The Interview

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This story is not true from my perspective but it did occur, I was not the one it happened to. Also, this was many years ago before personal computers, social media, etc. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks to Jon (rnebular) for making it much more readable.


I am Rob and I was what you would call a nerd in high school. I was studious and very shy. I had friends but most were like me and I was not social. I tended to study and occasionally go out with friends. The only dates I had were usually with girls that I knew who were more friends than anything else.

As my senior year was winding down and I was preparing for college I was worried, but excited to start my new adventure. I looked forward to going away but, because I was quite shy and worried that I would be miserable at a large university in our state.

After graduation, I worked during the summer and started putting everything together for college. My parents had spoken to me about the dos and don’ts. My parents were paying so I didn’t have to worry about the cost, but I did try to save my money to have some spending money.

The first day of college arrived and as I stepped on to the campus I was excited and nervous. The place was beautiful and different from my home town. It was tucked into the mountains and I had been raised on the coast.

I met my roommate, Sam, when I first arrived and we seemed to hit it off pretty well. We were similar in many ways. He was a bit more outgoing and I was glad. Sam was constantly exploring the school and meeting people and he was usually dragging me along. He would introduce me to some of his friends and I met some nice girls as well.

The classes were obviously harder than high school, but I was doing fine and liked it. The first year is usually mostly liberal arts classes, such as psychology, natural science class (geology for me), sociology, history, American literature and so on. I liked them and found the college experience nice.

Socially, I was still reserved, but felt better around others now that I was on my own. I felt like I was the only virgin at the school and hoped that would change soon. I’m sure I wasn’t, but it felt that way.

At the Christmas break I came home and I had decided to update myself. I changed from glasses to contacts, my braces came off as my teeth were finally straight enough. When I went back in January, I would at least look different.

As the semester started I became more aware of the women in my classes. I was still shy but at least didn’t refrain from smiling or talking to them. One thing that most schools had was a way for the students to make a little more money doing things for the college. Things such as working in the library, dining halls or volunteering for psychology experiments.

Being a student without a lot of cash I volunteered for some psych experiments. Most were pretty benign, like having you guess a random sampling or describing what an ink blot looks like. I didn’t make much but it helped.

One day in the student newspaper I discovered a psychology experiment, where you could earn money. It simply said you must be at least eighteen and a male. That peaked my interest so I called and they told me I would be asked a series of questions. I was expected to be honest, and that the information would be gathered and you would remain anonymous. Afterwards, the woman told me to report to a building adjacent to, but off-campus at 9PM.

As I walked in, I was told to Alanya Escort escort go over to the table and fill out an index card. There were about five other guys doing the same thing. The girl told me to fill it out and then be seated and I would be called when it was my turn.

She seemed pleasant enough and I filled out my card and then sat down and watched as the others did the same. One by one they were called to another room. About every 15-20 minutes another guy was called. I noticed once they left the room they never came back out. I suppose they left from another entrance.

As I sat there the girl behind the desk would give the new guys arriving the same information I had been, and then they would sit down too.

Finally, I was called and I got up and followed her to the door. I was met by another girl and she took me to a room and I was told to sit in the chair. Facing me were three girls who were behind a table. I was sitting in the chair facing them and felt a little self-conscious.

The three were very hot and dressed rather casually. Each introduced themselves to me. Jennifer was a blonde with long hair and had on jeans and a sweater. Rachel had short brown hair and wore jeans and boots with a black sweater. Louise also had brown hair and wore her hair back in a ponytail and had on a skirt with her green blouse with three buttons open. Jennifer was a junior and Rachel and Louise were sophomores. When each spoke, they sounded casual and very sexy.

All three were gorgeous with incredible figures from what I could see. I know they noticed when I blushed, because I felt uncomfortable sitting in that chair without having a table or desk in front of me. My heart started beating fast and they just smiled.

Rachel seemed to be the one in charge. She asked me, “Rob, you’re eighteen and a freshman here, right?

“Yes’, and I handed her my student ID. She looked at it and gave it back to me

“Do you like it?”

“Yes, I do, very much.”

“Now Rob just relax. We will ask you a few questions and need you to be completely honest. Do you think you can do that for us?”

“Yes, I think so.”

Rachel continued, “All of your answers are anonymous, and no one knows each other’s answers, we just have to make sure you are who you say you are.”

Jennifer started first and asked, “Rob we will be asking you several questions and some are in the area of sexuality and society norms. Do you agree to continue?”

“Yes, I guess so.”

She continued, “How often do you masturbate?”

My eyes got big and I hesitated and said, “Ah, well some.”

“No Rob, you need to be more specific.”

My mind was whirling and I was so embarrassed. Am I giving up all the secrets we guys have, or should I fudge the truth a bit? If I tell the truth that if I were alone I would probably spend all day with my hands down my pants. I finally said, “Daily if I have the time.”

They all three giggled and Rachel said, “Rob we know guys jerkoff all the time, we are trying to determine an average a guy does it.”

“I understand.”

Jennifer continued, “What do you normally call it when you masturbate? Which one of the off brothers are you? Beat, whack, jerk or Jack.” They all laughed

I just sat there and turned crimson. The idea of telling these hot girls how much I do jerkoff was making my cock start to stiffen. I turned a little to the side in my chair. I was hoping they didn’t Alanya Escort bayan notice.

Now Louise decided to chime in. “Rob when you masturbate what do you think about?”

I should have bolted from the room, but I was glued to my chair and getting aroused. I just sat there quiet.

Louise asked again, “Well Rob, all guys jackoff and we need to know what they fantasize about.”

