The Hunt Ch. 06 – Beast Runs Wild

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Dear reader. All the characters in this story are over 18. I dedicate this chapter to my beloved Helen.

The Beast Runs Wild

The Beast within me fought for freedom while I struggled to restrain it. If the contest were lost, the Beast would send my beautiful guest away screaming. An outcome I desperately wanted to avoid.

My struggle raged as I watched Alice in her own battle with her frock; clearly, she was used to a lady’s maid, I had forgotten I had helped her put it on, and the dress I had created for her was not easily removed alone, but all I could do was watch her fight, it was so… erotic.

Coming to my senses, I moved up to her, my hands trembling, the Beast screaming to rip the clothing from her body. The animal tamer within me pushed the Beast back, using the chair of my patience and the whip of my loneliness to keep it at bay.

I found myself behind my guest, my hands holding her shoulders; I could not help but smile at her urgency; clearly, she was fighting her own Beast, she trembled as I kissed her shoulders.

“Alice, I want you more than I can say, but you are innocent, and I fear that I may lose my restraint….” My whispered words drew a shiver from the beautiful creature at my fingertips.

I wanted her to want this… to honestly want me as I was… but with wide-open eyes. I desired she come to me as a lover, not just a conquest. However, as slow and tender as I wanted to be, I was not confident I could keep the Beast collared much longer. I desperately desired her, but more, I prayed for her to want to stay.

“Don’t you yearn for me?” Her voice was that of a young girl asking if papa loved her. It broke my heart. I resolved to show her, and the Beast fought to break loose, but I still held its leash, if only by my fingertips.

“Will you please lay with me? Make me yours? Please, will you take me?” She whispered into my ear, her head nestled close, her breath hot on my neck, its heat burned the leash to ash.

“Yes!” I roared and tore the dress from neck to hem, shredding the last barrier concealing her body. I did not care what I would have to create tomorrow; I wanted her tonight.

I feared and expected a scream of terror, but to my shocked ears, I heard the tinkling of crystal chimes… the music of her laughter, the sounds of pure joy.

“Oh, Gaawwwd Yess!” Alice turned and threw her arms around my neck, leaping into mine, her lips desperately seeking me. “Please take me!” She moaned into my mouth. Her need filled my nostrils, and her heat seared me even through my own summer dress.

Her desire was burning her, but she was a virgin, and I did not wish to ruin her first experience with an over ardent ravishment. So, I kissed and hugged and whispered and nibbled my way around this beautiful girl’s body. Her breasts were perfection, large enough to entice but firm with youth and topped with pink and stiffening dark red peaks; the mere sight of them caused my breath to catch and my heart to pound.

My fur began to sprout; I could restrain the Beast no longer; it was free inside me but how it demanded to be seen, heard, and felt.

“Alice,” I started in hesitation, “I am afraid I cannot….”

She took my face between her beautiful hands, “It is alright, I have seen you before, remember?” The earnestness of her eyes and the set of her jaw told me that I must be what I must. The Beast did not care whether it was sated in its complete form — as long bahis siteleri as it was fed.

I felt the change continue from foot to head as I gained further height over the object of my desire, I now towered fully a foot or more over her lovely head, and she was forced to crane her neck to meet my eyes. I bent down and kissed her, my fangs pressing into my lips; I tried to shield her from their sting and my ardor. I could withdraw my claws, I could cover my fangs, but my tail had a mind of its own, running up and down the girl’s back, softly caressing and tenderly exploring every crevice and nook of her delicious body.

My clothing melted, becoming my half form’s hair and fur-covered body; fine blonde fur covered my belly and breasts. The blonde hair of my head cascaded down my back in waves in shades from flaxen to gold which blended into the coat that covered my back. The hair and fur ran down over my bottom, covering my thighs and calves, then to my paws. To most eyes, I still appeared human but half-cat, with whiskers, feline eyes, and ears, but not yet my full form for which there would be no doubt. Others had seen me thus and been horrified, and I was afraid of what I would know if I looked into my love’s eyes. As I turned to her, I caught a reflection in my mirror; it manifested my fear and shame; I indeed was a true beast, a monster. I took a deep breath, terrified of her reaction; then I looked into her eyes.

