The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 09

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The Matrons of Regal Bay

Chapter 9

Gloria’s Tales — Part 2

Outside, the night was turbulent. The storm system working its way down the coast had finally arrived in Regal Bay. Winds gusted, ripping at the limbs of the trees standing in Gloria’s backyard as well as those that lined the fairways of the golf course beyond. Rain lashed at the windows of her home, at times loud enough to drown out the jazz that played in the master bedroom. She stood looking out through the reinforced glass of the balcony doors, her nakedness covered by a floor-length robe. She held a glass of wine in her hand. The room behind her was dark save for the soft glow of a bedside lamp.

Gloria sipped at the white wine, and then turned when the bathroom door opened. Kurt Steiner, the man whom she had shared her bed with that evening, emerged from the light. He had on a long pair of sleeping pants and nothing else. Behind him, the sharp white light of the bathroom was muted by the wall of steam his recent hot shower had created. He rolled into the big bed and slipped under the covers.

“Coming back to bed, Gloria?” he asked in is deep, husky voice. Kurt was a tenured professor at Regal Bay University, one of the true artists who taught at the school. Kurt was a well-known master of the graphite medium, having several hundred of his works copied and hung in offices and home the world over. Although Kurt had dabbled in color, his true skill remained in the basics of pencil-work, blending, and shading. For most of his 57 years Kurt had been a fleeting artist, content with making his works in his own time, in his own style.

Kurt had come to Regal Bay nearly thirty years ago, and in order to pay for his lifestyle, he needed to earn money. To that end, Gloria had offered him the position at the university, through her mother-in-law-in-law of course. Gloria had been fascinated by his works, and with his offer to draw her, the resulting portrait was all the resume she needed. The next drawing of her he did, she had been convinced to pose nude for him. It wasn’t until after the work had been completed that Gloria went to his bed.

Gloria and Kurt had been regular lovers since her late-husband’s passing. She was a decade older than her, but that never mattered to Kurt. She was but one of several lovers he had, ranging in age from her own 67 years, to the 20-somethings he instructed in the arts at the university. Kurt was one of several men she had, also ranging in age across a couple of generations.

Gloria turned to consider his invitation, but in that moment a bright flash of lightening lit up the sky behind her, silhouetting her. The blast of thunder came a moment later, but she wasn’t startled. Instead, she moved away from the balcony doors. As she neared the bed, she dropped the robe away, leaving her nude before her lover. Kurt’s eyes took in her well-aged beauty, from the heavy sag of her breasts with their thick, dark nipples pointing towards the foot of the bed, to the dark triangle of the forest at the top of her long, deeply tanned legs. Her long black hair hung well past the small of her back, to tickle the top of her ass-crack as she walked naked to the bed.

Kurt loved the exotic beauty that showed in Gloria. He had drawn her several times over the years, and she was immortalized in two paintings that now hung at the university. A third was in the works at his private studio, destined for a gallery in New York. Of the three, only the one that hung in the university atrium had Gloria in anything other than her naked flesh.

Gloria climbed into the bed from the foot, going to her knees as she went. She moved to straddle Kurt’s feet, and as she continued up, she also pulled the sheet away. Beneath, Kurt’s manhood had again firmed up and tented the front of the sleep pants her wore. When within her reach, Gloria tugged the pants downward, allowing Kurt’s cock to spring upward.

“Twice in one night?” he asked, surprised. “I must have been better than I thought.”

As Gloria again straddled his manhood and aligned it with her entry, she grinned down. “I’m just giving you a second chance to satisfy my needs, Kurt,” she snickered, and then dropped with ease down the length of the cock that had so recently brought her to back-to-back orgasms. “God, that feels great,” she moaned towards the ceiling. Kurt’s hands went to her breasts and massaged her flesh as she began to ride him again.

Twenty minutes later, Gloria finally rolled into the mattress beside Kurt. Both were breathing heavily from their exertions. It had been many years since Kurt had managed a second climax of his own, and with Gloria’s wonderful vagina milking him, he was now as drained as he’d ever been.

“Christ All-Mighty! That was some of your best work, Gloria,” Kurt panted. “What’s gotten into you? Why the sudden insatiability?”

Gloria continued to breathe deeply, not answering him until some minutes later. Even then, she only said, “I had a craving, is all. I wanted to get fucked, and you’re the only cock in the house right now. So I used you to my satisfaction.” Although she wanted to project bostancı escort herself as a bitch sometimes, it rarely came off that way to those around her. Especially to those who knew her best.

