Unexpected Friendly Neighbors Pt. 01

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Big Tits

A few years ago a new neighbor moved in across the street from us. We are Dana and Frank and we’re a long time married couple (over 25 years) who opened our marriage up about ten years ago. Dana is a voluptuous brunette who discovered a greater level of sexuality and confidence when she found out how many younger guys wanted to enjoy her pleasures. I’m pretty fit and work at it. I enjoy pleasuring a woman of any age and have never had a complaint about my above average equipment.

Our new neighbor was a guy named Darren. He was a Marine Corps veteran working for the government and his live-in girlfriend (at that time) worked at a local gym. The result was that they were both pretty fit and given that they were both in their late twenties at the time, let’s just say their fit bodies and friendly personalities were very attractive to an older couple who would have thoroughly enjoyed playing with them.

We met Darren and would share conversation anytime we were all out doing yardwork or coming and going from wherever. He was a nice enough guy but his girlfriend seemed a bit stand-offish. Time passed and the girlfriend moved out. We never asked Darren about it but he eventually shared that his girlfriend was disappointed with how much time he spent on travel for work so she bailed out.

Across the next few months he rented out two room sin his house and we (my wife and I) met his roomies within days of each moving in. The first new roomie was Brad, a local hardware store manager recently separated from his wife. The second roomie was Darren’s sister Regina whose nickname was Reena. Brad was an early-30-something average guy with dark hair and a full beard. He had a friendly personality and greeted us every time he saw us outside or in his store or anywhere. Reena was a 20-something redhead with a good body, a smattering of freckles and long curly hair. She too was very friendly and we would chat anytime we were all out or ran into each other anywhere.

Then the coronavirus thing happened. Stay at home orders went into effect all around the country and people started getting a bit stir crazy (including us) from having to restrict their normal activities. It was about five weeks into this situation when Dana and I were out doing yardwork one Saturday. Darren and Reena were out in the yard doing the same but Darren couldn’t get his lawnmower started. I lent him mine and every now and then we’d take breaks to chat across the street or in the same yard but from ten or more feet away. We were all very conscious of “social distancing.”

Darren was working without a shirt and his skin shone with sweat. Dana made several quiet comments to me that she was enjoying the eye candy while he worked. I certainly wasn’t complaining as Reena worked around the yard in a pair of short shorts and a tight tank top. I couldn’t tell if she had a bra on or not, but if she did it was super thin and flimsy because her perky nipples on what looked like B-cup tits were easy to see. When neither of our neighbors could hear us, I commented to Dana that I was really enjoying the eye candy and I hope she was too. She agreed and told me she really was. I commented further that I knew it would never happen but if I ever got my chance with Reena, Dana was more than welcome to enjoy Darren.

Dana surprised me when she asked, “Can I have them both?” She had never expressed any bi-sexual interest before and I wondered what it was about Reena that made her feel different.

“Darren and Reena?” I asked. The surprise was clear in my voice.

“No, silly,” Dana answered me with a chuckle and a grin. “Darren and Brad.” That removed my surprise at her interest in Reena, as she didn’t have any, but I was almost equally surprised that she was interested in Brad. She had never expressed any interest in him at all, and since one of her ex’s was named Brad, I always thought his name was a bit of a turn off for her. Still, I thought it was hot that she’d want both of them at the same time (I love it when her slut shows through her controlled demeanor) so I readily agreed. Absolutely. She could have Darren and Brad – separate or together – if I could enjoy Reena. We both chuckled at the pleasant thought, believing that none of them would ever have any interest in us as we were old enough to be their parents.

That’s where we left it, finished our yard work, relaxed and enjoyed the evening. The next day was a work day for Dana even though it was Sunday so she was up, ready and gone by six-thirty in the morning. Around eight I was out walking the dog and as I came back down our street I saw that Reena was out on her front porch with a cup of coffee. She loves our dog so it didn’t surprise me when she came down off the porch to come over and give him some attention. He’ll take attention from about anyone so his tail was wagging so hard his whole back end was moving back and forth. His leash is six feet and he was at the end of it, fully extended, so even as Reena squatted down to say hi and pet him she was still properly “social güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri distanced.”