What I saw was open hunger and… love?

My heart exploded.

I scooped her naked body up into my arms and laid her upon my bed. Time slowed as I gazed upon her; I sensed the perfume of my gardens flowing upon the breeze. A breeze that ruffled the linen sheers over the windows carried the scents of the fruit trees and roses that filled my bedroom. I relished the gentle evening light of the moon’s soft glow; my magical lanterns dancing light blended illuminated her body in a blanket of color that made love to her skin and hair, which now spread upon my snow-white pillows.

I settled next to her and kissed her gently, and purred.

As her hands wrapped around my neck, “Make love to me, my big kitty, take me for your own.” She kissed me, and I felt her open herself to me; her thighs were now wide to me, her heat so intense I could feel it on my cheek.

“As you wish, my darling.” I wanted her to remember me forever, even as I would lose her tomorrow. I licked her flesh from the neck downward, my tongue scraping its way over her silky-smooth skin, as it is rough; after all, I am a cat.

“Oh, my love.” Her eyes were closed, head tossed back and forth, arms stretching up to reach the ironwork of the headboard, hands grasping and holding fast.

Her moans told me all I needed, and my tongue found the peaks of her breasts, those perfect mounds of flesh I wanted to love and kiss and nibble and bite. My tongue teased, my mouth suckled and nipped, and she moaned and thrashed and pressed her breasts into me, finally letting go of the bars moving her hands so that her fingers dug into my mane and pressed me deeper into her globes.

I did not resist.

I never took my gaze from her beautiful face; eyes closed in passion, lips parted to urge me on with gentle sighs and staccato please for more. Then, finally, my teeth found her teats, and I lightly grazed them. She nearly rose clear of the bed and pressed her breast into my hungry maw.

I released the teat from my mouth but not my grasp as I moved up to canlı bahis siteleri kiss those luscious lips again, my tongue forcing its way through lips and guarding teeth to find it complement and dual the eternal dual of love.

I pulled away, and her eyes opened, beseeching eyes, “When will you take me and make me yours?” Her pleading caused my blood to boil and my deformation to make its presence known, where my nub once had been; there was now as good a representation of a penis as could be imagined. But, to my surprise, she did not shy away from the thing; instead, her hands grasped it and worked its sheath, causing prodigious growth.

“My goodness, will it fit?” I saw fear flash upon her face; I knew it was not small but much smaller than any babe.

“Yes, my sweet, it will. But I will be gentle.” I decided that my best place was beneath her to make it easier. “Let me lie down, my love; then you can mount me and take it as easily as you wish.”

“No! Take me as a man would; it is for my husband, and you have a cock, so I choose you as my husband” Her words were like iron, and I could see in her face she would not be dissuaded, but her words intrigued me.

“Who told you this foolishness? It is yours, my dear, you may promise it to someone in love, and one should keep that promise, but it is forever yours, no promise changes that.” I looked down into her eyes, and I could see she was surprised by my statement.

“But I was taught…I was trained….” Confusion seemed to cloud her mind; her brow wrinkled as she appeared to be working out sums to a complex problem.

“Shush, we will discuss it tomorrow.” I kissed her forehead to smooth away the effort of thought and positioned myself to make her mine. She moved to accommodate me, and her lovely limbs parted further; her desire was burning her with its intensity, her sex was rampant in her need flowing in a river down her bottom to soak my bed. My girl cock was as hard as it had ever been, my foreskin fully retracted it was angry pink, the head so hard it was purple dripping with my own need.

“I will be gentle….” Her sex opened and closed in rhythm; I slowly drew myself up and down the opening, drawing shudders with each pass, her body trying desperately to take me in.

“Please, my love, not too gentle.” Her lustful eyes but weak smile plus the ting of fear cautioned me to be gentle.

