The Holding Cell Pt. 04

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Chapter 4 Ever The Rising Tide

It was my third day taking care of her or more accurately driving her to near sexual insanity when I woke in the morning with a start. I was laying spread eagle in bed again sheets barely covering my naked body and my typical morning hard on was like a rock. My dreams were continually filled with the gorgeous woman only a few feet away behind our separating bars.

My reason for being startled was the glowing dark orange glow of another woman’s hair sitting on one of the couches in my front room. I sat up in a half awake daze trying to pull my mind from the realm of dreams. My mind drifted back to the sex goddess in my care, mounting her from behind and then plunging myself between her curved hips and into her warm wet hole. The briefest memory made me want to lunge through the bars to find her explore her and let her explore me as violently as as she wanted. I shook my head again trying to clear the mental haze and my raging sexual desires. Fuck, I thought, at this point it might be hard to determine which of us is currently in better control.

Pre-cum slowly welled up at the tip of my penis and I finally sat up trying to figure out who the hell sneaked into the holding cell. At that moment the orange hair of the new visitor changed from a dark orange to a vivid shimmering orange and then it clicked in my mind as the lights were turned up.

Lady Careella was sitting there legs crossed and elegant as always watching me. “Well well you are the last to wake up. I do hope you slept well.” There was the slightest touch of a mocking tone mixed with good humor, maybe even a hint of desire as well.

I nearly grabbed my blankets as it occurred to me I was stark naked, hard and dripping right in front of my boss. Oh well, not like I’ll be hiding anything at this point I thought, so instead asked “last to wake?”

Lady Careella nodded at the bars. I’d been mentally involved with waking up and trying to register my bosses presence and I’d failed to look next to me. I looked and there was the woman from my dreams standing at the bars not even bothering to look at Lady Careella but entirely focused on me with incredible intensity mixed with heat in her eyes. At some point she’d changed into a long silky night robe that both clung to her in various areas and draped over others. Everything about her was stunning including her giant dick jutting out from between the front folds of her robe.

My boss looked back to me with her glowing orange hair and I was impressed. The color calmed and returned almost to normal. I could tell I was turning her on but she was good at controlling herself. At times it appeared her emotions wavered with her hair being the only giveaway.

“I have no idea how you managed to take one of our own and compress nearly a month into three days.”

I looked at her confused while getting out of bed and going over to the couch adjacent to hers. I figured if she had a problem with my nudity she’d have let me know by now so I didn’t bother with clothing but merely sat down on the couch my penis still hard and jutting straight out. If anything it seemed to me she wasn’t complaining in the least. Now I had two women turning me on and my pre-cum slowly kept on flowing. It was getting pretty sticky and normally I’d have cleaned up but I knew this was giving my boss a high as well so why not leave things as they were.

“What do you mean turning a month into three days?” I asked.

Lady Careella looked back to the cell and the woman focused only on me. “Being around a human on a continual basis cause the Denufari in this situation to have constantly escalating emotions. Normally as the days progress our emotions will build up over the space of about month on average, some a bit faster while others slower.”

She turned her attention back to me. “Currently the Denufari in your care is already almost at her very peak and to be frank is so turned on and wild that I wonder if she even knows I’m here. How in the world did you manage that!”

I jumped slightly when the Denufari spoke from the bars. “This human seems to be a master of knowing how arouse me and continues to enjoy pushing the limits.”

Lady Careella looked back bursa escort at her somewhat surprised. “I’m frankly shocked you’re even able to speak coherently right now. Your ability to still maintain a thread of control in your state indicates you will do well working among humans once you find your balance.” She looked back and forth at the two of us. “On the other hand would either of you care to tell me the secret that’s caused such a rapid progression?”

Again before I could speak the Denufari behind the bars answered. “This human came on my chest the first day then figured out how to safely enter my cell and mount me, enter me and cum inside me.” As she spoke her gaze never wavered from mine. I couldn’t help but think she was trying to continually figure out how to get to me.

Lady Careella sounded shocked “you entered her cell! That was extremely dangerous and how did you manage to not be severely injured!”

I shrugged slightly. “I want to assure you I took precautions and I try to always plan carefully.”

To our surprise the Denufari behind bars managed a sharp laugh and I assumed it was the best show of humor she could manage in the midst of her raging passions. She managed to look away from me to Lady Careella then proceeded to give her an extremely detailed description of all our activities. I sat there stark naked not knowing how to react. My body experienced a confusion of emotions ranging from embarrassment to random bouts of arousal at the whole situation.

