A Creamy Beach Surprise

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Once again an english story with the usual ask of not blaming me too much for the bad wording and spelling of my writing in a foreign language.

It was shortly after my 24th birthday in September when I had booked a one-week holiday in a small Spanish village called Nerja near Malaga. I spent the holiday with three friends (all girls) of mine and it was quite a fun-trip. We found some great bars in the village, with good music, always had a couple of strong-mixed drinks and as we were four girls, looking quite sexy there always were enough boys around us, letting time pass quite quickly. So nights used to be very long.

Only thing was that, since I was 18 I clearly preferred girls to boys, but none of my friends knew of my sexual orientation. So on our third night my friends finally found some boys and one after another disappeared with her holiday flirt, until I was the only one still left.

When I awoke the following morning I was still alone in my apartment and so I decided to go to the beach alone. We had found a quite deserted sandy bay between rocks two days ago and I left a note to my friends that they could find me there.

It was a great sunny, day with blue sky. The beach was a very pittoresque place, a stretch of golden-brown sand between nicely shaped rocks of up to 20 feet. The Sea was a great blue with very clear waters. It was a short way out of the village and you had to climb a bit to get to the beach and so it was deserted again and I stripped completely naked, letting my bikini in my bag and enjoying the warm sun on all my body.

I was lying on my back, when half an hour later I saw an elder woman climbing down the rocks to “my” beach. There was a single villa above the cliffs and she seamed to come from there. I tried to watch her from my half shut eyes. She was a mature, feminine looking woman. I would have guessed her 55 (she later told me that she was 66!) and she still had a very sportive, well trained body. Her body was obviously in good shape, still quite slim with breasts of a nice, not too big size. Her skin only showed very few signs of her age and her face was the one of a mature but still very feminine and good looking woman. Her hair was a bit over shoulder-length, with some curls, and a brown colour.

I always have been in interested in mature woman a bit and sometimes have even found them more interesting then girls about my age, but have never been with an older woman so far.

When she slowly passed me – lying naked on my towel – I clearly saw how she watched my young naked body and tried not to be recognized. I have to admit that I loved that eyes fixed on my body. She wore a bikini and stretched out a few meters away from me. As we both lay there that she couldn´t get her eyes of my body and I really enjoyed that and started teasing her a canlı bahis şirketleri bit – opening my legs a few inches, so that she could see more then just my big bush of dark brown hair, I shifted a bit to the side to showed her my firm, young 85B cupped breasts, with no stripes of a bikini and each movement caught her attention.

After some time a became bolder, and that was much due to my rising arousal. I felt some tingling in my lap and I felt that my sensitive nipples started getting harder. I lusted for a touch of this mature but sexy and obviously not completely uninterested woman. I wanted to know how far I could bring her.

“Sorry, Ma´m.” I finally raised my voice. “Do you speak english or deutsch?”

“I´m American. So english should go quite well!” She smiled – and I liked that smile of hers.

“May I ask you a favour? Would you be so nice to cream some sunlotion over my back?”

I saw her flushing a bit into a light red, but she friendly smiled back.

“It would be a pleasure!”

She rose and walked over to me. We shook hands.

“I´m Carmen,” I told her.

“I´m Shelley, from California.”

I handed her the sunlotion and lay down on my stomach. She gently put some lotion on my back and kneeling beside me she started rubbing it into my skin. Her touches were very soft and gently and I immediately felt that it would be much more than just a little sunlotion-creaming.

“In the U.S. it unfortunately is not allowed to go to the beach nude,” she said, whilst her soft hands were massaging my neck and my back.

“Oh, if you have any problems, I can dress of course….”

“No, no….” she eagerly said. “I like it a lot…” She made a short break and then continued “….especially if one can share a beach with somebody so beautiful as you are.”

“Oh thanks for the compliment. I can only return it!”

“A nice compliment, Carmen, thanks…but there is quite a difference…I´m an old woman…”

“But age has nothing to do with sexyness, “ I replied.

There was a silence then and Shelley kept gently massaging or what was it even stroking my back. Her hands now went down and finally reached my firm ass. She rounded the frontiers fist, not daring at once to touch it. I moaned a bit softly to show her, that I might like it and eventually I felt her hands directly on my cheeks. She attached more of the lotion directly to my cheeks and passionately the mature American lady started rubbing it into my ass cheeks. I felt how my love juices started flowing. After some minutes I even felt her fingers moving between my cheeks and even finding my tight little whole, softly fondling it for a short time. My legs were spread now a bit and so she must have seen my wetting pussylips too.

