A Dream

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Last night before we slept we talked of the health benefits of masturbation, then went to sleep. You in your panties and nothing else me in my bare skin. Spooning together as I held your breasts in my hands as you have requested me to. All through the night the same dream kept running through my head…

We are asleep when I feel a touch on my penis. I wake up to the feel of your hand on me, the warmth of your hand there is not unusual while sleeping but this time is different. Instead of just checking to see what was poking you or verifying that I was still there this time you were actively stroking and fondling me. At first I thought you had woken up and were feeling frisky until I realize from the regularity of your breathing that you are still asleep. Remembering the fantasy that we had shared of mutual molestation in our sleep I decide not to wake you up, instead I start to stroke and caress your breasts. Feeling your nipples become erect under my ministrations I hear your breathing take on a faster pace though you are clearly still asleep.

I notice that your canlı bahis hand still hasn’t left my rapidly growing member. Not playing so much as dreamily stroking at me. Your legs start to move. Rubbing your thighs together, squeezing and releasing as though they have a mind of their own. Searching for something to make them feel whole. As if they have their own ideas of what to do with the prize your hand has found. As I squeeze tightly on your breast and roll your nipples finally your thighs part welcoming something they don’t even know how to get. One of my hands snakes down your belly to your mound to rub and tug at the lips and clitoris found there in your nether regions. A sigh of contentment escapes your lips as you finally feel something giving your body what it so desperately desires. My lips kiss and nuzzle at your ear breathing hot air into it as my fingers spread your lips and search for the wetness found there.

A single finger slides into your vagina, stirring the wetness found there. Swirling and plunging into your depths spreading the moistness around to lubricate bahis siteleri your clit with wetness your pussy is producing. Your hand at first just curious and idly playing now takes on a more intense motion. Not just feeling around but grasping and squeezing at my manhood. Still asleep you are still not conscience of what it is you want just that you need this now. I start to piston in your fist teaching your sleeping hand the motion it desires, you are a fast learner. They know what they want and are willing, wanton even. Fast learners that they are they attempt find a way to guide my cock to the destination they truly desire. In your sleep your breathing becomes faster and more ragged and my hand continues to thrust into you. And my thumb uses your clit like a joystick. Exploring the different reactions I get with each movement, each pinch and stroke bringing you closer to your release.

Unable to take this any longer I pull my hand from your pussy to pull your hand away from my dick. You give a disappointed mew in your sleep losing your toys, though the disappoint bahis şirketleri is soon replaced by a gasp as I guide the head of my cock to the warmth between your legs, toying with your opening with the head of my cock. Rubbing the lips to lubricate it and swirling around your clit to cause even more moisture to gather there. Sliding the length of my cock along the length of your pussy wetting the entire length in your excitement lubricating the whole of it. Finally well oiled in your juices I place the head at your hot, tight opening and spread the lips with the pressure of my cock seeking entrance there.

Your eyes flutter open as you gasp waking to the feel of me entering your vagina while I squeeze your tit with one hand and kiss you on your mouth. “Good Morning lover” I groan into your mouth as I plunge deep into you pushing the orgasm that has been building there over the edge. Only a few strokes is all it takes while riding out your orgasm before my own joins you. Shivering and jerking into each other the grasping and flexing of your vagina join by the jerking and pulsing of my cock buried deep within your womb.

Still inside your now satisfied pussy my spent cock falls back to sleep in its warm bed. Kissing and holding each other we drift back to sleep. To dream again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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