually that did not mean that I did not think about it and I did not want to deny her her needs while she lived under my roof.

I ataşehir escort could hear the sound of some lucky young guy pounding her as I walked down the hall. I swear I did not mean to but since her door was slightly ajar I could not help myself and I looked inside her room. What I saw stopped me in my tracks.

My little angel was naked on her bed facing away from the doorway. Behind her and inside her was a young black male. He was slowly fucking her and it looked like he was loving every second of it. I could see her swollen pussy lips as he pushed his big black cock back in and out of her. When I finally stopped looking at him pump my daughter I looked up and noticed that she was sucking another young black man while she was getting fucked. His cock was enormous and she could barely get past the head as he fucked her sweet little mouth. His eyes were closed and he was carried away by the oral pleasure my daughter was giving him.

I looked to my left and I noticed yet another young black man sitting naked watching them as he stroked his dick. It looked to be about 8″ and thick. He moaned and offered encouragement as the two other men fucked my daughter in her mouth and pussy.

I was mesmerized by the sight of these hot young black men enjoying my daughter. My cock sprang to attention and my breathing became ragged. The man inside her pussy began to pump faster and I could see my baby daughters wetness on his cock as he slid back and forth in her. I watched as his ball sack tightened and then he cried out, “Oh hell yeah, I’m cumminnnnnnnggggggggggggggg.” He held onto her and he filled her with his cum. I almost blew a load just watching.

I have never wanted to lick a man’s cum out of a woman until that second. I decided right then to take my relationship with my daughter to a new level, I had after all seen what a little sexpot she was and I figured that I would take my chances and if she spurned me then at least I tried. I slowly opened the door and I put my finger to my lips to make sure that the guys would not say anything when I came in the room. The guy in the chair noticed me but he remained silent. The man whose cock was in her mouth just kadıköy escort kept enjoying her oral skills with his eyes closed. The young buck who had just filled her slowly pulled his dick out and he backed off the bed. He turned and saw me but I shook my head no as I kept my finger to my lips to silence him. He backed up and I whispered in his ear, “It’s okay, just be quiet.” I looked down at his glistening dick and I got even hotter than I had been.

Slowly and silently I got on the bed behind my daughter. Her scent mixed with the smell of male cum was in the air and it was driving me crazy with lust. I knelt behind her and I gently brought her wet cum filled pussy to my face. I began kissing and licking it like I was a greedy child on his mother’s tit. I snaked my tongue deep in her and I could feel her reacting to it. Her natural wetness mixed with that young buck’s cum was the only meal I ever wanted to eat. I dove deeper and deeper in.

As I ate and ran my face along her sopping crack I her that cock pop out of her mouth. She said, “Yeah Ty, eat me baby. Suck that cum out of me so I don’t get knocked up.”

Before I could stop him Ty said, “That ain’t me baby. It’s some white dude.” Ann yelped and jerked her pussy away from me. She turned around quickly and saw it was me who had been eating her out. She screamed, “Daddy! What the hell…”

I tried to calm her. “Baby, it’s okay. Don’t be mad at me…..”

The guys all got a little worried and they grabbed their clothes and began dressing as they ran out of the bedroom and to their car.

“What the hell is this Daddy?” Ann started crying. “What the hell did you do that for?”

I moved up to sit next to her on the bed with my face still wet from her pussy. The taste of her was still in my mouth. “Honey, I’m so sorry. I just walked by and I saw what was going on and I could not help myself.”

“You’re not supposed to be home for three more days.”

“I’m sorry baby but I got done way early so I decided to come home early.” I looked at her and she was crying and trying to cover her naked body with the sheet I was sitting on.

“You may think Daddy is a pervert or worse bostancı escort bayan but after seeing you with those guys and after I did what I did, then I’m glad as hell that I came home early.” I got up so she could cover herself with the sheet. Then I sat back down beside her.

She was still red faced and sweating from her sexual encounter. “Really? You’re glad to see me getting fucked by three black guys?”

I nodded my head.

“You got into that? You liked watching your own daughter getting stuffed with dick?”

I nodded again. “It’s the sexiest thing I ever saw.”

She protested. “But I’m your daughter. Your biological daughter, your flesh and blood.”

“You’re also a beautiful woman who I’ve been admiring for years now. I’d resigned to never touching you or even letting you know I though about you sexually but I just got overcome with desire for you as I watched those guys use you.”

Her tears had stopped and we looked at one another. “I’m flattered you like me like that Daddy.” She blushed slightly. Then she looked down and saw my erection. “I used to rub my pussy when I heard you and Mom doing it. I imagined that it was me you were fucking.”

I scooted closer to her. “It was never fucking with me and your Mom. It was making love.” I put my hand on her thigh.

She laughed a bit. “What I was doing with those guys was pure and simple fucking.”

“I know hon and it turned me on to watch it. You were like an animal.” I gave her thigh a squeeze. “I have a whole new respect for you after seeing you do that babe.”

“Really? I’m so ashamed you saw it.”

I took my hand off her thigh and I brushed some hair out of her eye. “Don’t be ashamed. It was sexy and I know a girl your age has needs. I wish I wasn’t your Dad some times so I could be the one to satisfy those needs of yours.”

She took a deep breath and she let the sheet fall off her naked body. I stared at her breasts and I saw the bite marks and hickeys the black guys had left on her. My cock grew ever harder. She leaned over to me and she said, “I don’t care if you are my Dad or not, I want you so bad right now I can taste it.” She put her lips to mine and she drove her tongue in my mouth. Her hand went to my dick and as she rubbed it and we sat there kissing I knew we had crossed into a new territory.

I silently prayed that this new phase of our relationship would last forever.

More to come later…..

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