The Taking

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Big Milf

Her name is Menora. She lived down the hall from me, and I had spoken to her a few times when we ran into each other in the hall. She was as close as you could get to being drop dead beautiful, and I am sure if you looked up cougar in the dictionary, you would find her picture right beside the definition. I would sometimes see her arrive at her apt. with younger guys and had seen some of them leave a couple of hours later looking pretty ruffled. They also had huge smiles on their faces. Need I say anything else.

She is 40 years old, (I found out later,) she is blond with a trim figure, and breasts that were just the right size for her body. She walked down the hall with a swagger that just oozed sex appeal, and with a confidence that would blow away most people.

I admired her from a distance, and was pleasent with her when ever I got a chance to speak with her.

All of a sudden one day, I heard a knock on the door and when I opened it she was standing there with a totally frustrated look on her face. She asked me if I knew anything about computers, and I told I knew some stuff. I asked what was wrong, and she told me that she couldn’t get her computer to boot up.

I told her that I would take a look and see if I could figure it out. I went to her apt. and started checking the obvious things. I was hoping that it wasn’t something serious, and I knew that we had had a major storm the night before, so I thought that maybe her computer had gotten fried by a surge.

I checked her surge protector and it was still working, so I knew that something else was wrong. I started to check around the back of it and noticed that the I/O switch was turned off.

I put it back on and then went and booted up her computer. When I explained what had happened she stated that she had been cleaning back there the day before, and must hit the switch and not realized it.

I got up to leave and she gave me a hug, and a thank you, and I left not thinking another thing of it.

A couple of days later, she was knocking on my door again, and this time she asked if she could come in. I let her in and she said that she wanted to thank me again for fixing her computer. I said not to worry about it but she insisted. aksaray escort She had with her a casserole and said that she had made it to say thank you. I said thank you, and add that maybe she could share it with me. She agreed and we put it in the oven to heat up. While we were waiting, I asked if she would like a glass of wine, and she said yes.

We were soon eating dinner, and talking about our families. I found out that she had a daughter that had just turned 18. She said that her daughter was a bit of introvert and seemed to spend most of her time either at home or in the school library. She said she was worried that her daughter wouldn’t meet someone and start to work on developing her own life.

After we had eaten, Menora said that she had enjoyed the evening and was wondering if I wanted to come over for a night cap. I agreed, and we went to her apt. She poured us a drink and we continued to talk. As we talked I noticed that we were getting closer and closer to each other on the couch. Menora soon had her hand on my leg, and we were almost sitting on each others lap. I moved to put my arm on the back of the couch, and it was if that was a signal for her, because she moved right in and snuggled right into me. We just looked at each other, and started to kiss. We were soon locked in a deep passionate kiss. She stopped kissing me and said take me to bed and make love to me.

Who am I to turn down a good looking lady. We went to her bed room and made love for about an hour and half. As we were laying in the bed cuddling after, she said that she had a favour to ask of me. I told her to tell me what it was.
She said that in her country that it was a cultural thing for a woman to lose her virginity on or near her 18th birthday. She explained that her daughter had just turned 18 and that it was time for her to lose her virginity. She had discussed with her daughter about the cultural thing and her daughter said that she wanted to be part of that. Menora said that she had told her daughter that she would find someone to do it and that she would make sure it was someone who would do it properly, and give her daugther a special session so that she would always enjoy sex and topkapı escort not feel dirty about it.

I said that I would be honored to do it for her, as I felt that it was an honor to be chosen for this task.

Menora called for her daughter to come in to the bedroom, and she came in wearing just a bathrobe. Menora introduced her as Esora, and said to her daughter that I was the man to take care of her. Esora, said she was happy that it had not taken long for her mom to find the right man. Menora said that she was going to leave and let us be alone. Menora got up and dressed and left the apt.

Esora, asked what I wanted her to do, and I said for her first to take off her robe. When she did I was greeted by a young nubile teenage body. She was very slim, with breast that were a bit smaller than her mothers, and a body that looked like she spent a lot of time in the gym. I told her to lay down beside me and to cuddle into my arms. I thought that I would take my time and really show her what good sex was all about.

She layed down and cuddled into me. She felt so good, and smelt even better. I took her face in my left hand and gave her a small kiss. She was slow to react and I thought that she might be a little afraid. Boy was I wrong. She started to kiss me and we were soon kissing that deep passionate spit swapping kiss that turns on people and makes their heads spin. After kissing her for quite a while, I said that it was time to make her a woman. I told her to roll over on her belly. I said that I was going to show her what making love to a woman was all about.

I started to rub her back and slowly worked my way down to her tight ass. She was starting to squirm, and I then had her roll over on her back. I kissed her again and then started to nibble my way down her body. She was already starting to moan, and when I got to her pussy, she started to beg me to make love to her and take her virginity. I told her that I had to make her ready and with that I started to taste her pussy and soon had juices flowing,(which tasted awesome.)

She started to moan and was begging for more, and then she said something is happening, so I told her to let it. She soon was screaming sarıyer escort and her body started to tremble. I continued to eat her as her orgasam happened and licked her as she started to come down. She layed on the bed after with a glazed look in her eyes and a smile on her face that wrapped from ear to ear.

I told then she was ready and she said she want me in her so bad that she felt she would scream if I didn’t do it soon. I slid up her body and soon had my throbbing member at her entrance. I rubbed the head up and down her slit and used her juice to lubricate my cock.

As I started to slide into her, she tensed and I had to take my time. Soon enough though, I was moving into her and I came up against her hymen. I told her that it was going to hurt a little as I broke through, and she asked to wait for a bit as she got use to me being in her.

Soon she said that she was ready and for me to go for it. I pulled back a touch and then just slammed in to her. She bit on her lip and had a small tear in her eye. I just stayed there and let her get used to me being all the way in. It wasn’t long and she started to move her hips, and I then started stroke in and out. I was lucky that I had made love to her mother earlier, because if I hadn’t I would have shot off in about ten seconds. She was so tight it actually hurt for a bit until she was really got wet.

We stroked and she was meeting my in thrust with her hips and we soon were fucking furiously. She started to scream and yell OH GOD OH GOD I AM GOING TO CUM. She started writhe on the bed and was digging her nails in to my back. I couldn’t hold on any longer and I came in what seemed like buckets in her.

After we both came down, we were laying in the bed and she said that she could see why her mother wanted some one who knew what they were doing. She said she was sure that she would always enjoy sex as long as her partner knew what they were doing.

She then said, that I had better get going so that her mom could come home and she could tell her mom how much she emjoyed it. But she said that she would make sure that we repeated our session and get together again so that I could teach her more.

Her mom never knew that we spent many afternoons together and when they moved away a year later, I knew that she was going to be an awesome lover for some one. Her mom and I did get togther a couple of times after they moved, and she was always very grateful for taking her daughter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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