After a while she started creaming my legs. I really love it canlı kaçak iddaa if my legs are treated tenderly. I opened even more for her caressing hands, enjoying every second of her hands and fingers on my legs and specially the insides of it. Finally her hands moved up again the insides of my legs, nearing my meanwhile wet pussy. One of her fingers were very close now, to my sex. I felt a very gentle touch – for seconds only and then both her hands were gone.

Now this elder, sexy woman started teasing me. She had to know about the state of my arousal by now, feeling and seeing my wet pussy. I seamed to have underestimated this woman. I moved my ass a bit and she seamed to understand.

“You have a gorgeous, young, firm, little ass!”, she said in a soft voice and I felt her hands again on my cheeks – and very soon between it again. This time she wasn´t so shy anymore and her finger started playing with my butt whole without any excuse of attaching new sun cream or anything. I moaned loudly under her fingers – and these fingers seamed quite experience.

I had closed my eyes moving my ass against her finger, when I felt her lying besides me and her lips started kissing my neck very softly.

I turned round, looking directly into the eyes of this mature woman. She smiled and I smiled back. Our lips found each other to a first kiss, my tongue opened her mouth and our tongues found each other to a long and passionate French kiss.

After we broke this first kiss I whispered smiling my kinkiest smile:

“Shall I cream you too?”

“I think my breasts could need a little creaming,” she answered and I could see her nipples pressing hard through her bikini top. She kissed my again and I longed to her back, opening the bikini and pulling her out of it. Her breasts sagged a bit, but still were very beautiful and absolutely sexy. I planted a soft kiss to one of her nipples and heard her sigh.

“I have a special cream for you,” I then whispered into Shelley´s ear, kissing it with my wet tongue.

With these words my hands went between my legs and I moved my whole hand along my very wet slit, thus wetting my hand and fingers. Then I brought my hand to her breasts and started covering her with my juices. I had never done this before, but have always loved pussy juice – and even my own. After creaming her breasts I started kissing and licking her breasts and nipples, tasting my own juices. Shelley sighed and moaned, pressing her breasts against my eager mouth. I repeated this process again and again. Shelley meanwhile also removed the panties of her bikini, being naked now too.

The woman obviously liked what I was doing to her as she started doing the same, feeling herself out and covering my waiting breasts with her hot juices. We kissed while fondling each other. After canlı kaçak bahis a while we changed the fountain of our juices and I touched her mature, wet cunt for the first time and felt her hand on my sex for the first time. Our fingers went deep into our pussies, before we again brought them to our breasts, creaming our nipples and licking and sucking them after.

We both were hot now, near to orgasm, our fingers and hands each time stayed longer at the cunt of the other one, fucking deep into the pussy and finally finding each others clit, caressing it like only a woman can.

We knelt close to each other now, passionately kissing, one hand stroking the breasts and nipples and one hand caressing the pussy. We moaned our wild lust and passion into our mouths and I believe we even came to a hot and wild orgasm at the same time.

We sank down on my towel, still sighing and moaning we pressed our bodies together, rubbing each other, I feeling out your mature ladies-body and you fondling my young firm body.

After a few minutes, I whispered into her ear:

“I have to taste you, Shelley! May I lick your pussy just now?”

“Please, Carmen, do it. Please do it….” Her voice was very soft and very aroused.

I started kissing my way down her body. Kissing her breasts, her nipples and her mature stomach with some fine wrinkles. I reached her well trimmed, short pubic hair, kissing it and licking it, smelling her wet arousal. Her legs were open and I felt her hands on my head, my long, brown, curly hair as she lead my head directly to her waiting, wet dripping cunt. I moved a finger between her lips, took in the great sight for a few seconds and then my lips touched her pussy, my tongue following immediately, tasting and licking her pussy juices. It was a delicious feast and I loved it hearing her moaning again. I loved it that I could make this mature, experienced woman so hot, lusting for my tongue and fingers, breasts and pussy.

Shelley was close to another big orgasm when we both heard voices from above the cliffs. I immediately recognized the voices of my friends. Shit! I almost didn´t want to care and just finish my licking her, but Shelley too closed her legs.

“Shit. Somebody is coming!” She grabbed her Bikini and quickly dressed in it again.

“You made me so hot. I just can´t believe that I made love to you, with your so young, so beautiful, body! I would die to have you coming to my apartment tonight, but I´m sure you will have something better…”

I kissed her.

“I can´t imagine something better….and I have to finish something…You are very tasty.”

She returned my kiss.

“I have to go to my room now and at least finish what you started. I will dream of tonight.”

“I will be at your house around midnight and can´t wait for your body….”

Shelley, that sexy woman of over 60, took her things and started climbing the rocks and I ran into the warm sea, before my friends came down, seeing me creamed in pussy juice….

Comments, Feedback and Votings very welcome, your Pussylove69

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