“Well, I hope you’re satisfied, my lady, for I have withered and fear another round might just be the end of me!” Both laughed at Kurt’s attempt at dramatic effect. They curled up tight together and soon fell into a shared slumber. As always, Kurt’s dreams were full of abstracts. Colors, figures, shapes. Gloria, on the other hand, often dreamed about her life, most notably her sex-life. At times they were pure imagination. Other times, they were replays of events that held special memories for her.

That night had been the anniversary of the death of her husband, Hugo. At the time, Gloria had only just turned 40. Hugo, just a month away from his 60th birthday, had been declared “in good health” by his doctor. Three weeks later, he died in his sleep. Rumors persisted that he had died “a true man’s death”, while having sex with Gloria. It was true that they had in fact made love that day, but at the time Hugo died, Gloria had been out with her mother-in-law-in-law Greta. She found him that night when she arrived home.

For all of the shock Hugo’s death had been to her, Gloria rarely thought about that night. Instead, she always remembered the good times they shared, with each other or with friends and family. Considering Hugo had been a true sexual deviant and maestro, it was understandable that most of the time Gloria spent remembering her late husband, sex was central in the discussion. Or dream.

That night, Gloria dreamed of her 40th birthday. It had been the last she shared with Hugo. It had been the birthday that he shared her, without himself indulging.


Gloria was now entering middle age, or so her co-workers at the Regal Bay Resort reminded her all that day. She had been working as the resort events planner for some time and that afternoon her schedule had been light. Gloria had stuck around for a while after for a party some of her co-workers had thrown her. Gloria had a few drinks, and by the time she headed for home, she was feeling pretty good. She had gotten a call from her husband earlier in the day, letting her know that he had a birthday surprise for her waiting at home. Gloria expected something nice and romantic, and Hugo had made it sound as if it was just between the two of them. Was she ever wrong in that assumption.

So it was that Gloria wasn’t all that surprised when she showed up at her house and found the note her husband had told her would be waiting for her, stuck to the refrigerator with a magnet. It read, “Be our guest in the guest house, where your present patiently awaits.” Knowing that her husband would still be at work for a few more hours at least, Gloria made her way to the guest house across the expanse of back lawn. The small building usually went vacant, since the majority of the time their guests stayed in the main house. However, this smaller building did get some use, usually as a playground for the numerous children and grand-children that visited during the summer months. This afternoon, however, it would be used as a slightly different playground.

When Gloria walked in, she found her son-in-law sitting stark raving naked in the center of the bed that sat in the corner in the cabin-style building’s main room. Somewhat surprised by him, though it wasn’t the first time she’d seen Walter Bryant naked, it was the fact that Ginger’s husband sat with three other young men, all Walter’s mid-twenty-something age, in the big bed that had entertained half a dozen grand-children, as well as an orgy or two. Walter sat in the middle, with one to his side nearer her, and two sat on the far side of him, all completely naked, and all stroking their youthful cocks as she walked in.

“Oh, my!” Gloria gasped as she took in the sight before her. “I hope I’m not interrupting anything…strange?”

“Happy birthday, Gloria!” Walter chimed with a grin.

“Happy birthday,” the three others echoed.

“So, I see Hugo got me a gangbang for my birthday surprise, is that it?” Gloria said, looking towards her son-in-law, but taking in each of the other three as well. “I’m assuming, that is, that all of this fine young meat is for me, for my birthday?”

“If you’d like, we can dress and you can unwrap us?” Walter grinned, though he wagged his cock in her direction.

Gloria gave each of the men a casual once-over. She recognized two of the others, friends of Walter and Ginger’s. At the far end, Gloria recognized one of her son-in-law’s best friends, Ron Thomas. She’d never seen him naked before, and now she noted that he was well hung, and completely shaved. Gloria also recognized the young man closest to her as Perry Freeman. Perry and been her daughter Gina’s high school boyfriend for a time. The sight of his lengthy cock, fisted in his stroking hand, made her wonder why Gina had ever let him get away. It was beautiful. She’d have to find out why Gina had stopped seeing him, büyükçekmece escort she mused.

The last boy, seated next to Walter was unknown to her. He was bearded and had the mischievous look of a bard to him. He also looked slightly stoned. His eyelids drooped slightly, and his gaze never seemed to leave her chest. He had a darker complexion that the rest, maybe with a little Greek blood in him, she imagined. It had been a while since she’d had a little Greek in her, she grinned.

