The Long Road Back Ch. 02

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Many thanks to Oldnakeddad for the editing this second installment, your efforts, as always, are much appreciated. This is the second chapter, of hopefully several more, that trace a man’s return to the world of single people following a divorce. Hope y’all enjoy.


From a four bedroom, three bathroom house to a twenty-three foot travel trailer.


The 1st of July. That day will always stick in my head as the first step on the true path back to being an individual.

I’d closed on the house the Friday before and then immediately left town to go see my daughters for the first time since their mother had taken off with them five months ago.

It’d taken three months to get the house sold so, along with making the payments, paying the legal bills for the divorce, child support, and alimony (which the judge had ordered to immediately begin), I was wiped out and had just enough to keep my head above water. Thus the reason I was moving into the travel trailer, which had been paid off the year before with the tax return, and was the location of the next step on the way back to my recovery.

I’d found an RV park in town that was close to work, close to the airport, and had plenty of people in it that were long term residents, just as I was about to become. I’d moved the trailer in during the week before the movers came and emptied out the house. However, I hadn’t spent much time there (except to sleep), nor gotten to meet any of my neighbors as all of my time had been spent finalizing things for the house and working.

I had a fresh start and I was bound and determined to meet some of my neighbors before the 4th of July park party that was being planned, so I started with the couple across the street, and they were good folks.

Phil was an oil field supervisor who had recently completed a job in the area and was in the process of finding his next one. Kathy was a homemaker and they lived in their big fifth wheel trailer full time. It was Kathy who introduced me to Debbie the next day.

Debbie was a single woman (a little older than myself) and lived in the second trailer down from mine with her Chihuahua. She was a quiet woman with red hair, very large breasts, and a frame to support them. I think the correct way to describe her would be “curvaceous.”

She wasn’t obese or anything. She just had some extra padding in all of the right places, which was important because I’m a big guy with extra padding as well, and I’ve always preferred women who I wasn’t afraid would break.

Anyway, we were all sitting outside underneath the overhang of Kathy and Phil’s fifth wheel trailer and enjoying a cool breeze while watching the storm illegal bahis clouds gather when Kathy and Phil excused themselves to go run some errands.

“I’m not really wanting to be by myself, Debbie, would you mind sitting with me under my awning to finish our drinks and watch the storm?”

“Yes, that sounds wonderful.”

We walked across the street to my trailer, and I got there a step ahead of her, but when I reached over to grab a couple of chairs I had leaning against the side, I accidentally brushed against Debbie’s breast.

I felt the heat of my face as it turned red with embarrassment.

“Oh, my! I’m sorry!”

She didn’t appear to be bothered, but she saw I was turning red.

“Don’t worry about it. I get bumped there a lot since they stick out so far.”

We laughed as we sat down to watch the storm clouds, and Debbie told me about her recent issues.

“I’ve never been married, but I lived with my significant other for ten years before things fell apart, and I had to opt to move into my trailer. I’ve been living in it for three years and I love it! If it weren’t for my family and work in the area, I’d love to take it and travel the country.”

I, in turn, told her about my recent issues as we talked for several hours and watched the rain come down.

The air started to get really cool once the sun was down.

“Debbie, I’d like to invite you in for some dinner and to watch a movie.”

“Thank you. I’d like that.”

So, we moved inside and closed the door on the cool temperature, but we still heard the rain softly falling onto the roof.

The camper I was living in had all of the amenities of a regular home (except for an oven), only on a smaller scale. The beds folded out from the sides to the outside…similar to the way a pop-up trailer is set-up. That was a nice feature because it left more room inside of the hard shell for living space.

Dinner wasn’t anything fancy. I’d picked up a chicken at the grocery store the day before but hadn’t eaten all of it, so I heated it up, along with some corn on the cob, and we also had some salad.

After eating, I asked.

“Debbie, would any of the movies I have interest you?”

She picked out “Two for the Money”—not exactly what I thought she’d select, but she did, so I set it up then sat on the couch while she was sitting at the table to watch.

The only drawback to the hybrid camper was the temperature was hard to regulate because the fold outs for the beds were basically covered with canvas and there wasn’t much insulation, thus they acted like huge gaps for heat to escape and cold air to enter.

Debbie mentioned.

“I’m a bit chilly.”

I sat back illegal bahis siteleri against the end of the couch where the bed started.

