Two-wheeled Visitors

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Mia and Luke had been cyclists for many years and spent many of their vacations touring on two wheels. They fantasized about being able to tour the world on their bikes, but they had to settle on the month-long trips their jobs allowed. Over the years, they joined a few cycle-touring websites and forums that facilitate matching touring cyclists with people who are willing to host them as guests in their homes. Many touring cyclists travel for months at a time and can find themselves in remote areas where there are no hotels or places to stay. Other times, cyclists simply want a chance to meet locals, save a bit of money, and have a shower after a long day of riding.

For a few summers, Mia and Luke had hosted the odd solo rider or couple, but they had invariably hosted some very strange people and let their efforts drop off a little. One summer, they finally took advantage of one of the websites themselves on a month-long, self-supported cycling tour around the Baltic Sea. It was an amazing trip filled with wonderful people and they decided to re-double their hosting efforts in order to pay back the hospitality they’d received. They had also learned that it was a great way to meet fit, interesting, and open-minded young people like themselves.

Although they were still fairly selective on their choice of guests, they quickly decided on one particular couple because their profile pictures made them seem fun and normal and, frankly, pretty hot.

When the couple arrived, Mia and Luke were instantly glad they had responded to the request. They were a lovely English couple and it was their first big bike trip. Stuart and Sophie were both tall and slim. Stuart almost looked like he could’ve been Luke’s brother, very dark with short thick hair, conventionally handsome with square shoulders and stockier legs. Sophie was quite different to Mia, with dirty blonde hair, wide hips and slightly heavier breasts than Mia’s C cup.

The four of them hit it off instantly, which prompted Mia to invite them to spend the day going to the market and walking around the city. Stuart and Sophie had planned to leave the following day, but were convinced to join Mia and Luke at Luke’s father’s cottage for the night. Stuart and Sophie were also promised a beautiful loop bike ride in the country in the morning, which made it a difficult offer to turn down. They spent the afternoon packing food and preparing for a night out of town.

On the drive out, the skies clouded over and it got cold and rainy. When they arrived, though it was still warm, Luke decided to light a fire for fun. Mia and Sophie began whipping up some delicious food in spite of the grey weather while Stuart played sous-chef.

Sophie proved to be an excellent vegetarian cook and guided Mia around the kitchen, showing her little tricks and tips. She quickly took charge and directed Mia through the preparation of the meal. Luke noticed Sophie touching the nape of Mia’s back while she cut things for her and saw the smile on Mia’s face when Sophie gave a playful little spank on the bum when she’d done well. The girls chatted and talked about all things health-related, trading fun ideas for food and other things. Mia found herself following Sophie around the room and watching her when her back was turned.

Stu was very chilled-out, the type who didn’t say much, but when he did, was interesting and enlightening. He worked at a hospital as an on-site electrical engineer. It wasn’t long before he betrayed that he was a Radiolab fanatic, prompting Mia to spend over an hour talking about different episodes with him while dinner simmered. He suddenly got louder and more animated talking with her and Sophie, offering him a coy smile, commented on how she never sees him like this with anyone else. When Mia asked him to fetch her things or stoke the fire, he hopped to it quickly and used it as a means to continue chatting.

Sophie sat with Luke and a glass of red wine, talking about books and movies. Luke was impressed, finding her very well-read. When she discovered that Luke was a writer, her interest was piqued and she began asking all kinds of questions. She touched his knee a lot, and her own body, and Mia noticed that she was flirting pretty heavily. It made Mia very happy to watch her paying him so much attention. The rain was relentless against the windows as they ate the amazing meal.

After the cleaning and putting-away, Mia suggested they play some games, but Sophie was less than keen. They broke out Settlers of Catan, and Sophie protested loudly that it was ‘soo boring’. Stu was keen to play and they all worked to convince Sophie to play one game, at least.

“Ugh, I hate games,” she said, her cheeks rosy with the glasses of wine.

“If you play,” said Stu. “I’ll rub your feet by the fire later.”

“Oh, it’s a game of coercion, is it? How about if I play, you all have to run around in the rain for two minutes?” she said.

“How about if you win, we’ll all run around in the rain for two minutes?” he replied.

“Haha! If I win, you should all have to run around naked in ataköy masöz escort the rain.”

“Done!” said Mia, eliciting a laugh from everyone.

“Oh, interesting,” said Sophie, sitting upright and looking at her. “We have a player.”

“Oh no, here we go,” said Stu.

