Three-way in the Movie Hall

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Dave wriggled and slid his hips forward, hoping this slight movement would free his hard cock a little to ease his discomfort. Watching the two ladies performing 69 was pumping up his erection: tongue licking clit, fingers spreading wide pussy lips in close up on the big screen was causing his pulsing cock to bulge and swell.

Looking around the dimly lighted blue movie cinema he decided that, as it was empty he could open the front of his thin trousers and free his throbbing cock. He slouched further down and ran two fingertips up and down the underside of his shaft, feeling his bell end oozing pre-cum aa he rubbed it into his cock.

Looking to his right he saw two slim figures walking towards him. Women with long hair wearing three quarter length coats and knee high boots. Conflicting thoughts raced through his mind: should l stop playing, put my cock away. Fuck it he decided, it’s a porn theatre and they are adults, maybe we can have some fun.

The girls looked in his direction and stopped, apparently having a discussion. Dave knew that they would be able to see him wanking as the light from the big screen was sufficient to show his actions. They continued in his direction, both smiling sweetly, slowly licking their lips in a lewd way whilst looking at his groin.

One of the ladies, standing slightly to his left started to unbutton her coat, leering at his erection as she slowly opened her coat, letting Dave have a clear view of her nude body, for under her coat she was naked.

Dave saw white full breasts with pink nipples, slim taut belly and clean shaven pussy between parted thighs. Seeing his gaze she opened her legs a little wider and pushed her hips forward accentuating her pubic mound.

“I’m enjoying the show, how about you hun?” Purred the second woman who had seated herself on his right, crossing her legs, letting her coat slip open to show nylon clad knees and a glimpse of inner thigh above stocking top and suspenders belt.

“May we join you? We both enjoy blue movies, especially Lesbian erotica and judging by how hard and gooey your cock is you do too.” Leaning forward she stretched out her right arm to run her index fingertip round Dave’s bell end, making him shudder as she rubbed the ooze into a gooey mess. Looking intensely into his eyes, with a salacious smile she places her finger in her mouth, licking and slurping his cock fluid.

“Mmm this cock juice is as delicious as your cunt juice Fi.”

Fi runs her hands over her breasts, cupping her full tits and rolling her nipples between her fingers. Spreading her legs she slowly squats down, bending her knees and opening her thighs wide so Dave has a good clear view of her pussy.

“Yes Celia and l love you tasting it,” she coos. With thumb and forefinger Fi now pulls her nipples, stretching and squeezing them slowly so they harden to bullets. She sighs as a tremor runs through her body.

“You asked if l was enjoying the show,” whispers Dave, his voice soft and trembling. “Well l certainly am now, you two lovelies can watch anything you like with me.”

Celia leans forward over Dave and presses her mouth to his, forcing her tongue between his lips and fencing with his tongue. He responds in kind, placing his left palm on the back of her neck and pulling her closer. Celia runs her right hand down Dave’s body and fists his rock hard dick, squeezing hard. It’s throbbing excites her further, causing her to now wank him, sliding her fist up and down his pulsing shaft.

Eyes riveted to Dave’s crotch, Fi slides canlı bahis her left hand down her belly and lets her longest finger lightly slide up and down her cunt crack. She reaches out her right hand and cups Dave’s balls, lightly squeezing and rubbing them.

“These are full and heavy, full of spunk waiting to be released l bet,” Fi gloats, pushing harder with her finger and opening her pussy lips, feeling the wetness of her inner cunt as she eases her finger in.

Celia pulls her face away from Dave’s. Standing up, she shrugs her shoulders so her coat falls from her body, moving to slightly in front of him so he can have a good look at her. Average slim build, long flowing red hair, full tits pushed up by the purple bustier she is wearing. Open cunt and stockings with suspenders complete the picture of a lasvicious sex craved woman, which in fact is Celia. Dave stretches out his right arm, intending to finger the red fringed cunt offered to him.

“Hold on babe, these seat backs drop down to make open couches, let’s lower them so we can have more room.” Celia shows Dave the catches and soon they have 20 or so square feet of flat, cushioned comfortable surface. The floor is raised some 4 feet from the cinema floor, allowing access to orifices whilst standing or kneeling.

“Nice one Celia, l’m Dave by the way. Mind if l up skirt you, the horny photo will give me some wanking material for sometime.”

