The Taking of a White Family – Part 2 – Parents Lean Their Place, the Punishment

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After that first night of service to our new Masters things started to become somewhat normal or at least as normal as they could be in our situation. I went off to work every morning and the girls went to school. Carol stayed in the apartment, cooked, cleaned and did normal stuff a stay at home wife would normally do with a few exceptions. On our day off Masters took the family to the community center and pool. The girls had a great time and Carol and I even forgot about our predicament and were having fun with them.
One of the many rule we lived under was that everyone at the compound had to pitch in and help. The second week our Masters told us that Carol was going to be tested to see what skills or services she could provide to the community. Wives of the workers assisted as school teachers, teacher’s aids, cooks, bus drivers, receptionist, etc to help the community thrive.
That evening we all gathered at the kitchen table having dinner that Carol prepared prior to the Girls and I came home. Since this was only our second week we were still finding our place in this new family unit. It became very clear the even in the presence of the girls Master Obike and Master Camara were completely in change. Each one of our Masters sat at the head and foot of the rectangle table. Carol and I sat closes and facing each other on Master Obike with Mary and Cathy sitting next to carol and Amy sitting next to me. Carol was to give our Masters with their food first, than the girls and finely me and her. After a little while it seemed all normal as the girls were chit chatting about their day at school and how they likes there teachers, etc. They also, learned that all black men in the compound will be called Master and Black woman would be called Mistress. I too chimed in how my day at work went and how nice most of my coworkers are. At this point Master Obike interrupted the conservation. “Carol, tell us about your day of testing”. My wife froze “It was OK I guess, Master” she replied. “It was NOT” Master Obike shot back at her. I was stunned and I could see the girls were visibly shaken. Master continued “Your skill level was judged to be inferior and you were not even close to a match with any jobs that were open.” Carol must have knew the outcome before we did. “I tried my very best Master” “Well, you failed and worse you made Master Carama and I look like fools. You will pay for that but, tomorrow morning at 10am we will place you on the barracks bus. You will be taken there every day and provide the only service you know how to. UNDERSTAND” he roared. “Yes Master” was the only thing Carol could reply. It was then the Amy asked in her child like way, “Are you going to meet all the soldiers’ mommy?” Before Carol could answered Master Carama chuckled and replied “Oh yes Amy, your mommy will be meeting all the solders and she will know each one of them very well.” The conversation was then dropped and dinner was finished a little while later.
As Carol, Mary and Cathy cleaned up after dinner, Our Masters sat with Amy and me watching TV in the living room. It was getting late so when the two girls and Carol came in Master Carama proclaimed that it was the bursa escort girls bedtime as the second day at school was going to be longer. They kissed me good night and Master took them to their room. When he was gone Master Obike looked at the two of us “Luke just so you completely understand, tomorrow while you’re working Carol will be placed into service as Charlie Company’s slave. The Company consist of 75 men and have been in the jungle for a month fighting the rebels. She will be with them for 6 hours a day, 6 days a week, until they grow tired of her and they are sent back to the front. She will be home in time to cook our meals and take care of the children and you are not to interfere or the family will be punished.” He then turned to Carol, “Carol, you will do as you are told and conduct yourself in a way to bring honor to myself and Master Carama. If not your families fate here will be out of our hands and things will change. Do you both understand?” Again, as if rehearsed we both replied together, “Yes Master:”
Master Carama came back down the hall, “The girls are all locked away and it’s time to tap some white ass!” He grabbed Carols arm pulling her from the chair and towards the bedroom. “But, Master what about tomorrow?’ Carol questioned. “It’s not tomorrow yet cunt” he snapped back “You still have to pay for your families’ protection.” As this was happening Master Obike slapped me across the back of my head, “You too bitch, you might as well get use to us. Since your whore wife will need to recover overnight you are going to have to make payments to us until the girls are trained in a few weeks.” “WHAT!!” I exclaimed “You heard me.” He grabbed my hair, pulling me down on my knees and dragging me to the bedroom following my wife and Master Carama. “If your cunt wife can service us then everyone in the family will be taking up the slack” he finished.
Once in the room things got much worse for us. As Carol lay on the floor I was ordered to strip. Our Masters then forced cuffs on my ankles and wrist changing them together so I was bent over ass up and accessible. A tight collar was placed around my neck and I was chained to one of the hooks in the wall. I could hardly move but I had full view of the room as the Masters approached my wife. “Here we go cunt.” Master Obike joked as he took Carol by the hair pulling her up to her knees by one hand and unbuckling his belt with the other. Master Carama had already naked, his black cock becoming hard as he was walking towards me wife. I could tell they were not going to be gentle as Master Obike shoved his massive tool forcefully into Carol’s mouth and deep down her throat till she started gaging. Carol tried to pull back but her head was held firm by both of our Master. Then it really started, she was brutally faced fucked by Master Obike as Master Carama held her his cock dropping gobs of precum in her hair. The sounds were horrible and amazing all at the same time. Big black balls slapping her face, gaging and gasping, moaning crying all at the same time. Once in a hard face fucking rhythm was achieved Master Carama, hard cock in hand was on me. The large piece of meat being buried in my pussy bursa escort bayan ass. “That’s it take my cock fagot.” He was laughing, “This will be your fate for the next several weeks. Your fagot ass and mouth belong to us till your cunt wife is ready for us again.” I could no longer hear Carol over the noise of my ass being ripped open by Masters cock. “Beg for it fagot.” I said nothing just loud moaning and grunting as he filled me. With one hard brutal thrust his cock and body forced my head into the wall with ah loud crack. “I said beg fagot!” Ohh god it hurt so bad my ass on fire my head slammed into the wall. “Ohhhhhh Master, please fuck your fagot hard” I screamed. And he thrusted harder, deeper and faster.