I was thinking what in the hell kind of grant was this but decided I might as well keep going. “I think of girls and how exciting they are.”

Louise said, “That is sweet Rob. Are you a leg man, an ass man, or a titty man?”

I was already humiliating myself, so I proceeded. “I like it all, but I think I like tits the best.”

Jennifer then giggled and stood up and shook her torso. She was not wearing a bra so her tits jiggled, and were very large. “Do you like these?”

“Yes, I like them a lot.”

When we’re finished, will you go home and jack off thinking about them?”

I nodded my head enthusiastically.

They all burst out laughing. They were humiliating me, but my body was just reacting. I couldn’t focus.

I asked them, “Are we through?”

Jennifer said, “No, not yet. A few more things we must do first. Rob, we need you to stand up and take your jeans off.”

I was so overwhelmed by the command, I stood up and turned my back and pulled my jeans down.

Louise told me, “turn around.” I slowly stood there in my briefs and my hands in front of my hardon, trying to cover up as much as I could.

Jennifer asked me, “Rob, do you have an erection?”

I nodded my head and she said, “We like to call it a BONER.” They all exploded in laughter.

I was amazed I was not getting soft. Hearing these very sexy girls saying things to me was making me so horny. I had not jerked off in a few days and was getting blue balls just listening to them.

Jennifer kept it up (in more ways than one). “Show us your boner. We want to see it.”

Rachel and Louise both agreed, “Show it to us Rob.”

I couldn’t believe I was still standing there, and I once again turned around to pull my briefs down. I had my back to them and covered my aching cock and swollen balls with my hands.

Jennifer whistled and said, “You have a nice ass. Turn around and remove your hands. Put your hands above your head.”

I just looked down and slowly turned around.

She repeated, “Rob, we want to see your boner, not your hands”

I did as I was told and removed my hands. My throbbing dick was standing straight up. I know I was only average, but I was so aroused I was afraid I might squirt just from them watching me. My balls were big and swollen and ached.

Louise asked me, “Rob, I think you better jerkoff. We don’t want you going around campus like that. Now jerkoff for us while we watch. I bet those balls ache too. They are big.”

I was so humiliated, but also so horny I complied. I slowly started to stroke it up and down. My balls felt like they had a pint of sperm in them.

Jennifer said, “go ahead and finish yourself off, we have some more horny guys to see yet.”

All three were leaning over the table and handed me a small towel.

I just kept jerking, my balls were starting to boil.

They started saying together, “CUM, show us your sperm Rob. Empty those balls.”

I couldn’t hold it any longer, I let out a loud moan and the first Escort alanya gush of sperm cannonballed out of me, jets of cum gushed from me dick. I shot seven squirts before I finally stopped, falling to the ground. I had gushed all over the towel and on the linoleum floor. The girls clapped. I also noticed that they had pulled out a camera and taken a couple of pics of me ejaculating.

I was totally spent, “Please, don’t take any pictures.”

They laughed and said, “This is to protect us so you don’t come after us for any violations of school policy. No one will see it except us and our sorority sisters.”

I quickly cleaned up and dressed and Louise said, “if you didn’t tell anyone about this no one will see it.”

Then Rachel escorted me to another door way where I could leave, but before I left she walked out with me and told me. “Rob, you seem like a nice guy. Don’t worry we’re doing this for our sorority and we will not hurt you with it, I promise.” Then she kissed me on the cheek.

I didn’t know whether I should kiss her back or slap her, but she gave me a hug and I felt good. Now I had to worry that if I knew any of her sorority sisters, they now saw me as a wanking idiot.

I left and went back to the dorm. I could never tell anyone what happened, even my roommate. I was so embarrassed and humiliated I just prayed those girls would not show it to everyone. Then I realized, if they did I could bring them up on violation of school policy.

I had just spent the most intense evening I had ever experienced and it lasted only 20-25 minutes. It was the biggest orgasm I had ever had. Also, the most embarrassing. Amazingly, I felt more confident and was not as shy after I thought about it. I had done the most private thing anyone can ever do and I survived. The only ones to see me were Jennifer, Rachel, and Louise. As long as they didn’t say anything, I would be ok.

After that episode, I decided, it was a big school and I might not see them much anyway. As luck would have it, I saw Rachel coming out a building a few weeks later and she of course recognized me and asked if she could speak to me. We went over to the student union and had a drink. She went on to tell me that it was all a big scam and that no one was going to hear about it. They were just playing a prank. I shook my head and started to get up.

“Rachel, how many guys jerked off for you that night?”

“Well, Rob about 25 guys showed up, but most left after we started asking questions. A few stayed the entire time.”

“How many was that Rachel?”

“Only five.”

“Oh my God, five perverts stayed and I am one of them, that’s just fucking great.”

“That is not true Rob, we were just playing to see how far a guy would go to please us. After you left all three of us thought you were cute and attractive. We knew from your comments you were a virgin and we all liked you very much. We didn’t release any pictures and threw them away.”

Rachel said, “Rob please I’m sorry. You have nothing to feel bad about. As a matter of fact, I want to introduce you to a friend of mine who I think you’d like. She’s sweet and a little shy too, but I really think you two would get along.

I met her friend, Emily and we did hit it off well. As a matter of fact, I married her 3 years later and now many years later after two children and now 4 grandchildren we’ve had a great life together.

I always wondered if Rachel ever told my Emily the truth about how me met. If she did she never told me about it. Jennifer, Rachel, and Louise all went separate ways after graduation and wonder what happened to them.

It would be difficult for me to ever explain how I met the love of my life because I jerked off in front of three girls.

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