Seeing his mother-in-law appraising his friends, Walter made introductions. “You know Perry and Ron,” he said, giving each of them a slight wave, and they offered one themselves, with their free hands. “This is Don Hoyt,” he introduced the third, bearded young stud. “He’s a friend of ours from school,” he added as an explanation. Gloria was later to learn that all four of the young men, including her son-in-law, had enjoyed the exotic sexual samplings of Perry’s mother, Penelope, on several occasions. This would not be their first time lying side-by-side naked on a bed.

“Where’s Ginger?” Gloria asked her son-in-law as she continued to take in the sight before her of four handsome young men, naked and stroking themselves before her.

“Ginger went to the beach with a couple of her friends,” Walter explained. “I asked her to give us an hour, at least,” he added.

Gloria smiled broadly, and as she removed her cinch-belt and pulled her basic red dress up and over her head, she asked, “So you think an hour will be enough time?” She tossed the dress to the floor and let the boys take in her body. She was still pretty attractive she felt for a forty-year old mother, but she did have a little belly swell. She still wore her red panties and bra, as well as black thigh-length stockings, all part of her work outfit. Her breasts were held high and firm by her dd-cups and for the quartet of young men before her, they were an awesome sight. Gloria’s hair, bleached a golden blonde at that time, was a little longer than shoulder length, and she had been letting it grow out. It was curling as it lengthened as well. Gloria thought she looked pretty good, all in all.

Gloria stepped out of her black shoes and asked, “So, who’s first?” as she crawled onto the big bed’s foot end and knelt before the four young men. She reached back and popped the clasp of her bra, letting it fall away to reveal her heavy breasts. She got nothing but shit-eating grins and glances between the four, so she took hold of Ron’s hand and pulled him up to his knees. “Let’s go, Ron,” she insisted. “I’ve wanted to taste your dick for a while now.”

“Oh, hell, yeah!” Ron gasped as Gloria, a woman he’d admired for a while, positioned him on his knees, and then replaced his stroking hand with her own.

“I hope you like this,” she smiled up at him as she leaned over onto her elbows and wrapped her lips around the pink knob of his cock.

“Oh, hell, yeah!” Ron echoed himself as Gloria’s tongue began to tickle the tip, and a moment later her mouth began to descend down his shaft.

“Jesus, Dude!” Don gasped as he watched from close beside them. “Your mother-in-law is so fucking awesome! I can’t believe you were telling the truth!”

Behind her upraised hips, Gloria felt someone moving. She glanced back and saw Perry kneeling there, jacking his dick quickly as he looked down at her ass. Walter reached out then, as Gloria continued to slurp on Ron’s dick, and took hold of her red panties. A moment later, her son-in-law shoved her underwear down her thighs, and she helped him pull them free from her legs, all the while holding Ron’s cock with her lips.

“Fuck her, Perry,” she heard Walter say. “I know you’ve been wanting to have her. Now you can take her, just like you had Gina.”

Not that Perry needed any encouragement. With Gloria’s ass raised and the dark tangle of her trimmed pubic fur below her winking pink asshole, Perry was more than eager to stuff his dick inside her pussy. A moment later, he did just that.

“Uummmffff!” Gloria gasped around Ron’s cock as Perry entered her with a smooth, steady thrust. Her pussy was wedged open, almost painfully at first. Her juices hadn’t flowed quite enough as yet, and Perry had to retreat and lunge back into her to drive a little deeper, again and again. It took his four thrusts until he was fully buried inside her vagina, and by then Gloria’s pussy was juicing steadily.

“God! She’d so fucking tight!” Perry gasped as he held his cock inside her trembling pussy chute. “I can’t believe she’s a mother. So much tighter than mine.”

“A Bourbon Street whore is tighter than your mom!” Walter laughed. “I’ve had both, remember?”

“Uuummm!” Gloria moaned with pleasure as Perry’s cock began to rock in her slowly, an inch at a time. She felt hands on her ass and back, and then one of her tits, hanging heavily beneath her chest, was cupped and squeezed. She felt her body warming quickly to this wonderful birthday gift her husband had set up for her.

Gloria sucked and slurped on Ron’s cock a full minute çağlayan escort longer, and then he pulled away. Her son-in-law stepped up and presented his familiar cock for her oral pleasures, and she gave him a warm, loving smile as she wrapped her fingers around his shaft, and then her lips around his cock. She slurped him down smoothly, while beside her, Don again gasped in amazement.

“Oh, my, sweet mother!” Don laughed. “She’s sucking your dick, Dude! Your mother-in-law really is sucking your dick! Damn, I wish mine would do that. Oh, man, I’ve got to get my mother-in-law to suck my dick!”