“Love to Dave. So you like looking at my tush?”

“Tell you what, Celia why don’t l lie down so you can eat my cunt, my clit is craving some attention. Then Dave can have a horny stimulating picture, would hate for him to miss out on a good wank.”

“That would be an absolute pleasure my love,” purrs Celia, letting her fingers rub her pussy mound as she watches Dave help Fi onto the stage. Help that is by placing his hand between her legs and sliding 2 fingers along her wet pussy lips. Fi pauses, allowing Dave’s fingers easy access to her sopping minge. Celia presses up against Dave’s back, squashing her tits against him, moving her body side to side to excite her nipples. She reaches round his waist and takes hold of his erect member, slowly wanking him.

Fi moans her pleasure, whimpering and shuddering as Dave pushes his fingers deeper into her by now seething cauldron of hot wet cunt.

“Davey babe, let me lick her clit, we’re both gagging.”

“Spoil sport, ok. Actually l’m gagging too, because while you’re munching on her minge l’m going to push my cock up your pussy and fuck you.”

“So bloody let go of her you meanie.”

‘Celia honey he’s not being mean, ooh nooo.”

Dave feels Fi’s soaking wet pussy clenching and contracting, knowing she is close to orgasm. So, being a bastard tease he removes his fingers from her, places his hands on her hips and turns her round to face him.

“Lie down honey, l want to let Celia have you.”

As Dave moves aside Celia steps forward and squats down between Fi’s knees, opening her thighs wide. She leans back, looking avariciously at the glistening morsel before her.

“Straighten your legs baby, open wide as you can. Mmm good, pull your cunt lips apart for me.”

Celia bends forward, glues her mouth to Fi’s hot sopping wet pussy. Pushes her tongue inside juicy lips, licks the tip of the trembling clit.

“Oh fuck, yes yes yes,” screams Fi, hips arching upwards to force her quivering minge into Celia’s face.

Celia teases, pulling her tongue back so it just brushes the tip of the pulsing clit. As the clit reaches bahis siteleri for her tongue Celia forces it forward, pushes against it. Fi arches her hips up even further, Celia changes tack and licks around the clit, up and down the stem. Her mouth flooding with pussy juice. Fi’s hips are bucking uncontrollably, cunt clenching and pouring love potion.

Dave moves behind Celia, removing his trousers he takes out his phone. Snaps a couple of photographs of the wondrous sight inviting him. Celia’s snatch bulge under her curvy bum, surrounded by the underside of her bustier causes his drooling hard cock to enlarge even more. She has shapely thighs, spread to allow him easy viewing and access.

Without bothering to check the photos he approaches the tantalising cunt, takes hard on in hand and rubs his bell end against Celia’s moist lips. Up and down her crack he teases, milking the pussy lips and his cock end. Slowly he pushes forward, feeling pussy and cock juices seep onto his shaft. Slowly oh so slowly he enters the portal to pussy heaven.

Celia glories in the sexual torrents of ecstasy that course through her. Tongue swimming in pussy fluid, cunt stretched and filled with hard pulsating cock. She clenches her minge to trap the rod that is bringing her to the highest peaks of sexual desire. She licks Fi’s clit faster and harder. Fi stretches her pussy lips wider and wider, loving the feelings her trembling clit are wracking within her.

Dave pushes his cock in to the hilt, holds it to fill Celia’s cunt. As he feels Celia writhe and wriggle he now pulls his cock back. Back and forward, long slow strokes, back and forth. Celia gasps and gurgles, responding to Dave’s rhythm by keeping still and letting her cunt walls feel the rigid flesh grinding her.

Celia’s rising passion transmits itself through her mouth and tongue to Fi, whose clit and pussy are further inflamed by the flicking tongue. Both girls reach their peak, Fi shuddering and clasping legs together, bucking her hips and venting her orgasm. Celia gags on cunt juice as her head is trapped between Fi’s thighs, her cunt is also flooding, contracting and spasming as her body shudders in orgiastic pleasure.

Dave stops pounding into Celia, places his hands around her. Withdrawing his pulsing cock he leans forward, lifting her.

“Lie down Celia, on your back with your feet by me. Fi, on your knees please, facing Celia. Good girls, now Fi legs astride Celia’s face, lower your pussy over her mouth. Celia love why not just suck and lick what’s available. Fi lean forward and eat pussy.”