I finally relaxed when I saw the signs that Lady Careella was fully enjoying every last lurid detail of the narrative. Despite her hair glowing like hot coals she would also shift her position every now and then with an uncomfortable look crossing her face. I remembered she always had a pair of black leggings on under her sleek business skirts and after watching her shift subtly every now and then for comfort I put the two pieces together. Those leggings were for hiding her arousal when she got hard!

I leaned back maintaining a neutral look on my face but inwardly hid a self satisfied smile. I wondered what Lady Careella was like behind that controlled exterior or what she hid under her skirt. Who knows, maybe she would even let me be of assistance to her one day. The thought made me suddenly hard again and both women noticed. Even if they weren’t looking at me they could sense my pheromones and I might as well be blaring my thoughts to the room.

After having enjoyed every last detail Lady Careella turned her full attention back to me. “I keep congratulating myself on having found you and you continue to be of great assistance. My faith was well founded and I’m glad things are going well.”

She shifted her body again and stood up regal as always but when she looked at me again there was a very subtle smoky look in her glance. I had to give her credit. Her leggings must be incredibly tight and uncomfortable seeing she managed to conceal showing any outline of her unique features. She raised an eyebrow with a very slight smile playing on her lips when she caught me looking for the outline between her thighs.

I quickly looked up guiltily and she held my glance for a second longer than necessary in order to let me know my search had not gone unnoticed… or unappreciated. With that she headed towards the door speaking as she went. “Well I shall let you two get back to your activities. I’m sure there will be more interesting details to hear upon my return.” She turned at the door looking between the two of us and gave me a pointed look. “Be careful” she admonished. “You seem to enjoy flying close to the whirlwind and I really do want you to remain in good working order.” For a split second her professional demeanor vanished showing a look of lustful desire but then it was gone and she left as quietly as she’d entered closing the heavy door behind her.

I stretched languidly and looked back at the bars and into the intense eyes of my beautiful prisoner. Well, I thought, if I want to play with the whirlwind then I really should be ready. With that I walked into the shower again. This morning I was going to take a long time in the warm water and get carried away however this time I wanted escort bursa to try something new.

The shower heads were large and suited more for a luxury shower or a high class spa and due to the fact it was a wet bathroom I could enjoy a huge shower area. I took my three special dildos and stuck them to the ground, turned on the warm water and then pulled back the shower curtain all the way. My whole shower and activities were on display if the Denufari wanted to watch.

The first dildo was always an easy warm up so after spreading lube on my ass hole I got on all fours with my back facing the bars and slowly squatted down on it reveling in the feeling as the dildo spread open my hole and slid easily in. I didn’t spend to long with the first one as my masochistic mood had been growing over the past three days. There was sexual tension I had to deal with as well and these currently were my only outlet.

I slid up off the first dildo and quickly headed for the second and its rough studs. Covering it in lube I lowered myself on it more rapidly than normal. I wanted it to be uncomfortable and it felt good. Once it was fully in me I started fucking its entire length grinding my sensitive hole against all the studs. Lost in fantasy and feeling I put my face up to the warm water and forced the studs in and out of me more rapidly. I didn’t cum from it but the pre-cum continually flowed from me as it continually rubbed against my prostate.

Finally I looked over my shoulder and wasn’t disappointed. She was standing there gripping the bars seemingly entranced by my actions as cobalt light moved through her hair like slow waves on an ocean shore. The feeling of someone watching me fuck myself in the most personal way possible made me hard as a rock and filled me with pleasure. I wanted more though and it spurred me on to an even more openly erotic actions.

I slid up off the second dildo and moved excited on to the third. This was going to be difficult and she’d get to watch me struggle with it. My ass would fight it and struggle and then she’d watch the toy force my ass open and penetrate me.

I positioned myself over the huge toy and slowly started lowering myself on it. As before my ass struggled trying to relax but I kept steadily pushing down. In the middle of my struggle trying to take it I was surprised by her quiet and lustful voice behind me. “Why are you trying to use such a big toy?” she asked curiously.

I looked over my shoulder at her and at the same time for effect grabbed my ass with both hands spreading myself open to a point of discomfort. Then I slowly started to sink down onto it again my anus slowly losing the battle and spreading further and further over the head. I groaned in pain and pleasure as it forced my hole open and the head slipped in. Gasping as it slid into me I looked right into her eyes. “I’m doing this because I’m wishing it was you forcing your huge member into me and fucking me with no mercy” I replied with intense desire.