We exchanged pleasantries and enjoyed the view of her in what I guessed was her pajamas: sweat pants and a t-shirt. It was obvious that she was wearing no bra as her tits moved freely beneath the thin material. I guessed her boobs to be about a healthy B-cup or maybe a small C. Her nipples seemed to stay perpetually erect, poking through the t-shirt material. Reena either didn’t care or didn’t notice. I did my best not to ogle her young body. Her long curly red hair was pulled up in a loose bun on top of her head exposing her neck – and I’ve always been a sucker for a woman’s exposed neck. I love to nipple, lick, kiss and suck on that tender flesh. That was the thought that distracted me when Reena’s voice brought me back. “You okay?”

“Huh?” I said.

“You okay?” she asked, still petting Jack. “You seemed somewhere else there for a moment.”

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I’m fine. I just got distracted.”

Reena must have seen where I was looking because she looked down at her own chest and then back up at me with a smile. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I don’t usually go out without a bra but I didn’t even think about it just for morning coffee and then I saw your dog and…” Her voice trailed away as she went back to focusing her attention on the dog. I noticed her eyes looking at my crotch though and I knew she could see the growing bulge – the result of me thinking about her neck and tits and the rest of her.

Without taking her eyes off the dog, Reena kept talking to me as she gave him attention. “The thing is,” she said kind of quietly, “is that this whole coronavirus thing has really had an impact on everyone’s social life and I haven’t been able to see any of my usual boyfriends for weeks.”

“Boyfriends?” I asked, with an emphasis on the S. “No one special guy for you?”

“Not yet,” she replied, still focusing on the dog as if ashamed of what she was saying. “I’ll find the right one I’m sure, but for now there are a few guys I date.”

“Well,” I said, hoping I wasn’t going to piss her off or offend her, “a girl has needs and as long as you’re safe in getting them attended to, good for you.”

She obviously wasn’t offended at all as she replied. “Oh, I’m always careful,” she said. “But it’s been weeks and I’m so horny I’d even fuck you.”

“That desperate, eh?” I asked. I said it in a tone of voice that I hoped didn’t show I’d felt any insult, but I did kind of feel that way. Here was this hot young redhead telling me she was so horny she’d even lower herself to fucking me. At least, that’s how I took it.

“Oh, no!” she said, finally looking up at me. “I didn’t mean it that way!”

“What did you mean then?” I asked her.

She answered me with a big smile on her face. “I meant if you weren’t married. Sure, you might be older than me but you’re fit, friendly and good looking enough. Dana seems to be well taken care of or at least happy. If you weren’t married, I’d enjoy seeing how well you can do between the sheets… THAT’S what I meant.”

“Ohh,” I said with a big smile. “Well, then today might just be your lucky day.”

“Huh?” Now it was her turn to be confused.

“If you are comfortable enough coming inside with me, I’ve got some things to show you that you might be interested in.” She looked like I was some kind of molester offering her candy to get in my van. “I will be a total gentleman unless you ask me to be otherwise. I won’t touch you and obviously you’re free to leave anytime.”

She thought about that for a few moments and then said okay, standing up to follow me into the house with the dog. I took his collar and leash off him and gave him a dog biscuit and then led Reena downstairs to my basement office. With her standing behind me, I fired up my computer and pulled up a file folder where I kept some pictures and video I had of Dana with some of her past playmates. Before I opened any of the photos I said to Reena, “The stuff I want to show you is kind of explicit. I thought you might want to see it because it will be both entertaining and potentially open some doors for you.”

“I don’t understand,” Reena replied, “but if you’re worried about me being offended seeing porn, don’t be. That’s all I’ve had for weeks now and I won’t complain about something new.”

Having heard her say that, I opened up the first photo of Dana. It showed her standing in a guy’s bedroom, totally naked, with him touching her. He had a handful of one of her tits and that nipples was sucked in between his lips. “Who’s that?” Reena asked me.

“Dana,” I replied with a smile. “And the first guy I ever took pictures of her playing with.”

“That’s DANA?!” Reena asked with surprise, and then she paused. “Wait… you said ‘first guy’? There’s been more?”

I chuckled as I continued to open photos to show her. “Oh, my yes,” I answered her. “We’ve been swingers for about ten years now and I have pictures or video of güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri her with at least ten guys.”