“You guys want to make the game more interesting?” said Sophie.

They all agreed that they did, looking very interested in what she had in mind.

“Ok, how about every time someone builds a settlement or upgrades to a city, the others have to take a swig from their drinks…and remove one article of clothing.”

They all laughed. Mia looked at Luke, obviously excited by the idea. They all agreed and Luke found himself staring at Sophie’s body wondering what he might get a glimpse of.

“Hold on a second,” said Mia. “We don’t have enough clothes on, we’ll all be naked in no time. That won’t even get us through half the game. What’s the bet after our clothes are off?”

“Well, we’ll cross that path when we get there,” she said, with a sly smile.

And with that, the mood changed from fun nudity with friends to something more. They all felt it and Mia noticed a familiar nervous tingle in her body. Luke felt himself getting hard already.

The game began and it wasn’t long until they were peeling off their clothes. Sophie wasn’t very good and when it was her turn, she stood up in front of everybody to take off her shirt or unbutton her shorts to let them fall to her ankles.

“Everyone has to stand up when removing their articles of clothing,” she said, and so they did, Stu and Luke a little more shyly than the girls.

When it was time for Mia to take off her shirt, she swung it above her head and threw it at Sophie, who caught it and laughed. Luke saw both of them looking at her, checking out her tits covered only by her thin bra. The next turn, Stu built a settlement and they all had to strip. He watched as they all stood up.

“It’s time to choose,” said Sophie to Mia. “The bra or the panties. The question is: which one do you want to show first?”

Mia and Sophie both hesitated and looked at each other and laughed. Mia decided on the panties while Sophie slipped off her bra. As Mia bent down to slide them off, Stu fidgeted in his seat watching her. Luke pulled off his boxers and Sophie glared unabashedly.

“Oh my,” she said, holding her tits in her arms. Mia kept her hand in front of her pussy and sat down quickly. Luke felt his cock starting to swell and sat down too.

“Losers,” said Sophie, and proceeded to stand there topless for all to see. “Have a good look!”

And they did, her perfect round tits jiggling as she sat down. Luke felt his hard cock hit the underside of the table as Mia felt her pussy getting sticky between her legs.

When Luke built a city, the opposite occurred. Sophie revealed her pussy without hesitation and threw her panties over her shoulder. Mia removed her bra and followed with a funny little naked dance to break some of the tension. Stu had to unhook his boxers from his erection to pull them off. His hard-on was impossible to conceal and he apologized.

“Stu!” said Sophie, embarrassed as well.

Luke told them not to worry. “I’m in the same boat,” he said.

Mia checked under the table and laughed. Sophie looked too.

“Oh my god,” she mumbled and they all laughed sitting around the table completely naked.

“Now what?” Mia said.

“Shall we get a little more…risque?” said Sophie.

“What did you have in mind?”

“How about teams? We’ll be one team, you’ll be the other. If we build, we get to decide what kind of show you put on for us, and vice versa.”

They all laughed, but decided to see where it would go. The game suddenly got very intense and a few silent rounds went by before Mia finally built a settlement.

Sophie stood up and dragged Stu up too, his dick still semi-hard. “Ok,” she said. “What do you want to see?”

Mia looked at Luke, betraying her uncertainty. “A kiss,” she finally shouted.

Sophie laughed, “That’s baby food!”

She grabbed Stu and they began making out. Stu held Sophie’s proud ass in his hands as they kissed. Mia pulled her chair closer to Luke’s and touched him as they watched. They remained sensual and kissed slowly, lovingly, touching each other’s faces as they titled their heads to each other. After a minute, Mia and Luke were flushed, both burning hot. When they stopped, Sophie asked if they were satisfied. They offered no response. Sophie laughed and sat back down.

“Then on we go,” she said. “Our turn.”

Stu built immediately.

“Ok, now,” she said. “We’d like for Mia to stand up.”

Mia stood up, shy and wondering what was coming.

“And we’d like for Luke to fondle her however he wants, but her nipples must go inside his mouth at some point.”

Mia’s nipples became suddenly hard and erect. Luke stood too and they smiled at each other as he grabbed her ass and pulled her closer. Luke’s hard cock slid between ataköy otele gelen escort her legs and she felt it touch her wet pussy. He kneaded her ass hard and kissed her mouth. Mia held his back as he pushed her tits together and rubbed her nipples before putting them in his mouth. He ran his hands up and down her body as she stood on her tiptoes, feeling light as air.