My statement hit her like a wave and she gasped for breath grabbing the bars to stabilize herself. It was either that or she was trying again to rip them out of the floor. Her reaction spurred me on and I took the toy as far as I could and then started fucking it harder and faster. Soon my anus was relaxed and no longer fighting the toy as I slid it in and out of me with abandon.

It wasn’t enough and I wanted more. I had asked privately on some forums for advice on how to take a toy deeply and hopefully their advice was good. Slowly I pushed against the discomfort as the toy hit the curve of my colon and I paused listening to the shower, my quiet breathing and the Denufari’s heavy breathing behind me. I pushed lightly and waited again and wiggled my hips back and forth slowly gyrating on the toy.

Then to my surprise and her gasp behind me it slid all the way in and I was suddenly sitting on the floor of the shower with my anus stretched around a huge toy. I was triumphant and happy and looking over my shoulder saw she was rock hard with a sheen of perspiration covering her amazing body.

Then slowly but speeding up I fucked the toy faster and faster going all the way in and pulling all the way bursa escort bayan out only to plunge back down again. It was time for me to bring her our meals for the day so I shut off the shower, dried off and bending over shoved the huge dildo up inside me again. Then pulling on a pair of especially tight pants I had purchased in advance for this I was set to go. I walked around with the pants holding the dildo in; refusing to give my anus a break and forcing my body to accept the invasion.

I took care of my necessary responsibilities all while feeling incredibly lascivious and wonderfully wanton. Walking around knowing she watched me every second and her knowing I had a huge toy shoved deep up inside me was a perpetual turn on. The sexual tension in the room was incredible and we barely spoke but instead simply kept looking at each other with a primal desire driving our thoughts. I wanted this tension to build, needed it to build for what I wanted soon.

The day ended with me showering three times and fucking the giant toy over and over and then we headed to bed. I doubt either of us slept well. Our desires were like an erotic fever that had both of us in its grip. At some point in the night I rolled out of bed and called her to the bars. She wasn’t the least annoyed and came over readily.

I simply held up the restraints and asked “if we’re going to get any sleep we might need to let off some tension.” She nodded and I slid her the restraints. Without hesitating she put them on and offered her free hand so I could lock the last restraint into place. I drove her crazy by turning around right in front of her and slowly shoving the huge toy up my ass once again. Once in place I put the pants back on. Earlier in the day I’d decided to modify the pants by cutting out the front and now I could hold the toy in letting my dick hang free. I was rock hard almost all the time now so the extra freedom made things more comfortable. She fought the restraints in frustration trying to get to me as I opened her cell door. She knew she couldn’t break them but in her pent up desire fought anyway.

I didn’t bother much with foreplay as the entire day amounted to erotic foreplay. We both desperately needed some release and right now being rough and unrestrained suited us both.

Walking up to her I simply wrapped my arms around her pulling her perspiring body to mine and used her like a stripper pole. My penis rubbed up and down her back leaving long wet lines of pre-cum and driving her wild. Moving from massaging her breasts downward I grabbed her giant dick milking it with both hands till she bucked against me and shot through the bars again. There was nothing slow about us tonight just the need to use each other.

Finally I let go of her dick and grabbing mine told her again to squat low and arch her back. Again she willingly did so presenting herself. This time I directed my penis into her silky wet vagina and grabbing her waist fucked her hard while she shivered and moaned. This carried on for a while till I pulled out and this time plunged into her waiting anus. She bucked and moaned even louder as my body prepared itself again. She was ready this time and as she felt me begin to tense arched her back more and shoved back against me fucking me with her ass. She squeezed her anal muscles hard and bucked against me nearly throwing me from my feet.

Not being able to hold out any longer I let loose inside her for the second time. I came so hard my dick hurt as my balls squeezed out every last drop they could. She milked me hard with her ass as she took it all in, wanting every last drop of me. She let out her feminine roar again as the orgasms poured through her body but kept milking me with her ass. She was bucking so hard I grabbed her waist as hard as I could to remain in her. This whole time the massive dildo was still deep inside me, digging at my insides and causing tremendous pressure against my prostate. Feelings and orgasms went through my body so hard my head was feeling faint.

Finally we both gave out with her collapsing to the floor my penis pulling out of her. I stood there weaving trying to make my vision focus. I then walked out, closed her cell door and hit the button releasing her restraints as she continued writhing and thrashing on the ground. Her cum was all over the floor and I decided to clean up in the morning but for now sleep. I collapsed into bed and was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

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