Reena was quiet for a minute before saying anything else. “Does Dana take pictures of you with other women as well?” Now I felt Reena touching me on the back of my neck… very softly with just her fingertips. It sent chills down my spine and caused my cock to lurch with growth.

“Dana hasn’t had as much opportunity to take pictures or make videos of me with other women,” I answered her, thoroughly enjoying her touch. “Normally if I’m playing with a woman and Dana is around, she’s playing with the woman’s husband. She’s discovered she likes to watch me with another woman but she prefers to do it if she’s occupied and being pleasured by a guy at the same time.”

Dana was quiet for a few minutes but her fingers didn’t stop teasing my neck. “So… you guys have sex with other people and you’re both okay with it. It’s not cheating?”

“That’s correct,” I answered her carefully. “I love it when Dana acts slutty and has fun with other guys. Sometimes I watch, sometimes I join in, and sometimes I’m playing with the other guy’s wife or girlfriend while we watch.”

The reality finally set in for Reena and she said / asked it just for confirmation I think. “So you and I could fuck and Dana wouldn’t care?”

“Dana wouldn’t mind even the slightest bit,” I answered her. I’m sure she could hear the smile in my tone of voice even though I was still looking at the computer. On the screen was an image of Dana with her legs spread wide and a guy’s condom-sheathed cock just starting to penetrate her pussy. “In fact,” I continued, “She told me yesterday that she’d enjoy playing with your brother and Brad… either or both if they wanted to.”

The touch of her fingertips on my neck changed into her whole hand caressing my neck and shoulder. “I know Brad would,” she said sounding aggravated. “That horny fucker is constantly hinting that he wishes I’d give him some.”

“Just so you know,” I said, reaching up to put my hand over her where it was caressing my shoulder, “Dana’s preference is for Darren.”

Reena was quiet for a moment before she said anything. “Darren’s usually into younger gym rat type girls,” she said, “but it’s been a couple months for him too and he’s probably horny enough to take anything Dana offered at this point.” It wasn’t quite the glowing endorsement I’d hoped for because it really did sound like she was saying Darren was desperate enough he’d even settle for Dana. She must have been able to read my mind. “That didn’t sound right either,” Reena said. “Darren has commented several times on how nice you guys are as neighbors and how friendly Dana has always been to him. He hasn’t said as much outright but I suspect he’s curious about being with an older woman.”

“It’s all good,” I said, turning away from the computer in my swivel chair. Reena stepped back as I turned so I found myself facing her, my face just about level with the hard nipples that were still poking through her t-shirt. “The question is, how do you feel about an older guy?”

A big smile grew on Reena’s face. “I already told you,” she said, “I’d fuck you if you weren’t married… and apparently I don’t need to worry about you being married so…” She stopped talking, grabbed the hem of her t-shirt and pulled it off up over her head, dropping it on the floor to one side with one hand. With her other hand she pulled out whatever was holding her hair up and shook her head to let her locks fall out. Her hair was long, down past her chest, and naturally curly. The vibrant red color of it contrasted against her creamy pale skin – something I guess is common among natural redheads.

She bent over, putting one hand on either arm of my office chair, her face only a few inches from mine, her eyes locked on mine as she thought about something. A moment later she said, “Fuck social distancing,” and leaned forward to kiss me. It was slow building open mouthed tongue searching kind of kiss. It started slow and warm and built into an energetically hot passionate soul searching adventure. She kept one hand on the arm of my chair to hold herself up but her other began to feel my chest, abdomen and wandered down toward my crotch. I reached forward to put my hands on her thighs, caressing them up and down and eventually moving up to cup and caress her ass as we continued to kiss.

I leaned forward, pushing her back just a bit, but we kept kissing as I stood up out of my chair. There’s a daybed in my office and I was pushing her toward that. We moved carefully together so that our bodies remained close and our exploring touches never slowed down as we moved.

At the edge of the bed I stopped us, breaking our kiss to trail my mouth down to her neck. She moaned as I gently nipped the skin under her ear, hooking my thumbs into the waistband of her sweats and beginning to push them down as I did so. I felt for, but didn’t find, any panties along the way and realized güvenilir bahis şirketleri she wasn’t wearing any. I kept nibbling, kissing and sucking on her neck as I pushed her sweats down over her hips and past her nice ass. She moved her feet just a bit and the sweats fell to her ankles. She stepped out of them and was naked… I just didn’t get to see it all yet. I was eager to… and yet not. I wanted to take my time and enjoy this delight but I also couldn’t wait to enjoy that same delight.