After they finished, Luke noticed that Sophie’s hand was under the table between her legs and her face was glowing. “Ok!” she said and bolted upright in her seat.

Mia and Luke sat back down and laughed. “This version of the game is so much better,” said Mia.

It took another couple of turns until the next build and they felt themselves getting hornier and hornier each turn. Finally, Stu built again. Mia and Luke looked at each other, wondering what would be next.

“Luke,” said Stu. “You stand up. And Mia, get down on your knees and stroke him.”

They were both a little surprised, but Luke stood up slowly when no other words were uttered. Mia turned her chair around, his hard cock waiting in front of her face. She took it in her hands and began stroking it slowly and with a slight twist.

Instinctively, she brought it to her mouth and began sucking it slowly. Luke looked over to see Sophie lying back in her chair, rubbing her mound slowly. Stu was touching himself very lightly, obviously trying not to cum.

“On your knees,” Stu said, and Mia looked at him smiling at her. She got down on her knees to suck and looked up at Luke, a little light in her eyes. Luke felt himself losing control and pulled away.

“That’s all I can handle,” he said.

“Phew, me too,” said Sophie.

Mia sat back down with a huge grin on her face, her pussy nearly dripping at having been watched like that.

The game was getting harder to play, but they continued, with Mia building a round later. Mia and Luke conferred with each other, trying to be silent but laughing the whole time before agreeing that they wanted Sophie to stand and put one leg up on the chair so they could see her pussy. She quickly obliged, showing them her pink lips, swollen and wet.

“Now, Stu,” Mia said. “Please get down on your knees and lick her pussy.”

Stu got directly on his knees, smiling at Mia the whole time. He licked Sophie softly at first, but they could tell that she wanted him to be a bit rougher, to suck on her swollen clit.

“Finger me,” she said.

And he did, sliding two fingers easily in and out while he sucked her clit. She moaned and caressed her tits, seemingly twice the size they were earlier. Mia and Luke sat up straight and tilted their heads for a better look. It only took a minute before she was grabbing Stu’s head violently and shaking with orgasm. Mia rubbed herself and felt her own orgasm just beneath the surface. Luke’s cock was dripping now and he dared not touch himself for fear he might explode.

Sophie collapsed in the chair and Stu sat back, wiping her juices from his face.

“This game isn’t quick enough,” Sophie said, out of breath. “We need something different. Cards, we need a deck of cards.”

Mia quickly found a deck and Sophie dealt out poker hands.

“I don’t know how to play,” Mia said.

“Then you’ll have the most fun,” said Sophie with a laugh.

They played straight up, no throw-away, and Sophie came up with the first winning hand.

“Mia, stand up and turn around. Put your leg on the seat of the chair and bend over to show us your pussy.”

Mia stood up slowly and did as she said. She covered her pussy with her hand, but even that slight touch caused her to twitch.

“Luke,” she said. “Do what you want.”

Luke bent down behind her and licked her pussy, her juices covering his mouth and nose. He sucked her until she was quivering, but stopped just before she came. He stood up and slowly edged himself inside of her while they watched, touching and holding themselves. Sophie reached over to stroke Stu’s cock slowly, rubbing the pre-cum around the head. Mia watched them over her shoulder and rubbed her own clit to orgasm. She gripped the chair back to keep her balance and buried her moans in her hands. Luke felt her pussy tight around him and pulled out. His cock throbbed hard, but he just managed to hold on.

Mia used the chair as a crutch to sit back down slowly. Without hesitation, Sophie dealt out the cards again. This time Stu won and Mia wondered what they could possibly have in mind.

“Luke, stand up,” he said, and he did, his cock rock hard and pulsing.

“Sophie,” he said, and they all looked shocked.

Mia and Luke looked at each other. Sophie gave Mia a questioning look, as if to ask if this was all right. At first Mia wasn’t sure, but she saw the wanting in Sophie’s eyes and gave a smile that said it was ok.

Sophie turned to Stu and laughed. “Yes, darling.”

“Sophie, lick Luke’s balls.”

She slid out of her chair and came around the table.

“Like this?” she asked.

Stu ataköy rus escort was stroking himself as she kneeled and began licking Luke’s balls. His huge cock rested on her face as she sucked his sack. Luke felt her hand slide around his cock, still wet from Mia’s pussy. She stroked and licked him slowly, trying to take all of him into her mouth. Then she sat back and stroked while looking up at him and he could feel himself losing control.