The sex craved women comply without hesitation. Dave rubs his finger along Fi’s bum crack, along further to her cunt lips which are presented to him in a most provocative manner. Celia is licking Fi’s clit. Dave, knowing Fi’s cunt is hot, wet and ready, pushes his cock between her lips. As his rod enters he feels Celia’s tongue licking clit. Stops his forward slide to let Celia know his cock also requires tongue service.

Celia quickly catches on, licks her tongue from clit, inside Fi’s crack to slurp up Dave’s cock, tasting his smeg and pussy juices. Depriving Fi of tongue Celia uses her finger to rub Fi’s throbbing turgid clit.

Dave starts a steady fucking of Fi, solid cock in and out, maintaining a regular pace. All the way up and out so his bell end is at the cunt portal. Celia licks the pulsating sopping rod, from balls to tip. Then as he drives forward she switches to the open pussy above her and licks up some love juice. Fi meanwhile is fingering Celia’s bahis şirketleri hungry cunt, pushing in 3 digits to stimulate minge leakage whilst sucking and licking clit.

“Nice and slow girls, want your pussies to ooze love potion, no rush just wallow in sexual lust.” The smell of cunt juice and cock smeg permeates the air, the wet slurping sounds of juicy pussies being plied with fingers, tongues and cock. The girls are in a sexual trance, glorying in their own lust nirvanas. Dave fucks Fi in a daze, his cock rigid as iron.

Having been kneeling for some time, plus some straining, Dave wants to give them all a break from strenuous fucking so he slows things down with the intention of gentle stroking, fingering and groping.

As the pace slows Dave pulls his cock free, steps back and takes in the sights: Fi’s glistening juicy pussy, being stretched and massaged by Celia’s dripping wet, sticky fingers, tongue licking inside her hot pussy; Fi’s red head bobbing up and down as she licks Celia’s dripping minge.

He kneels by the side of the girls. Runs his fingertips up and down Fi’s back, feeling her shudder in delight. Moves his hand to her neck, palms the side of her head and twists her face to his. Runs his tongue across her cheek, licks her lips, tasting pussy juice. Pushes his tongue into her mouth for a long French kiss.

Placing his hands under Fi he cups her hard bullet like nipples, rubs them with his fingertips, pulling her gently upwards away from Celia’s writhing body. As she rises Celia lowers her head back to the floor and lies supine, offering her body for more sexual attention. Dave releases Fi, bends further forward and sucks Celia’s nipple, circling and gently nipping her ripe morsel.

Fi sits the other side of Celia, lets her left hand trail down Celia’s tummy and rubs the proffered pussy mound. Her other is busy fondling her full tits, cupping, rubbing and teasing as she looks long and lustfully into Celia’s eyes.

“Mmm please don’t stop,” sighs Celia, “this is heavenly.”

“Girls we need a change, move on, get some food and drink,” remarks Dave, “we’ll conk out otherwise and dehydrate. Fancy a meal somewhere?”

“Sounds good, Dave would you like to come back to our place?” Purrs Celia.

“You haven’t come yet,” Fi points out, “and we are both keen to taste your lovely hard cock, more than once.”

“Well l haven’t got any plans for the rest of today. Are you sure though, after all we’ve only just met and you know nothing about me?”

“Yes dear we’re sure, our place has security and is spacious enough for us to enjoy all the debauchery we can concoct.” Celia nods her agreement.

“How did you two get here?”

“Bus, it’s not far but we do like to misbehave in public. Wearing just a coat is very erotic, especially when you are already feeling randy because going to a porn cinema is exciting, well for us anyway.”

“Yes and with your horny lover next to you, secretly touching and fondling,” Fi adds, eyes shining with mischief.

“Well l’ve got my car so we can go in that, it’ll be dark outside by now so maybe you two could canoodle on the way?”

Dave helps the girls don their coats, lingering to finger and touch up as appropriate. The girls help him with his trousers, managing despite his hard on which seemed to leak more by the end of the process.

Within 20 minutes they have arrived at the ladies apartment complex and are parked in the building’s underground car park. Dave again manages a handful of tit and minge helping the ladies from the backseat, they in turn somehow being able to squeeze and rub his genitals.

“Well here we are Dave, the pleasure dome awaits our passion,” Celia waves her arm around the large room they have entered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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