“Maybe my mom will convince her,” Perry offered, as he steadily fucked Gloria from behind.

Gloria listened and learned, discovering a little more about her son-in-law’s sex life, something she hadn’t known much about at all she realized, even as she gulped down his cock. Gloria knew Penelope Wood, though not well. As for whom Don’s mother-in-law was, she had no idea. However, she made a mental note to ask around, even as her own son-in-law’s cock began to bang into her tonsils. She loved exploring his cock with her tongue, and she licked up and down his shaft, across his crown and veins, around his balls and under them, all the while enjoying the long dick slipping in and out of her ever-dampening pussy.

A minute later, Perry’s cock slipped from her pussy at the same time as Walter’s slipped out of her mouth. She looked up, realizing that the four were rotating around her. Don positioned his darker fleshed cock at her lips, and she opened wide to allow him in. As her tongue slipped down his shaft, she felt Ron’s cock sliding into her pussy, so recently vacated by Perry, who now knelt beside Don. She reached up and wrapped her fingers around his dick, which was greasy with her pussy cream, and began to stroke him in time with the cock thrusting up her cunt. She felt her hanging tits grabbed hold of and knew it was her son-in-law. A second later, Walter rolled onto his back and slipped beneath her, to suck at her tits from below. She loved it! She was the center of a birthday gangbang and loved every moment, and inch, of it.

Gloria held Don’s cock-head in her mouth, her lips tight just beyond the crown, and swirled her tongue over and around its spongy globe. She cupped his hairy balls and stroked her fingers up the insides of his thighs, making the young Indian moan with pleasure. Meanwhile, Ron was slamming her pussy with his cock, his heavy balls smacking across her bulging clit with every thrust and sending sharp, delightful jolts of pleasure through her own body. Her moans were muted by Don’s mouth-filling cock.

“Yeah, suck his cock, Mom!” Walter hissed into her ear, just before he began to kiss and nibble at her earlobe. She hummed, excited by her son-in-law’s oral attention. She hoped he shove his tongue somewhere other than into her ear later.

Gloria let the cock fall free of her mouth and turned to kiss her son-in-law, who was surprised but reciprocated warmly. When they parted, Gloria moaned, “Oh, thank you for this, Walt! I really needed this, ooohhhh, god I really did!” she added as Ron delivered a rapid series of thrusts into her cunt. She dropped her head and moaned through an orgasm, “Oooohhhhhhmmmmmm!” that was cut short when Perry tilted her head up and presented his cock to her parted lips.

“Feed meeeee!” Gloria moaned, still climaxing upon Ron’s cock. Perry pulled her head to his crotch, forcing his cock between her lips and down her throat. “Unngggffff!” Gloria gulped.

“Your mother-in-law is such a fucking awesome cock-sucker,” Don told Walter as he moved towards her upraised ass and await his turn pounding her pussy.

“Don’t I know it!” Walter grinned, and then playfully smacked her juggling ass cheeks as Ron grunted harder while thrusting deeper. “I still haven’t figured out who’s a better fuck. Ginger or Gloria.”

“Her cunt is so fucking good, I’m going to cum soon!” Ron grunted. “I’m going to fill her up, Walter. I’m going to spunk your mother-in-law real good!”

“Do it, Ron!” Perry encouraged.

“Yeah! Cum in her!” Don added.

“Go ahead! She’s protected,” Walter informed his friend. “Fill her up and move aside. She’s got three more loads to take before her birthday bang’s over!”

“Uuummm!” was Gloria’s delighted response to her son-in-law’s news. And even as she hummed around Perry’s big dick, she felt Ron’s tool pulsing along her vaginal chute. A moment later, he announced his climax with a roar that filled the room with cheers, and her pussy with hot semen.

“Ooohh, yeeessss!” Ron groaned as his cum jetted into Gloria’s willing womb. Three thick pulses later and he felt his knob coated in cream. He pulled back, and then after a brief hesitation, slammed back into her. “Fuck, yeah!” he grunted, holding his cock deep within Gloria’s cunt as the last of his cum shot up through his shaft and into her. He pulled away again, finally spent and his cock quickly losing its strength. He rolled from the bed and staggered across the room to drop his naked ass into the near-by the sofa. He was panting as he watched Don quickly move in to shove his dark-fleshed cock into Gloria’s cum-dripping snatch. A thick wad of Ron’s load dropped to the sheet covering the mattress between her knees as a man she barely knew began to fuck her with deep, steady thrusts. The sounds of her dripping cunt slurping along Don’s cock were echoing the sounds of her mouth slurping along Perry’s.

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