“I’m going to cum,” he said. And she stroked faster, hard, leaning back to let him cum all over her tits. He sprayed everywhere and she continued to stroke him, pulling his cum over her body. Then they heard Stu and he came too while watching her take Luke into her mouth.

Mia had her legs spread wide and rubbed her pussy hard as she watched Sophie suck the cum off Luke’s cock. Mia’s orgasm came surprisingly fast, causing her to arch her back and close her eyes. She inhaled deeply, staccato, the chair squealing as it moved across the floor.

Stu and Sophie went to the bathroom quickly to clean up, giggling and chatting in low tones the whole time. Mia and Luke took the deck of cards and moved into the living room. They moved the loveseat closer to the couch to deal the cards more easily, then flopped down on the couch to kiss a little and hold each other.

“What do you think?” said Mia.

“I don’t know. It’s all happening so fast,” said Luke.

“I know, but…” started Mia before being interrupted.

“You guys done?” said Sophie as they entered the room.

“My clothes are still off,” said Mia, and they all laughed.

“Stu’s deal,” she said.

They took their time dealing and checking their cards, enough time to recover sufficiently from the last round. Sophie layed on the floor on her stomach, her ass showing, her tits between her arms holding her cards. Stu leaned back on the chair next to her while Mia and Luke took the couch.

Luke knew he had the winning hand and laughed.

“Oh no,” said Mia, and threw down her cards. “Ok, what’s in that filthy little mind of yours.”

Without a care, Sophie and Stu threw theirs down too.

“Sophie and Mia,” Luke said. “Stand up.”

They both stood up to face each other.

“Touch and kiss each other however you want for at least ten minutes.”

They both looked at Luke, but Sophie quickly took Mia’s hand. Mia turned to her and drew her in for a kiss. Mia felt her salty mouth and tongue, a familiar taste. She felt Sophie’s hands on her tits and reached between her legs for her pussy. Sophie opened for her and Mia slid her finger up and down, inside and out. Sophie quivered and needed to stop kissing to exhale. Mia pushed her slowly back until she fell into the loveseat. She kissed her open thighs and worked her way to her opening. Sophie moaned loudly and arched her back, holding Mia’s head between her legs. Mia thought her pussy was the softest thing she’d ever felt and licked her deeply, feeling her getting more wet with each pass. She slid her fingers inside and Sophie moaned louder. Sophie was bucking now, wanting her so badly. Then she came loud with a yell and huge exhale. Mia slid her fingers out and looked up at her.

“There’s still time on the clock,” said Luke, as the men stroked themselves back into being hard.

Sophie recovered and sat up, bleary-eyed.

“You,” she said, and stood up to fling Mia down into the same position. Mia lay right back and opened herself. Sophie grabbed her tits and kissed her hard, pushing between her legs. Mia felt Sophie’s hand slide down her body to find her soaked pussy. Sophie wasted no time and pushed herself onto her, licking from top to bottom like she’d done it a thousand times. Mia had never had her pussy licked like this. She looked over to see the boys watching her, her tits jiggling in Sophie’s hands, her legs spread open to accept her.

The boys both got up to get a better view, standing beside them to watch as Sophie sucked her clit and grabbed her ass. It wasn’t long before Mia was cumming, looking up at them watching and stroking themselves, Sophie’s tongue on her. And she shut her eyes with a powerful orgasm, quiet, but body quaking. Sophie let her go as she sat there twitching and shaking, her legs quivering.

Sophie climbed onto the loveseat with Mia and held her while she recovered.

“Well, Mia, you’ve had a bit of cock tonight, but I haven’t yet. I’d like to get fucked if I could.”

“Let the cards decide,” Mia said with a laugh and Luke returned to deal them out.

The girls both remained on the couch while Stu passed them both their cards.

“I never win,” said Mia with a fake pout, but when she showed them her cards, she had a flush and beat them all. They laughed and asked her what she wanted.

“Well, Sophie, you want to get fucked, do you?”

She smiled, awaiting her answer.

“You want a big cock?”

She looked at Luke, his big dangling dick in front of her. Stu began stroking himself.

“Yes, please,” Sophie said and sat up prim and proper with her hands on her knees.

Sophie drew Luke closer and immediately began sucking on his cock. Stu stood beside Mia for a better view and they both watched as she took him deep into her mouth. She sat back and pushed herself to the edge of the couch, spreading her legs for him. He kneeled down and slid himself into her, her fingers rubbing her clit.

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