I came close to her ear, “Yes, my love,” as my weapon began to enter her, she gasped and moved away for a fraction of a moment, then her body seemed to melt into me, her arms encircling my neck, her legs wrapping around my thighs pulling me in.

“Please take me, make me yours.” She kissed me hard, urging me with her legs to break that final barrier.

I felt that resistance; I knew the pain that would come from its rupture, so I worked myself slowly. Stroking her hair, I whispered sweet words, relaxing her while taking my time to make her mine. Finally, I was in contact with that barrier, she whispered love and kisses, and as she breathed out, in relaxation, I broke through.

“Aahhh” She tensed as that moment came, her body arched, nails dug into my back, a single tear escaped and ran down her lovely face until I kissed it away. I held my position, allowing her body to find its level, then gently ever so slowly and tenderly, I made way with her. Her arms and urgent legs were driving me on and into that treasure she had given me. My efforts continued with small advances canlı bahis and careful withdrawal until I had mined the depths of her riches.

“Oh, dear God, it feels so wonderful,” her words shouted to the heavens in a prayer woman had uttered since Eve.

I made myself slow my progress to control my desire, and a short respite began to redouble my efforts. Her body moved with me as if we rode our lust and love as a steed might be mastered. My body shuddered more intensely in our lovemaking than I have ever known. Our bodies moved with each other; her hips and thighs met mine in the eternal dance; soon, I was well-rooted. My sex kissed hers, my womanhood weeping below my staff, a strange creature the Source had made me, but I would have her. I hoped one day I would be able to remain my human form to love her as two women might, but now — now I wanted her to know my battering ram and feel it making her mine.

Now that I had done my worst, and her center had accepted my presence, I now drove forward, giving free rein to my own need, and she responded, spurring me on with the heels of her feet sinking into my haunches with each stroke.

“Oh, my love, take me! Take me! Do not be gentle! Take me!” Her head tossed to and fro, eyes tightly closed, mouth open for air and to give voice to her desire and enjoyment, and I drove forward with all my might.

“You aarrrrree miiiiinnnnnne” My growled words blurred in my lust spoken through gritted fangs.

I drove into her, our sexes giving applause to our symphony of grunts and moans, till she pushed back into my stokes with her own, snarling her need, “Harder, my love! Harder, take me!” She screamed loud enough the White Queen must have heard.

“As you bid, my love!” I rose to the tips of my toes and held myself up on my hands, then raising from my hips, I drove down into her, slowly at first then faster as she pushed back into my thrusts. I growled my lust, staring into her eyes; I wanted her to see my desire, to know my need.

“ooasah” she was beyond words, “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh” Her body shook, belly hardened, and released, driving her sex into me, screaming her peak.

I drove my head down to her neck and marked her as mine, my teeth leaving their print. I plunged on, my release seemingly always out of reach, hers seemingly constant; her body shuddered, bucked, and clawed at mine, driving me ever deeper and harder into her sex, our juices flowing so freely one might have thought we lost our control.

“AAAAAAAHHHHH, NEVER LET ME GOOOO!” she screamed so loudly, my ears folded back. Such an excellent sound. With those words, her entire body lifted from our bed, her head seemingly unmoored from her body and bounced like a ball about the bed, throwing herself in convulsions and nearly throwing me from my place.

The velvet glove my weapon had conquered changed in an instant from a soft and loving embrace to a demanding vice, forcing my member to give up its juices, to give her womb its due, a band of iron closed at her entrance, as the magical hand of her sex stroked and milked my seed from me. I finally yielded; my control was undone, and I released.

My body froze; my desire drove my member as deep as I could make, driving my sex into hers with all my remaining strength, and her sex met mine and mastered it. I was the weaker; she took all I could give and was the better. I was beaten and glad of it. She took my seed as my body drove to turn itself inside out, pouring all that I am and all that I was, my very soul — all liquified, mixed, and pumped through my member buried in her secret place and pouring it at the mouth of her womb.

I collapsed on her and knew no more till morning.

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