Vampire Bites

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I was tied up in the back bedroom when my friends James and Carla kicked the door open. They had come for me like I hoped. 

“Ryan!” Carla ran over to me and immediately began sawing at the ropes binding my wrists to the bed frame. 

“I am so glad to see you! But what about Hanson and Gregory?” The look of confusion on their faces meant they didn’t know who the two men were. “The guys guarding me?”

The two looked at each other. “There were no men.” 

Fear flickered in my chest. When Clara unbound me, I sat up and rubbed my wrists. The rope had left bright red marks on my light caramel skin. 

“But… Hanson and Gregory were set to guard—” I was quickly cut off by the arrival of my two vampire guards. 

Both Clara and James were quickly tossed aside by the strength of the fiends. James left with my friend’s in his arms, clearly to make sure they were no trouble when they came to. Gregory came charging toward me, and I flung myself off the bed into the huge, walk-in closet. 

“Get back here!” Gregory yelled. I peeked at his tall, built frame through the gaps in the clothes. I was thankful it was like a store in here. I glanced at his bare chest, the exact moment when he saw my eyes. 

“Raaaarrgggg!” He flung clothes down as he plowed his way toward me. I ran and hid again, beneath a rack of sexy lingerie underwear and gowns. I had lost him again. I was most certain he did not know where I was. 

I quickly stripped my clothes off and put on some of the lingerie. My cock was semi-hard and pushed against the black silk panties I had confined it to. I slipped on a sleek black dress and waited. If I could not get him to leave me be, I could catch him off guard with my soft, human body. Besides, I liked to cross dress. 

I heard a rustle behind me and a soft little moan. I quickly pendik escort twirled around and grabbed Gregory by his throat. 

“I will kill you an your friends!” I straddled his chest, pushing down to keep him controlled. 

He pushed up and tossed me off. I guess my slender body wasn’t enough to keep a vamp down. 

He pinned me to the ground and started kissing me. He trailed his fingers along my sides as he shoved my mouth open with his tongue. 

“Nng! Stop” I struggled. Then I saw his eyes and became enticed by the lust—and hunger—there. I made my tongue probe his mouth. I pricked my tongue on his fangs, and he tore his face from mine. 

“I want you!” Gregory brought his mouth down on my neck and pinched my skin. He broke the skin and waviest the taste of the small amount of my blood. I struggled, but he had my arms pinned and was straddling my waist. “You want me.”

“I do.” I gave up struggling and let him feed from me. He stopped and started kissing down what parts of my chest were exposed by the deep V-neck.

When he got to the bottom of the V, he started nibbling on my nipples, causing my throat to release a moan of pleasure and desire. 

“More. I want more!” He responded to my pleas by shoving his cold hands up the bottom of the skirt and caressed my waist. He flicked his tongue across my now-perky nipple before moving his head down to my exposed belly. 

He licked up and down the sides and even nibbled on some skin. I set my hand on his head and grabbed his black hair. My other hand fumbled with the black panties I had, which were damp on the front part from the precum leaking from my body. I pulled the panties off, releasing my dick, and guided his head to my groin.

He started kissing my inner thighs and the skin surrounding my member. I groaned and thrust my hips upward. escort pendik I pushed his mouth onto my dick, but he didn’t close his mouth. One of his fangs scratched my member, causing my to moan in pain and pleasure. 

His muscles tensed and he took me in his mouth, sucking fiercely to get what blood he could. His fangs sort of encased my cock, and the hard teeth added to the pleasure I was feeling. 

He pulled his mouth off of me and moved his body back up to suck and nibble at my neck again. I was moaning as he began to grind his groin into mine. 

“Oh, god… Suck me as much as you want… I want you so… Nng!” He bit sharply with his fangs, piercing my neck but avoiding my jugular. He sucked hard, and I screamed from the pain. I pushed his head away from my neck and pressed my hand to the wound until the bleeding slowed. “Fucker!” 

He wiped at the blood dribbling down his chin. I started to feel cold in my toes and fingers. I would be I looked pale. He stood up and took of his pants. Who knew vampires wore lingerie briefs?

He bent down and kissed my lips and I tasted my own blood. I am O+, but that doesn’t matter. He ground his groin to mine. I could feel his own member straining against the mesh fabric. He readjusted himself so that his legs were in between mine and ground his dick against my ass. 

He bent his head to my neck and sucked at it. He stopped before bringing his head to my ass. I felt his tongue probe my sphincter, the warm blood smearing onto my body. He spat some blood onto my asshole and penetrated my body with a single finger.

He moved his body and we exchanged tongues again, and I began to savor my own blood. He continued to finger my ass, adding an additional finger every couple minutes. He stopped kissing me to lick at my bite, which was tender. I had not stopped pendik escort bayan whimpering and moaning from the pain and pleasure. 

“Do you want more?” He stopped moving and looked at my face. I could see lust and hunger in his eyes. I knew he did not care about my answer. 

“Yes. I want you inside. Fuck my brains out.” He smiled widely, his teeth stained and lust in his eyes. He pulled off his mesh bottoms and tossed them aside. He rubbed his hand on my bite and gathered blood. He used it to lubricate himself. He brought his lips to my dick and sucked it. He nibbled on my scrotum, careful not to stab them with his fangs. 

He kissed my again as he guided his chill dick into my ass. I shivered as his head popped in. 

“God! You’re a monster in more than one way!” He groaned as he pushed more of his monster meat into me. He was only about five inches but was about as thick as four fingers. He started thrusting in and out of my ass. 

He brought his lips back to kiss down from my ear to my bite, were he continued sucking. I was writhing from pain and pleasure. 

I gasped as he pushed himself down to the hilt. His dick rubbed and teased my prostate with every thrust. He kept sucking, and I could feel my body becoming tired and cold.

He started madly plowing my ass, driving me to writhe and scream again. My dick was hard an throbbing, pressed between out stomachs. There was a small pool of precum around my belly button. 

I screamed louder as he thrust himself deeper into me. I felt a great warmth deep in my bowels, which tipped me over the edge.

I pumped load after load of my cum onto his stomach and mine. The blood pumping in my ear was audible. I could almost hear when he bit down to pierce my jugular. 

Waves of pleasure flowed through my body, and my blood flowed out. Everything hazes out, and the last thing I felt was his dick slipping from my ass and his lips on mine. 

I groaned one last time as my heart ceased to beat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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