“Why don’t you join me on the couch? You can sit between my legs and lean against me, so I can cover you with an afghan.”

As the movie rolled on, she laid her head back against my chest, and I started running my hands up and down her arms while lightly brushing the edge of each of her breasts with my fingers as I reached the top of her arms. She snuggled deeper into my embrace and I quickly bent down to kiss and nip at her earlobe while hoping she wouldn’t stop me as I moved down to the hollow at the base of her neck.

She sighed as I planted soft kisses along her shoulder and back up her neck. As I slid my hands back up her arms, I moved both of them so they were cupping her breasts through the thin fabric of her blouse.

I continued to kiss her neck and, as she leaned her head forward, along the back of her neck to the other side and along her other shoulder before traveling up her neck to her ear where I softly blew across the lightly dampened skin and nibbled on her other lobe.

I unbuttoned her blouse, slid both of my hands underneath her bra to caress her breasts, and gently tugged at her nipples, which were hardening from the contact. I felt my penis hardening, as well, as it pushed against my pants.

I pulled my hands from her blouse, eased it down and off of her shoulders, and unhooked her bra to free her breasts. I continued to caress and knead the soft flesh and tug at her nipples as they hardened between my fingers as I continued to kiss and nip at her ears, neck, and shoulders.

I traced my hands down her arms after I pulled her hands up and over her head; kissed my way up her arm while bending it to bring her hand to my mouth where I sucked and licked each finger while moving each one in and out of my mouth; and traced the same path back from her hand to her neck as my tongue left a wet line as I moved across her neck and started down her other arm.

Her moans increased as she reached back with the hand I’d just finished with and pulled me tighter against her. I continued to kiss down her arm to her hand where I repeated the same actions.

Her breathing accelerated as I started back down her arm to her neck, and I reached around her once again to her breasts as I kissed her neck, jaw, and ears.

I continued to caress her breasts as we changed positions so she was facing me. As we locked our lips together, I slipped my tongue into her mouth to trace over her teeth, lips, and tongue. I nibbled at her soft, pouty lips as we kissed and gazed into her soft eyes.

While I was kissing canlı bahis siteleri and fondling her, she opened my pants, pushed them down (along with my underwear), reached for my erection, and started stroking me, which forced a soft sigh from me as I became harder from her touch.

By that point, I was undressing her as well and was starting to ask her to join me on the bed.

“Debbie, will you join—?”

Before I could finish my question, she’d dropped to her knees in front of me, pushed me back against the couch, and proceeded to take my hard penis into her mouth.

I tried to continue caressing her breasts, but since I was unable to reach them effectively, I started running my hands through her hair and playing with her ears as she was moving her mouth up and down over my shaft, sucking my testicles into her mouth, and licking the head and sensitive underside.

My groan of pleasure was music to her ears.

At one point, I stopped her and, after pulling the couch out into a bed, invited her back to me.

“Will you join me?”

She straddled me while positioning me at the entrance to her vagina. She was starting to lower herself onto me, but I couldn’t wait, so as soon as I felt the head of my member starting to enter her, I thrust my hips up, driving my full length into her all at once.

She gasped at the suddenness of my thrust, the intense heat, the steel, and the fullness that she felt with my entire thick, hard, cock inside of her.

She started rocking back and forth, feeling me as I slid in and out of her. The friction increased the heat in her loins while penetrating deeply inside of her until she felt the head gently brushing against the entrance to her womb. She quickened the pace and soon, she stopped rocking and started raising and lowering herself in time with my thrusts.

My hard dick was almost coming all of the way out as she was going up and I was going down. I was driving deep into her as I thrust up against her and she slammed herself back down against me.

After a few deep thrusts had brushed against her inner opening, Debbie yelled.

“You’re going deeper than anyone has ever penetrated me before!”

Then with one last, hard thrust from me as she slammed down, we felt it—my penis was penetrating her womb…it was opening up her very core!

The intensity of the feeling had put her over the edge and she climaxed while squeezing me tightly, which triggered my climax as well.

“I haven’t ever been sensitive enough to be able to feel jets of cum shooting deep inside of me as a cock is pulsing with each one of them!”

She was taken to even higher levels of pleasure as her body locked up before she collapsed onto my chest, exhausted, and I was gasping for air as well.

“That was the strongest orgasm I’ve ever had!”

We laid there for a few minutes before I eased her off of me and moved to the bigger, softer bed.

“Please, join me?”

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