While my mouth was on her neck and my hands were taking care of her sweats, her hands had been working at my belt buckle, and my jeans. The button was undone and my zippered was down and her hands were trying to get my jeans down. I moved to help her and was pleased that she did take my underwear with my jeans. I kicked out of my shoes and pulled away from her long enough to pull my shirt off over my head. I stepped out of my jeans / underwear and was naked but for my socks. I’d deal with those… but she wouldn’t notice. Part of me wanted to sit her down on the bed, basically putting her face to cock with my now full blown erection. Part of me wanted to lay her back so I could go down on her. I was still debating how to proceed as I continued to nibble her neck, now also fondling and caressing one of her young tits when she put her hands on my hips and turned me around to sit on the bed. Without hesitation, just as I sat down, she knelt down and lowered her mouth to my hardness.

I admit that I have a thing for redheads and I truly enjoyed not only the heavenly sensations her hungry mouth and exploring tongue brought to my engorged organ, but seeing and holding her red hair as she worked my shaft. She might have been young but she was skilled. It was wonderful to feel her tongue tasting every bit of my length and then my balls before she took my cock into her mouth and pushed her head down on it until she stretched out her tongue to tickle my balls as my cockhead was buried in her throat. The moan that I released had to let her know how much I was enjoying her talents.

I held handfuls of her hair as she bobbed up and down on my dick, sometimes just tasting me and sometimes fucking my cock with her mouth. I returned the favor, letting her just enjoy pleasuring me – something she seemed to enjoy in its own right – and sometimes making fists in her hair to pull her face up and down on my hardness, fucking her mouth and throat. She groaned when I did that and never gagged once no matter how deep I forced my cock in. Vaguely I had the thought that she certainly was no novice at sucking cock, but I couldn’t have cared less. I had no interest in banging a version. Truth be told, I preferred my play partners to be well-skilled sluts. If Reena wasn’t, she was well on her way.

There came a point where, as much as I was enjoying her mouth and hands, I wanted to get into Reena’s pussy. I wanted to touch it, taste it and sink my cock into it. I pulled on Reena’s hair to get her face off my cock… pulling her up into a kiss. I could taste my precum on her tongue as we did and I kept pulling her up, turning to get her on the bed beside me. We repositioned so she was laying on the bed beside me and I kept kissing her as my hand dropped between her legs. Her pussy was drenched as I ran a finger up her slit and across her stiff clit. She moaned into my mouth and her hips jumped in response to my touch.

Her legs spread wider, inviting me into her pussy as my fingers slid up and down her wetness, dipping ever so slightly into her opening. Her hips flexed at that, as if wanting more… deeper penetration. Her body was displaying exactly the condition she’d described: she was horny out of her mind and needed a good fuck in the worst way.

I took my time, kissing her neck and nibbling my way down to her perky very sensitive nipples while my hand continued to explore in her pussy. With my palm continuously rubbing and pressing against her clit, I slid a finger into her wetness as deep as I could reach, and held it there, stirring it around just a bit and measuring the pleasure she was experiencing by the moans coming out of her. After a few minutes I added a second finger fucking into her wetness and the reaction I got from that first penetration was intense as her hips thrust up to not only welcome my fingers in but to add energy to their thrust.

She came twice as I fingered her wetness and rubbed her clit. As she came the second time I bit one of her nipples in an effort to find her dividing line between pleasure and discomfort and the only response I got was a hiss from her that said, “Harder!” With that indication that she enjoyed a bit of pain with her pleasure, I added a third finger into her stretched pussy and moved my mouth to her other tit, biting her nipple and pulling on it with my teeth. She arched her back, moaned and thrust her hips at my hand in response. She really was on fire.

After another orgasm washed through her, I pulled my fingers out of her dripping wetness and brought them up to her mouth. She opened wide and eagerly sucked her pussy juices off my fingers, licking between them and sucking them individually as well as all three together. She grabbed my wrist and pushed my fingers farther into her mouth and I was amazed yet again that she seemed absent of any gag reflex.

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