Carol was limp as her Master’s thick sticky cum was deposited in her throat, over flowing from her mouth and running down her chin. Master Obike then draped her over a chair with her ass on display, reached over to the nightstand and took a whip in his hand. WHACK!! Rang out with a scream form Carol as the whip fell across her ass. WHACK, WHACK again “Noooooooo, Pleasee Master, Noooooo”, she was crying, her tears mixing with the cum still splattered on her face. “Are you going to embrass your Masters again whore?” He asked “Noooooo Master, never, Pleaseeee” WHACK, WHACK “You better not. I have friends in Charlie Company and I’m expecting you to give them everything they want.” WHACK “YES MASTER, Please, I will, pleaseeeeee” Her ass red with welts from the whip Master Obike chained her to the wall for the night.
Each sound of the whip excited Master Carama more. I felt his rod growing even larger in my sissy ass. “Ohhhhh Yeeaaaaaa” he bellowed as the force of his cum entering my bowels was intense, his cock pulsating as he filled me. I could feel his cum dripping past his shrinking rod and running down my leg. Pulling out I felt the cool air on the room on my gaping hole which was stretched wide. He undid my chains and walked me past Carol who was broken and hanging from a hook. “Take your place in our bed fagot” Master instructed, “The whores place will be on the wall each night and you will service us as she did last night”. I climbed on the bed as instructed, my ass still burning. ‘On your side” Master Obike ordered. As I took the position his cum cover cock slid into my ass opening my mouth and letting out a moan Master Carama’s cock entered my mouth. For several hours they fucked my ass and mouth till we fell asleep.
Moring came and I woke up with a cock in my ass and in my face. “Let’s start the day fagot” Master Obike stated and he got up and up chained Carol. “Her is how things will go from today forward, get cleaned up, dressed and make everyone breakfast like a normal and send your fagot husband to work and the girls to school.” Carol replied “Yes Master” Master Obike continued, “Your work uniform will be here shortly, you will put in on and be on the bus at 10am”
As ordered, we all had breakfast together as a family the girls went off to school. As I ventured down the stairs to get the bus a very tall black soldier passed me carrying a small box. All I could think of was is that Carols uniform and them what would escort bursa they do to her.
There was a knock on the door. Answer that whore Master Carama commanded. Carol open the door to fine the tall black soldier with the box. She stood aside as he pushed pass her and entered the apartment. Looking back at her he questioned “Is this the whore you have for us Carama?” “Yes it is. Whore, come here” Carol walked over to them as Master Obike entered. “Hey there Tanvir, how you doing?” “I’m doing great Obike;” he answered as he looked Carol up and down. “Tanvir, this is the company whore you will have while you’re on base.” Master Carama stated as he slapped Carol on the ass to move her closer. ‘Whore, this is Master Tanvir he has your uniform” “You know Carama I’ve been in the bush for 6 weeks and she is looking good. Might I have a sample before the guy ruin her?’ Master Tanvir inquired. “I can’t see why not” Carama answered. And with that Carol was pushed to her knees in front of Master Tarvir. “You know what to do whore” Master Tanvir stated as his large hands wrapped around her head.
Carol reached up and undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants letting them fall to the floor. She was looking a bulge growing in the camo underwear and reach out and began to stroke it. “How is this Master” she questioned as she used both hand on the monster. “Ohhhhh, you guys trained her well. Ohhh yea whore” Carol reached up and pulled down the briefs exposing the monster cock. Oh my god she thought as it grew in front of her eyes. It was jet black, uncircumcised, at least 12” long and wider around than she had ever seen. She stroked it with both hands, rubbing the head with her thumbs. Master Tanvir guided her head and waiting mouth to the monster. Passing her lips she smelt tasted the musky stinky unwashed cock just back from the jungle. Her mouth was stretched as he shoved it in and began to fuck her. It was not long the before the monster reached its full hardness Master Tanvir was moaning. “Ohhhhh yeaaaaaaaa whore suck it”, And it didn’t take long before Carol could hear “I;mmm cummmmmingggg” as he shot his salty thick black seed down her throat. When he was done Carol wanting to please her Masters licked him clean and thanked him for his cum.
“The guys will really like this whore” Master Tanvir stated to Master Obike and Carama. “I just hope they don’t ruin her while she is in the stocks with the rest of the whores. See you later and Master Tanvir left. Taking the small box Carol when into the bathroom to wash up and get in uniform wondering what was in store for the rest of the day.

*Please NOTE – This is a work of adult fiction and he author does not condone child abuse or brutality. This story is meant as an erotic fantasy not depicting anything in real life. Anyone acting out such scenarios in “real life” can look forward to many unproductive years getting it up the butt by a fellow convict in their local prison system. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental and the author does not condone any perceived illegal / immoral behavior in real life.*

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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